Doctor Who: I Don't Want to Go REALLY!?

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  • Jackass Mask
    I personally don't care about one Doctor being better than another. I really haven't hated any of them, even Colin Baker. The only time I'm annoyed is when the story is awful...

    ...and Rory. I don't know exactly why, but I don't like Rory. Maybe it's because he just whines about his wife and dies too much.
  • ladydiskette
    With Phelous bringing up the companions being there andor not present for the doctors' regenerations it makes me wonder about something.....

    Wouldn't witnessing The Doctor's regeneration make them go "WTF" at any given time or perhaps send them on a small mindfreak moment or were they told beforehand of the Time Lord's Regeneration before choosing to become his companions, that is at some point The Doctor's at least gave them some heads up?

    If some guy I knew and became friends with turned into a different guy after he was killed I would be seriously thinking if I hallucinating and question the cost of time travel is taking on my mental health at that point.
  • ShadowWing Tronix
    Total agreement, Phelous, although I hadn't thought about the harsh transition on Moffat's side. Maybe because I was just happy he was in and Davies was out.
  • wikorhero  - I couldn't agree with you more.
    As someone who IS a Doctor Who fan from the new series, I also did a bunch of research after watching the first season because I wanted to know more about this strange character. I mean, a show running 50+ years? I felt the more familiar I was, the better I would appreciate it.

    One thing I notice is how the fifth season of Doctor Who is a lot like the first. It's almost like Moffat is trying to get his take on how the series would have gone. I mean, Smith's Doctor is not quite the tortured soul that Tennant's was. He seems slightly more upbeat, like Eccleston's. Smiths' delivery is nuanced enough to hint at hidden secrets, and hidden pain, but it's not quite so on his sleeve as Tennant's was. Besides Smith being more along Eccleston lines, we have the same sort of structure of a fiesty female companion with a sort of insecure, unsure boyfriend. Now I love Rory and Amy waaaaaaay more than Rose and Mickey, but the similarities are still there.

    I had no idea this Tennant/Smith debate existed. I mean, for God's sake, it's Doctor Who. Regeneration comes with the territory.
  • Wispeh
    Pfffffffffffffffff, Phelous Who XD
    I have to say, out of ALL the doctors, my favorite was David. I dont know why, it was just that... feeling he conveyed while acting. Matt's not awful though, he's actually pretty good, but not my favorite, handsome though :)
  • e33laf
    I coundn't have said it better myself Phelous. David Tennant, Matt Smith, and their respective series have really been on the reciving end of way to much irrational hate lately, and frankly, it's not fair to either one of them. I think more people need to remember the immortal words of MST3K "...just repeat to yourself It's just a show, and you should really just relax."

    So thank you for taking the time to inject some intelligence, perspective, and just plain sanity back into the Doctor Who fandom.

    P.S. Though I personally had many issues with the end of David Tennant's run, watching the whole "I don't want to go" scene still completely rips my heart out (Ten was my first Doctor).
  • FullmetalNinja25
    As a longtime Whovian the way David Tennant regenerated pissed me off I always thought The Doctor should be calm or happy about his regeneration not on the brink of tears. I know the whole arc of the specials was the impression that he was going to die for real and not regenerate but still it was so out of character.

    Anyways great video Phelous. :)
  • StormWolf
    "As a longtime Whovian the way David Tennant regenerated pissed me off I always thought The Doctor should be calm or happy about his regeneration not on the brink of tears. I know the whole arc of the specials was the impression that he was going to die for real and not regenerate but still it was so out of character.

    Anyways great video Phelous. :)"

    Most Doctors didn't have much time to think about it, really. AND they were in front of their companions.

    Another Doctor who regenerated when not in front of his companions was the Second Doctor, and he wailed, screamed and threw a hissy fit through the whole thing.

    And rightfully so. This is a massive change. It's not just like changing your underwear.
  • kiemer
    The 2nd Doctors' regeneration was forced on him by the Time Lords as part of his punishment for stealing his TARDIS, and interfering in other planets affairs without their permission. So the anger was completely justified in his case.

    (info to anyone new to Doctor Who)
    The other part of the punishment was banishment to Earth.
  • brick mooncode
    If you think about it, the only real problem there is the word "go." If that word was replaced with something like "change," or removed entirely, or implied to mean something other than regeneration, it would have probably been okay. But it's too late now, of course, unless someone wants to attempt the mother of all retcons.
  • montanker
    I totally agree with your opinions here, but why does everyone hate the rainbow Daleks so much? Sure, they haven't really done anything yet (unless you count the awesome iPhone game) but I like the idea of having different classifications of Daleks that require different methods to defeat. EXTERMINATE!
  • Bearded Idiot
    Because they were so obviously made to sell new toys, and they just look chunky and silly compared to the original time war Daleks.

