Honor and Glory

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  • DarkBee
    OMG, that was so bad it's awesome (both the movie and your review)!
  • ladydiskette

    Awwww, first Spoony and now Paw, Mignon is making all sorts of little friends! =)

    I loved the battle between Lupa and NChick, I had a feeling that something like this would happen in a matter of time. Of course, if that means Todd has found out about NChick's feelings for him what will become of future crossovers between these three?

    This was awesome guys :D
  • SpeedyEric
    Lupa AND The Nostalgia Chick review a Cynthia Rothrock movie? Perfect.

    2:03- I always see her as a female Chuck Norris.

    7:24- Man, I too love these type of action-sploitation film, including Steele from “Hooker with a Heart of Gold.”

    9:11- And this show why martial arts are not included in the Special Olympics.

    12:56- He probably means the two Stooges that stayed when Curley was replaced with Shemp.

    I’m sure that both Mickey Mouse and 8-Bit Mickey can kick the Mickey of this film’s @$$.

    14:54- Salute, and “Oh, don’t you talk about my boxes. I like boxes!!!”

    15:52- The catching fly with chopsticks thing in “The Karate Kid” is more subtle than this.

    17:25- Bad form, movie. >=(

    The only other thing I can say about this film is that it must have been inspired by Godfrey Ho’s wet dreams.

    20:39- Oh hi, Paw. You are so cameo and pointless today, aha.
  • Gummo_Marx
    Obscurus Lupa and NChick together. There is a God.
  • CrazyChris576
    Wow, that was just.......WOW. There is so much silly fun nonsense, I lack words to describe it adequately. New favorite episode of OLP? I think yes.
  • ladydiskette
    lol, now I am imaging a scenerio where if Todd had to rescue one person and needed to choose between Lupa and cookies.

    Lupa would be pretty damn screwed XD lol
  • SAB5130
    That was pretty awesome! I bet you had a lot of fun making that one. I hope you two are able to team up again. I guess it helped that you had such a wonderful movie to work with.
  • Eye Carumba
    Gotta love Todd grabbing a beer from the fridge in the background during your "reenactment".

    And bravo for the (seeming) blowoff of the love triangle. Todd's true love is COOKIES!
  • Archedgar
    Lost me at the fart.

    Lupa you're better than this and smarter too(in and out of character) /sad
    *Wanders off to look for and watch Lupa's Undefeatable review*
  • LikaLaruku
    It's not the first or last time she has or will use fart jokes. EMBRACE THE FARTS!
  • Muddykipz
    I can only imagine how many takes were ruined by uproarious laughter.
  • steveosk8s  - lmao todd
    i love todd lol, the more he, lupa, the nc chick and her crew do stuff together, the better.
  • LiferAshe
    So, what the hell is PAW doing at NChick's place now? Has she just opened up a TGWTG Frat House?
  • xxhexx00
  • Hapa Samurai
    I couldn't stop laughing when I saw Paw just chilling with mignon in the background.
  • Awesomeness-Prime
    ...was I the only one that saw Paw at the end? BTW, that ending fight would've made Godfrey Ho proud!

    Great review.
  • Rmeddy
    Shouldn't it be queef jokes?
  • Nycea
    God damn it! When Todd walked in and farted in the background I totally lost it. SOME OF US ARE TRYING TO DRINK OUR BEVERAGES YOU GUYS!
  • Kevin Holsinger  - N. Chick and Lupa are a good pairing.
    If I may recommend other movies I think they could complement each other on:

    Barb Wire

    Lupa gets to mock a crappy action movie. N. Chick gets to analyze why movies like these foster the perception that our culture doesn't take action heroines seriously (or something like that).

    Oh, and Lupa...about the end of Honor and Glory...

    "A tiny net is a death sentence. It's a net, and it's tiny." ---Kung Pow: Enter the Fist
  • sprezzatura
    "It's Nutella, b!#@h!" Nutella jokes are few, but always day-making. And Paw going all "Awww..." at the puppy at the end was too cute!
  • Furore23
    You ladies (and I guess a few pointless gents) are very very silly.

