Hostel 2

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  • rabbitinred
    i can tell you were bored to tears with this movie. i cant say that i blame you. OOO FACED! :shock:
  • ilikeshinythings274
    Oh Phelous, I blame you for my severe procrastination.
  • the_sparkle
    LOL! I love that stupid voice you use- the one that sounds vaguely like Barney :D
  • ElderVIII
    Wow, a movie dumber than Hostel. Didn't think that was possible.
  • nobigami92
    oh it's possible: watch rob zombie's halloween...
  • Jael
    Dude, did I just see Viktor Krum in one of the scenes in Hostel 2? So that's what happened to him after the events in Goblet of Fire.
  • Kimarous
    Yay! Return of the rape horn!
  • Deimos1984rd
    I love the addition of the funny sound effects when you do these reviews.
  • Apathetic One
    [b]This movie was honestly, pretty poor. The first one, while almost equally poor, at least had some shock value. This movie was WAY predictable (except the Bobbitesque scene) and over all, boring.[/b]
  • Wermin
    Well this kind of overly gorey movies are not new.
    Like in most of the cases Japan alredy did it.
    Watch Guinea Pig movies for example. They are better than this pile of shit :)
  • Pathetic One
    [b][/b]I love bold letters. They look really important and make me feel like my opinions actually matter.
  • UltimateOne
    Ya know, Pathetic One....

    I have been meaning to tell you this for a while. This is the one and only time I need to tell you this, but it's something you need to hear. Mainly so that you'll stop wasting space on these videos with your awful little love-tryst rivalry:

    You are a whiny, annoying faggot.

    This is true.

    I mean, come on. So, the whole reasons for your existence, if i've got this straight, is that you are following Apathetic One around like a creepy little stalker, just so you can endlessly make it your mission in life to berate every post he makes, simply due to you not having any semblance of a life, yourself. Right?

    Ok. Where to begin. I cannot express how utterly faggoty it is for you to not just reply to ONE post of his, but to base your NAME on his and to OBSESSIVELY follow EVERY post he makes for the sole purpose of getting on his balls, as if anyone but you, is supposed to give a shit.

    But compound this with the sheer fact that you contribute NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING useful whatsoever. Certainly not one fucking thing more useful than Apathetic One. And yet you still give the distinct impression that you think you're better than him?

    Wow. Just wow. You are not only the undisputed winner of the creepy self-important, irrelevant little shit-of-the-year award, but you cap it off by just being so smug about having so little of a life that you NEED to follow someone else and troll their every post, especially when it doesn't even specifically call for it, out of some utterly misplaced and frankly psychopathic need to obsess over one person.

    Just admit it. You're so gay for Apathetic One by following him around like this. Just admit that you want his sweet, sweet, manchowder on your lips and that's why you follow him around on every post he makes, so we can all get the fuck on with our day.

    I mean sweet merficful crap. Get it over with. Go have your buttsex in a private message and get it out of your systems, and stop being so fucking public about it in front of everyone. God damn.

    And shit... you're just fine with this? Looking like a creepy stalker fag towards Apathetic One, and freely giving everyone this impression of yourself under the delusion that you're somehow doing god's work on this site or something?

    Oh fuck right off. LOL.

    Me, on the other hand. I created my username totally independently not knowing, or giving a shit who either of you were. Until I started seeing your combined faggotry splashed all over these video comment pages.

    Which is what strikes me as funny then, seeing as though it may be coincidence, but perhaps by fate that I named myself "UltimateOne", a name which goes back with me for at least 4 years prior.

    Because it's interesting how I am obviously so much better than the both of you. I suppose we ALL deserve our...
  • Devilfish
    Dude... sock puppets.
  • Rainy29
    Wow, I forgot there was a Hostel 2. I unfortunately saw Hostel in the theater, then I remember seeing a trailer for part 2. I seriously couldn't believe they would make a second movie and forgot it existed. Thanks for going through the pain of watching it for us. Awesome review!
  • charlotte
    Yep, that was Victor Krum being eaten :'( You were a tri-wizard champion! Have some self respect man.
    I can't believe I saw this movie in the cinema, I actually paid good money for this
  • MichaelDj54
    It's a very simple formula for an Eli Roth movie...