    They also remind me of Daleks Invasion Earth 2151AD and if that was intentional then the production team deserve a slap.
  • montanker
    I loved that movie! Then again, I do love all corny sci-fi. :D
  • ShadowWing Tronix
    As one of the few who don't hate that movie, I should also point out that they did have the multicolors in the original show as well, at least for a while.
  • php101  - Daleks
    Because Daleks basically have just one rule 'If you're not the same, you die'. So having different Daleks just seems odd with such a racist 'creature'.
    Different colours is still different. Maybe they can get over that, but it seems weird.
  • Jillers
    I would rather state it as: "If you're not Dalek, you die"
    ...The Dalek color thing seems needlessly nitpicky: Daleks have had different colors before old and new series.

    As for me, while I understand the points you made, Phelous, I'm still on the side of "changing everything was the best thing Moffat could have done" I mean, I loved the Tenner, no doubt, but RTD made the series less of an adventure and more of a Soap Opera (IMO). Changing it entirely, while admittedly jarring for some, sent a very clear message that RTD was no longer running the show, that this was a different Doctor, and the series is going to have a different atmosphere. If they had held the hands of the people who only watched the new series, or only watched Tennant, then at least the first half of season 5 would have been extremely watered down, potentially bogged down in needless exposition, and I don't think would have been as interesting (and fun) to watch.

    Though I'm not entirely sure you hit the nail on the head on Tennant vs Smith, because that animosity towards Smith started before it was even announced who was going to be the next Doctor.
  • Erobot
    I think my biggest issue with Matt Smith's run so far is how removed it is from the rest of the New Series. To be fair I also am not much of a fan of Stephen Moffat- he can do scary, but not much else. Would it really have been so hard to throw in a few mentions of Rose or Sarah Jane or ANYONE? Besides River, that is. Then again River is a creation of Moffat, so... hm... Point is, Matt Smith vs. David Tennant just seems to be the focal point of a much larger fight between New Series eras, as it may be.

    I find regenerations exciting, because I like all the Doctors. They each bring something new to the role. Of course, the 10th's was so overplayed it was almost like they were encouraging people to make a big deal out of it. Actually, it was more like the entire show's regeneration, not that Doctor's.
  • Reaprar
    I pretty much agree entirely - to the point that I think phelous was preaching to the choir quite a bit with this video, I should think this was obvious.

    Annoyingly, I've seen a lot of DW fans imply that tennant actually didn't want to leave, which is the complete opposite of reality.

    Also I like chris more than either of the newest doctors.
  • Sukid

    In-story I just considered it an effect of cheating a regeneration. The Doctor subverted his regeneration with the hand because he didn't want to have to deal with post-regeneration trauma in the middle of a dalek invasion. But doing so causes a time lord to become extremely attached to the current body.

    But yeah, I really never considered how all the drastic changes moffat made just for the sake of it affected things. Wow.
  • Critic Fan Jill
    The Tenth Doctor thought he was going to actually die for reals this time. He had kept being told that his 'song was ending'. I don't care who you are, when someone puts an active expiration date on you, it messes with your head.

    Tennant was my first Doctor, likely my favorite as well, but I love Smith's portrayal as well. Considering the circumstances surrounding his mindset I am able to understand and forgive that line.

    A familiar face would've helped a lot though.
  • Undertaker91
    i was a bit disappointed at that line but i knew to give Matt Smith a chance. hes been kinda weird and some of the episodes have been a bit off but thats just DW for u
  • CPC24  - Great video!
    Tennant was good, but certainly not the best ever. My wife had a huge crush on him. Once I heard Matt Smith was coming in, I knew it was going to be great. He's even won over my wife!

    People act as if they've never seen a regeneration before. (RTD had to overdo it, just like everything else.) A lot of new fans probably haven't...

    If you think Tennant regenerating was shocking, you should have seen Tom Baker regenerate. Now that was mindblowing! I was a young kid who had no idea it was possible.
  • Gliblord
    I know I should probably be more pissed off at the infamous "I don't wanna go D:" thing but I honestly just don't care. I also don't care about familiar faces or a familiar TARDIS, though I probably should.

