Sonic Christmas Blast

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  • lostwingman
    Oh god....THIS Sonic.

    That's a bad sign on its own.
  • EpicFish
    God, Sonic seems like a real dick in all these specials I keeping seeing. Why exactly did people like him again?
  • RockinDover
    It was the 1990s. Sonic was seen as the faster, cooler, more spunky alternative to Super Mario Bros in a time when "EXTREME!" was all the rage for kids. I still love Sonic games to death though, and the ABC series was pretty good!
  • SonicnutNC
  • Beta Link
    Shet, I used my Game Grumps Sonic reference quota in commenting on Mike's Fred review. Now all I can do is say "Wow, this really looks terrible!"
  • ladydiskette  - Tails did say "Watch It" ;)
    I am not afraid to be put on Phelous's Naughty List!

    Bring it on Santa Phelous! D:
  • KillerKlown
    Sonic. When you're to lazy to make a real Christmas special.
  • Sgt. Swatter  - A mashup of a great show and a shitty one? Great i
    Santa is a pessimistic old bastard ain't he? The credits gag got a bit old, but still pretty funny.
    PS: Don't worry about killing Christmas, Alec Baldwin has got you covered.
  • ladydiskette
    "Kids, there is nothing cooler than sitting on Santa's lap, but if Santa wants you to sit on his lap when it's not Christmas, that is no good!"
  • fremenchips
    Best part of the sonic cartoons was Long John Baldry as robotnik, both hilarious and an awesome dude.
  • RockinDover
    I'll take Jim Cummings any day!
  • Falcovsleon20
    "I'll have to give myself a PRRRRROMOTION!"

    God bless you Baldrynik.
  • JapanRider
    Is the whole killing Christmas thing going to be a story arc?

    If so, review Alphas magical christmas, he kidnaps children from around the world.
  • BaltoStephenWinter  - (Stares at screen) FUCK THIS SHOW!!!
    "Sonic the Hedgehog
    You will not be sane for long
    It's Sonic, it's Sonic, Hedgehog!

    Nothing you see here's legit
    Goofy,crazy,fucked up shit
    It's like you just took a hit
    from ten sheets of acid

    Entering the madness,
    feeding on the sadness
    Coming from the fan boys,
    none of them are glad boy

    Witnessing the truth
    that their hero's now a douche on the show
    Stop shouting constantly,
    just take some LSD and go!

    Nothing here makes any sense
    Writers were kind of dense
    Mocking our intelligence
    and pushing our patience.

    Sonic the hedgehog,
    just bash your head in with a log
    It's Sonic,It's Sonic
    Half Baked and moronic

    All the viewers ought
    to get friggin' high
    if they're not yet

    Fry up all your brain cells
    up until you can't tell
    If the show is watchable,
    deplorable or plausible

    No debating it's frustrating
    irritating really grating
    Sonic the Hedgehog,
    like watching someone's lobotomized dog
  • ladydiskette
    lol, I like the title card, looks like a picture my nephew would draw. Which is probably why I like it so. ^__^

    Actually I think this was the AOSTH episode that I was introduced to, so I was a bit confused when I tuned in to the other episodes to not find Princess Sally in them as opposed to her being a main character in the SatAM version.

    Hilarious video Phelous, got any more Christmas spirits to put in the ghost-trap while you're at it? XD
  • Mr.Anderssson
    You know, one of these days I want to see a sonic game that actually includes a level based on this show, complete with Erkel's voice and sonic says. That was the biggest disappointment to Sonic Generations.
  • Captain Wow
    A water tower full of prostitutes... WOW!
  • Cinnamon Scudworth
    Oh boy, Sonic Christmas Blast. Originally titled "An X-Tremely Sonic Christmas" before "Sonic X-Treme" got cancelled. I remember when I reviewed it before Phelan did:

    http:// hollywood/misfit21.html

    Sally is pink because that was her original model sheet (she was also pink in the first few Sonic comics).
  • brick mooncode
    This seems to take place before Robotnik's takeover, but somehow Sonic and Sally seem to be a thing.
  • Hiboman  - God Ginrai
    I see a God Ginrai on your shelves Phelous!
  • Bloodrealm
    You know, I remember a long time ago, I saw part of an episode of The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog where I think Robotnik kidnaps Santa, steals his powers, and becomes a Superman-powered Robotnik Santa with ice breath and stuff. Am I wrong and just totally crazy, or did that show have two Christmas specials? Does anyone know?
  • RockinDover  - What could Sonic possibly do to prevent this?
    "I don't know... fly really really fast, saving people from the bullets and explosions..." oh wait, that's Superman.

    I got it! "Like, run TOTALLY mondo fast, saving all the dudes and babes from the totally uncool spikes and other bogus hazards!" (Or maybe hold a concert and pretend he's Eddie Van Halen/Steven Tyler and shoot lasers from his guitar if you've watched Sonic Underground.)

