A Special Sesame Street Christmas

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  • theginganinja
    Great video, although this special was one of the saddest things ive ever been exposed to. It made me hate life. And um... first.
  • HellbirdIV
    This was showed in the same holiday season as the Star Wars Holiday Special? Wow. Ouch.

    I'm surprised the Holiday survived 1978 in America...

    I'm not sure if this one is worse or better than the Holiday Special on account of the absence of Wookiee screeching.

    Poor kitty is terrified of Oscar puppet.


    Clearly I posted far too soon into the video, so I had to make this edit.

    They had Michael Jackson - IN HIS PRIME - in a musical christmas special AND HE DID NOT SING A SINGLE NOTE? WHAT? WHAT?! WHAAAAT?!?!!


    This really IS worse than the Star Wars Christmas Special!!
  • ladydiskette
    "Lets all assume they are all drunk at Bert and Ernie's house"

    I would kill to have been invited to a wild Christmas party at Bert and Ernie's house!

    Probably be alot more fun too.
  • Cheshire Kitten
    Yeah, that sounds way better than this.
  • The Mellow Filmmaker
    Until they bring out the bowl of keys and you realize that you're the only human there.
  • ladydiskette
    LMAO! XD

    Oh god, though it begs to question where they get the keys for the bowl seeing how some of them don't drive.
  • rockybalboa211
    I actually noticed this DVD at Wal-mart last week. The box art is exactly like that! It has Michael Jackson's picture on the cover and his name in big bold letters, yet he's only in this special for half a minute. What a complete waste! :(

    I agree with Lupa, he probably didn't even want to be in this special. I still like his scene though since he was the only one who didn't give Oscar a hart time about his dislike of Christmas.
  • FishEyenoMiko
    Yeah, I recognize several of the guest stars (Anne Murray, Imogene Cocoa), but then I'm about 20 years older than you.

    You had Michael Jackson in your special... and you didn't have him sing? EPIC. FAIL.

    That said, I actually like that scene. For one thing, Jackson's about the only guy not busting Oscar's balls about not liking Christmas.

    Man, as much as I love Christmas, I hate "you have to love Christmas" specials and movies (I'm looking at you, "Christmas With the Kranks"). As long as he's not actively ruining your Christmas, why do you give a shit? Let him have fun in his own way.

    Speaking of: Them groaning about Oscar's gift that he's clearly happy about is kind of a dick move on their part. It's not about how YOU feel about the gift; even if someone gets something you don't like or think is stupid or whatever, if THEY'RE happy about, then you should be happy for them, not be a jerk about it. Seriously, these people are kind of awful.

    "It'll never work!" Wow, cynicism from Big Bird! I love it!

    It is a little weird that they had people come on the special and just sing random, non-Christmas songs. It's not like there aren't standards that most people know the words to that they could have had them sing, like "Silent Night" or "Joy to the World" or whatever.

    That poor kitty... ~_~

    Anyway, this was fun! I'm glad to see you doing more Christmas reviews. I can't wait to see what you have next week!
  • TheAngryAnimeAddict
    Ya know, I think Oscar learned his lesson in the last special, and was just mean to these jerks cause he didn't want to learn it again.
  • ladydiskette
    Well, at least this was better than "Elmo Saves Christmas" that is for sure.
  • 9ansean
    I think I'd much rather watch Elmo Saves Christmas again over this and that's the damn truth. At least that special managed to delivery it's message right. Plus Grover's failed Chrtistmas tree selling position was pretty funny.
  • venkarl
    God, I hate the "everyone has to love Christmas" moral. It's such a douchey, self-congratulatory way to think. Like you said, the only one in this special who wasn't acting like an asshole was Oscar.

    Good episode, Lupa.
  • 9ansean
    What's even more idiotic in context is that it has clearly established that Mr. Hooper is Jewish! In A Christmas Eve on Sesame Street (which was already in production before this one) Bob even wishes Mr. Hooper a Happy Hannukah. Yet even he takes the time to bring Christmas presents to Bert and Ernie. Now THAT is the holiday spirit.
    Even the attempt to appeal to Oscar's soft side was better handled in ACOESS. In that special Oscar does decide to help find Big Bird, but only after Maria makes it clear that he's little jokes may have gotton the gulible dork in serious trouble. And even than he can't resist making a crack about Maria's weight as he help down to join the search. Here Oscar just goes out of the way to help a wounded cat he's never meet before (and who is never heard from again), which is completly out of character for him even on Christmas.
    BTW great job Lupa. I was disapoint you didn't review this last year and after hearing it just came out on DVD, I was hoping you'd make up for it. It was worth the wait.
  • GayGothGuy
    Wow, thanks for adressing this.

