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Comments (45)
  • Hlupton
    "How do we celebrate Canada Day"? the case of two people in my neck of the woods, think the 5th of November meets the 2013 Boston Marathon >.>;;

    I had an uncle who would eat deer though, I don't know if he barbecued it, but I wouldn't put it past him, he offered my sister some Deer Jerky once.

    "Mississwaga"?'s Miss-is-sah-ga, you get half a cookie for effort lol

    Hmm...if I had to use something around my place to smack a robber with, it'd probably be one of the clay busts I made in art school or my printer.
  • jutuomin  - It's so good!
    I just wish that I'd have some deer jerky. God I can imagine it tastes amazing..
    I though deer is the most common big game people eat. So how come it's special when some one actually eats it?
    About moose: Moose tastes quite similar to reindeer. I prefer reindeer myself, but many people prefer moose over reindeer. If you've tasted deer that is also a little similar.
    The game meat usually has more taste than normal farm animal meat (beef and pork etc.). So perhaps I could also say it tastes a little like boar. But that is a little streching it. Reindeer meat is probably the best to compare it to.
  • 2-B-Animated  - Canada Day eh! :D
    Well, in my little town of Medicine Hat, Alberta, we have like a bunch of little booths and special events and all that in our park an fireworks at like 11:30 pm and the whole thing is on for like a 7 to 12 kinda deal. Never went to it cuz it's usually crowded as hell, hotter then hell, and just not my kinda thing to go to, but that's how most people wanna spend their Canada Day in my town. I just try to go to the fireworks. I'm sure that Ottawa has bigger and better fireworks and celebrations, just not sure what those are really. And I have NEVER had moose tacos or burgers, I didn't even know that was a thing till now, and I don't plan to have them.
  • Phaedrus2129  - I knew Justin Sulivan
    I knew Justin. He posted on the same forum as I did ( I didn't know him particularly well, but I did run across him a couple of times.

    He didn't post it on Facebook. I don't know how that bullshit started. He said it in the forum's League of Legends Teamspeak server. Some noob member who didn't understand his sense of humor reported him to the police; who decided to make an example out of him.

    I don't know why it's only becoming news now. It happened ages ago.
  • Phaedrus2129
    He's not a moron. At least not in the sense that he didn't know what was going on. He knew about Sandy Hook. He just has a really, really dark sense of humor. And most of the people on the OCN gameservers are cool with it. This isn't like he just out of the blue came out with this inappropriate joke; this was probably the darkest he ever got, but he regularly made sarcastic, dark, and morbid jokes. And the normal response was "wtf lol"

    I don't play LoL, I didn't know Justin all that well. We talked a few times. But even I knew this shit. He wasn't a moron, he wasn't ignorant of current events. And he wasn't a psychopath. He just stepped over the line as far as humor goes. This bullshit? Getting arrested for a joke on the internet? THAT's the real story here. That is NOT ok.
  • Phaedrus2129
    Justin is currently on suicide watch, as he is being abused and possibly molested by the other inmates. For a joke on the internet.

    Yay America.
  • The Audience of One
    Not to mention (at least from what I read via the petition that I signed onto to try and get Justin out of jail) that apparently he posted that comment in response to a bunch of people calling him 'messed up in the head' on those forums, so in a way, that constant abuse could have pressured him into saying what ended up getting him arrested. Also, apparently there is currently no way that his family can afford the bail of $500,000 to get him out of prison. I as a US citizen definitely have to parrot your last words and add some of my own on as well: Yay America, the nation of cowards.
  • 2centschange  - the joys of cognitive dissonance
    I hope it's realized that things said on this show and TGWTG could be put in the same pile as the LoLer? So calling him a moron is a little much when this show is one over-protective moron making the same complaint here.
  • CC*
    they're not protecting anything
    they're just commenting and laughing at things
  • angel85
    I heard the story about the arrested teacher on the bogosity podcast earlier this week where Shane Killian portrayed it as the HORRIBLE miscarriage of justice that it is. Yes the kid is a fuckwit but we still have RIGHTS in this country!
  • ColeYote
    We celebrate Canaday exactly the same way you guys celebrate Independence Day.

