A Serbian Film

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  • brick mooncode
    I seem to remember Brad saying that he saw a version of the movie that was pretty censored, and only implied most of the horribleness.
  • ladydiskette  - Poor Poor Phelous
    I betcha if this movie doesn't make him wish he could die in his reviews again, I don't know what will.

    Provided that instant-review resurrection makes you loose your memory each time. >__> In this case it would be a good thing.
  • montanker
    I think he did die. I think his neck snapped when he fell there. The after-credits Phelous was another clone/identical regeneration/whatever. It's a good thing he made himself sign a waver before hurting himself. Perhaps that was the most important part.

    By the way, has F***idy F***f*** made any other movies? (Yes, I know you can swear on the internet. I've taken up Linkara's advise of being funny without constant cursing)
  • anaeuphis
    That's not how it works though. That's like not trying to insult someone and then flipping the bird, it's a start but there is still a long road ahead. Either you curse or you don't. Covering it up with a bunch of garbage doesn't change the fact that it's still there and that you actively put it into the reader's head.
  • Morgoth Bauglir
    Then take your own advice. Censorship or not, profanity is still profanity. Simply DON'T SWEAR! Use a non-profane term. Make one up if you have to.
  • ladydiskette
    This is my opinion but somehow profanity is a surprisingly good relief than what we just witnessed and that includes baby rape, necrophila, and forced sexual abuse.
  • montanker
    But I was trying to quote Phelous! Jeez, you guys are getting really worked up about this!
  • PLA
    You're doing it wrong. Censored profanity is only funny if you leave some for the imagination. That's why the traditional -bleep- and ¤#%@& are funny.
  • Naku-Chan
    Good thing to go by montanker XD
  • forsaken7089
    I still suggest Zombie Strippers and Zombies Gone Wild. When are you going to do those Phel? :)
  • Taufiq91  - Hah!
    I knew you're going to watch this!

    A Serbian Film pissed me off. Hell, i almost puke reading the plot on Wikipedia.

    The only way i could watch this was to have Karma Chameleon by The Culture Club played in loop while watching this POS.

    Put his penis on a man's eye, Newborn Porn and Incest. All in just one film.

    And you thought Hostel, Saw, Salo, Cannibal Holocaust, The Human Centipede, School Days, Evangelion, the Dnepropetrovsk maniacs and Japanese rape hentais were bad.
  • axlryder
    I consider myself to have pretty thick skin. I've seen and even done a lot of things I'm not super proud of, but this movie literally made me throw up. That being said, I certainly did hate the Serbian Government after this (and pretty much everyone involved in this film), so there's that.
  • QuestionTheMajority
    The sad thing is that, like Phelous, I've subjected myself to so much crap over the years that I don't really get sick over things like this anymore. I just get angry. REALLY angry. So I suppose you, Phelous, and I all have that in common. Films like this just make me want to eradicate the human race so the stupidity will finally end.
  • infernai
    And Drakengard! You're forgetting Drakengard...aka. The most sick, twisted disturbing game ever made that rivals even Silent hill.

    That's right people, the most immoral twisted game ever created outside of hentai is BETTER THEN THIS FILM!
  • Tom Smith
    @ Taufiq91
    Do not refer to the Dnepropetrovsk maniacs as if they were a movie or something. They were an actual real life bunch of serial killers and are automatically a thousand times worse than a Serbain Film.
    I read the wikipedia of it thinking it was a movie for a minute before re-reading the beginning and realizing that it was real.
  • rockybalboa211
    I agree! What those real people (maniacs) did to people was horrendous. Those sociopaths, proudly killed 20-30 people for "fun". The victims ranged from children to women to elderly cancer patients. They video taped their murders, with one called "Three men/Hammer" being leaked. This film showed the actual torture and murder of a grandfather, cancer survivor, who was traveling to go visit his family.
  • Dwane
    I think I've heard of that one. Some guys were passing it around saying stuff like, "dude, did you see what they did with the screwdriver?" What kind of sick, defective person watches the actual torture and murder of another human being?
  • LeGrotesque
    Um... I did. Out of morbid curiousity (thanks, Encyclopedia Dramatica). I'd be more worried if someone, like, got off on it. Rather than the appropriate, healthy response - which would be to be repulsed and enraged (which was my response, so, there ya go).
  • Berlioz II
    Wait, what's Evangelion doing on that list?
  • GoldenSolitude04
    Evangelion is as every bit offensive as the mentioned movies. An anime series that feature no likable characters among other glaring problems. It pretends to be deep when it's not.