    Also, I agree with Opscurus Lupa's exact time of sick.
  • HanSK
    Yeah, which is also why I celebrate Mondstill instead!
  • SpeedyEric
    I know I've seen "Christmas Eve on Sesame Street, I don't remember seeing THIS special that was made and released in the same year.

    4:41- Wow. This is a nice thing to teach our kids: Interupt people when they're trying to say something.

    8:56- That's also what Big Bird also said when he heard about Mr. Romney's plan for PBS.

    10:05- Uh, lady, you know that giant bird is 6 years old, right?

    11:30- Dear lord, this song is just out right terrible, and what's with this theme of specials forcing people to celebrate Christmas. No wonder Fox News hates this time of the year.
    12:39- Who doesn't? I should thank him from making us forget the previous song. BTW, Lupa, I love your smile of joy. C=

    14:55- Hahahahaha. I'd never thought I'd see a human in Sesame Street call someone an idiot.

    16:42- Really, really sad.

    I'm so happy I grew up with "Christmas Eve on Sesame Stret" instead of this tripe. Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be watching the Boba Fett cartoon from "The Star Wars Holiday Special" to wash the memory of this special down.
  • Goat Boy
    David looks like the lead singer of Mungo Jerry.
  • andx0r
    12:00 to 12:37

  • ecojosh1
    My grandparents have one of those Christmas gnomes.
  • RAF
    Seeing Dick Smothers and Michael Jackson together on Sesame Street would be worth the watching this. If Tom came in and they all sang I would buy the DVD. Unfortunately the two icons of the 60’s and 80’s do not interact.
  • dougbutcher
    Anne Murray. Blame Canada.
  • Cinnamon Scudworth
    Why did we need two? I guess they messed up this one and had to remake it. The SS special you reviewed last year is the true classic and what I remember watching as a kid. Never seen this.
  • 9ansean
    Actually this special was completly pointless, since the other was already in production for PBS BEFORE CBS decided they wanted to make one of there own. The Mike Davis history of Sesame Street "Street Gang" had this behind the seen insight:

    Paul Firstenberg was CTW's executive vice president in 1978 when Christmas Eve on Sesame Street was produced. One of his most baffling decisions (which included selling off interest in cable television that would later be valued in the hundreds of millions) was to sign a deal that same year for A Special Sesame Street Christmas, with independent television producer Bob Banner. Banner, whose roots in variety television went back to the Garry Moore and Diana Shore shows of the 1950s, had a track record of working with Henson and the Muppets from his days producing The Jimmy Dean Show. CBS bought the idea even though there was one in the works for PBS. When executive producer Singer questioned the wisdom of competing specials, Firstenberg said, "If we proceed with two shows, maybe one will make it to air." Said Singer, "Can you imagine the mentality? He had a complete lack of understanding of the show."
  • Super Driver
    I was wondering if someone on the site would review this turkey, great job Lupa.
  • doggans
    Despite all the baffling things about this special, the only one I'm hung up on is the fact that Jim Henson's favorite song, "Just One Person", is in the special that he had no involvement in.
  • fanime1
    I have two Sesame Street specials. I think one of them is "Elmo Saves Christmas" and the other is "Christmas Eve on Sesame Street." I just remember the second starting off with Ice Skating. And Michael Jackson wasn't even in a minute of this special? For shame. I'm a big Michael Jackson fan. I would have loved a Christmas song from him. I also didn't enjoy the "What's Christmas About" song. Ewww, don't be putting your germy cookie back. You disgusting prick. And what as up with all the love songs? Creepy! What kind of lesson was that for kids anyway? At least Grouch's rock song made up for the special. And Michael was as adorable and kind as usual. Anyway, why so dolled up Lupa? It's nice, but what's the occasion? Is it for the Christmas season? I loved this episode by the way. You made a lot of funny comments and your facial expressions were priceless. I honestly never saw this special, but thanks for letting know.
  • The Mellow Filmmaker
    I imagine that if Fuckface was a woman, then she was probably very popular in high school.
  • EpicFish
    And this is why I watch A Muppet Family Christmas from 1987. It's much better than the two Sesame Street Christmas specials, especially since Jim Henson was involved in the Muppet one.

