This is All YOUR Fault (Electric Boogaloo)

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Comments (78)
  • Ninja Steave  - From the future
    The video is not there yet, but I do not care I know it will be good regardless.
  • Tashofthefuture
    Tara and Lupa cameos? Epic Win!!!!! Great video by the way, i'll be sure to never let a nanny watch my nonexistant kids, or go near a guy pelvic thrusting a fire.
  • ladydiskette
    I am glad you have a non-live video out Nash, I missed those, espically your "This is ALL YOUR Fault" segments. Absolutely the best :)
  • cat-tom-boy  - Thank you Nash
    For putting yourself through all this pain for our amusement.

    P.s Your "hippie hair" is the prettiest hair on the site.
  • LikaLaruku
    3 cheers for Nash's hair!
  • BooRat
    Hippy hair!? I got hair like hat and I'm no damn hippy!
  • ladydiskette
    Shhhh, you will make Nash powerful enemies among the other CA girls. They are jealous of his hair and want to claim it as thier own you know... >>

    Don't worry Nash I got your back :)
  • LikaLaruku
    My college history teacher painted Edison out to be a massive thieving homicidal douchebag.

    Lupa just Fluttershy'd Nash, lol.

    Blasphemy! There's nothing better on a segway then Batman.

    Was he homeless? We gotta lotta crazy homeless people in Seattle. Saw a guy in a viking helmet take a dump on the door step of the power company, waited for a bus full of people to pull up before he did it.

    Lol Tara.

    You're really gonna end it with a song about condoms? lol.
  • GLKnight
    Nash, the answer was as obvious as the boombox on your face...
  • ladydiskette

    I loved that...God striking you down just for littering at his son's birthplace. That was great. :D

    That was probably his Divine way of saying "hey pick that up! You slob!"
  • Sir_D
    God I love these videos! Nash, you and the crew are just what the doctor ordered. Wait, you mean my doctor was just a janitor posing as a physician? D'oh! I'll still fill the prescription.
    someone please right the fanfic of him as the gimp from pulp fiction but with jesuotaku as the dom
  • webfox100
    I didn't ask. In fact I don't care.
  • Axel Osbourne
    Nash Bozard.

    Taken to young,he now screams at The Lord.
  • Crunchy_Frog
    Spaceguy can resurrect him. As a cyborg!
  • WarxePB
    Gee, the top of a mountain sure sounds like a closed room! :P

    I don't know why people think you're dead. You put a video up every week, sometimes twice. And I quite enjoy the Live WTFIWWYs and Doctor Who classics, so screw them.
  • Axel Osbourne
    WarxePB: He died at the end of the video, please try and pay attention. And before you say it, yes I know he didn't really die, it's called a joke.
  • Moon Spirit
    I remember that baby stroller on a pick-up on CNN. God, that lady was so stupid. I'm sure she had places to go, but you don't put a stroller in the back of a pick-up. That's as stupid as taking your baby to see Friday the 13th. I should know, I seen a lady take her baby to see the screening of that movie.

    As for the all important answer to that question, it's what the oracle said: humanity, pretty much, is stupid. We may have brains and rational thought, but there is still people out there that don't use them.
  • Cheshire Kitten
    Hahaha, that was great. Tara and Lupa FTW!
  • yoshmaster5
    Yeah, Edison was kind of a giant douchebag. 0_o;

    And how exactly do you miss the fact that your PA is a teenager? 0_o;

    Feral raccoon + drunk = COMPLETELY INSANE

    Also--is that a Black Lagoon shirt you're wearing? XD
  • Crunchy_Frog
    Word. Even if no-one noticed that he was sixteen and people believed he was, oh I don't know, eighteen, FULLY QUALIFIED PHYSICIANS ARE NOT EIGHTEEN! Geez. Not unless they are a medical prodigy in a TV series.
  • Artemus_Cain

    ... I AM SO SORRY!

    Someone on my twitter feed (named fart) retweeted this story... and I just... STARED at it for a while. I showed my sister, and she said "dude, send that to Nash." "Why? He probably wont touch on it."

    He did. And I apologize.
  • aunt_zelda
    Nash, we don't write sexual fanfic about you anymore. It's forbidden. It's in the Rules on the Kink Meme. You might show up in gen fic as a supporting character from time to time, but nothing sexy goes on. Everything about you in fanfic on the Kink Meme and at the Treehouse is PG.

    Oh Nash, you make me want to hate you and then you go and talk about the Tesla vs. Edison wars and become my favorite person on the internet!
    I had a whole class about that once. Fucked up stuff, man. If Edison'd had his way, we'd all have to live 1 mile from a power station. It's thanks to Tesla that electricity isn't just for city folk anymore.
    Also, Edison stole a lot of the inventions he's credited with. Tesla worked for Edison for a while but Edison refused to pay him for the work because Edison was a colossal dirtbag. Tesla left to work for Westinghouse, who was one of the nicest guys to work for back in the day because he actually gave a damn about his workers, like he provided sweet houses for their families on the factory property and if a worker got hurt on the job he'd pay them compensation. Tesla invented awesome stuff but slowly became more and more … uh "eccentric" as the years went on. There's a reason mad scientist enthusiasts love this guy. It has a lot to do with the death rays, the OCD, and the thing the size of a shoebox that made the buildings in downtown NYC START SHAKING. Also, when he died the US government seized his papers and wouldn't give them to Tesla's home country (which was Communist at the time) for decades. Hmmmm …

    Yay, Despicable Me clip!