    By fending off an alien invasion with Apple computers and politicians in jet fighters.
  • rogueofmv
    Whatever article you were reading about Justin Carter apparently lacks context, because it really caused you to cast him in a bad light. The comment he made (over Facebook?) was in response to a League of Legends acquaintance of his, and the conversation was about Justin's conviction to the game. His friend called him "sick in the head" in reference to his aggressive play style, and he replied with the school shooting comment as a joke in order to play off his friend's comment. Someone caught eye of Justin's comment and took it literally (Poe's Law in action, folks!), and the rest is history.

    It wasn't Justin that was the moron in this case, it was the interloper who reported him.

    (Said interloper, incidentally, is from Canada... happy Canada Day!)
  • Urka  - Re: Final Story
    "I'm white trash and I'm in trouble!"

    "When will you people learn to lay off the Pabst Blue Ribbon?!"
  •  - The channel is failing and this makes me sad.
    a pterodactyl could not drop that much bird poop because they are reptiles. shame on everyone who failed to realize that error.
  • Tk3997
    Yeah sorry, but the attempt to somehow shift blame onto the father really frankly offended me. What he said was entirely correct and logical and you're trying to somehow paint him as a bad parent or incompetent because his kid made a stupid remark? Sorry, but that really made me mad and kinda made me want to slap Tara upside the head.

    The only thing wrong here is a "justice" system that has completely lost it's damn mind in the face of brainless fear mongering. We pass law after law that doesn't do anything, but punish the more or less innocent and does NOTHING to reduce crime. This kid has been put in JAIL, may end up with a criminal record that could damage him for LIFE, because of a single comment that anyone with a brain could tell was just poor humor.

    The father doesn't deserve ridicule, the kid doesn't deserve ridicule, no the only moron here is the state. Which claims to allow free speech and freedom of expression and yet has granted itself the power to DESTROY LIVES over a mildly offensive paragraph.
  • CC*
    sure he didn't deserve jail but that doesn't mean the dad doesn't have the responsibility to teach his child about current events and to be careful what to say in public

    (granted this article has been inaccurate to a lot things that happened so maybe that's different too)
  • Demien van Cope
    Oh, you, people of the west, love to contradict yourself.
    From one hand - "We should save kids from horrors of outer-world. Don't show them dead bodies, don't show them boobies, don't show them bad horrible news. No violence on TV for kids."
    From other hand - "How kid could didn't know all that? Dad should talk to kid that he could be killed even when he goes to school. So be afraid, be VERY afraid."
    So how you live in such hypocritical society everyday?

    I understand, you are tying to defend Tara, but such shifting the blame IS insulting.
  • raven111
    Wait, the fact that reality TV is faked is still news to some people?
  • Demien van Cope
    Justin Carter didn't say something extraordinary. His words don't deserve even fine.
    People make "humorous" threats all the time. They don't even filter those questionable jokes.

    Just think about that: how many in this very show as a joke you promised to kill somebody for their stupidity? And in everyday life?

    That poor kid doesn't deserve all of that.
  • diego1819
    Oh come the fuck on, Tara! Really? You didn't say any stupid shit when you were younger? And besides that, do you think some kid should GO TO PRISON, with a 500.000 dollar bail, for a stupid comment on the internet (especially in "the land of the free and the home of the brave" where free speech is so glorified and loved)? Rethink that one just a little bit. You should be outraged for the justice system and how it's slowly turning your country into a police state, if things do not change soon.

  • CC*  - last comment i swear
    Tara just said what the kid said was stupid

    she specifically said he didn't deserve jail

    watch the video again
  • Demien van Cope
    Kid was just a kid. Not some specially stupid.
    They all are stupid. So what?
    Let's put them all in jail?
  • FunkyM
    And here I was gonna say how it was another good one. :

    But yeah, great fun :)
  • Potts  - Santa's not real... you are joking right?
    Waddaya mean Santa's not real? That is a joke, right? Don't crush my delusions, though it would explain why he hasn't brought me anything for the last 30 years...

