Karate Dog

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  • Neo Ultra Mike
    Glad to see you're counting this as a reuglar episode instead of just a special (oh and first if that matters at all).

    Anyway yeah really great review. Loved the interplay between you two esepically your epic pout whenever Phelous tried making a joke, Phelous's screams of rage at the moment, the skits with Ash and Phelous racing him and the like and all the little great bits you two have that show a lot of great chemistry you two have.
  • LikaLaruku
    You'll like the next crossover too then. Which is already up on Phelous' site.
  • illpropaganda
    Pretty funny!

    Saw Chevy Chase on the credits, damnit!
  • Ela
    Chevy Chase's voice acting here is actually a lot better than his voice acting in "Oh, Heavenly Dog" was. Amazing.
  • Neo Ultra Mike
    .... oh wait nevermind you did put this as a special for... some reason. That dosen't make any sense as Phelous lists this as a regular episode of his show, yet how come you don't list this as a regular episode of your show?
  • LikaLaruku
    The awfulness of Beverly Hills Chihuahua mixed with the horrible CGI of Spawn or Van Helsing. This movie makes That Darn Cat & The Shaggy DA look like works of genius.

    Hey, anyone who reads this, what movie has the worst CGI you've ever seen?
  • WiiStation360
    A scene from Cartoon Network's worst ever show Out of Jimmy's Head, a kid shoots ketchup at some other kid and they made it CG-i because it was supposed to be in 3D or whatever the fuck.

    It makes the CG-i in this movie look like Pixar by comparison.
  • Epockismet  - The most disappointing CGI I've seen
    Has got to be Spawn. I was pretty hyped to see it and not only was it not serious enough, but when they zoomed into that boss of Spawn's eyes (Malebolgia), you could see the pixels... WHY?!!! I have a pretty high tolerance for crap CGI, but pixels... It's hard enough being reminded the critters in the movies are CGI, with their bouncing and over the top body movements, and not quite right lighting... but freaking pixels! That movie made me realize that (along with the Batman Forever - AAAAARGH!!) it's not worth paying to see a movie anymore when it first comes out. If movie creators cannot take human intelligence seriously, they can't have my money.

    Thankfully things have mostly changed due to a lot of new talent who have artistic eyes, and competition from cheaper, and better, Asian movies. Most today understand the limits of the technology in making things realistic, and instead will edit the real footage to fit the CGI
  • CartoonFireworks
    Any piece of CG animation that comes from Brazil, Video Brinquedo films especially. Seriously, I have no problem with Brazil. They've given us awesome things like coffee, brazil nuts and Brazilian waxes. But damn, does Brazil have some of the most remarkably horrible animation known to man. In addition to the god awful CGA, blatant plagiarism of Pixar/Dreamworks/Disney films, and all around pain, it makes me seem really, really racist for saying that.

    But if any CG caused me large amounts of pain, it's the 3D Looney Tunes shorts. I mean, the animation is actually quite good. I'd go so far as to say it's above quality standards, and it IS impressive how the CG can imitate classic animation and have characters that weren't designed for 3D move so smoothly...but NO! No, Warner Brothers! That does not happen!

    Seriously, whenever I see classic cartoon characters adapted into CG, it's that same feeling you get coming home to find that your dog pooped on your carpet. You're surprised, but in the worst possible way, you feel like you've been crossed somehow, and now there's this whole, big pile of crap in front of you, and there's no way around it. It's simply crap you must deal with, even though there's a whole load of it and it stinks.

    Jeez, this was a long comment. Quite unnecessary, too. I should write Terms & Agreements pages for a living.
  • LikaLaruku
    Oh man, a few years ago, someone on TGWTG was reviewing Vídeo Brinquedo movies. Dunno why he stopped; they were good reviews.
  • JK47_001  - Worst CGI Reply
    Mortal Kombat Annihilation

    P.S. Nice work guys I always enjoy these crossovers, you guys make a great team.
  • Benuben
  • jaltesorensen
    Im so happy that you people take this silver bullit for the rest of us. This movie looks terrible. It looks bad in the terrible way.