    Jackass characters.
    Over gratuitous violence (Which should NOT take over the god damn plot, BTW!)
    Somewhat revenge.
    Sequel hook.

    Water, rinse, repeat.
  • LikaLaruku
    Kitty: "Om nom nom nom..."

    Eeeh, I thought it was a decent slasher with a few laughs. I've seen a thousand worse things on FEAR On Demand.

    & the usual "When are you going to do The Howling movies?" Which I will continue to ask until you cave in & do one.
  • Crono Maniac
    Sweet JESUS FEAR OnDemand. I watched exactly ONE (1) movie on that, "The Mangler 2.0." Never again.
  • AwayToHit
    OOO failed...this is what I want to say to Eli Roth. :lol: Great review Phelous! You must have a lot of phoenix down/fairies in bottles/1-up to come back everytime :whistle:
  • CrimsonDusk  - Hostel part Deux
    Awesome review Phelous and the guy playing Eli Roth was really funny but I think it would've been even more hilarious if you could have made a paper mask out of Roth's face and make the dude were it to be more "authentic" like the way the "director" "faithfully" portrays Europe. Also he's planning an Hostel 3. I wonder how that movie's plot will be 3 unlikable transsexuals/dickgirls that like to party and screw and maybe this time they destroy the whole group or they think they did. Crap hope Roth is not reading this board or I just gave him an idea.
  • Jael  - re:
    [quote=charlotte]Yep, that was Victor Krum being eaten :'( You were a tri-wizard champion! Have some self respect man.
    I can't believe I saw this movie in the cinema, I actually paid good money for this[/quote]

    I think this should serve as fair warning for anyone not to put their name into the Goblet of Fire in the future. Look at what happened to the four last contestants: Viktor joined a torture gang in Eastern Europe. Cedric became a sparkly vampire under the alias of Edward Cullen. Harry suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. And Fleur worked as a drug dealer in Belguim (ever seen In Bruges?)
  • Devilfish
    Well to be fair, and this is coming from a Belgian, there's worse things to be.
  • Obscurus Lupa
    I hated just the previews for these movies, but your reviews have made them bearable. :) Thanks for taking these crap-fests down a peg.
  • Poipoi
    Too late.. >.> Roth has already read your words, CrimsonDusk and we're all doomed now! Doomed I say!
  • rudy023
    Why would you bring back a character from the first movie, only to kill him right away? The horror movie genre just seems dead these days. Either filmakers are remaking Halloween & Nightmare on Elm Street, or we get this kind of crap!
  • CasioArgento
    Well honestly, i think HOSTEL 2 is a better Movie than HOSTEL 1:
    - It is not nearly as stupid as the first one
    - The Females from Part 2 are much more likeable than the Boys from Part 1
    - Some Scenes are actually pretty satirical and quite funny (which your Review didnĀ“t get at all)

  • dennett316
    Another abortion.....what a terrible writer/director Roth became/always was. I gave him the benefit of the doubt with Cabin Fever, but these films are poor.
    Cutting a dick off?? Been done and more shockingly in I Spit on Your Grave. Considering it's reputation for being so gory and shocking, really I've seen worse in horror movies since I was 8 years old, and I'm 31 now.
    It may have been shocking if there was a character worth a damn in either of these films, but the closest thing was "I'm on a boat!!" girl, and I STILL didn't care.
    Se7en had the torture porn thing done right years before this, by showing the terrible aftermath of what John Doe did and having decent acting and characters you could actually root for.
    This stuff is stupid, poorly written, completely pointless, not horrible or scary in the slightest because the "characters" may as well be empty bags of viscera and a complete waste of time AND money.
    Though I did sort of enjoy the group of kids playing football (soccer for you Yanks ;) ) with the severed head at the end. One redeeming scene in 3 hours of movies......well done Eli, top notch.
  • mykejtheotherone  - correct....
    Se7en had the torture porn thing done right years before this, by showing the terrible aftermath of what John Doe did and having decent acting and characters you could actually root for.
  • mykejtheotherone  - what?
    How are the girls more likable...Their the same thing, just more screen time and hello, satire?
  • chrisbg99
    Note to self:

    Don't go to Slovakia.
  • Cyborcat
    You can go to Slovakia, just stay out of the town that Roth made up which is nothing like any of the real Slovakia.
  • Shinigami
    There is one scene in Hostel 2 that I like from and its one were that one woman baths in blood of that one girl. That scene has that Elizabeth Bathory feel in it.
  • snoofulus
    Wow, Elizabeth Bathory feel, that's a GREAT feel to it!
    You know what, I'm just gonna start the sick screws in this thread...
  • gooser562
    Phelous, I love you and your reviews to death, but it seems like you're personally biased towards people that drink and party. I mean, when groups of American friends and college students go travel Europe that's what they do. They seek drugs, sex, and fun times! Believe me, I know firsthand! It's not unrealistic at all! lol
  • Phelous
    Hardly, I just don't like that being pretty much the whole focus of the first part of the movie. It could be what they are doing but not the whole freaking focus.
    People who go to Europe to party, do drugs and have sex are still retarded. Even if it's a realistic characterization of college frat tards, it doesn't mean a movie should be made about it.
  • UltimateOne
    Yes. I can't imagine why ANYONE would be biased against drug hopping, sex-crazed pervert ignorant little fucking douchebag teenage wastes of society with no future, pumping death into themselves just for a cheap chemical thrill intent on destroying the lives of everyone connected to them especially family-wise, but not limited to everyone the little losers come into context with like a bunch of arrogant, little shithead dopeheads, crackheads, stoner fuckfaces.

    Because those asshole wastes of life are so loved and have such an important place in society.

    Yes, we should totally be tolerant of all the poster children of human driftwood stinking up the planet. Kids with no future, no place in society other than being the shitstain little mother fuckers who were born to be nothing better than target practice.

    You know what I do to people like that? I beat the asshole druggies half to death with cleated shitkickers on their stink ridden curbs and rat-filled alleyways out by the backs of their faggy tencho nightclub rave shitholes. That's what I do.

    In short, the stereotypes that star in Eli Roth films, and the kinds of fuckers you describe who exist in real life are human driftwood that need to be cleared out by those with the balls to fix this nation in the very heart of it's scumbag society pits.
  • snoofulus
    "I beat the asshole druggies half to death with cleated shitkickers on their stink ridden curbs and rat-filled alleyways out by the backs of their faggy tencho nightclub rave shitholes. That's what I do."

    Um hi - if you really do that, I hope you'll get thrown in jail as soon as possible, and stay there as long as possible, with the roughest conditions possible.
    And all the druggies just go free, to spite you.

    Even if you're just fantasizing, you clearly lack any sense of moral proportions, which kinda makes you worse than half of the people you're ranting against (the other half being worse by virtue of stuff they do in ADDITION to what you described).

    "intent on destroying the lives of everyone connected to them especially family-wise"
    They're mostly not "intent" on doing any of that, it just happens.

    "for a cheap chemical thrill"
    You may wanna know that a drug rush can be a far more ecstatic, fascinating experience than what you're trying to reduce it to.
    It can be ecstasy, fantasy, art, inspiration, for a (usually) high price.

    When people harm themselves, they're not harming others - and hence don't deserve the kind of hatred and retribution you spout.

    Having "no future" is their own "problem", not yours.
    Just as "having no place in society" is their problem, not yours.