    As for the crap on the car, it might just have been mud off the wheels (depending on the plane) as planes that have toilets don't flush the contents into the air. Although given the other stories you cover, the idiot crapping out the side of a Cesna can't be discounted.
  • Chorey
    If your country is locking people up without proper evidence you should be outraged, not blaming the dad for bad parenting.

    Locking someone up without proper evidence is against the constitution, it means your freedom is being ignored, this is a huge deal...

    Kids say stupid things, they are kids, we all said at some point something really bad, did we end up in jail for it, of course not, neither should this kid.
  • ladydiskette
    Okay guys, yeah, the kid going to jail was a overreaction, but the point is it was still a stupid and irresponsible thing to write, and it doesn't change the fact that what he said was still a dumb thing to do and should have known how that would have come off across to some people. It was a social networking site, and as such, people will react to you the same way they would if you said that stuff face to face.

    Also, its one thing to say shit like that under an anonymous username, but saying it on Facebook where people know where you live and who you associate with is something else.

    But, the least that they should have done is ask the kid to delete his post before they slapped handcuffs on him.

    Like I said before, Facebook is the least anonymous place out there right now.
  • Phaedrus2129
    He didn't fucking say it on Facebook. He said it in a Teamspeak server with like a dozen other people in it, most of whom were regulars there and his friends.

    Whichever idiot journalist said that he said it on Facebook should be fired for sucking at their job.
  • bookworm87
    I can sort-of agree with the theories here of what that gunk that landed on the cars was instead of shit, but I will believe it if the MythBusters decide to get in on this case, even if it is a simple news story.

    As for something to crush would-be-robbers, there is my bicycle, lamps, & an old printer in case the Louisville bats don't work.

    And I will now follow Tara's BS story on Santa leaving shoes behind so that when my nieces get into the "Why" phase, I have a back up story.
  • mst3krom
    So, what I took from that Facebook threat story is that everyone involved is a horrible person: the authorities are overreacting because they're willing to put someone for 8 years in jail over a comment, the kid's an imbecile because he doesn't realize that people can be held responsible for their actions and the father's a moron as well who just shrugs his shoulders and says "Well, kids today ... amirite?"

    In conclusion, there are no winners here, only losers.
  • Th3-_-UnKnOw
    I'm surprise you guys are not pissed off at the police for arresting the kid. As dumb and offensive as that joke was, he shouldn't be in jail. The cops need to do an investigation before they arrest him. We are suppose to be innocent until proven guilty not the other way around.

    I'm surprise the turtle man has to sneak in deadly animals into peoples property. We all know how desperate some people are to be on TV so I don't understand why they don't just hire people. As long as the turtle man tells everyone how to be safe, I think people will be willing to take the risk.
  • Moomoof
    The paula deen thing bothers me cause no one mentions the sexual harassment at all or the assault and battery in the lawsuit.

    Screaming naked drugs no ....alcohol ...weird ...must have been bored xD

    Poop from the sky. ...yes airlines always deny this stuff but how the hell does it keep happening tho?

    I don't know why people are saying Tara is wrong what she said about the kid ...She said they are overreacting ...i don't understand why people saying she was saying something wrong.

    Yes this country overreacts and doesn't help anything but impede with our day of life.Its becoming hard to live in this country really.

    That was shitty that they guy put the snakes there. Well i'm not shocked it's a reality show.
    Haha santa wears sneakers and drinks coffee XD wow really can't lie about that but that there's a man watching children and gives them toys magically is ok. XD

    The last story was amazing xD
    Yes i agree with Tara bash in the bulgar's head

    Haha xD yes break nash's brain yes...excellent xD
  •  - on the poop from the sky
    Mythbusters actually covered the thing that actually happens which is blue ice, it is caused by a very slow leak around the hatch that ground crews use to empty the waste tank. That leak requires multiple failures (none critical but highly unlikely to happen at all let alone all at once.) it forms a chunk of ice due to the freezing temperatures and the airflow eventually knocks it off as a single chunk and part of it can stay frozen as a piece of ice all the way down.