    Shinji masturbating to a comatose Asuka is as bad as it gets.

    That series simply is only good for hentai and great videogame crossover material.

    As for this......movie...

    You know what I got nothing

    I hope the people who wanted Phelous to review this pile of shit are satisfied. This is precisely why I hate horror movies. It's offensive just for the sake of it without any god damn reason or message.

    I stick to horror videogames such as Silent Hill since they know their limits and are much much more entertaining.

    This is not art by any stretch of the imagination. Jesus Christ!!! The people who are responsible for it and many other abysmal cinema films such as Anticrist need to be held accountable.

    To the commentators who did not find this snuff shit to be as disgusting by X,Y movie,manga or whatever you wish to compare it to as well as not find it as sick as the rest of us folk,well done. You people obviously are not normal well adjusted human beings. I weep for humanity.
  • August M.
    Man, Brad wasn't kidding when he list this as his worst movie of 2010. Just seeing parts of it is just sick. I think I might throw up if I watch it in its entirety(Which will be a first and I've seen some disgusting stuff before).

    The review on the other-hand, was hilarious!!! The opening title card, the warning, your anger, and Brad's cameo made me laugh non-stop.

    P.S. Newborn porn? WHAT...THE...FUCK?
  • sabata2
  • lucariofan508
    Two girls, one cup got nothing on this.
  • August M.
    Agreed. That's kid stuff compare to this.
  • SpeedyEric
    1:00- I feel the same way with (that’s right) “Skyline.” God, I hate that movie.

    3:13- At least you didn’t show clips from “A Party at Kitty and Studs.”

    5:30- WHY THE HELL WAS THIS FILM MADE!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    Thanks for making a replacement for what was remembered in the Human Centipede review, Brad.

    I have no plans on seeing this film EVER, and all that Phelous showed us says why.
  • AaronJer
    What a funny movie! :D
  • Jellyott
    You, sir, have just made my night. Maybe this movie is just a playing out of Bob Saget's version of The Aristocrats?
  • Zydrate
    Man, I was going to make that joke. I'll give you give you credit for doing it first. This does indeed seem like the Aristocrats, except it's not funny.
  • Moviebuff 3000
    I bet Brad is going to love this review lol.
    Thanks Phelous for watching this disgusting piece of shit for us.
    Great Review
  • Sylveria
    Brad reviewed this movie when it first hit DVD, he hated.

    Scariest part is on Brad's comments page for this review, there were people not only trying to defend it, but saying they liked it because since the effects were so fake it was funny to them. I'd file preemptive restraining orders against those people if I could.
  • LeGrotesque
    Funny-bad violence is a cult classic like Riki-Oh. Not this. Christ, what is WRONG with people?! Even Human Centipede was hilarious by comparison (to be fair, it really didn't bother me all that much).
  • SquishyK
    Well, seeing this review just cemented my decision never to watch this vile piece of trash. So, thanks for that. It still makes me feel sick knowing a movie like this exists, and that there are people out there who actually defend it as having any sort of worthwhile message. No. Just no.

    Loved Brad's cameo, by the way.
  • rockybalboa211
    PLEASE!! Not this film Phelous! This film is pure hopelessness and despair. It crushes souls, and eats childlike dreams!

    It made me very disgusted when I watched this film two months ago.

    I agree with Taufiq91:
    "And you thought Hostel, Saw, Salo, Cannibal Holocaust, The Human Centipede, School Days, Evangelion, the Dnepropetrovsk maniacs and Japanese rape hentais were bad."

