Dragonball Evolution: The Epic Review

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  • Pcnerdjack16
    Dear god, I remember seeing this in the theater, it was so painful.

    Thank you, for reviewing this disaster of a film.
  • Apathetic One
    [b]I really hope nobody actually paid to see this in theaters and expected anything good....The Chinese movie was way better!

    It was kool HVGN made an appearance, I haven't seen any of his stuff in a year or so. This was some funny shit, especially Ernie Hudsons' lines! [/b]
  • Shadowdancer21b
    Agreed. I was very happy to see the Happy Video Game Nerd. *INSERT JOKE ABOUT ALASKA*
  • LikaLaruku
    You're a masochist for even thinking of seeing it.
  • Wermin  - Worst movie in the WORLD !!!
    Making someone to watch this movie?! :X
    You are not human!
  • Virgil_theBadassPoet  - Capsules
    Dude, I think that that transformers ripoff was the capsule. That was pretty cool if it was. It is better than it just going "pah" and something appearing. Other than that I agree with you and the reviewers. I left the theater early because the Kamehameha wave was pathetic.
  • Fra
    This movie was bad and I usually like movies everyone thinks is bad, but not this time. It ripped off so many movies, the special effects looked dated and the acting was horrible, but I won't deny it had a nostalgia factor to it.
  • wootsman
    didnt espect this
  • DBZGoodDBGTBad
    I love Dragon Ball and all, but this is the stain on the underpants of Dragon Ball's great history. Absolutely awful.
  • animem  - awesome
    cool y ruler of time is in this :cheer:
  • Death the Kid  - HAHAHA!!! You guys rock.
    LOL I never saw this movie and I am so glad I never did. >_< Ew.... LOL

    Good job. 8D I was laughing most of the time. xD "IS THAT SUPPOSED TO BE GOKU?!" xD
  • ThatGuyInTheHeadband
    Is a Dragonball movie that hard to make? I understand there are certian liberties they make, but really?

    Ah! Lord Kat with strawberries!
  • GodOfPlague
    I can never eat one of those again.

    This may be the best crossover vid ecer .
  • Deimos1984rd
    :angry: ......................... ...
    excuse me for a moment.



    I am now declaring war on Hollywood!!!!!

    Poor souls having to put up with this movie...I salute you all.

    And I will never look at strawberries the same again.

    Why does piccolo look like a vampire? Why was this movie ever made???
  • 82and9make91
    I love dragonball and dragonball z but, good God This movie was so bad! It didn't even come to the movies where I live so I had to find it on line. This review is funny as hell. but I'm fairly sure Goku is twelve win the series starts, not ten....(just saying)
  • Super Racer Z
    Nostalgia Critic, you crazy, Maniacal, bad-at-confrontations evil person...
  • M. Mori  - Awesome!
    A cameo from MasakoX? Nice.
  • Redbob86
    Why the hell is Yamcha wearing a Canadian tuxedo?
  • Ralph Wiggum  - lol
    This movie is BULLSHIT,but Belma(SP?) is hot. Doesn't save it all though.
  • FireFighter214  - My eyes my eyes
    I can never look at a another strawberry the same way again. Damn you guys, damn you.
  • deadpool merc
    Was this dragonball or Avatar because the energy blasts looks more like airbending than beams of power.
  • Paranormal Rob

    I'm glad SOMEBODY reviewed this. Now we can move on with our lives.
  • The Z
    NOW I KNOW WHY HIS NAME IS UKOG MONKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!

    ...Rockband player.
  • DeathsHead419  - ...
    This was truely a terrible year for cinema wasn't it? So, you sick bastards, how are you going to get back at Doug for this grievence?
    And Shaun, a box of Ho-hos? Really? Shame.
  • Emperordaein
    This was brilliant. You guys are amazing!

    And to make the Airbending thing worse. Roshi talked briefly about Fire and Water variants as well.
  • Narf
    Saw this on Blip before it was posted on the site. The review was amazing, I hope you guys will have the time sometime in the future to do another crossover review, this one was just priceless.
  • deadpool merc
    What was the second movie Sean tried to show? I couldn't tell the name.
  • HopeWithinChaos
    I don't even know, and i was holding the damn movie! xD . Its some music film with a Bunch of Rare 1-time Hip Hop mixes. that's all i know
  • MSH-Hitman
    Oh man, one of the worst movies I've probably ever watched. Just utter garbage at it's purest. It doesn't have silly cheesy stupid movie value at all where you can watch it cause it's so bad, it's funny. It's just shit.

    I for one am not initially and always against a live action idea, but come on...Put some effort into paying some respect to the source material or just don't do it. They could've easily just changed the names and dragonballs to something else and it would've been it's own movie, cause it certainly has nothing to do with fucking Dragonball lol
  • pharmmajor
    If I may paraphrase Yahtzee, I'd say that this review is "made of win" but then I'd have to strangle myself. You guys interacted very well with each other and delivered killer performances. The jokes were hilarious and truly helped to make this abomination of a film bearable. Hope to see more of these in the future. Plus, I'm impressed with how close Nikolas' rant came to a perfect Ultimate Warrior impersonation.