    What is being claimed here would require that a jet have a "dump the waste tank" switch and no such switch exists. blue ice can happen but it is an absolute fluke of numerous very rare events that it took several tries to get right even under a lab environment where they were trying to get it to happen. one of those things that can happen but is in the same class as being hit by a meteor.
  • HeartlessHunter13
    I'm sad and mad at this current episode of WTFIWWY. I never thought I would find an episode of the series that could make me emote those kind of emotions. Not funny mad, or funny sad. Real sadness and anger. Two stories: the kid who was put into jail and possible imprisonment for saying a "threat", which I believe he didn't mean to do, and people slandering Turtle Man for an episode that was accused of being staged.

    I will admit that most people should be careful of what they say or put on the internet. Some subjects are very fragile and some people take it seriously. When I was in high school, I got detention for saying a death threat I didn't mean. Yet, everyone was afraid. So, this guy, a sympathize with. Also, possible imprisonment for, if I heard correctly, 8 years is over the top. What's that gonna teach him? Nothing. For all I know, he just learned that justice is corrupted. Jail time or counseling might have been a better response. However, counseling would be better than jail. This story is sad of how much insecurity we have now. I understand the need to keep the country safe, but this kind of response isn't the answer.

    . . . Turtle Man is one of MY HEROES. I'm mad that people are judging him this harshly for a story that says the episode he had done about the snakes in the pool was staged. If you have seen many of his episodes, and vids on Animal Planet this guy is practically a heart of gold. Turtle Man loves his job, his family, his friends, Kentucky, kids, and animals especially the animals. He would never do anything cruel to animals or even endanger kids. I believe he would never go along with an idea of releasing dangerous snakes into a community in order to make a dramatized episode. If anyone else has looked at other articles of this incident then you would notice that it's being investigated. Even if Call of the Wildman is a reality show, and people categorize it as being fake, I'll still believe in the Turtle Man. The Turtle Man isn't fake. Ernie Brown, Jr. is a real deal backwoods Kentucky man who loves what he does, saving animals with his bare-hands. He enjoys life to the fullest, which I wish, and I bet everyone does, can too. Turtle Man will always be a hero in my book. And no one can take that away from me, or the Turtle Man.
  • QuietW8
    I'm going to hazard a guess that many of the people defending Justin might have also have a tendency to use "colorful humor", and are therefore concerned that what happened to Justin could happen to them. If that's the case, you should take this as a learning lesson. If you make too many threatening comments, people might start to take you literally.

    Does Justin deserve jail time? Probably not. But if you're in any way smart, you should be making sure your comments can't easily be taken out of context by authorities. There is a good reason why authorities might take such comments out of context. Those reasons being that other people have made similar comments that Justin has, and they ended up following through with their threats. Making a comment about shooting children constitutes a threat. The law looks for these comments as warning signs.

    What makes Justin's situation worse for him, is that people were already referring to him as "messed up in the head". As commenters have pointed out, Justin built up a reputation for himself with "dark humor" that lead others to believe he had some mental instability. Do I believe he should be in jail for it? Not necessarily. He should at least be evaluated to make sure he doesn't have mental issues.

    To say Justin isn't at all a moron is a bit naive. He may not have meant what he said, but from what I gather in the comments, he established a bad reputation for himself. A reputation that caused people to refer to him as "messed up in the head". If you're going to use dark humor, put it in context for outsiders. Some people who aren't in on the joke might not be sure if serious, and most people don't usually find jokes about shooting children funny.
  • QuietW8
    There's a reason why Justin's father has been accused of being a bad parent. In the article, he suggested that Justin was not familiar with the Sandy Hook incident. Which implies that his father never discussed it with him. People in the comments said that Justin DID know about Sandy Hook.

