WTFIWWY? Live - Aim for the Head

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Comments (40)
  • Drake4551
    Maybe the guy who booted the ambulance thought it was a medical transport bus? Then he'd only be inconveniencing handicapped or elderly people, not people on the verge of death!
  • Baby Hitler
    Why are so many people who work at gas stations and convenience stores Muslim and/or Indian?
  • sophronia_chaos
    Tara's a LARPer?? She just got so much cooler in my eyes. I never had the mental/emotional stamina for my college's 5-hour LARPs, but my girlfriend still goes there and is one of the LARP GMs.

    I still can't get over the hatchet bong. I accept that you can make a bong out of almost anything, but a hatchet? WHY?? Unless you were already high when you were deciding what to use to make your bong...?
  • Bloodrealm
    You didn't know that? They've both mentioned (and told stories about) their LARPing in previous episodes.
  • ladydiskette
    Trivial Pursuit?

    So what, has that replaced Monopoly as the game-related cause of domestic family disturbances now?
  • ShadOBabe  - Okay...
    I just had to comment on this one...
    The dude that booted the ambulance... just... What. The. Ever-loving. Heck?

    I cannot fathom how ANYONE could have been dumb enough to do that. I mean really. I've watched all the episodes of WTFIWWY and heard some really dumb stuff, but... HOW?

    Maybe he was high at work. Or drunk. Or otherwise impaired. Because seriously, I don't see how someone could make that mistake without being under the influence of something.
  • Plotspider  - Um...Actually...
    I have read somewhere, or heard somewhere, that people could actually design a strain of weaponized rabies (this may have been on Talking Dead admittedly or it may have been on a news broadcast somewhere) that could become a zombie plague. Not that a head shot would be any different, but still...that thought is actually quite frightening to me.
  • medicalvampire
    Except you can vaccinate for rabies, you can treat rabies, and humans aren't likely to turn into biting zombies from rabies, despite what Hollywood wants you to believe.

    Sadly, it's more likely some delusional nutcase will grab his shotgun and attempt to mow down the nearest puking drunk.
  • rayhs1984
    @medicalvampire YOU CAN NOT! I REPEAT NOT!! treat rabies. Once you have rabies YOU DIE! It has a almost 100% death rate (less than 10 people ever have lived).

    You have to get a shot before it kicks in and symptoms start (usually between 10 and 60 days). IF YOU WAIT UNTIL YOU HAVE RABIES YOU DIE!
  • TBTabby
    I don't know what's worse: people stockpiling guns because they think the zombies are coming, or people stockpiling guns because they think Obama's UN Muslim Commie Nazi shocktroopers are coming. They're both equally delusional.
  • medicalvampire
    Okay, it sounds like I need to incorporate Kevlar into my Zombie Walk outfits from now on. Great.
  • jeshnyx
    1. Eh with the possible end of the world around the corner and that we have no fucking idea what could be the end of humanity, that would seem to be a pretty popular choice.

    2. Oh yeah definitely a poor case of spoortsmanship--oh it's now about drugs... holy shit.

    3. This is why you never mess with a woman jacked up on hormones.

    4. Well it's best to use what you came for before getting your ass handed to the cops. I mean seriously the other robbers who steal thousands of dollars should quickly ebay and by that awesome computer before the police come. at least they got what they wanted before going to jail.

    5. All right I stole a phone! Time to use the take a picture of an idiot feature on the victim's facebook app because I am swag just like that!

    6. ... Ladies and Gentlemen! We have a winner for the biggest dumbass mistake any living human being with a soul, conscious, and brain could have ever done award!!
  • ColeYote
    ... Gun sales are up because gun nuts are afraid of an incoming zombie apocalypse.

    I'd say something about the anti-gun control movement, but I don't want to start a flame war. I'll just say I live in a country where guns are fairly restricted and none of us feel like we're losing any rights, so there's probably some cultural thing getting lost in translation. The translation being English to English that uses the letter 'u' more frequently.
  • OldAndNew
    English to Amurkin, you mean?
  • LikaLaruku
    The hippos were nestles all snug in their beads,
    While visions of monkeys danced in their heads.
    & when there's no more room in hell, the Monkeypotomus clan will dance through Nash's dreams.
  • Bloodrealm
    Zombie story:
    This is why I'm sick of zombie stuff, people obsess over it WAY too much. The only thing I can think of that might make people obsess far past the point of annoyance even harder would probably be zombie ponies.

    Trivial Pursuit story:

    Ambulance story:
    Look out! Call 911! It's an EMERGENCY DOUCHEQUAAAAKE~~!
  • B-Navigator
    Actually as far as the Drug Hatchet goes, one common variant in the design of some native american tomahawks is to make it double as a pipe.
  • TragicGuineaPig
    "You can make a bong out of anything!"

    Nash, are you speaking from experience here?
  • 3DMaster
    You heathen! You philistine! You blasphemer!

    You horrible human being, Tara! YOU DID NOT WATCH THE BLUES BROTHERS!?

    You better do it fast, or you and I are going to be a story on this show!