    It could be worse. He could be Batman and save everyone using a convenient gadget in his utility belt... or by saying "I'm Batman!"

    "Something's rotten in Topeka... wherever that is."
  • Haggard92845
    he said watch it. enough said.
  • RockinDover
    "Now Sonic, you must find the seven sages and all the pieces of the triforce of courage, then repeat all the twelve labours of Hurcules, then go abroad for five years... or ten... and train your body and mind until you are able to disguise yourself as a bat and fight the evils in the streets of Robotropolis, then join MI6 and travel the world doing basically the same thing..."


    "I didn't even finish telling you?"

    "Yeah you did, I finished everything in that last second."

    If known criminals were Santa claus... I think Joker would break in on Christmas eve just to shoot people in the spine leaving them paralyzed for laughs, Penguin would leave bombs in the shape of toy penguins, and Poison Ivy might just kill us for dressing up dead trees.
  • iDEMANDWeekendAtBernies3
    For me, Phelan has always been the best thing about TGWTG. Yes, better than NC. I recently watched all his old videos again, and I strongly urge everyone to do the same if you havn't recently.
  • CyborgPrince
    At least this Sonic isn't as douchey as the one in the Sonic the Hedgehog Movie that Bennett the Sage just recently reviewed.

    Nice dark twist on things. I guess this comes from reviewing horror films. Also, nice joke at the Nostalgia Critic and Doug's new thing.
  • zepolmas  - Re; Christmas
    There are one or two of us who wouldn't mind it being destroyed.
  • Master-Do-Will
    As usual, Phelous hasn't changed a thing. Never change my man, unless you add more to what you have, then change. Anyway, all the things I was going to type died, as soon as you had the ending credits be the best sonic theme alive.

    Thank you, I haven't heard that in months. Trust me I needed it.
    www.halfheartorganization .com/
  • Apostrophe  - Revealed: Why Sally is Pink!
    Just an obscure fact, but since it wasn't brought up in the video, I thought I'd point it out.

    Sally Acorn (as well as all of the other characters in Sonic SatAM) originated from the Sonic the Hedgehog comic books, which were extremely lighthearted and kid friendly, a la Sonic Adventures with activities like "make your own comic panels" and "help Sonic reach the maze alive!" sometimes thrown in the story.

    From issue #0 to, I think it was late teens or early 20's, she was pink until the SatAM show borrowed the comic's characters and took a more serious approach to the storyline. (The comic would later adapt, going with the darker tone and changing Sally's colors to what we know today) From what I understood back then, (this is going from memory of an issue of "Ask Sonic at the end of the comics,) the Adventures series had already had the episode in production, using the model from the comics before the pallet swap.
  • Blizz3112
    I always look forward in his reviews where he edits stuff so it would look either inappropriate or just plain dark in comparison to the original...

    And, thank you, Phelous, for returning Christmas to its original concept... Didn't it have something to do with that Christ guy in the first place? Instead of that fat guy? :-P
  • Timekeeper
    Looks like Phelous is slowly going mad, because of all these stupid movies and X-mas specials. It's really sad.

    Also why is most of Sonic cartoons and anime are so bad?
  • Nick4x
    I just keep being reminded how I was only aware of the silly, nonsensical Sonic in my childhood while others got to watch the awesome, much better version of the series.

    So sad...
  • blackmaniac
    Phelous... you just blew my mind.

    Miles Prowers = Miles Per Hours

  • Dreadjaws
    Me neither! Holy crap!
  • Mousy Voice
    I'll admit, I can still enjoy Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog if I put on my nostalgia goggles, but even this Christmas special sucks ass. The pointless integration of elements from SatAM was moronic, the art direction was awful, and need I mention that the story sucks? Sure, Adventures may have been a pretty stupid show but at least it was its creation. It didn't try to steal from SatAM or sell out to Sega just to get kids to watch it.
  • JoeDawson15
    Say Phelous where do ya get those nice shirts??
  • Falcovsleon20
    Yeah Phelous, ever read the really early Archie series Sonic comics? Like early as in back in the day where the tone was basically "let's just take AoStH but add in the Freedom Fighters and Jim Cummings Robotnik from SATAM and anything from the Genesis games not yet used like Crabmeat and Super Sonic just for the hell of it?" Yeah that's where the pink dye-job Sally hails from.

    I'm guessing DiC realized how pissed fans of SATAM got when they had to cancel the show (thank you very much Power Rangers) and decided, "yeah this is the best we can do to apologize: Have Sally cameo in this cartoon." Thankfully this was also the last episode of AoStH too. What is it with cartoons having Christmas specials as series finales?
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