  • Sir Kay
    Was that Paw in the background at the end?
  • Evil Betty
    Hmm, yes, a tiny net is a death sentence...

    It's a net and it's tiny!
  • DorknessFalls
    Is it just weird or ironic that Lupa celebrates/pretends to be dumb while Lindsey pretends to be smart?
  • LikaLaruku  - Lindsay vs Lupa.
    Dejected vs oblivious, moonlight vs sunshine, blitz vs bliss, burdened vs carefree, grumpy vs happy, drunk vs high, classy vs casual, Helga from Hey Arnold vs Deedee from Dexter's Lab, Cinema Snob vs Suburban Knights-style Film Brain.
  • Meiriona
    I'm going to say it's just sensible.
  • mehja
    Great review (Don't think - enjoy the stupid) and cameos!

    Such a cute "Would you go out with me" speech and such a harsh retord :(
    Why do you despise Todd, Lupa?
    Just because he has a weird mask and wanted you to come to his appartment and watch a dirty movie and creeped into your room and into your bed and... OK, see your point.
  • Fluffyman
    Robin Shou, huh, didn't know he had Godfrey Ho in his resume. Though honestly this doesn't look as horrid as "MK: Annihilation."

    Really awesome cameo by Paw near the end BTW.
  • LikaLaruku
    Great title card.

    Nella totally let her in, but who let Todd in?

    You should put a little of that Khalua in your celebration cookies. No scratch that...Khalua is better in cake.

    Was he implying that the doors were bisexual rapists?

    Lol, they're punching eachother in the tits.

    We can has bloopers?
  • dennett316
    You can...

    http://blip.tv/ OLPresents/ honorandgloryblooperfinis hed-5428208

    take out the space
  • Axel Osbourne
    Poor Lupa, will she ever have a crossover where she doesn't get hit?

    Funny stuff.Lindsay made a grat striaght woman to Lupa's over enthusiasm. And I always knew Lupa and Nella would get along.
  • Kaiju-Z
    A Bulgarian... as a bad guy... in a movie... Why? WHY IS IT THAT BULGARIANS ALWAYS play the baddies?! o n o
  • dennett316
    Because all Europeans are inherantly evil...I'm Scottish and I'm evil.
  • jdreyfuss
    Because the government supported the Nazis and the Soviets, and it's more fun to say Bulgaria than Russia.
  • Thatpirate
    Yay, triangle of stalking. Also, Paw? No one's asking why Paw was there?
  • Shinigami
    Awesome crossover. And we got both "Big Lipped Alligator Moment" and "Pointless Padding Scene" jokes in same review.
  • derryk4real  - telephone dialog
    the telephone scene with the guy from birdemic was awesome, great idea!
  • Creature SH
    I'm torn. I (with my endless imaginary authority, y'know) really shouldn't let you get away with fart jokes, but I have to let it stand in the name of feminism. Darnation.

    "IT'S NUTELLA, BITCH", however, always makes me want to buy a jar of that stuff just to be able to quote it. And that stuff does terrible things to my innards. You monsters.
  • Vermillion  - What a way to start a day...
    And there are bloopers too? Somebody up there loves me!

    Was the choice for "Beverly Hills Fart" somewhat influenced by the fact that Jake looks and sounds like a bad Eddie Murphy impersonation? It just popped in my head.
  • hitchopottimus
    The Big Lipped Alligator moment announcement allowed itself to be at Lupa's beck and call, in a review with the NChick present? What a traitor.

    The Nella/Lupa hostage thing was priceless. I think a good time was had by all. And by "all" I mean the viewers. And by the viewers I mean "me." I had a good time.
  • Thony_Hedgehog
    You guys are......awesome! XD Cameo!
  • Cloudcutter
    Wow great review, love anything Rothrock thanks to Lupa. but dear God, did i have to focus after the review. I mean, having the two best and most buitiful women on TGWTG.com having a cat fight? hair pulling....hands grouping....shirts tearing...Oh man i need a cold shower, now, right now. this second now. NOW! great vid guys! CYA!
  • TheBlackMage
    Can someone please tell me why all the chicks on this site are always so goddamn hot?
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