WTFIWWY? This is All YOUR Fault (The Return)

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Comments (81)
  • Lord Xero Rare  - I loved every minute of this episode
    It was absolutely hilarious. That doll was amazingly creepy though I do feel I should check under my car in the morning...
  • Tony J  - Spaaaaaace!!
    SPACE GUY! How I have missed you.
  • ladydiskette
    Space karoke...I love it!

    It was great seeing what all the other characters did while Nash did the live shows, but poor little Stickboy!

    Linkara don't you dare hurt him! :( *huggles Stickboy*
  • ZeronHitaro
    Heh, I think you can safely say this addresses my complaints from the last video nicely. :3 Even if naked crazy still butted its way in again. XD

    Really enjoyed this one even though it was just a mailbag episode. It's actually a nice boon to your show that you have JO on hand to help out now; simply because you two have good chemistry and screen presence together.

    Oh; btw Nash, science fail for letting sound travel in a vacuum. :-P Fail!

    ...I joke, I joke. I just had to give you grief for that after all the grief you gave RTD over the whole 'gamma radiation =/= lightning'. ^_~
  • Bloodrealm
    Ah, but it wasn't sound, it was pure stress waves! It's just like how "nyan" is "heard" in the vacuum of space whenever a pop tart cat streaming rainbows passes!
  • Quick  - Best. Episode. EVER.
    Holy fuck, I'm so happy this is back!!!

    This is seriously one of the funniest videos I have seen in quite a while.

    Also, I for one am proud to be part of the fan-base that helped to not only produce the first fuck powered spacecraft, but to also to bring human language to an alien species.
  • HeartOfSorrow  - Great Episode
    I loved every part of this episode. Especially after seeing the doll JesuOtaku showed off on her stream.
  • Professor_Jack
    I don't buy this setup.
    You are too smart a man to have AOL
  • Isolder74
    It's the perfect obvious e-mail cue.

    Too bad it was AOL who thought of it but whatever. Besides it's public domain wave file now.
  • LikaLaruku
    Hahaha, that first 2 minutes had me rolling.

    AOL is still around?

    Haha, Hetalia.....

    I remember reading that Russia sent many many rockets to the moon before America did...It's just that ALL of their cosmonauts & dogs died up there & they kinda didn't want that getting out. & that dog? They didn't even bother putting oxygen onboard, they just let it suffocate.

    Never gets old...My favorite Arnold movie.

    Guy must have really needed Farmville Cash. Stealing unactivated giftcards reminds me of this Something Awful article where this old guy broke into a video rental store & stole 2 trash bags worth of empty video cases.

    Been meaning to ask you this, but could you please upload the douchequake clip onto youtube? I'm dying to use it as a response.

    I remember sending you a naked ice cream link to your Twitter; should have known everyone else would too.

    For some reason, I can't stop wondering why no one's done a "zombies in space" movie yet.
  • vonPeterhof
    "I remember reading that Russia sent many many rockets to the moon before America did...It's just that ALL of their cosmonauts & dogs died up there & they kinda didn't want that getting out. & that dog? They didn't even bother putting oxygen onboard, they just let it suffocate."

    First of all, Soviet Union, not Russia. And they didn't send that many rockets to the moon before the US. Only one Soviet cosmonaut died on a mission before 1969, but that wasn't a lunar mission. You seem to be conflating the Space Race as a whole and the Race to the Moon. The latter only started after the USSR had successfully sent a man to the orbit in 1961. Before that they used dogs, and yes, the first dog to reach the orbit didn't survive, but most of the later ones did. The first human cosmonaut, Yuri Gagarin, also returned safely after orbiting the Earth, and Kennedy challenged the Soviets to a Race to the Moon a week later. I don't think the Soviets tried sending dogs to the moon, but they did send tortoises to fly around it in 1967 and they did manage to return them to Earth safely. They wanted to start sending humans after that, but the rocket that was designed for that purpose (the N1 that Nash was talking about) failed the test launches four times (that's right, the story that Nash told was only one of a series of failures). However, since those were only tests the space craft itself wasn't attached to the rocket, so there were no fatalities those times. They gave up on it after the success of the Apollo program.

    tl/dr The Soviet sent lots of things into space, but only a few to the moon, and not all of the things they sent to space died.
  • LikaLaruku
    I'm not taking your word for it on blind faith. There was also recording of one of the cosmonauts last contacts & a female cosmonaut as well. & Russia is Russia no matter what it might have been temporarily called at one point.
  • vonPeterhof
    "I'm not taking your word for it on blind faith." Fine, do your own research.

    "There was also recording of one of the cosmonauts last contacts & a female cosmonaut as well." What the hell does this have to do with anything?

    "& Russia is Russia no matter what it might have been temporarily called at one point." Calling the Soviet Union "Russia" is just as inaccurate as calling the UK "England". Russia (or to be precise, the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic) was one of the constituent parts of the Soviet Union. It was definitely the dominant one, but there were others as well. Just a pet peeve of mine.
  • Spritle101
    Knock it off you two. This place is for comments about the video, not dick waving, point proving, trolling, arguing, or personal conversations. It's not freaking youtube.

