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Comments (35)
  • Moomoof
    oh god bridgeport XD
    my home town wow

    omg yes all the kinds yes

    Poor lady oops i switch on the train holy crap~!!!! house!!
    -people in the house- is that the train......

    pastries and panties sounds great
  • TragicGuineaPig

    4:02 - Check out James Rolfe's Mr. Bucket video on his site.

    10:40 - That was Mirror Nash.
  • ladydiskette
    No no, ees Mr. Train Conductor es not here.
  • jjramsey
    Shouldn't Mirror Nash lack a beard? (Fans of Star Trek can guess why.)
  • megadeath
    that last story reminds me of an episode from one of my childhood shows watch?v=Onc4wcnCSWo
  • Bloodrealm
    I just can't believe that ONE switch/button would be able to send a train CAREENING at SEVENTY MILES PER HOUR. One, all the things that Nash pointed out SHOULD be there, and two, even if one button COULD do that, I'm certain the control for the speed would be off or at least set very, very slow, since you need to slow a train down to stop it.
    Honestly, I just find it highly improbable that she didn't know what she was doing.
  • 3DMaster
    Yep, but of course, she's woman. She couldn't do something crazy like that, look at her pussy! So they come with alternative scenarios, now matter how ridiculous they are.
  • uneek  - Um No
    I don't know what fucked up world you live in 3DMaster, but if you've watched this show before, you'd know that even with all the unfair gender double standards that happen in the justice system, a woman will still get arrested if they're accused of doing something as crazy as STEALING A GODDAMN TRAIN!
  • kiwifruit
    I don't know if you caught this, but this is one of the few wtfiwwy stories that did not involve nudity. Or cats, so pussy seems less than relevant.
  • Eleanor
    Maybe sshe somehow took the brakes out as well?
  • thatchickwithlonghair

    .....I also could not believe the words to the song. I was like O___________o "...did they seriously just...!?"

    LMAO this shit is hilarious. XD Keep up the vids, guys!
  • ladydiskette
    Hahaha, that was the best Hippo-related intro I have ever seen on this show.

    I nearly squeed to death on that cute fluffy hippo. And yes, I also scratched behind it's ear too. You're welcome fluffy hippo.

    Also, cringe alert. That guy is lucky that the juices from that pot pie didn't spill over on him. I have had that happen when making a pot pie, and I will tell you that hurts whether you are fully-clothed or in your birthday suit. Ouch!
  • adamlambertsgirl
    Its funny because I'm doing an anime calander as Tara was singing that pastry and panty song and i drew Panty Anarchy with pastries, LOL that is funny.
  • ladydiskette  - *sings*
    Pastries in Panties are coming down the stairs
    Pastries in Panties are coming down in pairs
    Pastries in Panties are chasing guys in underwears.

    Pastries in Panties are here!
  • Lone Wolf
    Shouldn't there be a throttle on a train? Trains are supposed to be variable speed and supposed to be able to stop.

    "Fuck it! What are they going to do fire me?" No, if a priest can fuck a child and not get fired than a priest can have gay sex and sell meth and not get fired.
  • LikaLaruku
    Why would a pervert steal clean unused underwear?
  • 3DMaster
    Tara, you live close to Canada, right? Just go to Canada and try to steal a train there. Come one, you know you want to. I'd like to see the headline, "Crazy redhead steals train." It would be awesome.

    And it's Canada, you don't have to worry about spending your time in prison. You have a vajayjay; they'll let you go. Just claim you were temporarily insane, that you just HAD to try out if you could steal a train that easily. They'll just let you.

    In Canada there's a woman that attempted to hire a hitman to kill her ex living 200km away from her, who first got acquitted of the crime despite that reasons for acquittal don't apply. It was taken to the supreme court which agreed that she should not have been acquitted, but the supreme court said, the poor dear who accused her husband of abusing her - from 200km away - and stealing her daughter - he has legal full custody and she's never once tried to contact the daughter - had been through enough and shouldn't be made to go through another retrial. Yes, a violent narcissistic sociopath, aka evil, woman was set free, because the poor dear had been through so much... did I mention her attended victim wasn't asked to testify in either court case, the status of her custody was not brought up, proving she's lying, and oh, yeah, she attempted to kill her sister using a car at one time.