    This is worse (except the Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs were actual real people, and those evil kids killed a lot of innocent people with hammers and screw drivers. The only thing worse than this stupid ass film, is watching three men and a hammer. Three men and a hammer, actually showcases the maniacs committing an actual murder of a eastern european grandfather with a screwdriver and hammer. NEVER WATCH IT!)

    0:30 - I love the warning at the start of this review! :D
    2:50 - YEAH ... A Rocky Montage isn't going to save this film! I mean, Rocky only gained his self respect when he went the distance at the end of the first Rocky. Adrian and Rocky never got entirely Fu%#ed at the end!
  • ruiqi120  - ..wow
    a 10 min review, that how bad the "movie" was and how much phelous didn't want to spend more time on it
  • RectilinearPropagation
    I'd never heard of this movie. Oh G-d...there are not enough sad faces in the world...

    Stupidly, I thought it would be OK as long as I didn't look at it but no, just hearing what happens is enough to induce vomiting. I should have stopped at "newborn porn" but for some reason my brain kept insisting it couldn't get worse than that even as it got so much worse.

    What did the Serbian government do that's supposed to justify making a movie like this? How is anyone supposed to see this as a criticism of them?
  • RedSarah
    Genocide. Check out the comic "Safe Area Gorazde" by Joe Sacco for eyewitness accounts.

    Doesn't justify this movie though. NOTHING justifies this movie.
  • mumbls
    I was wondering why Brad didn't review this, now I know why. At least he's fully apologetic about making Phelan even watch it.
  • bounce0u812
    Brad did review it, in a vlog.
  • ionpath  - Whatever
    Meh, a Serbian Film. Being shocking for being shocking for being shocking etc...
    Sure it kinda pushed my limits of tolerance and disturbance (being on the internet long enough helps a lot) but still the film was stupid.
    It wanted to get attention by doing closing the gap between a shock film and a snuff one but still fails. Cannibal Holocaust is much more..."entertaining"? Cult? Whatever you might call it.
    The film was banned, censored heavily and all that did is intrigue people to see the uncensored version only to discover that they wasted 2 hours of their lives watching the horror gallery of a sick, or at least pretending to be sick, mind of the director.
  • Lone Wolf  - WTF
    This is supposed to be about "molestation by the Serbian government"? How does that even make sense in Srdjan Spasojevic head? If the dipshit wanted to make a movie about "molestation by the Serbian government" make a movie about a guy being arrested and tortured by the Serbian government.
    This is just disturbing and horrific. To make things worse, it actually has a 5.8 on IMDB. Good buy what little hope I had for humanity.
  • rockybalboa211
    It's like saying Human Centipede is a movie about bringing people together! :D
  • Dwane
    Ha Ha!! How I miss you thumbs up button.
  • Dark Jak
    what the fuck? who the hell would make this crap. i feel sick just watching this review
  • Archedgar
    I want to watch this so badly after seeing this review.

    I had never heard of it, but Phelous seems so extremely disturbed that it's hard not to want to watch it ASAP.

    The concept of The Human Centipede is far more disgusting to me than a random cheesy porn slasher...
    Oh my god . . . I was just curious as to see what would get Brad so hateful and bitter over a film . . . but . . . Fucking hell. I am so, SO sorry you had to sit through that whole thing Phelous. I almost puked just watching the review.

    Who the fuck made this vile piece of shit? That fucker needs to go to jail for just making this fucking tripe! I mean really, NEWBORN PORN?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!!

    God, and I thought Twilight was bad . . .
  • ElCaptainObvious


    I thought Batman and Robin was bad. No. No....no.non.nono.

