Heidi 4 Paws

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  • SomeGuyonTheInternet  - Another really creepy kids movie...
    I despise kids movies that focus on pets. Especially the talking ones; they are just plain creepy. This however somehow is even more creepy than the travesty that is Karate Dog...*shudder.
  • Drain
    What a shitty movie. I especially dislike how they couldn't take the time to make the environments realistic. What I mean is, you have a town full of dogs, yet with Human sized doors and windows. If only dogs lived there, why wouldn't houses be really small, with doggy doors, and windows that are only 2 feet high??? Everything in the movie is Human sized which would not be the case if the movie had any bit of realism to it.

    Oh, and the movie also has no plot... I watched this whole video, no joke, and I seriously still have no idea what that movie was about. They just seem to hang around and talk...
  • Amykins
    Totally unrelated to anything, but you look SO PRETTY with those pigtails!
  • SpeedyEric  - Oh hai, doggies
    I’m also not into kids films today, with the exception of stuff like Toy Story, Monsters Inc., Shrek, and whatever.

    From the looks of the footage shown in the beginning, Heidi 4 Paws looks like if Baby Geniuses starred dogs. I feel so bad that every dog in this mess have to were those costumes; they remind me of those stupid Halloween costumes for little dogs.

    2:41- There’s a big reason why the makers of “Wishbone” didn’t do this in the story parts of the program. They didn’t want little kids crapping scared in their pants.

    In speaking of cheese, this film is filled with a lot of it.

    9:07- “Violet, you’re turning violet, Violet!”

    11:33- Is this a kids film, or is this the dog version of Stephen King’s “Misery”?

    13:09- LOL! Nice one, Lupa. Phelous would be proud.

    13:47- Good bye, good dreams. It was nice knowin’ ya.

    I just like to know how much pot, acid, LSD, crack, and booze the makers of this film were taking during this garbage’s production, so I can make a petition to rid that stuff off the planet.

    15:20- At least this is better than the Little Red Hood video game and the movie “Red Riding Hood.”
  • Mr.Evil
    Heidi 4 Paws.

    (Sigh) This movie is clear proof that if you put an infinite number of monkeys in front of an infinite number of computers, one of them will eventually remake the story of Heidi using dogs.


    - This movie is clearly a "babysitting movie." You know, the type you put on the TV for your children, allowing them to develop attention-deficit syndromes and obesity.

    - Bear-dog? Ah, as in "Avatar - The Last Airbender." As in "let's watch that instead."

    - Actually, the story of Heidi itself teaches you that your legs will work with fresh air and mountains. Then again, supposedly it was more a psychological imparement than physical, or at least that was always my assessment. Correct if I'm wrong, Somone Who's Read Heidi Recently.

    - Finally, check out the Shirly Temple version of Heidi sometime, or the animated version that came out in the 1980s. For a simple story about a little girl and her grandfather in the mountains, "Heidi" has gotten a lot of weird action-packed treatments.
  • FishEyenoMiko
    "Then again, supposedly it was more a psychological imparement than physical"

    Yeah, a similar thing happened in "The Secret Garden," where Colin, Mary's cousin, was pretty much locked in a room and treated like an invalid, but once he got out into the garden and got exercise and sunshine, he realized that was all nonsense, and became a healthy young boy.
  • SourShark
    BAHAHAHAHHA I CANT STOP LAUGHING, this shit hurts so funny
  • Cyrian
    I believe the brown Pomeranian (do you write it like that?) might be an ewok.
  • Daemon25
    How did you manage to sit through this? I don't think I'd be able to stomach more than a few minutes of it - hell, I could barely put up with the footage in this video, even with your commentary.
  • saxonjf  - Horrible Movie! Great Hair!
    That looked Manos level stupid. The attempt at being adorable was just creepy, and the story made no sense...

    That being said, I love the pigtail, Lupa. Keep them.
  • ladydiskette
    She looks so pretty with those ponytails.

    Jesus, what the hell were the creators thinking when they made this movie?

    Money? Or scaring the crap out of little kids?
  • ArtticWitchica
    ._. WHY do they keep peaking out from behind stuff?


    The best part was when she made the goat cry XD

    This was hilarious.
  • FishEyenoMiko
    "Now if you'll excuse me, I need to put my pets in silly costumes and make them feel ashamed about themselves"

    Ah, another weekend at Lupa's...

    I can kiiinda seeing this working if it was animated, a la Disney's "Robin Hood", but... not like this. NOT LIKE THIS! Oh, God, why?
  • Shinigami
    Defenetly this should had been animated movie like Disney's Robin Hood instead of this abomination that it is.
  • trlkly
    So can someone tell me what's so great about Springboard that everyone seems to be moving their videos there? Is Blip starting to act YouTube, and flagging down your videos? What's the deal?