    Yay, Johnny Cash song!

    Yay, Tara! ILU, Tara! You're awesome!

    Yay, Safety Dance!

    Fantastic episode, Nash, keep up the good work!
  • Error117
    It's good to see someone raising awareness that Edison was a world class asshole.
  • otherNoah  - hey, i missed these
    i read about that teenager posing as a nurse's aid a week ago online. i wonder if he's a sociopath.

    i feel stupid for not recognizing Tara's voice as the Oracle. i kept guessing Lupa but knew it sounded different :( not like i don't watch your show every monday or anything.

    Edison - biggest example of trying to prove a point in THE WORST WAY EVER.

    i had no idea safety dance was about condoms...i guess the title wasn't just a clever title and a song about dancing then.
  • HankMan  - We know you're not kidding Nash
    We saw that elephant electrocution clip in Assassin's Creed. You can see the poor thing screaming when they turn the power on. The only reason nobody knows about Tesla because the idiot never bothered to file a patent.

    And I think that those tentacles gave far more inspiration to the fanfic writers than your remarks on being a sadomasochistic whipping boy. I'm pretty sure Nostalgia Critic has that market cornered.
  • DivineAll
    I'm from Seattle and I never heard of that final story until now. I don't know if laughing at the guy is appropriate now since I too find incredibly dumb an insane. In fact, I was better off not knowing the story, period.
  • Crunchy_Frog
    Hey Nash, that was a funny WTFIWWY, but I have to complain: Delphi in Greece does not look like that! (Also, the oracle wasn't a Jewish God yelling down from a mountain top, it was the Pythia, a priestess sitting in the temple of Apollon.)

    I've been to Delphi, and while Delphi's in the mountains, it's not situated in THAT kind of mountains. Less snow, more trees. And Delphi is kind of famous for its Apollon temple (what's left of it), its stadion, as well as the giant amphitheater built into the steep hillside, which offers quite a scenic view of the valley. It's quite nice, if you discount all the tourists.

    Just google "Delphi" and "temple of Apollo"/"temple of Apollon" or "amphittheater". There's a ton of pictures, I'm sure you can find a better background if you ever plan on editing and re-releasing this episode. ;-)
  • Crunchy_Frog
    As a Tesla fan, it's nice to see the man mentioned. Interest in his life and works has been rising in the past few years, most of the biographies have been written only recently. Prior to that, for decades he was considered a crank because of Edison's propaganda and Tesla's more.... weird... ideas.
  • Moomoof
    So basically fuck thomas edison and i hope he rots hard fucker

    i think telsa was the man and i think that being played by david bowie is an honor =D

    seriously fuck edison

    and your show is so funny that ....well i can't breathe sometimes....also give me your hair now!
  • Crunchy_Frog
    I wonder what kind of drugs the guy humping the fire was on. I need to incorporate that insanity into the next Shadowrun game. "Drug-addled wizard tries summoning gay fire elemental, does it wrong" would be the headline. :-P
  • TickTockCroc
    lol wow Nash got tentacle raped the only that was missing was a Magical Girl outfit ...o_6... quick someone make a fanfic of that now!
  • GoldenSolitude04
    Wow Nash you have me chuckling so hard at this latest episode that I momentarily lost my voice.

    I don't think the TGWTG fanfic writers need anymore encouragement. I could live a happier more fruitful life without such a scarring mental image of Nash in a gimp suit being dominated by JesuOkatu. And a whole lot less yaoi.

    These stories make me question humanity and why people are such complete fucking morons.

    I wonder what would happen if you and Sage had switched spots when he was hosting MFT. How would you react diving deep down into that cesspool.

    The madness and insanity that would transpire of having Sage torture himself with awful acts of stupidity instead of terrible animes has me giggling like a kid high on sugar.

    And the whole Tood/Lupa stalking angle gets even more creepy. How long it will be before somebody steps in and punishes Todd for his lewd behavior.

    Well I suppose I should give you my thanks for setting the record straight on that moment of history.

    I personally would have went with the P Diddy feat Mase and Notorious BIG version of "Been Around the World"

    I was missing these episodes of WTFIWWY but I understand the reason for the delay.

    Keep up the batshit insanity,Nash. We love ya for it.

    And BTW I don't get the obsession with tentacle porn.
  • Fan01  - Why?
    Was Obscured Lupe so mean, when it wasn't needed? More importantly, what's up with that bitchy Oracle?

    On the plus side none of these wackos live near me, and Nash is still alive.
  • Zuxxez  - Yours too?
    Good to see that someone elses mailbox opens up to the flaming bowels of hell...

    Every week, every episode, I get more surprised and saddened at the human race. But you make it all better w/ awesome commentary.
  • raven111
    Tentacles. Wonderful.
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