Let's Play LIVE: King's Quest 2 AGD

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Please note: This is a playlist of 6 videos. As one completes it will automatically play the next one.

Comments (49)
  • Salith  - Wow!
    A lets play that's longer than an hour? Nicely done, Paw! I'm hooked!
  • marvergoud  - red hiding hood
    I think red hiding hood sounds a little bit like a female gollem
  • LikaLaruku
    Honestly, the volume is a little tinny, since you asked.

    Wow, Graham really looks like Patrick Swayze now.

    I'd say there were "none too fetching." Realistically, royalty involved a lot of inbreeding; deformity & mental problems would have been common. Think Beverly Hillbillies.

    She derps at the thought of decapitation.

    Nanananana nanananana Batman....... Damian Wayne must have been driving. & now that I think about it, the narrator sounds like the love child of Microsoft Sam & Adam West.

    That pumpkin can't decide if her accent is Brooklyn or Cockney.

    It said "mallet lying" but I heard "you see a mountain lion in there." & when you said "let's stick our hand in it" I initially thought you said "the sticker hinted it." lol.

    There's a Hindi goddess named Kalima. Pronounced the same way.

    Heh, back in medieval times you probably could have bought a house with a penny. Hell, 1n the 1920s you could buy a brand new dress for under $4, & it would have been top quality.

    So if you kill the merchant, you get your dick chopped off?

    How does that library stay in business?

    Man, I haven't seen a game talk back this much to a player since I played Wishbringer on a 1983 Macintosh.

    3 coins in the fountain, a pumpkin longing for it's home. There they lie in the fountain, a thousand miles away from Rome.

    That's one mean Dwarf.

    Your best Let's Play since Alice ^_^ The longer they are the better.

    Ooh, I wish this genre of game would make a comeback, outside of TellTale. Wouldn;t hurt my feelings if casual games companies started mass-producing 2D flash-based PCAs.
  • trlkly
    Normally, I don't like these longer Let's Plays. But I have to give Paw a shot!

    (Even if he did give up early in Roses' last review.)
  • Moogleknight24
    I used to play King's Quest so much! I was obsessed with them.
    But this game's title said Romancing the Stones.
    Yet the game's supposed to be called "Romancing the Throne" a joke of off the movie romancing the stone, are these people not pun compliant?
  • doggans
    The *original* was "Romancing the Throne". AGDI called their remake "Romancing the Stones" in order to distinguish it from the original and make it clear that they were doing a different take on the story.
  • trlkly
    Why did the Count have to wait until his wife died to change her, but could change Possum right away?

    And I sincerely hope they continue to raise her as if she were the age she actually is. She can't even read, and she looks 18 at least.

    Finally, I know that the Vampires v. Werewolves has a Twilight vibe, but you do not need to be Jacob, Paw.
  • areoborg
    I think he waited to change the wife because he wanted her to live out her life, rather than be cursed with undeath. Since she was literally on her deathbed anyway, it didn't really matter.

    Then he changed Possum because its either that, or have her grow up as an orphan. The Count would know the status of the public orphanages (if they even exist) and the local church CERTAINLY isn't someplace he's going to want her to go.
  • HarryCane
    This video should be fun to watch, and I'm sure this series will be an enjoyable venture!

    *starts to watch*
  • Moofin
    This was written before the video ended, so I could be way off base, but didn't the front page say you would be doing this with other people? I'm only hearing Paw's voice. (Although he seems to be talking to Roses at some point.)
  • Not Shelley Duvall
  • melgibson
    There's a letter from Manannan to his sister somewhere around the two-hour mark. He talks about his seventeen-year-old slave, and how he'll have to be killed soon. Clear reference to KQ3, but that can't possibly be Alexander he's talking about, since Graham hasn't even met what will become Alexander's mother at that point. Makes me wonder how many of these servants he goes through.

