Manic Episodes - Charmed (Season 6), Part 1 and 2

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Part 1

Part 2

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  • JoeDawson15  - Glad you keep up with these Lupa.
  • LordNifty
    For those who are curious, there are several parts of the review for Charmed Season 6 (up to part 7 so far!) on her blip account. OLPresents
  • The Jovian  - WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT????
    HOLY FUCK!!! SEVEN PARTS!?!?!?! THAT'S HOW MUCH THIS SEASON SUCKS??? I think I'm gonna be sick.
  • TheDarkAss  - Yeah
    You can see all seven parts here if you just wait after part 2 is done.
  • Bloodrealm
    Ugh. Another time travel plot where someone ends up naming themselves.
    Aaaaand now I'm giving myself horrific E7AO flashbacks.
  • Cinnamon Scudworth
    if that stands for what I think it does....I find it hard to believe anyone on that show, with the names they were given, would voluntarily suggest those names to their own parents.

    "Renton! Can't go wrong with that!"
    Okay, before I watch this review, I'm going to put this out there right now. I actually like season six. Why? Because of the Chris storyline. While the character himself wasn't all that compelling, I could appreciate that this storyline tried to reinforce the show's family dynamic, even if it was sloppily written. I always took this as more of a "the future is not set" type of deal. Chris came from one possible future, as opposed to the future. The season six finale two parter is one of the most memorable in the series for me. When it's not being unintentionally hilarious, it's creepy factor is pretty high, and Chris' birth/death had me crying buckets when this first aired.


    Ah, spikey-Leo. Good times. I hated Phoebe in season six more than any other. And fuck Jason, he was Phoebe's neighbor Dan taken to new, boring heights. However, I still feel the need to point of Buffy's hypocrisy and selfishness whenever the selfishness of characters like Piper is brought up. While I respect AS as an actor, I think it was really unprofessional of him to bash his colleagues in public like he did. While I too hate AM and RM, I actually like HMC as I saw her as the only female member of the cast, post-Shannen Doherty, to actually have self-respect.

    I loved your schpeel on character conflict, and I do agree with you in that the character growth of the sisters was stunted after HMC and AM became producers. But again, the characters on BTVS always propped up Buffy, even when she was at her most hypocritical. The only character who so much as stood up to her long-term was Xander, and he was written off as being a douche because of it--even after Spike's attempted rape of Buffy. Once again, neither shows are perfect, and Buffy (both the character and the show itself) are far superior to Charmed. But I think your venom for Charmed is keeping you from seeing some of the good things about it. I could just be wearing nostalgia glasses (though even I could admit the genie episode this season was horrible), but Charmed, and this season, does have some good material, overall.

    HATED Chris' back story episode. "I'll stop you, you binky-sucking son of a bitch!" BAHAHA. Even as a nostalgic fan, the plot/character inconsistencies in Charmed are to be expected. Why does Chris get a free pass? Because in-universe, Chris was born good, and Cole was born evil. That's...the way the show works...mostly.
  • Silverviper2134
    I have to admit, I do like the last four seasons of Charmed. Maybe it's nostalgia, but I like it despite the many flaws that I admit it has.
  • potterinu  - Chris
    I can't help but love this season. Chris was my favorite character that was ever on Charmed. He was also one of my first ever tv crushes as a preteen girl. I loved the way he talked. Timetravel is one of my favorite plot devices and the fact that he was from the future always seemed so interesting. I would to this day pay money to see a show all about him.
  • Oblivion Mara  - Re : potterinu.
    Cole was my favorite Charmed character, as well as my first (and last, I guess)TV crush as a preteen girl, and I recently re-watched the first Charmed seasons, starting with three, all for his sake - and nostalgia's. So yeah, I can pretty much see where you're coming from. :)