  • leviadragon99
    Yeah, it's gotten to the point where some people seem to legitimately believe the zombie apocalypse will some day happen, to me that complete lack of connection to reality is more frightening than the prospect of said zombie outbreak.

    Of course the real question is WHY would you make a bong out of a hatchet... multitasking?
  • Cassave
    Dear Tara,

    Watch "The Blues Brothers".
  • themilo  - so much stupid this week.
    1. Wow you people are preparing for zombies? When the daleks invade I’m going to be laughing in your faces.

    2. Such a trivial thing to be angry about.

    3. The existence of sex toys disturbs me it along with rule 34 is one of the reasons humanity Should get wiped out.

    4. Don’t worry tara I never watched the blues brothers too I also have never even heard of that movie.

    5. Facebook catching stupid criminals since 2004.

    6. King Kong isn’t big enough this is a Godzilla size douchbag.
  • oliversmillie
    I agree with a few other posts Tara you need to watch the Blues Brothers as soon as possible,

    Also I feel very sorry for the people who think that the world will end any day now. Especially those who are buying guns because they think that zombies are coming.
  • Bradman1978
    The thing I'm scared about is there will be a zombie walk for charity somewhere and the kids will be shot.
  • Malcath
    I never understood why people always use guns against zombies they tend to be pretty ineffective in almost every itteration of them also guns make very loud noises which in alot of cases would just attract more.
  • AnnointedBitter
    Tomahawk pipe. Also I don't see much deference between thinking the dead will rise (zombies) and thinking the dead will rise (Jesus). Feel free to throw things at me. You guys rule.
  • Moon Spirit
    1. Funny thing is, about first story, GameFAQs just uploaded a poll about an impending zombie outbreak happening. More than half says it won't happen, while a good chunk say it will not happen, but you never know. I voted for the latter. I'm guessing the 20% increase must be from all the way to the countryside, and they think the 2012 apocalypse will result in that.

    2. When I read the article, I laughed my ass off. And as for bongs, never tried one, never will, unless Texas somehow makes marijuana legal, which will probably be in next decade or so. But hey, if you can make a bong out of a coffee cup, than a hatchet bong is possible.

    3. Never thought I'd see the day a lesbian becomes this out of control. So yeah, it's a piece of plastic! Buy a new one!

    4. I was gonna run from the cops, but then I got high. I was running into restroom there, when I was high. Now I'm serving probation, and I know why? Why man? Yea hey! Because I got high! Because I got high! Because I got high!

    5. Facebook is a place where everyone will know someone, and post almost everything about themselves there. Leave a note at the house! Not a Facebook photo on the account! It's a like a giant poster board: everyone will see it!

    6. Douchequake reads a 10/10 of the douche scale! Seriously, someone's life hangs in the balance! Your store policies are not above the law! Next time you face a life threatening situation, see how you like it when you face the same scenario!
  • ladydiskette
    *raises arms up in the air*

    Yay! Mippo! I love that little guy, it and flying hippo are my two favorites of Tara's hippo side-kicks. :D
  • OnionMan
    And the award for Douchebag of the Year goes to...
  • S_Pac_3:16
    I'm so over Zombies as well! It's almost like the only safe way for media companies, whether video Games, Movies, books, TV and what have you, to make a prophet these days!

    Anyway, that last story, I'm glad the dude was fired! I mean come on, did they teach him in the American citizenship school place or whatever about Medical emergency vehicles or something?
    There was no excuse for his actions, I don't care where he's from! :/

    Good show as usual, guys! And don't worry Tara, I haven't seen the Blues Brothers either. ;)
  • rayhs1984
    My super market has eye glass kits right at the only register that is ever open. Kinda looks like a crack pipe and is really hard to miss.
  • OldAndNew
    zombies = home invaders
    santa and/or his reindeer = extra-terrestrials(I -think- i heard that on an Apollo special). i mean, if there -were- ETs near Earth, NATO would probably want to know.
    -never seen a tomahawk with a pipe bowl on the back on the head?
  • DoomPL
    Hippo-Monkey... Honkey :D
  • Satans_Bong  - are you fking kidding me
    um yeah the television,computers,cell phones,rocketships all things that at one time only existed in the world of science fiction so uh yeah zombies are a possibility people btw its a pipe not a bong! bongs contain water all it takes is a fucking drill and a pipe screen oh and Tara its called a steak knife works great for those little screws i know im nit picking but coleyote you speak for the whole country if its canada then no I feel my rights are being taken away p.s. people dressing up and walking around pretending to be zombies realy fucking realy?
  • AprilPhantomhive  - So they actually believe in Zombies
    Ok so my cousin and her fiance are serious about this zombie crap. They have guns and ammo, food, and anything else you can imagine stocked up. I find it absolutely retarded. Sure zombies are fun to joke about at times but to seriously believe in them is a little much. My family is crazy. Too much pot can do that to you I guess. At least they stopped believing in 2012.
  • Isolder74
    I'm with Nash. I don't speak English is no excuse for doing something as monumentally stupid as booting an Ambulance. It's just a cop-out and an attempt to try and avoid taking responsibility for his doing something so obviously stupid.
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