    Yea, it kinda affects society as a whole, but not YOU.
    People who evade taxes hurt the society, but they're not hurting YOU, and they're not doing anything evil themselves.
    People who don't vote, or aren't interested in politics, medicine or crime prevention, may be a problem, but that doesn't mean they deserve being mugged by a violent dipshit like you.

    So once again, it's ironic that your post reveals yourself to be a worse human being than any of the people you describe.

    So much, in fact, that one could say it's your kind of attitude that gets satirized in all those "conservativist" slasher movies, where killing people for having sex or doing a few drugs is apparently somehow warranted.
    Of course they're not being satirical but just genuinely sick, but whatever.
  • Devilfish
    Having been a waitress in Europe for some time I've come into contact with these dumb frat tourist types. I speak for all waitresses here when I say we do not like you. We do not like the fact that because it's Europe, you think we don't like being tipped. We are not on vacation. We don't like being chatted up after work hours. We don't like being chatted up [i]during[/i] work hours. We are not flattered by your patronizing insistence that our accent is "cute" even though you are the foreigner. We do not want to party with you. We are not awed by your powers of being American. It is not working out for you. Please go party in an American cabin in the American woods somewhere. That'll work out great for you.
  • theGrr

    I have to agree that Hostel 2 was better than Hostel 1. Not much better and both are terrible.

    What really set the bar for the movie, and I'm surprised you didn't comment on considering you showed the shot was the girlfriend's reaction to walking in on her decapitated boyfriend. I think when they originally shot the scene, they told the actress that she was actually walking in on her sick, elderly grandmother having passed peacefully in her sleep and then they just inserted the headless corpse in editing.

    Honestly! Why would you downplay her reaction?! Screaming, panicking women is sort of a horror movie staple. What would you do decide to no-sell that? They should've just showed her walking straight passed the corpse and over to the coffee machine for her morning cup of joe.

    I do think that the characters were more sympathetic this time around particularly the nerdy girl. But she was also so obviously placed in the movie purely to be pitiful and the scene is so ridiculous that we are very aware that we're watching a movie at that moment.

    The worst part of the movie though is the ending. Is there anybody who didn't know that the two would-be murderers were going to completely reverse roles? It's funny because it is both completely unbelievable and yet totally predictable. And it might have been an interesting plot twist if the characters had been a little more nuanced to begin with and their role reversal had been a little less total.

    I also couldn't understand why the criminals were so insistent that the guy finish off the girl... I mean, I guess in most cases it would be to make sure the clients are as deep into it as they are, but he just put an electric saw through her head. He's certainly not going to go turn them all in. And if he walked out of there so agitated, would they have really been any more at ease if he HAD walked back in there and simply put her out of her misery? (which would've been the HUMANE thing to do at that point given what he did to her)

    Which ultimately brings us to the real problem with the movie's entire premise. This conspiracy is vast and so dependent on everyone keeping their mouths shut, that it seems totally implausible. And it shouldn't! Sex trafficking is a huge problem around the world, and if you can find people willing to sell women and children into sexual slavery, and people willing to pay for it, it shouldn't be that much of a stretch to think that somebody could and would set up a business that'd allow people to fulfill their murder fantasies for the right price. The most terrifying thing about this movie might have been that audience members would walk away thinking that it could very well be themselves strapped to a chair in a dark room someday. Some people probably did, but I think most people just wrote it off as the bullshit it actually is.
  • ShadeFawks
    Bring out the rape horn :O

    I got to say you have a LOT of patience Phelous, I couldn't even imaging going through one of these videos, let alone doing one week after week after week o.o
  • Emery89
    Eli Roth is a new Ed Wood. He thinks a movie can be good as long as it has sex and gore. That's how pathetic he is.

    Also, I think that woman was trying to act like Countess of Bathory
  • Fluffyman
    It seems Roth deliberately makes every character unlikable because they are all potential murder victims and want people to remember their gory demises better than them as characters. At least except for the assholes that survive... it would make more sense if everyone died which would actually be merciful.
  • Cyborcat
    That's one of the things that bothers me about his movies. A lot of people will say "Hey, we want to see gore, who cares about the character development? This is a horror movie, not Gone With the Wind!"