    Phelous, can I lean up against that wall with you? I need to forget watching this.
  • MVirtusphoto
    I haven't watched the review yet, but the fact that this is now a thing makes me so happy.
  • Sewblon  - Groan.
    There is this weird square image that keeps popping up in this video and obscuring what is happening. But that might be a good thing.
  • rageofkyubii  - .....
    ......................... .....I am ashamed that I am part of a species that would let this movie exist.........
  • lordkorv
    me to :(
  • Heckfire
    Dear GOD, Phelous...seriously, you do shitty horror movies, WHY did you tackle "A Serbian Film?" Drunken dare?

    Yeah, the ONLY defense against this movie is repeatedly reminding yourself that it's just a movie, and that you'll never been in as warped a state of mind as the makers of it.

    Makes you wish for the "die in the end" skit reviews again, don't it? Ugh...you've got my sympathies, dare or not. I just hope you and Brad can keep Oancitizen from reviewing it, too...it falls into his typical "art house" oeuvre and this thing doesn't need any more attention.
  • traceace  - Ugh, this movie.
    I always laugh at people who were super disturbed by The Human Centipede, because I feel like this movie went above and beyond anything the maker of THC could even dream of. And that's a compliment, because you have to be one sick fucking person to decide putting this all on tape was a good idea.

    I usually have a strong stomach for this stuff, but I turned it off around the time the newborn porn popped up. And to this day I regret even sticking around that long.
  • TheDogSannin
    Phelous, you poor, poor bastard. Why did you watch this film? WHY?!

    I tried watching this film once due to bile fascination. I got as far as the 'newborn porn' scene, and I had to shut it off.

    There aren't enough videos of laughing babies, puppies, and kittens combined to make the horrors you've witnessed go away.

    Hell, there isn't enough Draino, bleach, and NyQuil to make the horrors you've witnessed go away.
  • Kaldary
    I'm not trying to defend this movie or anything because I think it is garbage. But I think the reason they did not make a movie about the Serbian government is that they would not be allowed to. And if they did, they could/would face serious consequences. Unfortunantly, (and I really do not know much about Serbia) in some places you can not say anything against your government without being arrested... or worse. But if the director did state that the movie was a metaphor for the government, and the country has no free speech, then wouldn't he have been arrested just for that? I don't konw anymore. But great review, even though the movie was very disturbing I was somewhat entertained by you.
  • Lone Wolf
    Then make it about some other (maybe even fictional) country or hell just make a movie based on 1984.
    If that is why they made that snuff film then wouldn't saying "This is a diary of our own molestation by the Serbian government blah, blah, blah" have the same result? According to wikipedia it is being investigated to see if it violated any Serbian laws.
  • TheCooper
    God this is horrible.

    Nevermind the useless stupid as sex thrown into what already is but a mediocre plot but this film doesn't even feel like a movie.It's more like how can we gross out and piss of the viewer more and more.
  • Keita-Kuhn  - I gotta say
    As a guy who regularly reads some sick ero-manga for the laugh factor, I watched this movie and found it to be 'meh, whatever.'

    Dear god, something is wrong with me.
  • TheTannedOtaku
    Oh, poor, poor, poor Phelous...take care of yourself, maybe Birdemic will make you feel clean again
  • Unluckiest7
    Oh...god...no...just no...
    I have often jokingly said "This movie is so bad it outta be thrown in a fire." but now...throw this movie in a fire! Seriously! This is the movie equivalent of Shaq Fu. No, it's worse than that! Phelous, burn this movie and record it! Only then will I be able to sleep at night! Ugh, fruits basket, help me!
  • TheBnf
    In a counter-productive note, you telling me not to watch it cause it's really gross makes me want to watch it more. For the same reason I've clicked a link titled "split penis orgasm" and various other gross things. Saying something is so disgusting and offensive that nobody should watch it is practically a dare.
  • Lone Wolf
    Don't ever look up Alfred's Playhouse and don't watch all three.
    Muhahahahahaha ahhahahaha, ahhahaha cough cough cough cough cough cough cough cough
    (okay so it's not that disturbing compared to allot of thing out there but it's the most disturbing thing I could think of off the top of my head)
  • KaitlynMutt
    That was a sad series...
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