    So you know, attempted murder - stealing a train, you'll be fine Tara, pussy pass for the win! And if it seems, especially if you've crashed the train in another and killed several thousand people, that the judge don't accept the temporary insanity due to overwhelming curiosity defense, just tell him how abusive Nash is to you, and makes you do this stupid show, and worse, how he told you not to do this crime; and then the audience not to do it either! Clear abuse! And then there's me, who is doing the exact opposite and egging you on which is clearly abusing you, and I'm a man of course, how could poor you, a mere woman, understand right from wrong after all that abuse!

    You know, all of that is, if your claim, "It was an accident, I totally accidentally broke into a train where I wasn't supposed to be, and after accidentally pushing one button it just sped of instantly at 70mph," doesn't get believed. Unlikely, most likely feminists the world over demand that the evil patriarchy fix the evil patriarchal trains that obviously designed to kill all women who accidentally get into trains and accidentally push one button. Hell, before it goes to court, now doubt the feminist uproar for the evil patriarchy blaming the victim will become so loud they'll probably stop the court case before it gets there.

    So go on, Tara, steal that train, I dare ya!
  • Evamarie41  - Here you go - feeding time!
    Have you ever been to Canada? Why do you hate women and Canadians so much?

    I think your story is fake. What are the names of these people? What town and province did this person live in? What town and province did the husband live in? What proof do they have that she hired this hitman? Was the hitman arrested? What were these "reasons for acquittal" that don't apply? Were those reasons ones such as "no proof" perhaps? Which Supreme Court decided this? What year was this decided? Did they publish that they felt the acquittal should be overturned and also ADMITTED that they will just let her go free to avoid retrying her? Do you have proof that she never contacted this daughter? What are the terms of the custody? Does she pay her child support? Do you have evidence that he never abused her?

    I could go on, but I have better things to do. And no, I don't really expect answers to any of these questions as I feel you have none.
  • ladydiskette  - reply: 3DMaster
    What if the judge was...a hippo?
  • FunkyM
    Oh my god. Tara, You MADE this episode. Crazy hippos and P√Ętisserie in Lingerie, You are the Crazy!

  • leviadragon99
    That opening... the "I'm really fluffy" bit should be used as an out-of-context soundbite, and the degree to which the hippo was enjoying those ear-scratches was quite disturbing.
  • Lightice
    Hpw do you start a train "by accident"? Trains have things called deadman switches, which you must push every half a minute or so, or the train will automatically shut down! Idiot engineers sometimes put something on top of the switch to they don't have to bother pushing it all the time, but even they would have sense to not to leave it there for the night, wouldn't they?

    Seriously, if the train was in a condition where a cleaning lady could start it by accident, the regular train engineer needs to be arrested for criminal negligence.
  • MrThorbjoern
    You have not only to step on it, as far as I know they added something so you have to release the pressure again afte4rwrds. You know, in case you loose conciousness and lie on it.
  • Huginn  - It really wasn't her fault...
    The cleaning lady started the train by accident. One of the usual personnel to operate the train had left the key in the ignition and as she cleaned under the drivers seat, she folded the seat over and hit the start button that way. So obviously she was just doing her job thoroughly, while someone else with more responsibility hadn't.
    And I'm not to sure about how fast trains or cars may drive in the US, but 70 km/h isn't that fast. It's about 43,5 mph. There are highspeed trains that go over 200 km/h (The german ICE or the japanese Shinkansen for example). The french TGV can even reach velocities up to 320 km/h (198,8 mph). I know that this swedish train was just a simple train for the local traffic and 70 km/h is pretty fast when you're in a car. But all I'm saying is: she was quite lucky that it was only a train for the local traffic that reached "only" 70 km/h.
  • Baby Hitler
    "Versailles"... Okay here goes... for once Nash pronounced a foreign word correctly.... except that most American towns with this name pronounce it "ver-sales" because the early town settlers tended to be a bit under-educated. Thus the towns' names actually ac as a shibboleth, that is, you immediately know if someone is from out of town if they pronounce the town's name the "correct" French way. This is true for several American towns, such as ones named "Cairo" ("'kay-roh"), "Madrid" ("'mad-rid"), "Lafayette" (la-'fay-it), etc.
  • Baby Hitler
    Sorry, I needed a minute to be anal and pedantic. Wait, aren't those synonyms? Crap!
  • Neverpleased
    That burglar played ALLOT of skyrim.