    Well, now we have three new nominees for films that can be team reviewed. I think Nikolas, MarzGurl and Goggles could do Pokemon 2000; what teams should do Ultraviolet and Dungeons & Dragons?
  • Iamlucek
    again this is one of the movies that every one bashes on but really it isn't that bad. yes there were changes but picking on the movie because the bike dose a magically expanding machine sequence (it dose predate transformers you know watch some random anime) instead of a capsule that goes poof and creates a wight cloud. then in the original the characters weren't that well flushed out. so yeah I'll give that a lot of the characteristics weren't from the source material but it's not like they just flushed the originals down the can and made up new ones.
    finally the one thing I legitimately have a problem with is in the climatic fight with Piccolo, he says that humans are week and pathetic right after delivering the exhibition that Goku is not human.
  • MSH-Hitman
    A cool effect doesn't make up for the utter cliched and generic garbage of this movie. And it was only put in due to Transformer hype. Sure expanding tech isn't proprietary to Transformers, but it was obvious with the style what they were going for.

    And you must not know the original show very well if you think that anyone other than maybe Piccolo was close to their character even remotely like in DB lol
  • VGPlayer202  - Say...
    Who's the fat guy? What stuff does he do for the site?

    Hey, did you get the guys from Team Four Star to do their voices in this? AWESOME! They should have been in the movie! At least then it would have been remotely entertaining.

    I'm sorry, even though I shouldn't let the fact that it's not a accurate adaption bother, me, I'm really pissed off at all this bullshit the movie has to offer.

    I agree with Marvin, there SHOULD have been an Earth-shattering ka-boom, especially since it's Demon King Piccolo we're talking about.

    Also, I feel like, instead of Roshi, they should try his Japanese name, Kame Sen'nin. (That's his Japanese name, right?)

    I can't believe that not only are they NOT faithful to the original Dragon Ball, but they constantly rip off other popular movies! BULLCRAP, I say, BULLCRAP!!!

    ...Waitwaitwaitwaitwait WHAT?! MasakoX? IN PERSON?! ...Not that I care but... Wow. I've seen LittleKuriboh and Lanipator, but not MasakoX- wait, was that guy in that cap who I think it was?

    Even without the not-Dragon Ball and the ripping off other movies bit, this movie has some horrible acting and stupid/unnecessary situations. Bah...

    The "Happy Video Game Nerd"? I remember seeing his DuckTales review... He's... Alright.

    ...IT WAS! IT'S LITTLE-FUCKING-KURIBOH! HE'S THE ABSOLUTE BEST! Who's that behind him? Eh, who cares. Aww, man, I was hoping to see more of him!

    To be exact, the "Dragon Ball" you're referring to is more like Dragon Ball Z rather than the original Dragon Ball, which was more comedy-based than action-based.

    ...The Nostalgia Critic's behind all this? I always knew he was evil! (Just kidding) Yeah, I can understand why the Doug isn't into [i]Dragon Ball[/i], some people just aren't interested in that sort of thing.

    ...Wow, LittleKuriboh's name is Martin Billany? I never knew that... Wait, they also got Kirbopher? As in the guy who did Brawl Taunts and is basically like an Egoraptor rip-off? Neat!
  • HopeWithinChaos  - re: Say...
    [quote=VGPlayer202]Who's the fat guy? What stuff does he do for the site?

    Not Cool Man...
  • -Daedalus-
    Ah, don't let 'im get to ya, Sean.
    Fucking awesome review, guys. I was laughing the whole time. xD
  • LikaLaruku
    Videos/Team TGWTG/Sean Fausz. He does EPIC FAIL among other things. Funny stuff.
  • webbman76
    Wow this movie is so bad that it makes Dragon Ball GT with the rap opening look like a work of art.
  • Chosen Zelos
    what cruel people have been asking doug to review such crap?

    It's not nostalgic ... it's not even a year old.
  • LikaLaruku
    That's the REAL reason NC wouldn't do it.
  • jediwatchman  - The Truth is...
    Now, I know many people are gonna hate me for this, but I thought the movie was a semi-decent interpretation of Dragon Ball. And before you say anything, I grew up watching the original series as a child, and enjoyed every minute of it. I think part of the problem is so many people go in expecting Dragon Ball Z, and instead get something more like Dragon Ball, which did have more story and less "power-up" screaming. And remember, it's just a different film interpretation, which is why they added the High School bit, and made Goku more mature. Trying to make it more realistic. However, one of the biggest flaws in my mind is in fact the "Heal Wave" Roshi does.

    As a final note, just think of it this way: Did you really just want to see a live action collaboration of episodes, the very same you've seen more than a hundred times?
  • MSH-Hitman
    No, alot of people went in wanting Dragonball, the original, and still didn't get anything close. The series didn't need to be made more "realistic". If they wanted realistic, they shouldn't have done the movie. It's like wanting to make Looney Tunes more realistic...there's no point.

    And of course alot of people didn't want a play by play of the original series, but they didn't need to recreate the original series, just put the characters into that world and work with it. Not take the story and make it idiotic and cliched.
  • yoleleihoo
    There's no way i can forgive hollywood for this movie. By the way, great review.

    and a last comment
    LordKat + strawberries = Nightmares
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