    The only thing i got to think of was that the bad movies from the 90s and 2000s are almost all terrible (and not in the good way as in the room).
    While the bad movies from the 80s and 70s for the most part are enjoyable. They are generally bad in the fun way. But i love the 80s, so i am biased in that matter.
  • Daemon25
    ...how do films like this even exist? Did someone think this was going to be good? How the hell does a fim like this even get past the pitch?!... Film industry, you confuse me.

    Lupa & Phelous, you make an excellant comedic duo, and you work off of each other amazingly!
  • LessAshamed
    21:00 - The kitchen sink bit.

    Phelous is so going to hit Lupa at some point in this relationship.
  • LikaLaruku
    Getting in one swipe for every 150 she makes.
  • derryk4real  - @ LikaLaruku
    worst CGI ever in Spartacus Blood and Sand Season 2 Episode 5 - The CGI Colloseum tribune collapse, must see! Birdemic Style :) The complete Season 2 is a bad joke till now, but i'll watch it anyway ^^
  • gentleEvan  - (valley girl voice) OMG
    You acting sucks ......................... ......................... ......................... ......................... ..............and that's why we love you. LOL I look forward to your next work. Now take a bow.

    PS Lupa why didn't you stick a bat up Phelous butt or better yet Super Lick Attack. XP
  • Theorangefellow
    Joel Mchale tortures Chevy with this movie. He went on Amazon and ordered 100 copies and would leave them around the set of Community for Chevy to find and destroy.

    Also, no mention of Community at all, TGWTG comments?! For shame.
  • Malisa  - No Community!?
    Oh thank god actually someone on this goddamn site knows about Community!I mean really?No one even mention it except you!!!
    I bet they all fucking ADORE that shitty Big Bang Theory...

    Almost half of the Dog dialog made me talk to myself:"Oh this is so Pierce! xD"
  • Rhoey
    No movie called "Karate Dog" could possibly be good. It just isn't physically possible.

    Great review, really enjoyable.
  • Shinigami
    Now Lupa needs to review shitty horror movie with Phelous.
  • DarkBee
    She has, take a look at Phelous' site or Blip.
  • saxonjf  - Lupa's Pretty Abusive
    As cute as a relationship Allison and Phelan have, the character Lupa looks to be pretty abusive. The character Phelous is probably going to end up being a battered male internet reviewer.
  • Dark Paladin
    The director of Porky's made a movie with Chevy Chase, Jon Voight, and Pat Morita? And this was the outcome?
  • Tw1stedMoogle  - Worst CGI?
    Well it's probably not the worst ever, but it is the worst i can think of...
    Power Rangers the Movie, when the Zords fight Ivan Ooze in the end. It makes me wanna weep, and budget could NOT have been that low for such a major movie of the time. Even back then i was cringing at the sight of it all.
  • Tsumefan
    Oh god...this looks painful to sit through. The screen in shots are so bad that you could cut them out of the movie with a butter knife!

    Anyways, you guys are adorable x3 Keep doing crossovers together :)
  • Nico from Germany  - My three cents
    Phelous came out of the closet...hihihihi
    Thomas Kretschmann, WHY?!?! ...just WHY??? ...and why...AGAIN???
    Yes, he taught the dog how to drive right after he was the driving teacher of that boy with that blackest of all eyes who stabbed his family who lived in a mental hospital next door.
    What else?

    I enjoyed the rude jokes about rape, pedophilia and sodomy.
    They really showed what's wrong with this movie in general and with it being a kid's film.
    More of that, please.

    PS: The title card looks awesome
  • Guild Navigator
    Wow,20 years of Street Fighter down the drain...I just won't be able to look at Chun Li the same way Fuck you,Phelous! LOL

    Damn,how you go from A Christmas Story to Baby Geniuses to THIS?
  • PalokeMikala
    Oh god... the CGI hurt me in this one. It really did.

    Hilarious review, though. Love watching you two have crossovers!

    Also... why... why Christmas Story? I agree with Guild Navigator. x__X

    Anyways... whose corgi was that at the end? :O
  • AtlasRedux
    Oooh, Lupa and Phelous, why you so awesome.
  • ToonamiTOM
    Phelous and Lupa's crossovers a are my favorite. You two make the best reviews ever. For Reals!
  • Tom Smith
    Nice cover art.