    Robberies don't work that way in the real world!
  • OrionHardy
    Poor Nash, Sometimes I half expect him to just disconnect the Skyping session with Tara and go "Fuck it, I'm sticking with Linkara"
  • Rue_Ryuzaki2
    Think this is the 1st live episode Tara made me say "oh crap she is crazy." lol
  • angel85
    "Mr. Bucket" is a toy from the 90's, and we STILL sell them in my store. For the record, there is nothing wrong with being a cross dresser, but you can't have sex in the damn rectory or deal meth! The drunk guy story doesn't even sound real, I don't think I've even seen something that silly on a sitcom or cartoon show.

    I thought trains had dead man switches so that they won't move unless the driver's hand is on the lever, and releasing them causes it to automatically stop. Of course those are american trains but I think it's something other countries should adopt.

    I did a google search for "pastries in panties" I got results ranging from panties with pictures of pie or cupcakes on them, that Katie Perry cupcake bra, some Panty and Stocking comics, but no pictures of pies wearing panties, I am disappoint.
  • Eleanor
    Its kinda the oppisit of the movie "The taking of Peckham 123" regurding the Swedish Train story.
  • ThunderDave
    Great show guys. I also love Tara's song Pastries in Panties
  • rdfox
    I can't speak for Swedish trains per se, but regarding trains in North America...

    First off, they eliminated the old-school deadman's pedal because of there being too many cases where an engineer just put a toolbox or something else on it to hold it down, then fell asleep at the controls. Now, they use a system where you have to either adjust the controls (either throttle or brake), blow the horn, or press *and release* an "alerter" switch every 60 seconds, or else it'll automatically stop the train. (Press and release so you can't just tape the button down.) Does a better job of proving you're still awake.

    Second, getting one moving isn't that easy. If it's been shut down cold (which is a situation where it'd be a lot easier to get into), there's a fairly complex starting procedure that can't be done from the cab, just to get the engine running in the first place. If, however, it's been left idling overnight (which is common in cold climates to keep the diesel fuel thawed out), even then, the controls are deliberately set up in a way that isn't completely intuitive to someone who isn't familiar with them to make it harder for an untrained person to operate them, AND one of the requirements is that the engineer, when tying the locomotive down to leave it unattended, must remove the reverser handle (basically, the shifter lever) and take it with him--so even if you do know how the controls work, it's stuck in neutral the whole time.

    Third, if it's tied down to be left unattended, the hand brakes had to be set, and unless you know how to release them, you won't be moving.

    The truly facepalm-worthy thing about the story, though, is that every locomotive made after about 1950 from ANYWHERE in the world that I've ever seen has, in the cab, not one, but TWO very large red buttons lettered "EMERGENCY BRAKE" in clear lettering in the local language(s)--one on each side of the cab, so either person in the cab can activate it without trouble. It's placed in a prominent position where your eyes WILL find it if you're looking around, it's bright red, it says it's the emergency brake, and all you have to do to activate it is whack the damned thing. HOW THE HELL DID SHE MISS THAT?!?!?
  • KiwiInSpace
    Hey Terra, I think Doug Walker was right in 'The Review Must Go On" when he showed everybody being insane with their own characters.
  • Nezumi
    That Mr. Bucket bit was great. I mean, it's almost always Nash looking horrified and confused by something Tara says, not the other way around.
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