    Also I'm kind-of amazed that a couple of dedicated fans working in an independent studio could have planned, designed and implemented this remake. Roberta Williams-style games always tend to have a weak story, stereotypical characters and either dead-easy or nonsensical puzzles (play the Laura Bow games if you're unconvinced) but this remake's actually kind of entertaining to watch. Here's hoping they remake something like Police Quest 2 next.
  • NetMonster
    For the sake of Paw's self-esteem, 185 minus 179 will from this day forward officially equal 4.

  • Azazello
    This was the greatest thing ever, 6 hours of Paw and King's Quest! I can't get over of the whole bit you put the little crown icon on the NPC's head when they were speaking. Also the bit where you went "Okay!" with Hagatha's voice had me roaring with laughter.

    I have to confess I've never played KG2 the original, but this remake really is of great quality. I don't know how much they added or fixed, though.

    Hopefully you'll do a similar Let's Play of the redmake of King's Quest III?
  • spade75
    I didn't mind Eco Quest II:Lost Secret of the Rainforest, Kings quest 7, and journeyman project turbo. kings quest 7 is a model point and click in my opinion. the arrow should indicate where things should be used.

    I'm spade and evil robot says "get out of my way impermanent."
  • Graylord
    Wait, if Graham has the ability to breathe underwater, why does he keep drowning in KQ5?
  • NetMonster
    They thought of that. Watch the LP again, they say he lost the ability to breathe underwater when he resurfaced. ;)
  • Graylord
    Hadn't watched the next part when I commented. :(
  • poisontongue
    Paw - what have you DOON!

    I was expecting a pooooooooisonous swamp...
  • Ronka87
    I remember when I first discovered AGD and their remakes. I was so excited. Looking back, the new puzzles are still pretty good, but there are lots of things about the game that could be improved-- like the exposition. Holy God on high, the exposition!

    Good LP, although I wish we could hear the others on the line.
  • melgibson
    I just finished playing through AGD's remake of King's Quest 3. In short, that studio basically managed to get absolutely everything right.

    - They built upon what was the series' main draw (free-form exploration) with expanded areas and absolutely beautiful dynamic environments which somehow felt new and atmospheric, yet right at home with Sierra's official VGA games made twenty years ago.

    - The game doesn't have any of the usual annoying problems with old adventure games where if you do something out of sequence which the authors weren't expecting or you're unable to follow their moon logic, you're basically stuck restarting or looking up a walkthrough, but the puzzles remained true to the original game and still felt challenging and rewarding.

    - What made the original so special was the sense of anxiety and suspense caused by the wizard, Manannan. It's made very clear from the beginning that he's absolutely in charge, not through paragraphs of boring exposition but through menial labor, punishment, ominous music whenever he'd appear basically anywhere at almost any time in a puff of smoke, and frying the player to a crisp for carrying or doing almost anything that would arouse his suspicion. The remake hit upon this further with amazing voiceover work, a random timer which didn't feel unfair yet still served its purpose, and a rather disturbing backstory revealed in just the right ways.

    - The reworked dialogue wasn't full of cheap corny puns or pop-culture references, the plot stayed true to the original while adding additional details that span the entire series, the voice actors are pretty decent and sound similar to the originals for KQ5 and beyond, it's all done with attention to detail and a high amount of respect for the source material while still addressing most of its flaws and providing an entertaining experience first and foremost. It's not insulting to fanboys, it won't alienate the rest of its potential audience.

    Everything about this remake seems professional - from the manual, the title screen, to the artwork, the engine, the script, everything about it.
  • FullmetalNinja25
    Not to toot my own horn but I managed to make Paw laugh twice during this stream I'm the one who said "King's Quest 2: DONK!" and "Don't worry you're scoring as we speak." at the end of the game.

    Anyways I'm privileged to have been a part of the live recording of the LP it was fun, thank you Paw for an entertaining 5 Hours.
  • Riderman
    I don't know if anyone else saw this, but "Larmon Odnarb" is an anagram of "Marlon Brando"

    also, it took a while to get used to just how pronounced Graham's cheekbones are and the Batman thing really came out of nowhere to me
  • Slait  - Donk!
    That was an excellent let's play. You play a lot like I do, exploring the possibilities rather than skipping many deaths and the "could have, should haves". Very entertaining, all five plus hours of it. I kinda wish we could have seen the chat as well... but I don't know if including it would have made the screen smaller, making it harder to see. Eh. A very minor detail.

