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Comments (44)
  • Lone Wolf
    There may be a benevolent God OR maybe Terra IS God!
    All hail Terra! Bow before the great Goddess Terra Goddess of the Earth or be burned as a hieratic!
  • iDEMANDWeekendAtBernies3
    "You wanna tell me there is no such thing as a belevolent god?" Tara I think you meant benevolent.
  • CrimsonAngelWinges
    She is The Mother Of All
    Hot damn to necked dumb-asses in one show.
  • iDEMANDWeekendAtBernies3
    Your "benevolent god" hypothesis is interesting Tara. How do you know that the god didn't send that other car at you in the first place? Something to think about.
  • Mischalaniouse
    "Take off your fucking fedora and do some heroin."

    Quote of the year.
  • TragicGuineaPig
    Nostalgia Critic reviewed Jack Frost - I definitely don't remember that scene.
  • MrThorbjoern
    i think thats the wrong one. and im quite sure phelous reviewed the one with the killersnowman.
  • ladydiskette
    In a way...

    Phelous = Reviewed the Jack Frost movie with Shannon Doraughty where she is gets raped by a snowman with his carrot penis.

    NostalgiaCritic = Reviewed the Jack Frost family film with Michael Keaten in it.
  • A-welCruiz
    It was Shannon Elizabeth.
  • Cheshire Kitten
    Tara, thank you for your little 'friendzone' rant. *Applauds*
  • M_A_X
    ^No, thank you for perpetuating a system that simultaneously makes men less than human while it also makes them the burden of everything bad in the world.

    I'll say again. There is nothing wrong with ANYONE, who wants to protect his/her feelings by not hanging around a person they like, who doesn't reciprocate those feelings.

    It's painful, but do you know what's worse? Being treated like you're doing something wrong by wanting to protect your feelings.
  • TheNewser
    Come and see the feelings inherent in the system! Help! Help! I'm being zoned!

    I agree, though, Tara, speaking as a man who used to subscribe to the "friend zone" school of thought.
  • thatchickwithlonghair
    Yep, Tara, somebody definitely likes you up there. XD

    lmao Lysol- Naked man on roof is hilarious too though...I can't pick the winner. XD Just....NAKED MAN ON ROOF!?
  • ladydiskette
    Definitely something they don't teach you in Elementary School Fire saftey. XD

    Also, fuck that guy that called 911 because he got stood up!

    When I first saw this story I knew exactly how this was going to end, that is why I don't deal with online dating sites, and I am sure that is the only way he is ever going to get women since he can't ever get them in real life because they are smart enough not to be seen with a jerk-off like him.

    I hate to think what would happen to that poor woman if it turned out she was real and met him.

    Also, you can tell the writer was having fun with that "snow penis" news article lol XD
  • S_Pac_3:16
    Tara looked cute in those glasses.
  • leviadragon99
    Well that was a case of drugged-up crazy with all the trimmings... why do I get the terrible feeling that one guy's quest to find some way ANY way to get high when in rehab will catch on and become the next big drug sensation...
  • jutuomin  - How come snow is not an easy medium to work with?
    Ever build a snow man? Even a 5-year-old can make one..
    I cannot understand how it's so difficult..

    Perhaps you don't have much experience with snow (I have no idea where this is recorded). In Finland snow is a basic substance to make almost anything. They have even a hotel build out of snow in Kemi. That is also not difficult to build, when you have the snow. Although I think that kind of things take much planning and time to do.
    (And since there is tons of snow that is taken out of numerous parking lots every day, snow is not a difficult matter to come by - at the time there is 52 cm of snow in my home town.)

    Just to make a point. A sand castle is much more difficult to make than a similar structure out of snow.
  • Bouncing Boy
    See, to me, building a sand castle is easier than building a snowman. That's because I grew up in a town that had a lagoon running through it, so almost every park in town had a beach, but not living in an area with snow until I was in my 30's, building a snowman is harder for me.
  • jutuomin
    Well I do think that building a sand castle is not very difficult either.. It is just that a sand is a substance that breaks much easier than snow (which sticks together) so it is much easier to shape snow (with no experience or not)..
    Anyway - I can see your point (and the person in UK might have not have much experience with snow either)..
    Today I also found out the there are now new pictures of the Kemi Snow Castle. So I'll put here a link. This is not easy to build =) p596386938
  • jutuomin  - Something that I also remembered..
    There is also a similar case of what you described in Finland. It is a story of a two guys who made a video of them stealing gas from a service station. Not only that the stations have their own cameras where you can see the license plates, but also uploaded that video to YouTube. In the video they aqknowlegded the exact time and place of the crime, and also gave out the fact that they were never intented to pay for it. Also the video described the car and you could see where they parked it afterwards. They even gave out name of their close friends so that they are easier to recognise (and I'm pretty sure there is also the faces unmasked and all). The police have already gave a word that the crime was very easy to solve, thanks to that video they uploaded.
  • FunkyM
    Oh, heavens. The infinite Stupidity of Humanity...