    (I also agree with Time travel as a favorite plot device.Though Doc Brown would be ashamed of what Charmed did with it this season...
    ... Temporal paradox? Whaddsvat?)
  • faerietalejunkie
    Holly Marie Combs got pregnant in real life during season 6. Thats why they changed the Chris storyline in the middle of the season. If you watch the episode where Piper and Leo are chased by a darklighter, you can tell that she is already starting to show. Which is why his story makes no sense. And the spell they used in Season 2 could only be used once. And he didn't actually sleep with the fake Phoebe. He did that to trick the evil sisters into fighting each other so the Halliwells could get their powers back.
  • Oblivion Mara
    The storyline about Chris being Pheobe and Cole's baby from another dimension, here to seek revenge on his mother, makes a lot more sense actually. I've always found Chris to have an air of resemblance with Cole - much more than with Leo. Besides, as Lupa pointed out, his beginings and Cole's are similar in a lot of ways - and were he to be redeemed in the end, they would almost have had the same developement. Not to mention "the sisters are sneakier in their way too kill and torture people." The only beings advertised in the show for being purposefully evil and with the knowledge of their victims (i.e. watching them die before their eyes, exactly in the same fashion than Chris offing that poor Walkyrie) are the demons.
    His methods as far as the first part of the series is concerned, scream 'demon' -Given this and your comment, I assume the hypothesis isn't so wacky to consider...
  • faerietalejunkie
    Holly was pregnant in real life so they changed the storyline to write it into the show so they wouldn't have to try to hide her stomach. If you watch the episodes closely you can start to see when she started to show. She started to show around episode 11. Then after they made Piper pregnant they jumped forward in time so they wouldn't have to worry about her belly. The demon child of Phoebe wouldn't have been a good storyline in the first place because the show had too much Phoebe as it was. I never saw anything similar in Chris and Cole. I have always saw more Piper in Chris then Leo just like Wyatt is more like Leo then Piper.
  • LikaLaruku
    I love how the train wreck gets worse & worse. It will be a shame when it's over.

    I understand there was a video game for this show, but since it was developed for 2004 mobile phones & was likely not deemed worthy of a ROM, it might be impossible to review.

    Yeah, check out our generic fantasy costumes that emphasize the smallness of our breasts!

    Hollywood amnesia: The only things you remember are how to speak, read, walk, & use a toilet.

    Chris is kinda cute; symmetric face, soft voice, significantly better with longer hair. Needs a closer shave though. Leo on the other hand...yuck.

    Still to be continued? ::Check's Phelous' site:: Good lord...7 videos. You really did have a lot to say about this season. lol.
  • Eyeshot
    What can I say? Incest makes anything better!
  • LikaLaruku
    It does have a way of popping up in manga.
  • realslimshadowen  - Wow.
    I can't put my finger on why, but this has become my "limited" series on the site. On the one hand, I'll be sad to see it go; on the other, as an internet reviewer, Lupa is no doubt crazy enough already.
  • Bluerose
    Because I will forever compare Charmed to Supernatural, even if it has gone downhill during the last couple of seasons...

    I really liked the semi-voluntary aspect of "hunting" in Supernatural. Okay, this isn't quite the case with the brothers, who were dragged into their father's vendetta. But generally, it goes like this: person finds out there's supernatural stuff, person decides to hunt it.

    Maybe it's because I only get to see a couple of scenes in your reviews, and because my memory is fuzzy, but I remember that the sisters always treated the whole demon business as a chore. "Ugh, do we have to do that again, I want to watch tv." And on the one hand, yes, this makes sense, because this role was forced on them. On the other hand, it makes them seem selfish and unsympathetic. So you are extremely powerful, and you're willing to let innocent people die because you can't be bothered? What the fuck!