    VonPeterhof, I recognize your name. Didn't you get told off for doing something like this in another comments post a few weeks ago?
  • vonPeterhof
    I don't recall being told off for something like this, and a search of my comments didn't turn up anything, so it was probably someone else (or me on another website). However, I do recognize that I have a "compulsive nitpicking" problem - whenever I recognize a factual inaccuracy I feel compelled to respond. I usually try to relate my responses back to the video; my second response to LikaLaruku here is an example of me failing to do so due to getting a little impatient with them. I apologize for that and will make sure this doesn't happen again.
  • Keiji
    AOL, oh AOL, why dost thou make me feel olde?
  • malice936
    Poor aliens what did they do to deserve that. XD

    Still wondering who or what actually made Nash decide to do this show though. Because seriously who the hell gos "hmm I think I'm going to throw away all resemblance of sanity and review all the fucked up stuff people do" XD
  • LegodzillaFan
    Stupid moment in stupid history: Well, during the cold war both the USA & USSR did some really idiotic and stupid things with their space program, but this takes the cake.
    Story1: First story and we already reached the bottom of the barrel. (sigh) This is gonna hurt.
    Last story: WHAAAAAAAAAT? Wha, what, WTF IS WRONG WITh THIS BITCH? Who, wh, WHO DOES THAT? AND WHY? And, agh... screw it. I don't want to live on this planet anymore.
    Anyway, great episode Nash, can't wait for the next dose of whatthefuckery.
  • Keiji
    Is that a pony image on your computer screen at the end there?

  • Redrally
    I thought that was the homepage for JesuOtaku's Fruits Basket Audio Drama. Check it out if you haven't already, it's great stuff.
  • idodo35
    in space no one can hear you scream fuck...

    also whats linkaras problem with "red hood and the outlaws"? yes i get it that he is pissed about the changes caused to roy by the new 52 but the book is rather enjoyable!
  • Flaregun
    I guess the AOL sound clip is retro-cool, but I still prefer the "MAIL, MUTHURFUCKA!!!" one you used to have.

    And oh, hey! I remember that Jim Henson thing you were ripping off- uh, paying tribute to at the end there! Not sure where it was from though, was it one of those muppet segments they had on the first few episodes of Saturday Night Live that everyone hated?
  • astrakhan
    Nope, they're based on the Yip-Yip Martians from Sesame Street.

    If they don't have an official name yet, I'm calling them the Fuck-Fuck Neptunians.
  • Captain Wow
    You've got mail! lolololol
  • Jezzy54
    Normally I find the closing sketch a little too long, but this episode was great! I loved the Nash stress doll, the wall, and the impressionable aliens. There's just a lot of good gags here.
  • JehuTron
    Yay for Tara cameo. ^^
  • Duke Maxwell
    Whoohoo, 80's German music in the background
    Peter Schilling - Major Tom
    So, Nash, what you're saying is, basically, all it takes is one bad day to reduce the sanest man alive to lunacy? Now where have I heard that before...? *hears maniacal laughter in the distance*
  • lightstar13  - Great As Always
    Had me laughing the whole episode :). And that the Fruits Basket Radio Drama home page on your monitor Nash? That is awesome :D!
  • FunkyM
    This show NEVER Disappoints. I vote Spaceguy to take over as science go-to guy with the departure of Dr Insano.
  • ScaryCarebear  - Good stuff!
    Haha oh god people make me facepalm! Still funny to laugh at though xD
  • Romeomoon  - Excellent!
    My neighbors are probably wondering why I'm laughing at the computer so loud. If they only new what they were missing!
  • The_Awesometeer
    I eat ice cream while naked all the time. I guess the big question is was she a milf?
  • Mephisto
    This show rules, and it looks like Nash lives in a trailer park like I do, I respect him even more than I did before. I'm guessing JesuOtaku is his girlfriend so he's really got the dream life, dealing with stupid stories notwithstanding.
  • trlkly
    Based on what we've seen, I was just surprised there was enough room for her. I also assume the reason she hadn't moved in before was school, whether she's done or just home for the summer.
  • LuckyGetsRocked  - Florida
    I still feel shame for having to live in Florida right now...every week another story comes up that makes me wish it was just circumsized from the Continent.

    Get it? Cause FL looks like a wang!!!

    ...I'll show myself out..
  • Spacedin
    *sees him sing* *snorts*

    Buy used toast horder to peel flowered pants? What?

    No! The poor Soxonians! How could you!?!
  • Twilla
    His hair is so fabulous....
  • Blas10
    Bravo, sir, bravo! The front loader cameo string nearly made me break my 20 year streak of not wetting my pants. :D
  • Sir_D
    Will it stab? Yes. Will it explode if you forget to tighten a bolt? Yes. Will it crash into a building for deodorant? Yes.

    BUT Nash, will it blend?

    Front loaders- good for opening beers, breaking into stores for 5.95 worth of merchandise, hiding Burt Gummer from the creatures in Tremors 2 (seriously, Lupa has the review up now)and... um, I guess you could move earth with it if you had to but that would be silly.
  • WesleyFoxx
    See, I don't get why people are all DO MORE EDITED WTFIWWYS

    The Live! ones are just so much punchier and entertaining.
  • Mucca
    Can't say I agree, I mean, I like the live ones, but I definitely prefer the edited ones.
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