    Another Magnificent episode of this Wonderful show :)
  • PaladinDemo
    Not that surprised that there are idiots doing donuts on the highway; started seeing people making u-turns for no damn reason, and there are no u-turn spots in my town ANYWHERE!
  • Rue_Ryuzaki2
    Um I dont know if MR.T would be cool with helping a dude sucking at picking up women.
  • The_Awesometeer
    You are so pretty Tara and hot in those glasses
  • M_A_X
    ^THIS is what misogyny looks like, Tara.

    Not a man who won't talk to you anymore because you rejected him and hurt his feelings

    I'm a little disappointed in you, but I understand that not everyone can always be a beacon of moral/political correctness. All I ask is that you reflect on what I've had to say, and I thank you for you time.
  • Moomoof  - hit too close to home?
    Hmm i think she means the fact that you see her as an object to get and not just be good friends with.
    i think you are taking this too personally really
  • M_A_X
    I don't think anyone should be treated as an object, but it isn't objectifying a person to NOT hang out with them if they break your heart

    I know how she meant it, but she isn't taking the other person's perspective into consideration, which is a really easy mistake to make. The problem here is, she assumes that because this is a man, that all he wanted was to objectify and/or get in her pants, and never even considers that she might have actually hurt the guy, or that he might be the sensitive type, or etc.
  • Malcath
    I made a snow penis once was only bout a foot in length but somehow me and my friends managed to succesfully attach it to our snow man, he looked oh so proud.
  • rayhs1984
    Nash mentioned Idiocracy just as it was starting on Comedy Central
  • dissy
    I too have no sense of smell, ever since I was 3 years old. The condition is called anosmia.

    My mother tells me I had bad nosebleeds as a baby and so they took me to the doctors, who proceeded to botch a nose cauterization.
    While I don't have many memories of the procedure at the time, I do have memories of some smells before then.

    It not only means a loss of smell, but most foods either have no taste to me, or taste pretty bad. Due to that I don't really enjoy eating much at all, which is obviously a problem.

    I can't live in a house with natural gas heating without risking death by explosion.

    I have to use extra tricks to remember things I don't want to forget, since smell (along with sight and sound) are the main triggers of memory recall.

    Relationships have also had some surprising moments, without the benefit of pheromones that most everyone takes for granted.

    There are even situations where smell is the only warning sign to avoid a situation, which I have to rely on others to be aware of.

    It's most definitely a life changing handicap, although not officially considered one.
  • Neverpleased
    I think god is just a really really crappy hitman.

    He tried to kill Tara several times but just keeps failing. Maybe the giant pink flying Hippopotamus ghost is fighting Yahweh for the right to her soul?
  • WesleyFoxx
    Like someone said on the blip video, Lavender-Scented Corpse would be an awesome band name.
  • Furbyz
    I've read a different article on the guy jacking it down in Florida, which seems to have gone into a little more detail.

    For one, the man shit on their front porch and in their hallway. The vacuum he emptied was also a wet vac, and he attempted to drink the contents.

    Also, and this one I find is the kicker, he was jacking off at shotgun point while flailing around on the floor.

    I'm not sure how old the couple was, but from the 911 call, the husband sounded middle aged, so it is entirely possible that the son was fully grown and those were his guns.

    I imagine Yakety Sax playing throughout the whole ordeal.
  • JoeCB91  - Violent naked pooping masturbator
    As soon as I saw that article, I knew it was going to be on here.
  • sophronia_chaos
    Tara, I slow-clapped at your "friendzone" rant. Fuck that misogynist term. Thank you.
  • M_A_X
    I disagree completely. I've never seen a woman who was just friends with a guy she liked, who didn't like her back.

    Being put in the "friend zone" is the same as saying "I don't want to be with you", and you know what? That shit is painful, and a lot of the times, not worth dealing with, from the hurt parties' perspective. It's much easier to move on with a clean slate and no baggage.

    I'm kind of surprised Tara made the argument for the friend zone on that side, I figured she was a little more well-read than that.

    It is NOT misogynistic for a man to not want his feelings hurt, by putting on an act and pretending he doesn't like someone that he does.
  • thatchickwithlonghair
    "I disagree completely. I've never seen a woman who was just friends with a guy she liked, who didn't like her back."


    *raises hand*
  • Eleanor
    He was on Bath salts!!!!
  • LikaLaruku
    Well, if you want everyone in town to know you're gay, erecting a giant penis is a way to get the message though.

    That convict must have been inspired by an episode of Cow & Chicken.
  • FlintTD
    Well, my favorite of the show was Come At Me, Goatse.
  • A-welCruiz
    If you had told me this episode was going to end with the phrase "Steve Jobs' dead dongle", I would've been highly skeptical.
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