    Well, the thing is, it's much more disturbing if we actually CARE about the characters--it's like seeing someone you know being killed rather than a complete stranger.

    I think what it comes down to is that Roth has a mean, vindictive streak and thinks his characters are getting what they deserve, more or less, like there's a lesson to be learned here. Frankly, his attitude (or how I percieve it, at least) disturbs me more than his movies.
  • Richard Wesker
    Yeah, agreed, there is fair bit of disconnect when characters we can't really relate to or who are dumb beyond belief get killed. Granted, someone is still dying onscreen, but caring about said character adds a layer of drama to it that didn't exist before. The only one I kind of cared about in this movie was the girl who was killed by Mrs. Bathory, but just barely.

    I think that Roth does have a good movie in him (yes, one), but the stuff he's produced so far has been subpar and badly written, full of pointless scenes, lapses in logic, and trite characters that you don't give a crap about.
  • Cyborcat
    I think he has decent ideas, he just doesn't know how to execute them properly.

    Even Cabin Fever could have been at least intriguing, if not good, had he focused more on the psychological aspect than blood, gore, and rotting flesh.
  • Phelous
    He also needs help with actually developing characters in anything he writes for sure. I bet in Cabin Fever the one he thought the most about was Party Cop. Thinking oh yeah this will be the funny character everyone will love cause he says party constantly.
  • Devilfish
    I really think this is what Eli Roth thinks teenagers (or young adults) are like. And since these are his target audience, this is how he gets them to relate. You know, like he thought Eastern Europe was really like that, and mentally disabled people are weird so they scream 'pancakes' and do kung fu kicks. I really do think that's just how his mind works.
  • snoofulus
    Ok, a couple of things here... first, there sure is an audience for seeing "gory, violent things" without the whole tragedy element to it.

    Horror comes in all kinds of forms, sometimes to make you scared, sometimes to entertain with "sick" stuff, and sometimes to genuinely disturb, traumatize and shock.

    I can entirely understand people who'd just prefer to go with the latter without watching "someone they know killed".
    I myself like to see some sick, fucked up shit, but I'm always grateful when there's some element of humor, camp or just genuine stupidity to create a distance to what's happening - because I want to be entertained my fucked up stuff, not have my empathy violently torn apart, spending the next days purging the "ugliest thoughts in the world" from my mind.

    Not every horror movie is supposed to or should be a stomach-turning lesson about real life atrocities designed to put you in therapy - and frankly, that's the only "decent" purpose I see in such "see people you know killed", because the idea of something like this being entertaining makes me wanna puke, and probably should make you, too.

    But enough of that, let's talk about Hostel.
    First of all, the "asshole victim" trope gets SUBVERTED in these movies, the first movie has the bigger douchebag survive.
    So, obviously, the movie doesn't take the stance that these assholes DESERVE to die.

    Secondly, its moral stance seems to be vastly on the right side - the torturers are clear villains, the victims are the protagonists. You root for the protagonists, they eventually come out on top, and take revenge on those that DO "deserve" it.

    Thirdly, interviews with Eli Roth pretty much confirm the above.
  • capthavic
    Watching this just made me so mad. I could literally picture Roth just crossing out the old names and writting new ones in crayon. And even the gore is worse then before.

    I never saw any of his movies before and after this I'm glad I didn't. F*** YOU ELI ROTH!
  • Voss
    Thanks for watching the Hostel movies for me, now I don't have to. :cheer:
  • JoshuatheAnarchist
    Why is it that everyone hates Death Proof? That movie was awesome! It had great buildup and suspense, one of the greatest car chases of the decade, and Kurt Russell!
  • BananaJane
    No it didn't.
    Well okay, it did have Kurt Russell.
    But nothing else.
  • BananaJane
    Awww! Kitty! ^ .^
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