    I missed your play throughs, I hope to see more of these. =)
  • php101
    It WAS a cute little pumpkin, wasn't it?
  • CompletelyWrong
    I'm surprised nobody noticed (or at least nobody mentioned it) but the name of the Genie who wrote the letter is an anagram of Robin Williams.

    Since, of course, he VA'd the genie from Aladdin, who also was freed.
  • Phar  - Throwbacks
    A few references a noticed in your videos that you didn't mention:

    The sorcerers red hat in the Antique Shop is a reference to a game called Simon the Sorcerer, 1 & 2 were good, the 3D one sucked ass and the 4th was OK.

    The grave you dug up in the cemetery, there lied a Count Christopher Eever, perhaps a nod to Christopher Lee as he played Count Dracula in several movies and also the voice of Lucan D'Lere in EverQuest II? And someone already mentioned what you found inside the grave, the will and testament of Larmon Odnarb is an anagram for Marlon Brando.

    EDIT. Just noticed that there are alot of anagrams, like Count Caldaur = Count Dracula, Llowh'wof = Wolfhowl and so on... Nice little touch to the game!
  • Phar
    Hmm... just realized that the hat might be a nod to Discworld and not Simon the Sorcerer.. anyways, both are point & click adventure games.
  • Katze Werfer
    I just picked the game up today. the quail you have been looking for has been in the most has been right in front of you the hole time Look in the Library. it is also quite apparent that the fence post and mallet are going to be used for a vampire. also F5 = Quick save
  • Katze Werfer
    I just played a bit more and u should talk to the merchant for a more and then use the comb on the ground. also the bridge is south east of the casime and beyond it lye the stone gate.
  • Reikasuya  - This LP...
    This and Paw's retrospective of the King's Quest series made me curious to try out these games. I went to the AGD website to find this game. To my surprise, I find the first 3 games remade! I'm gonna try them out and see if I like them. I probably would thanks to your videos. So, I say, thanks for putting the effort to show these games to a new audience. Without it, I may have never discovered it.
  • Cheeky Buckfest
    Dude! You should do another, but where do you stream?
  • Eric the Orange
    http://www.twitch.tv/ pawdugan/

    But if you wanna know when he starts streaming you should follow him on twitter.
  • MrJurgenman
    185 - 179 = 4?
    lol math
  • ZsarHora
    Hey Paw!
    I watched the six parts of your live Let’s Play KQ II yesterday and the day before yesterday. When you spent six hours enjoying watching some body play an adventure game, you start to ask yourself questions. Like: Why was I so entertained by this? What did I like about it?
    And since this is your work, I think it’s just fair to share my thoughts about the subject with you. So here’s my feedback:
    In my opinion you made two excellent decisions when you picked this particular game and the live stream chat variation. Your choice of game is great, because it is not only funny, but has also a good plot and some nicely drawn backgrounds. However, the best thing about KQ II is that you’re really into it. It sounds silly, I guess, but I like that you treated the game with respect: Even when you made fun of some of its details, you weren’t cynical (and for the most part not ironical), but just humorous (hope that makes sense).
    I think you gave yourself an excellent opportunity to show everybody that you’re a really nice guy (not that I really doubted it): You asked the crowd in the chat politely for advice, you were very kind and paid them some friendly compliments.
    What more is there to say? Ah…
    … I like how you disguised your voice.
    … I like that you gave the watchers time to read the text boxes.
    I guess you announce these live Let’s Plays via Twitter?
    Well… have a nice day… DONK!
  • Myriane
    I really enjoyed watching it, even though I missed the Live part, I would have liked that but meh, what can I do? I just wanted you to know that Richard Aronson is the guy who did Cedric's voice in King's Quest V... Also, a poooooisonous snake! I was surprised that you did not do that joke when you encountered that snake (well, maybe someone did it in the chat...) I really love your shows Paw, thanks for all those hours of entertainment!
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