Resident Evil 6

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  • MrJurgenman
    You can please some of the people some of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time. They tried to please everyone and ended up satisfying no one.

    Also, lol bald cap.
  • Heart-Lightning
    Ugh, I can't even call this "survival horror" anymore.

    Even Final Fantasy has not progressed down in quality this fast. It took people at least 6-7 games after FF7 before voicing some hate for Final Fantasy's direction. Resident Evil completely went off the rails in two games after RE4. TWO!!!

    Now, I liked FF13 and I know it has problems as well. However, if I had to compare FF13 to the Final Fantasy series and Resident Evil 6 to the Resident Evil series, I would honestly say FF13 is more Final Fantasy than RE6 was Resident Evil.

    At least RE5 was a good Co-op Resident Evil game, Crapcom managed to fuck up even the co-op as well as the single player! Didn't think I manage to miss Ashely and her constant kidnapping. The only "praise" I could give this game is that Leon's story had some horror elements in them and the "good job" thumbs up arm was hilarious.

    This might be the game that truly kills the franchise Phelous.
  • Bloodrealm
    Haha, "Crapcom", I haven't heard that one in a while!
    Fun fact: on the super strict and often nonsensical language filter in the online portion of Monster Hunter 3/Tri (the Monster Hunter series is also made by Capcom), saying "Crapcom" is not censored.
  • TheClonesLegacy
    The Logo looks like a giraffe getting a blowjob...That's all I have to add.
  • PopRockSkittles
    I agree with you Phelous on them going back to their roots they could make a great game or even a great remake of RE2. I disliked RE5 with a passion even though I do like RE4. I kinda wish they just had more of Leon's Story and less of Chris's. Anyway great review! I might have to borrow it from a friend sometime :3
  • The Shamster
    I heard a rumor that they may actually make a remake of RE2 and possibly 3, but it's early days at the moment.

    By the way, If you have an Xbox, add me as a 'friend' so we can have a game sometime.

    My tag is "FireShaminar"

    Be warned though; I like to make jokes. I'm hoping to play against Spoony some time as a 'creature' in "Agent hunt" and use the mic to tell him "Your nightmare has just begun, Spoony one! the Gate Painter! Brother of the Gate Cleaner and nephew of the Gate Keeper!"

    Or even the infamous "You're in my way, sir!"

    Oooh, I know how to push peoples buttons!
  • Jazukai
    Cool story bro
  • theheartbeatsthedrum
    blip sucks, anyone else coming to the same conclusion? The pop-ups that cause the video to stop and after another click to start the video it restarts or goes to an ad. uhhhhhh, suck face.
  • LloydIrving84  - It seems like everyone still forgets about it...
    Since it seems to me that you have yet to play it, I highly suggest you find yourself a 3DS and a copy of Resident Evil: Revelations. It pains me to think that so many people had to pass over it simply because it was a 3DS exclusive. It was such a good game. Far better than anything I've seen of 6 up to this point. Most of all, it actually FELT like a Resident Evil game to me.
  • Bloodrealm
    I downloaded the demo for that, but I haven't bothered to try it, yet. Maybe I will!
  • jutuomin  - Agreed.
    I also would recommend RE: Revelations. It's a superb game (although I have not yet finished it throughly).
    And I think it's quite big in survival horror so it's untrue to say that RE games wouldn't be like that since Resident Evil 2. Revelations is about a year old game now so it's one of the newest editions.
  • AccursedSneak
    Why do they keep calling it Survival Horror....... I can download games for free that have better story, atmosphere and design than this. And I don't mean pirating, I mean free to play games. How did they fuck up this badly again? Oh yeah, for all the money. derp!
  • capthavic
    The problem with the crossing stories is that they spoil things in other stories and results in doing the exact same scenarios multiple times.

    Jake struck me as a poor mans Dante from DMC although he didn't really bother me as a character.

    That melee attacks are arguably more effective than guns most time is just plain stupid in my opinion.

    Never had any trouble with the partner AI, and actually liked that they can't die and have unlimited ammo.

    The lame stealth segments annoyed me because it's so simple and linear. All you have to do wait for the stupid bugs to turn around and then melee them to death one by one.

    Overall it just struck me as very poorly designed and unpolished.
  • klasmars  - Phelous..
    You just made my day... Night actually...

    Also, i think you should cut of all of your hair, you would look great with short short hair...