    (My only problem with it is that I can't use the arrow keys to back up a short amount, so I can make the video repeat if I missed something. Trying to click on the seek bar is not as good, especially with longer videos where you'll go back a whole minute or so.)
  • WarxePB
    A combination of low ad revenue and Scott Shaw getting Lupa's Max Hell Frog Warrior taken down is what made her move, I believe.
  • Valzahd
    Really? That no talent hack forced her video to be taken down? First Wiseau now this. Really endearing themselves to potential viewers.
  • Cinnamon Scudworth
    Just that one? No one tell him about the others.

    Also, nobody confuse Scott Shaw the hack Zen filmmaker with Scott Shaw! the cartoonist. One has an exclamation point and the other doesn't.
  • fanime1  - That's terrible!
    I didn't know that. I liked that review. I'd be pissed too if that happened to me. The only problem I have with Springboard is that the video repeats on its own infinitely. Does anyone else have that problem?
  • idodo35
    dear god that was terifying...
    i dont think ill be able to sleep tonight...
    now if youll escuse me im going to get a new pair of underpants... these turned brown for some reason...
  • Lonny  - Haha!
    LOL @ the "Wiseau Dog" !!
  • BludgeonthePretender1
    They couldn't just get actual farm animals and real squirrels?
  • TheBrigeedaRocks

    Seriously, I try to name this show everytime my friends and I are drunkenly being nostalgic about 90s cartoons/tv shows and NO ONE has ever seen it.

    I thought I was forever alone. T__T
  • The Theory
    this "animation" is almost as worse as motion comics....gah!

    -The Theory
  • Charlie X
    I don't think I'll ever be able to sleep again.
  • penpaninu
    Ash and checkers made this review worth sitting through. what a horrible film!
  • atypicaloracle
    The Psycho violin sting when the goatdogs appeared in the background had me cracking up every time it happened. "LIFE IS AN ABYSS."

    These poor dogs. Also, only one guy apparently worked on putting these horrific Annoying Orange mouths on these canine nightmare fuel station attendants. One guy.

    One very very creepy guy. Probably working in a dark room. Underground. In tinfoil underwear.
  • ohe
    This is not a children's movie! From where would children get all the weed?
  • Dust  - hmmm
    I've been just sitting here for 5 minutes looking at that title, and title-card, stuck in an internal conflict. Either there's no way it's real and I'm about to be trolled, or it's very real and I'm about to be trolled.

    Well.. only one way to be sure. (Why does Schmuck Bait always get the better of me?)
  • zeo1fan  - :O
    What a creepy, strangely plotted movie. Who would even think to MAKE this!!? XD
  • zeo1fan  - BTW
    Great review, Lupa~! ^_^ I was laughing so hard at the goat-pomeranians. :3
  • SquallMoogle
    Haha, that was excellent!
  • Hene
    That was so awesome! I actually had to try not to laugh so I could hear what you were saying. That opera dog was my favourite. I guess this is a bit like The Endless Forest (the weirdest MMO ever) of kids movies, as people find both of them either hilarious or frightening. I gotta show this to my sister, cuz she'll be so happy to see her name on the cover of such a masterpiece of a movie.
  • Hound
    Oh the pain, my ribs hurt from all the laughing, the Pomeranian goats are just so awesome, best review so far!
  • C-Puff
    Oh... you mean Princess STARLA and the jewel riders? Silly Americans, changing the names of.... Everything.
    ....and yeah, I watched it too XD; as well as Skydancers.

    I am very disappointed that there were no chihuahuas in this movie. But my favourite character is Opera dog.

    This movie is terrifying. I think I'll stick with the anime series of Heidi instead .___.;

    Somehow I imagined this movie bein a lot more horrifying, perhaps I need to watch it for myself to get the full effect or something.
  • Cinnamon Scudworth
    In the US, "Starla" was already the name of a doll; they couldn't use it here.
  • silence_dais
    Oh god...I never want to see this film ever.
  • littlelili
    The Pomeranians were used for inferior creatures because they are the WORST dogs ever, made of pure unbridled evil. This was a hilarious review I was laughing so hard I got a cramp.
  • JimQuin  - The people demand more Julian Sands
    Has anybody on the site reviewed the Warlock series? They are truly glorious movies stuffed full of everything that Lupa loves.
  • nesjunkie
    including Julian Sands in his b-day suit;)(well in the second one anyway)!
  • EnakX
    Yeah those movies are class A sh1t3...
  • TBTabby
    This movie is like a replica of The Last Supper made entirely out of shards of old beer bottles: you have to stare and wonder why anybody would take the time and effort to make it.

    And it's even more disturbing if you've read Witches Abroad. Seeing the dogs being made to play the roles reminded me of that poor wolf. "Preeees? Annn enndinggg? Noaaaow?"
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