    Perhaps it would be fairer to compare the show to Buffy, since Buffy is also a "Chosen" one. And yes, Buffy also dislikes her job... but she also gets shit done. We see her patrolling practically every day. And, yes, it does impact her life negatively. But she's the only one who can do it, so she does it. Because Charmed has that "make it easy" policy, we barely see any meaningful impact. Of course, there's Prue's death, but I'm rather talking about day to day stuff. They all have amazing careers, and whenever there's a party or something, they suddenly have a ton of friends, so presumably they don't lose those either. Imagine how great it would be if they had to celebrate one character's birthday, and NOBODY shows up, because they have either a) alienated people so much or b) isolated themselves to such an extent that they don't know whom to invite. THEN I could get behind, "okay, this fucking sucks." But as it is, everything seems to go almost annoyingly fine. I think this is also a case where "Angst Dissonance" kicks in. Perhaps their reactions would be how people in real life would react. But they aren't real people, and watching our "heroes" act that way is just frustrating.
  • lovesaphira
    actually Chris lied about sleeping with blonde-phoebe so the three would fight and turn on each other and lose the power of three.
  • MaskedGuy  - Time travel wank explanation
    Well, umm... Just saying... Well, as we know, human sperm doesn't live that long and sperm aren't identical to other sperm since genes and stuff get inherited identically to parents and stuff. So basically if you by time traveling would cause your parents have sex some other night than the one where they conceived you, the sperm that gets used in the progress might not be the same one. So it means that someone else than you would be born instead of you.

    At least thats how I would explain it :P Darn, I think too much... Anyway, I've never seen anyone use that mechanic in any time traveling fiction so maybe I'm wrong
  • Kaiju-Z
    Phoebe makes me physically ache
  • zipperintheback  - The ceasefire has ended--time for war
    This...I can't begin to tell you the level of catharsis I'm experiencing right now. Long before this series of reviews started, long before I'd seen the bulk of the show, I was warning people away from this and season 5. Do not watch. It is pandora's box, and it has no stupid kung-fu guardian.

    Lupa has done what I tried for years to attempt and could never succeed at doing: she has summed up exactly why Pheobe Haliwell is one of the most rancid characters to ever exist in fiction. I could always cite specific examples or give rants about why she was generally a bitch, but Lupa has definitively put the kibosh on this harpie. Ms. Pregler, I salute you. Your suffering was not for nothing.

    This show wants to celebrate Pheobe in the public eye more than the other two for something that it never shows her doing or having done very well. This show constantly thrusts in our faces how much we are supposed to hope Pheobe will find a mate because it thinks she deserves it for all the good fight she goes out and fights, when really she does far less of the truly hard demon-fighting and innocent-saving than the other two. This show revels in how much of a pro-feminist icon it thinks it has created, when really the writers are just spoiling Pheobe's character rotten with every shiny bauble and double-standard defense she could ever want because this show thinks feminism = give the woman whatever she wants so she'll shut up and indulge herself. "Oh sure, Ms. Milano, you can turn that over-the-top-with-the- woman-hatin' fat white guy character into a pig!...Just as long as you remember to fit yourself into that cleavage-exposing mermaid outfit!" That's not feminism, that's a gilded cage.

    It's like if Doc Ock trapped Spiderman in a Matrix-like VR real-life simulation and tried to keep him from breaking out by convincing him it was reality and that he should stay there. Doc Ock would program in bad guys for Peter to fight as Spiderman, but they were always just straightforward bad people who Peter had no ethical issues fighting and were easily defeated, like street thugs. Doc Ock would program it in that Spidey just happened to win the lottery, and had lots of free time to start a career what with crimefighting being so easy. People in this VR simulation would constantly remind Peter that it was okay if he didn't get to that burning building to rescue *everyone* in time; I mean, why didn't the people in the building be more careful with fire so they could be more considerate of *Spider-man*'s schedule?

    It's *disgusting* that these writers think that humoring the noisy woman and giving her this fantasy life, where she fights cardboard cut-out snidely whiplashes but never has to deal with any weighty consequences, is a worthy addition to the annals of empowering television.
    While I agree with you about Phoebe's overall character, it's not as though characters like Buffy, Cordelia, Faith, or even Willow on BTVS were never sexed up. The difference there is that Phoebe's character relies on that as opposed to Buffy's character's physical appeal being only an element of their characters. A woman doesn't have to forego being sexy to physically kick ass, which in and of itself isn't the only way to be a kick ass female character. Look at Tara. She was hardly ever involved in physical battles, but she was easily one of the strongest women on the show.