    THe ending of this flim is giving me major Kiwi Blitz flashbacks.
    http://www.kiwiblitz.com/ kiwiblitz/track-10/track- 10-15/

    I don't understand how they keep making these terrible kid movies.
  • Nova25  - ''ghost'' publicity ?
    I really don't know what the hell is happening, but since this morning, everytimes I start a video on this website... a publicity starts playing.

    Oh, but not ''normally'' playing.
    The video itself starts playing *at the same time* as the publicity, YET I do not see any publicity opened/opening anywhere in the page or video's screen. Also, even if I pause the video, the publicity will continue playing until it ''finishes''...

    Did the standard, Ccleaner+empty cache+restart, but it still happens ? That's rather annoying, honestly.
  • gljeremy
    Great review. I hate to say it but this movie doesn't seem to be as bad as the case makes it seem. If it had come out in the mid-90's instead of 2004... It still would have been bad, but better than most strait to video dreck.

    Also, I didn't notice the Chevy chase thing on the cover when you showed it, so when he first started talking I thought you put in Chase's voice as a joke. A reference to Oh Heavenly Dog!. Have to say I felt "Streets Behind" when I realized he was really in this movie.
  • SpeedyEric
    “Karate Dog” sounds as about as horrible as I can imagine. It’s crap like this that needs a helping hand.

    As soon as Bob Clark is mentioned, it makes a whole lot of sense.

    3:05- …And my nightmares related to the dancing baby from “Baby Geniuses” are back.

    What is it with movies giving stupid excuses on how animals talk to people. Dr. Doolittle, this is not.

    Just seeing Cho Cho acting like a human reminds me of a live action version of Brian from “Family Guy,” and to me, that’s a bad thing. In speaking of coincidence, Stewie is a Baby Genius, and “Baby Geniuses” came out 2 months after “Family Guy” first premiered. At least the babies in those movies didn’t feel like taking over the world (OF COURSE!)

    At least John Voight gained some reputation by playing the Secretary of Defense in “Transformers,” but lost it again by appearing in “Bratz: The Movie.”


    After witnessing the scene of the dogs partying, I felt like ramming my head into the computer monitor, but I know that will kill me.

    16:54- Looks like Phelous has been given ROB the Robot powers.

    20:25- BANG! (Roll end credits.)

    Dear lord of all creation, this movie blows and sucks like no one on or off this planet would imagine.

    Oh, Lupa, you’re so cute when you’re angry.
  • WesleyFoxx
    Ahaha, yes. I saw this on the rack of DVDs at our store and was like "This needs to be something reviewed". Though not as much as a cinematic masterpiece as the other one I saw, "Tommy and the Cool Mule", featuring Ice T.
  • Dutchtica
    Best crossover of you two so far.
    You two have chemistry for this.
  • ladydiskette
    lol, Phelous and Lupa you guys are just so adorable together. Though I have to admit Phelous has the most creepiest blank stare I have ever seen.

    It gives me the shudders o.o

    You know, seeing this movie makes me think Jon Voight's last dignified acting role was in "Varsity Blues" at least he got more respect in that teen movie than he did in any other kids movie since then.
  • Genesis26317  - Sorry Seriously
    Guys I'm going to be really genuine.

    You're reviewing really bad movies that are so bad even the reviews are hard to sit through. I had to literally force myself through this review so that I could educate myself on it.

    Even if you are funny to your hardcore fans you have to realize the quality of the content you are producing, just just making faces and/or talking funny is not the point of this site.

    This also is not just commenting on this one video, I'm talking about the overall product lately of your "official" posts. Suffice it to say there is more that could be said, but that would require a conversation.

    Overall I will say that I like you enough to watch the full video, and enough to try and make a post to you that is helpful.
  • Cheshire Kitten
    So, what's the point of this site, other than humor?
  • Podorojnik
    I agree completely, although I don't think that film's awfulness is a reason why this review is hard to sit through. The review is annoying and it pretty much is just making faces and saying how bad the movie yes.
    Not funny, nor entertaining.
  • Rogun
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