  • badgersprite
    I don't have any problem with RE6 not being a Survival Horror game. Resident Evil 4 wasn't "survival horror". It's being going down the action game route for a long time now.

    What makes RE6 particularly bad is that it fails completely as an action game as well.
  • sekiwat
    is it just me or is phelous losing his hair?
  • Filby
    I think it's just the weird way he has his hair combed.
  • L2
    Actually, T C G and A are from the dna code.
  • rcivit
    Damn, Japanese games are worse every time.
    Seriously, Phelous, if you think that the game is ok because it is a bit better than the pile of crap that 5 was, then you are really easy to please.

    This is a game that could only be enjoyed by hardcore fans of the series. I don't think anyone who is used to well programed, interesting Western games could really enjoy it without yelling "BULLCRAP" at the tv way too many times.

    Many of us keep hoping Japanese games to become what they used to be, but I have already given up on them. They're not worth of my money.
  • Bloodrealm
    I'm sorry, but please don't say that all Japanese games are getting bad. The problem is that they just keep refusing to bring a lot of the good ones outside of Japan (especially Namco, they REALLY hate the outside world, only tossing us the bare minimum, and they seem to have a hard on for Sony).
  • ladydiskette
    I can't get over how much Phelous's hair style for this review looks so much like Cinema Snob's without the hair products.

    How did he manage to keep it up like that?
  • Digger318
    while the game is a mess, i still enjoyed most of it.

    I believe they should be done that please everyone bit a bit more, push it!

    Imagine if Chris's campaign was like gears of war,
    and leon's campaign was like resident evil one with the fixed cameras and areas to explore?

    with jakes like resi 4?

    i did enjoy the throw back to outbreak and i dont know why, i like the resi story, apart from 5, the end pissed me off so much

    Resident Evil City in Bricks 3 part video there! :)
  • Unclejulio
    I actually enjoyed this game fairly well and think Phelous had everything spot on when it came to most things (although I didn't hate Chris's scenario that much).
  • nelsinki  - It's rant time!
    When I see R. E. Damnation and see the trailer of RE 6 game a the end, for a few moments I let run wild my imagination and think that they will continue the story in the game, specially on Chris story, wich fits very well to the ending of the movie. That was my first deception about R.E. 6, and not my last, unfortunatelly.

    Phelous said all the problems that I have with Leon's campaign, and I really have to say that when Aida appears I really expected that Leon pointed to her screaming Clone! Clone! I did it at least to the T.V. screen, and I didn't have proofs of that.

    Capcom do all the 'Don't make me do this' thing for the trailer, you know 'President Evil' still be a silly but fun Joke, if they do the trailer starting with Chris campaign, well, probably the game sales went down and the critics would send it to the hell.

    I hate Chris on this game, I hate his 'Call of Evil' or 'Resident of War' scenario, I hate the classic noob cliché character that comes in EVERY super duper military team that it's about to confront an unspeakable horror -Why they put on a special task team which will have to deal with bio hazards a guy that has problems only to aim with his gun?- I hate his stupid falls every time when someone shoot him -if you want to make it real that fact, yes, you probably fall when a sniper shoots you, but when TEN snipers arround the map shoots you, you probably fall, and you never get up!

    And most of all, I hate his 'Insert Anakim Skywalker angry Joke here ________' character!

    The guy wich lost a important part of his team on the Arklay mansion, and went to Africa after to visit his dead partner tomb, only to kick plagas and Wesker's ass... And this guy becomes a coward-drunk sissy who keeps saying 'we will not lose anyone on my team'? What a rip-off!

    I Probably can continue but is more of the same, I agree, It's not a bad game, but doesn't have a identity like an action horror game yet, and because that yes, I still preffer the survival horror style. But whatever, you have to play it to understand and made your opinion, this is the only way.=)
  • alexalcan  - Nope
    People, let the "Survival Horror" topic rest. It's over for Resident Evil. It has been over for years. It's a shooter now. Enjoy it or not, but that's what it is. Also, as a newcomer, I've enjoyed the game; mindless fun.
  • Driftwood
    Fucking Blip won't work!
  • aibr
    I liked Resident Evil 5. I think it's make the logical path giving the outcome of previous games. If there's zombies of Las Plagas, use military in f***ing daytime. I don't believe there's any way to get characters we know to get situations like in original Resident Evil without making them look morons. For me Resident Evil 5 feels step in overall storyline.