    I like these reviews, but it does bother me that Allison refuses to acknowledge Buffy's hypocrisy when dealing with the sisters, especially since she made Buffy comparisons earlier on.
  • Huitzil
    Except OL doesn't have to do a whole lot to show how rancid Phoebe is. She just has to play a bunch of her quotes in a row. Her horrifying selfishness isn't really hidden; it oozes out of everything she says and does.

    And quit acting like her character or her actress had no agency, that this was "the writers" misunderstanding feminism and doing things TO Milano's character, as some kind of bargain to keep her sexualized and dehumanized. Milano was in charge of her character. Her character did the things she wanted her character to do. The writers are responsible for a lot of bad and lazy writing but they did not inflict Phoebe's selfishness or sexualization on a passive, victimized Alyssa Milano. Alyssa Milano made decisions as to what she wanted to happen to her character in her show. She wanted to be this way. She wanted to be sexied up and showing it off.
  • Kreliana  - Ad placement
    Lupa, I don't know how much control you have over where the ads get placed in your videos, but (as a heads up) sometimes they cut you off mid-sentence. I'm fairly certain this isn't your intention lol.
  • Soleil
    This is when the series started to go really deep into the so bad it's good territory. I actually liked season 6 a lot, mostly because

    1: I liked Chris and his story, however full of plot holes it is
    2: I liked that Leo actually had something to do
    3: I liked Gideon, and especially liked the finale
    4: After the horrible season 5, it was a breath of fresh air
  • badtapdancer
    Lupa has found the exact words to explain why Phoebe is a terrible person and a character. You have done the world a great service, though I don't know if the sacrifice was worth it. No one should have to watch that many Charmed in such a short time. It's not healthy!

    If the show was better, Phoebe's storyline would be good as a stark of darkness for a villain. Well, good is a relative word here, but you get my point.

    This show hurts my brain and my heart, but God, I love this reviews.
  • Cassave
    I only started watching this show when I noticed Kaley Cuoco appeared in it. That's how shallow I am...
  • TheForge  - German Miracle
    You know usually Im the first to start bitching about the German translation and Voice over acting, usually its Horrible. But they must have really worked a Miracle in the German Version, because I dont remember the show being this Horribly Awful and hateworthy, I actually liked it but Lupa is right what the do is just... wrong. I cant understand why I actually liked these Women once.
  • CC*
    this show is making less and less sense. . . but we all expected that
  • Sewblon
    I know that Phoebe's actual personality is one of a spoiled evil woman who enjoys privileges and accolades that most people can only dream to possess yet still acts like everything is all about her own pain. However, what did the writers intend her personality to be?
  • zipperintheback
    I can only guess that they assumed that this is what a fully-realized empowered modern woman is like. See, in the writers' minds, season 4-5 Cole was Angelus from Buffy season 2, i.e. a stalker-ex-boyfriend. He wasn't, like, at all, but that's what the writers meant for him to be interpreted as, and that's why all the other characters treated him like shit in season 5. Because Pheobe successfully dumped Cole (by refusing him basic humane help, never mind the relationship), the writers feel this is Pheobe's reward for having overcome her bad romance and she is now not tied down by anyone else, thus liberated. They forgot that being empowered has to be tempered by still having basic human morals or else it's just someone doing whatever they feel like with reckless abandon, but these writers have always been afraid to temper their female characters by any sort of constraint, because they're deathly afraid of what might or might not get them called out as being anti-feminist as they clearly have no idea what being feminist actually means.

    So, in other words, they meant for her to be a strong independent woman, but she instead came out a spoiled brat.
  • MavenCree
    Man, I've been checking for this every day since you posted Season 5. I love these!!!
  • themilo  - Wow that was a long review.
    This show actually seems very interesting if you look at it as some kind deconstruction of shows like buffy(I never actually watched buffy so im Probably wrong), it’s about how characters gifted with magical powers and tasked with saving lives misuse there power for their own personal gain, and completely ignore saving innocents.
  • zipperintheback
    But....the thing is, Buffy was *already* doing that exact deconstruction on itself, so...