    I don't mind the disconnect between 11 and all the prior series of New Who because... well, most of the artifacts of the RTD era kinda sucked. Especially the whole Doctor romance angle, yehch. Rose was a cow by series 2 and I'm glad there's no hints of her returning, even though previous continuity established that the Doctor's supposed to be in love with her. This was also when Daleks were recycled as a threat to the point of absurdity. Not to mention every other story taking place in modern London, come the fuck on there's the entire goddamn universe to play with and we have to settle for Tyler family drama, give me a break.

    I would love it if Donna returned, though. The universe loves her after all!
  • e33laf
    I agree 100% with the idea of Donna returning for a story. She was an awesome companion and it would be wonderful to see her interacting with The Doctor again. (Plus, maybe the utterly horrid way all her character development was thrown in the trash by RTD after "Journey's End" could somehow be retconed...)
  • LikaLaruku
    Matt Smith looks like he could be Neil Cicierega's older brother. Dr. Who Puppet Pals anyone?
  • Korahn
    While my wife and I only became truly introduced to Dr Who in 2005 with Eccelson (I knew of it before and kinda caught bits of it when I was younger, but never bothered with it), I find each of these doctors enjoyable in their own way.

    Now with 10's regeneration, my wife kinda teared up (both times she watched the episode) but I think that's more because:

    A) we've had this actor for 3 years so we've gotten accustomed to him and enjoy him, and
    B) the farewells to all his companions - so we're not just losing the 10th doctor, we're losing everyone we've met over the course of 4 seasons.

    I remember reading that there was a lot of concern with Smith before he even started since he is a younger actor, but I think he's doing very well. My wife even said, "It's like he becomes younger with each regeneration."

    If I HAD to choose a fave doctor from those that I know, I'd go with 9th. He seemed to be cheeky and having fun with the fact that he can go anywhere. Also made me imagine seeing Jason Statham as the Doctor, lol.
  • kuijiblob
    i think alot of potential was wasted with the changes they could have did alot more with the story to lead to those changes not that it was bad but they could have just did alot more
  • SpotTheShingo  - How about this...

    No? Anyone? Well, I thought it was funny...

    Very good vid here Phelous anyway!
  • Mountain_King
    I think what is one of the biggest problems is the way that RTD butchered the character in that final episode. Not just that one line, although that was the preverbal cherry on top. Seriously I want to see a reviewer here rip that two part story in to pieces, jump up and down on them and let me set fire to the remains with just the force of my hate.

    Matt Smith is an excellent Doctor and should be compared to all the others that have gone before, much like you did here Phelous. It is, in it's own way Tennent's popularity that's geting in the way. A lot of youngsters and quite a few of the newer, more casual, viewers haven't accepted Smith because they don't have the understanding long term fans do. They didn't get exited when they used a snippet of Tom Bakers voice in "The Almost People" or get the meny references to past regenerations last season.

    That they even argue this point shows they have no love for the show and no knowledge of its continuity.
  • mwong04
    I really don't give a fuck about these die hard fans, I'm just enjoying myself. Whats wrong with you?
  • predalienking6
    wow full 5 stars, but that's not why I'm here

    now I had chris for about 4-7 episodes before he left and I got tenant and I had him for the entire 3 years so I was really used to him and when he changed I was a little annoyed because I just REALLY liked tenant and didn't want him to go. I mean the 4th (or maybe it was the 6th) doctor stayed for like 12 years.

    oh well, also smith seems to have a formula, he loses the tardis (which didn't happen as often in other incarnations). Also he seems to have a lot of tenant inspiration, which made me feel as if the transition was trying to ease tenant out of the picture even with the newer doctor which seemed like even the production team didn't want him to go even though they didn't do that with any other doctor (even ones that have had much longer "run" times).

    pretty much I just really liked the 10th doctor for various reasons and like you said, the production people didn't really make it a smooth transition from one doctor to the next.

    all together I'm okay with change (especially here where it's the entire premise) but I'll still like tenant more than most other doctors and I'll probably stay that way for years to come.
  • Bearded Idiot
    I love Tennant, but hate his final episode. It was nothing but navel gazing, RTD masturbating to his own characters and the 10th Doctor acting completely out of character.

    He spent the entire finale bitching about how he was going to die - not die as in permanently but just die and regenerate.
    Really? You've regenerated 10 times and you're complaining about it NOW? Funnily enough I find it hard to relate to someone who's crying because they find death a minor inconvenience.