    So his father's comments have lead us to assume that:
    A) He didn't discuss Sandy Hook with Justin (even though it was all over the news).
    B) He didn't know that Justin knew about Sandy Hook.

    Maybe his father did discuss it with him at one point, but from his statement he has left the impression that he had no communication with Justin about it.

    One last thing. I'm pretty sure neither Nash nor Tara agreed with imprisoning Justin. What they said was Justin was an idiot for not seeming to realize that making threats, however idle they may be, can get you into trouble. I'm not condoning his imprisonment either, but seriously... If someone went around wearing a turban and shouting "death to the infidels", do you really think that's in no way moronic? Because saying you're going to shoot kids (not long after Sandy Hook) is equivalent to that.
  • Moomoof
    Yea totally the father is an idiot or out of touch with his kid. Which is bad parenting sorry if people of the U.S.A don't like hearing that since they never like taking responsibility for their kids actions or what they see or say. But yea he is a bad father or was trying to make an excuse but failed.Hopefully the kid gets out of this ok cause its bullshit he is in jail for it but ever since the patriot act people lost their rights but no seems to care until its a white family that is in peril or effects them.
  • Bloodrealm
    Holy shit, people, calm down about the kid going to jail story. Nash and Tara are READING WHAT IT SAYS IN THE ARTICLE. They're not going to spend days scouring the internet for every god damn chat log and pay professional detectives to go everywhere and get every bit of information for everything ever done in the history of news reporting.
    agreed, say what you will about the topic and such but some people seem to holding this against Nash and Tara personally. They just read stupid news and make comments on a webcast for fun, this is not CNN or anything so everyone chill out.
  • Pheonix_blu
    God bless you Tara, thank you for the Calvin and Hobbes reference lmao!
    As an uncle to three nephews, it is my standard practice to 'Calvin's Dad' my way out of any given scenario involving the 'question game...
    I really enjoy the idea of them eventually starting school and finding a disturbing knowledge gap between what they learn at school and what they learn at home_
  • Zachary Amaranth
    Anyone who thinks that they could have said stuff like "gonna shoot up a school full of kids" 30 years ago has absolutely no concept of the way the world works now or worked then.

    We've had lawsuits and arrests over less for decades before the 80s (30 years ago). Things aren't getting worse, we're not more sensitive or "politically correct," and the times they are not a-changing. The fact is, forty years ago we were still fighting against obscenity laws in parts of the country. If you think a school shooting would go over when you could get fined or arrested for saying something like "ass," you're an idiot. Plain and simple (emphasis on simple).
  • Greenjackspeaks
    at that point in time it was still taboo to report rapists in those same areas of the country. I can tell you FROM PERSONAL EXPERIENCE and second-hand accounts that most threats of school shootings or bombings go unchecked until someone outside of the school knows, and it's kept off the records so they can claim they had no idea.
  • GoldenSolitude04
    The problem with the whole Justin Carter incident is that whoever reported on it didn't gave a damn about facts or is completely ignorant. Now because of their fuckery,people have the wrong idea. Now if he had posted that kind of awful comment on Facebook I would be a whole lot less sympathetic. But he did not.

    He does not deserve jail time at all but Justin does deserve to be investigated to see if he does pose a threat. You never know..

    Not only that but America as a whole needs to wake up and smell the coffee. Mental illness is still rather taboo and not discusses about too much hence why these teens feel like nobody understand them.

    Also while I am at it, to Bloodrealm and 10.0.1 just because WTFIWWY is not CNN or some other serious news station doesn't excuse them for not double checking.

    Tara's job is to fact check the sources. Honestly it is not that hard to do. There are plenty of tools at their disposal.

    The Daily Show and Colbert Report do the same thing when they do their bits. article_20148_6-insanely- reckless-media- accusations-that-ruined- lives.html

    Food for thought
  • CheshireFiend
    The bastard on facebook who was mentioned here today I wish to say one thing *clears throat*
    I mean wow... what a bastard.
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