    No, this show is just incompetent.
  • Skyscraper
    Sssooo... leo doesn't even tell the Charmed Sisters that Chris sent him to Valhalla? I mean, he MUST have because why would he hold that in? But if he did, why on Earth did they ever keep him on the team? Did Lupa intentionally leave out that explanation, or is the show really so nonsensical that they just never bring this up...

    And then I get to the part where Leo excuses himself with "it was a special circumstance" and then never elaborates on what made it special. Again, did they never elaborate on WHY it was special? Were they really that lazy or is Lupa just cutting stuff out? I mean she HAS to be doing that, because the other option is just... it's just too horrible to imagine. NO explanations. No consequences. Timetravel removes powers except when they don't, saving the horribly selfish Halliwells is the most glorious of purposes, up is down, peace is war, THIS IS BRILLIANT!

    *Roams off into the knight, cackling all the while*
  • zipperintheback
    Through the magic of Netflix, I will now transcribe that conversation to you in its entirety:

    Piper: "How did we do it 5 years ago?"
    Leo: "The...Elders made that happen, remember?"
    Piper: "Well, YOU'RE an Elder; make it happen."
    Leo: "That...was a unique situation."
    Paige: "This *isn't*?!"
    Leo: "Hey, I don't like this either, don't you think I wanna save him, too?"
    Pheobe: "I don't know if I wanna save him, or kick his ass."
    Leo: "It still doesn't change all the good he's done."
    Paige: "'re certainly singing a different tune; you've come a long way, baby."
    Leo: (in a bit of particularly bad acting) "Well, despite all his secrets, I still believe he came back to protect Wyatt, and that is enough for me to want to save him."
    Piper: "The question is, how?"
    *Leo steps on Deus Ex Floorboard they use to send Chris his powers which Makes It Easy*

    Hand-waving through bitchiness; this show's bread and butter. They're aware of the inconsistency, but hope that jingling keys in your face will distract you long enough for you to forget. How about you try THIS, writers:

    Leo: "You couldn't affect or change the future with that spell, only experience it; we need to actually pull Chris back into the past."


    Part of this show's problem is that early on, they were too lazy to make a detailed mythos bible for reference, and now that we're all the way to season 6, they figure that's too much material to sift through to find out exactly how a few established plot devices worked back in season 2, so they just go with what they can remember and hand-wave the rest. I find this ironically hilarious, since an in-story reference bible is exactly what the Book of Shadows, that plot device the whole show is built around, is supposed to be.
  • parfai  - 2 ad breaks for 15min of a review ...really?!
    3 if you count the one @ the beginning xP * urge to unwhitelist rising*

    I must say you do have a way of breaking down Charmeds plot holes
    and man these plots do indeed get dumber and dumber. You know if they went w/ that evil Chris plot line you observed...the show may have actually become interesting again and ya know..made sense. Oh Well!
  • LordNifty
    1. I am glad Lupa brought up the allusions to incest considering that Chris was Piper's son.

    2. There were comments about spells that Chris used to allow him to time travel and yet keep his powers.

    3. I think there was supposed to be some celestial event that made Wyatt so powerful. Also, I wonder if the poison Leo was infected by affected the conception of Chris.

    Overall, a great review (so far) that sums up the season's problems in an entertaining way.
  • mahominz  - More Manic Episodes!!
    I'm loving this manic episodes per season, you should do it for Buffy and Angel too after finishing with this series, maybe I will finally know how did it end, because once Cole was killed off I just stopped giving a f*ck for the show.
  • youjik33

    The theme song for this show is a really crappy cover of a really wonderful song by The Smiths?

    Every installment of this little series is making me slightly more depressed XD
  • glampire
    Bad as year 6 was, it's nothing compared to the show's train wreck of a final season :-/

    Great analysis, btw. Watched the other parts on Blip and thought they were awesome too.
  • MarqueeMoon
    Probably the funniest of the "Charmed" recaps so far. I will probably end up replacing most of Phoebe's dialogue with Lupa's tantrum-throwing child voice for the character from now on.
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