    The "I don't want to go!" line was just the stupid icing on the crap cake, and yes it probably did serve to alienate 10th Doctor fans from the 11th because in a way instead of the previous Doctor "passing the torch" we have the 10th desperately clinging on to life and the 11th taking it from him, so to speak.
    It was just a dumb way to do it.
  • Hayamo
    I'll admit to being one of the Smith fans that was soured by the Tennant fans. I never started disliking him, but I just started to prefer the way Smith portrayed the Doctor. I need to go back through the revived series at some point to get a whole look at the show without being colored by me being brand new to Doctor Who. I feel I will always like Smith better, though, because, as I said, I just prefer the way he plays it.
    I think you're video (and from what I can tell your opinion in general) has been the most unbiased and neutral opinions about Doctor Who as a whole I've seen on this site. Linkara and Nash seem much more biased towards the classic while Welshy seems a tad biased towards the revived series and I'm just glad that, even if it's just you being neutral for the sake of the argument, you like both eras equally. I could be completely misinterpreting that, though.
  • Kayna
    Personally, I loved Tennant as the Doctor. I also quite like Matt Smith. They are different but that's the point.

    I'm actually okay with the new TARDIS and the other changes. I thought 11th Hour handled the situation well because the Doctor was nearly as disoriented as the viewers. Though I wouldn't have minded some connections to the past over the course of the season. And, much as I loved 10, I thought his regeneration was drawn out and over done. I actually really hated the whole goodby sequence and just wanted him to come out of that radiation box with a new face. And Donna deserved a better role. She was pointless in the End of Time, just a fan service cock tease that added nothing to the plot.

    Anyway, overall, you make some good points and it's nice to see someone being sensible about the whole Tennant/Smith thing.
  • Kaibaman
    I agree with Phelous and Critic Fan Jill on this issue(though I didn't know their is a Tennant Vs Smith Issue Going on at all) Tennant's Doctor got told he was going to permanently die,that can mess with you in general. PLUS The Mastar had died too, so that mustive put him threw alot of stress.
  • Schwarzer Ritter
    Is everybody reviewing Doctor Who now?
    Just give the movies, comics and videogames to the other reviewers and we can finally make a Doctor Who week.
    Or just call this site That Doctor with the Sonic Screwdriver.

    Yeah, I know this site is basically build around Doctor Who and Mystery Science Theatre 3000, it is just a little bit too much.
  • Fear Mage
    It's only garnering more attention for a few factors:

    1) There's 50+ years of stuff to satirize.
    2) It's currently on the air and popular, so a lot of people will pay attention to it.
    3) Each video that talks about it gets more than the usual amount of attention, so it's like linkbait (which isn't a bad thing at all).
    4) No one realized until recently that there were so many people on the site interested in Doctor Who, so they're exploring the shared community involved with that.

    Remember, even though Channel Awesome provides entertainment, this is still a business that makes money of these videos.
  • Korahn
    I will say that, if not for one of Phelous's Doctor Who vids, I probably wouldn't have considered watching the show.
  • LennieFish
    I personally tend to compare the 10-11 regeneration to the 3-4 one mainly because the line "I don't want to go" makes the 10th Doctor seem so incredibly weak in my eyes.
    The 3rd's regeneration was fairly unhappy in its own right. Gone for three weeks to a place of certain doom, and he comes back on the brink of death. Part of his last words were "I had to face my fear. That was more important than just going on living."

    As for other things, the screwdriver has changed before so that didn't bother me. Each classic TARDIS set has always been a little different so I didn't mind that either.
    However, it does bother me a tad in the case of the 11th Doctor because I once read a quote of Moffatt's that he wanted to pretty much do away with anything too nostalgic of the old days. Now he also said that he wanted to create new things to be nostalgic about, but to shove out the old audience like that? Why doesn't he take a note from Neil Gaiman in that you can have both? You don't have to go to any extremes.
  • ScutigeraColeoptrata
    I agree, and actually think that The Doctor's Wife is the strongest episode of the new season so far because it blends the old with the new so seamlessly.

    I am glad Tennant pushed for the "I don't want to go." to be at least a bit more subdued. There are things I like about the End of Time story, but it would have been much better if he had gone out with a smile, ensuring fans that he was still the same person and was ready to let go.
  • Shinigami
    My knowladge about classic Doctors is limited to what I have learned from all these videos but in my eyes least all 3 Doctors that there has been in current series have been good versions.
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