    Also, Henry Fonda?! Why are you there?!? You don't need to be associated with this!!! T-T

    Yeah, please don't sing one of Jim's favorite songs when it has nothing to do with the story and is obviously a cheap ploy.
  • 9ansean
    But Jim Henson was involved in A Christmas Eve on Sesame Street as were Frank Oz, Jerry Nelson, and Richard Hunt! They were all working on that special while this one was being filmed which is why it only had three Muppet involved.
  • glampire
    The kitten voice...omg the kitten voice.

    You slay me :-D
  • ladydiskette
    Oh that poor widdle kitten.

    I think it hissed at someone too if I am not mistaken when they did thier big closing song at the end.
  • tothancrawk102591
    Kizzy from Roots was in this. I didn't realize that until now.
  • MisterW  - This special is just a lump of coal...
    Actually it wasn't produced by CTW, and it was written by sitcom writers, which may explain why everyone seems out of character. And the musical numbers, well the originals are poorly written, and most of them have nothing to do with Christmas. I know "Just One Person" was a favorite of Jim Henson's, it was even sung at his memorial service, but it was done better on the Muppets. I guess Michael Jackson's brief and should I say wasted cameo was enough for this special to warrant a DVD release, but it's still a contender for the #2 worst holiday special of all time (behind the Star Wars one).
  • Axel Osbourne
    Happy 100 episode Lupa! No wait....DAMN IT!
  • nowhere
    The nefarious Fuckface strikes again! You should know better by now than to open those presents. It's like getting a package that ticks: better to just dunk it in a bucket of water and run.

    Unfortunately THIS is the Christmas special I actually saw way back when. I don't think they even played the other one you reviewed on my local station. I certainly never saw it until you reviewed it. Too bad really, it's vastly better. I suppose I kind of lucked out in one way though; the evening the Star Wars Christmas Special aired I had gone out to see Japanese sci-fi movie instead so my eight year old self was spared the horrors of that. I've still not managed to watch that one all the way through!
  • The Brad Guy
    I remember seeing this as a 7-year-old. I didn't remember much about it, beyond it being a faux Christmas Carol. Seeing this video, I now recall the ridiculous ghost costumes, Anne Murray singing, and Oscar belting out Yakkity Yak. If memory serves, there was a genuinely funny moment (maybe one of two or three in the whole special) where the Christmas Past ploy backfired on the "heroes" spectacularly, and Oscar saw right through the bullcrap.

    Sheesh, this was a dry run for Christmas With The Kranks, wasn't it. But you gotta admit that Oscar ruled on Yakkity Yak.
  • Wernski
    Your life will improve by 1-2% when you discover who the Smothers Brothers are.
  • clammy
    I'm in love with you Lupa.. So much so, that I'm creeping myself out even typing this!

    But the song they sing near the end - the same one they sang at hensons funeral had me in tears.. and you talked all over it!

    Yes, i understand it had nothing to do with the plot.. But that song makes me well up every time.. And now .. Well now... Now... I'm going to have to start thinking about stalking another internet celebrity...

    (hopefully one in my own country this time.. Phelous - you're mine!)
  • Guild Navigator
    Anne Murray was in this? She was the Celine Dion of the early 70s.

    Truth be said, kids TV shows in the 70s had a lot more diversity than the Whitebread Wonderland that air today.
  • youjik33
    ...I literally watched Space Mutiny immediately before this video, completely by coincidence. MY MIND IS BLOWN!

    Also, the cat dialogue was HILARIOUS.
  • Tanukitsune
    If that kitten had been Tartar Sauce, the grumpiest cat alive, Oscar would have accepted it immediately.

    PS: I love Lupa's cat voice!
  • Deafpoliceman
    I think the menssage was: "if you don't like christmas the cat dies"
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