    For game developers: if you want to make survival horror, give us less ammos, not quick time events. I found original Resident Evil most frightening when I played with Chris (less ammos, more zombies), knowing there's noway to kill all zombies to make areas safe.
  • Tom Smith  - OMG... its DNA
    At 1:05 Phelous lists that they have done the T, C and G virus.

    That means that the next virus is the A virus. Get it, because DNA is made of GTAC.
    Or as wikipedia puts it {{adenine, cytosine, guanine, and thymine (commonly noted as A,C, G & T)}}.

    All those hours not sleeping in biology class totally paid off.

    That is, assuming that the Japanese system uses the English alphabet and knows about the GTAC acronym. And that the writers of RE are, like, super smart. And that the V virus thing isn't in the story.

    It might not have been their original intent, but it is something that easily could have been thought up later. Kinda like how in Alien the android is named Ash, Aliens had Bishop, Alien Resurrection has Call and Prometheus has David. A(sh) B(ishop) C(all) D(avid) = ABCD
  • Malidictus
    Wow... OK, I wasn't interested before, but this review actually makes me want to try RE6 now. I'm not that interested in "survival horror," though, and I was always a bigger fan of 5 than of 4. Don't know what it is about Wesker in 5, but I just love it!
  • TurnedToStone  - Wtf
    Crappy AI, unresponsiveness, bad camera...what is this, a Ps2 game?
  • Eyeshot
    Ugh, this review gave me another sample of the dialogue in this game ... no me gusta. XD
  • AlucardsQuest
    Why aren't Jill and Claire in Resident Evil games anymore? I thought they were like fan favorites or something?
  • ECKohns
    There a rumor that the next Resident Evil Project will be called Resident Evil:Downfall and that it will have Claire as the main charcter.
  • Ben_from_G-town
    This game sounds alright, but with my limited funds, not really a must-have. It's really a shame that the Resident Evil games aren't even Resident Evil anymore. I guess no RE game will ever surpass Code Veronica.
  • Excalibur
    Where is Jill or Claire. At least Claire is mentioned but we don't see her and why isn't Jill around to help Chris with his depression at the beginning of Chris' campaign? He's drinking himself to a stupor and Jill, someone very close to him isn't coming to his help?

    I really don't like these new characters that I don't know, especially Helena. We don't know where she came from, no real back story. A vague explanation of her sister and how she never explains herself. In fact we don't get any explaination on anything.

    There is no true villain because all the stories are confusing. Ada calls the game a Raccoon City reunion but then Leon should be paired up with Claire, we need a story about Jill. I want Rebecca Chambers to show up and Billy Cowen because they were in the story and should have some kind of role.

    Jake Muller is a walking freaking plot device and Sherry's healing powers in one scene is never addressed...EVER!

    With Leon's attitude to the president, we don't see too much tension of their friendship. What? No mention of Ashley? you know, the president's daughter he saved

    Gameplay wise, I hate the fact that you pick up too much ammo for weapons you rarely use, run out of space eventually. Can't buy and upgrade guns like in the 2 previous games.

    When you drop an item, it disappears for good and you can't pick it back up like in the PREVIOUS 2 GAMES!

    Your partner also can't pick up items for you and act as your pack mule like in the previous game. They took a lot of steps backwards here.

    The cover system does not work at all. There's no satisfaction in picking up all the guns because of the limited options.

    We don't get an explanation on the villain's motives or the villains are. The Family? Who are they? Neo Umbrella? What?
  • The Shamster
    You probably know this by now, Excalibur, but this president is not the same as the one whose daughter Leon saved a few years ago.
  • MoonBlade
    Finally, a decent review for RE6. RE is my second fandom (after SH) but all I've seen is people bashing the game when they've only played one or two of the other games in the series, so it is great to see someone's view that has been a fan of the series for so long. I really enjoyed the review!
  • timotaka
    Wait... T-, G- and C-viruses? Goddammit Capcom. You're naming them after the amino acids in DNA, aren't you? There's only the A-virus left to go.
  • ECKohns
    There is an A-Virus. Well technically its the T-Abyss Virus from Resident Evi: Revelations. The 3DS game. I played and liked it since unlike 5 and 6, it actually has horror in it. It makes up for the lack of zombies.
  • medicalvampire
    A small thing, but I'm so glad that I'm not the only person who hates downloading stuff. If I go shell out 60 bucks on a game, I want something physical. It makes me feel secure should something happen, like my Xbox getting eaten by weasels.
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