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Comments (104)
  • bickeringbird  - Wow, someone has a chip on their shoulder.
    Seriously, when I first clicked this video, it had a one-vote rating from one person. I guess someone's favorite doctor wasn't #1. ;P

    Seriously though, I've been waiting for this, and am super glad to have caught it right when it was put up.
  • LikaLaruku
    Or a jealous Jesuotaku fan.
  • wyachi
    There's an asshole that always one-star rates Nash and JO's videos immediately upon them going on the site (probably without even actually viewing them). Whoever that is (if they per chance, read this) needs to seriously cut that childish shit out.
  • Floweramon
    Weird. Is it someone who's jealous of Nash and Jesuotaku's relationship? That's kind of creepy...
  • mrskippy
    I'd guess that was the Dr. Quinn person.
  • Elrik Undersn
    Another wonderful episode Nash, very entertaining and a very good use of the users quotes who voted for their doctors. And yeah, I saw the 1 vote thing too, guess someone wasn't very happy with the results, well, can't please everyone.
  • FishEyenoMiko
    C'mon, folks, Nash didn't make up this list, so don't down-vote him if your Doc didn't win, ok?
  • ladydiskette
    I think Patrick Troughten was the doctor that introduced me to the show Dr. Who in general. Granted, it was hard for me to keep up with alot of the storyline given the timeslot when I was a kid, but the episode where they go back in time to ancient Greece was my favorite due to the fact that I was into Greek mythology and it was a fascinated storyline to get into.

    Also when I was little I thought the season finale episode where he transforms was really cool. Even in a cheesy old black and white special effects way.
  • SSH
    Now you have to do, the top 10 present doctors!

    And my vote is for Doctor Whooves! Why because his assistant is Derby, is already dealt with the cyber ponies! And English muffins!
  • Austincovello
    My fave was Pertwee, but I was resigned to Tom Baker getting the top spot, and I was just glad that Pertwee made a respectable showing. I'm surprised that Peter Davidson didn't do better considering how well-regarded he seems to be with the contemporary crowd, and I'm a bit surprised at how well the second doctor did, considering he seemed to get the worst of the purge.
  • plaidman
    I agree with all of your comments. I love Pertwee, but I knew from the start that Tom Baker was going to get the top. The one that surprised me the most though was Troughton though. Granted I have seen some of his episodes and I do agree that he is a very good Doctor. I just didn't see him making the top 3.
  • Souledge94  - not shocked.
    To be honest it wasint a shock the 6th ala my favorite doctor was last. I love his personalty and his outfit is by far my favorite doctor who outfit.
  • CronoT
    So, Nash and JO made it official, huh? Good luck, you two!

    As for me, I found this entertaining, but I only really got into the new Doctor Who series. Out of the three, I like Matt Smith the least. But, he has been growing on me. Too bad the gulf separating him is about the size the Grand Canyon is deep.
  • buckybone
    She moved in a few weeks ago, which is why this video has been delayed so long.
  • bickeringbird  - My long and winding not-quite-two-cents.
    7) Awww, Colin. Poor guy. I have jump on the bandwagon against #6, not because Baker was a poor actor, but because that pompous, aristocratic attitude our friend from Sweden liked just drove me bats, and the writers/directors/ everybody at the time were dreadful, and his "REPATING WORD YOU JUST SAID LOUDLY AND INDIGNANTLY?!?" schtick was ... blech. "Forgive me if I don't join you" was pretty funny, though, and him calling out the other time lords WAS pretty awesome.

    6) Amen, Orion and Thomas. And if his send-off of Susan doesn’t get ya, nothing will. Or for that matter, his accidental proposal to that Mayan woman, but I guess that’s neither here nor there. Though, I think #1 came into himself a little late into his run, and the writing in the 60’s, while unintentionally funny, wasn’t always my cup of tea, so I’m not as attached to him as I could have been.

    5) I think I always gave Davison a rough time; I love Baker so, an the transition to such a different doctor was unexpected. I really need to go back and watch some of his serials again, because it was unfair of me. People sometimes give Tennant a rough break for being too emotional and involved and “human”, but I think Davison did it before and to fine effect. God am I glad they lamp-shaded that celery, though.

    4) Last year, I made my way through somewhere between a third and half of the classic series, for fear I was missing out on stuff from NuWho. By the end of the 80’s, I was so tired of the drop in writing that I skipped a lot of McCoy, and I found out later that it was a really bad call. I really, really need to go back and see some McCoy-Ace stories.

    3) Love him. Pertwee was just the man. I mean, yeah, he had great companions, and the writing in his era took a step up, and the Doctor himself was suave and funny and smacked things around, and but I’m surprised no one mentioned this: He was genuinely warm, and while he may have been stuck in one place for a lot of his run, he truly cared for the people he was stuck with. Davison may have done the “human” alien thing before Tennant, but Pertwee did it first, and possibly best.

    2) Much as I’m happy Troughton injected more of that crazy hobo-ness into the Doctor, I could never really get behind him. Then again, I also didn’t see much of him, so take that with as you will.

    1) Nuff said.

    --“My left nut says it will be.”
    --“His nuts are psychic! Witch! WITCH!”
    Ahhhh, I’m still laughing.
  • fangirl21  - A most interesting list
    Well, Nash, good job! I liked this vid (Yay for you and JO!) and I'm glad the list has been made. I'm a bit disappointed that The First Doctor didn't make a higher slot, but I can see why he's not as big as the others, especially Tom. But hey, as you said, this was all based on opinion.

    ...And I'm sorry that another Eldritch abomination ended up in your place again x.x Good luck man.
  • Dark Paladin
    Can you post the Dr. Quinn letter somewhere? I would love to read that.
  • Tal
    ... A Top # list and I actually agree with it?! It must be another one of the Master's fiendish plots!
  • bethhigdon
    So Five, Three, and Two,got the Fifth,Third, and Second places..... that's ironic

    You know, I almost foolishly hoped that we'd get enough unconventional votes, so that for once Tom Baker wouldn't win.
    I don't dislike the Fourth Doctor, or any other Doctor for that matter, it's just I find him to be the most uninteresting. When ever I watch one of his stories, I'm always more concerned about what happens to the guest characters, villains, or companions then what happens to him.
  • 4thtroika
    I had to dive out of the room when you said someone voted for Dr. Quinn. I had a mouthful of BK chicken sandwich and it was either choke to death or spew it all over my monitor.

    Anyway, good list.
  • mr_rubino
    She did have etheric beam emitters. That puts her easily ahead of the others.
  • Zandrous
    I wish i'd known about this vote. I'd have put mine in too. Luckily my choice was the No.1 spot so it all worked out in the end I suppose. Honestly though Tom Baker's doctor was actually the sixth version of the doctor I saw. Following Tennant, Eccelston, Pertwee, Troughton, Hartnell and Smith (and yes in that order). He may not be my no.1 favorite incarnation (that belongs to tennant) but he's definatly my no.2 choice just above smith. That catchy smile and personality make him irresistable as a doctor and is always a joy to watch. Glad to see him at the top of the mountain.
  • Filby
    I missed out on the voting, but I'm glad Patrick Troughton ranked so high. He's my personal favorite by far. He had this mix of arrogance and gentle kindness that I think set the tone for the entire series - like the guy in the video says, he was the Doctor's Doctor.
  • HitsugiChan
    Exactly. He was able to overcome any obstacle with his mind and also, Jamie was one of the best companions in the whole series. :)
    Tom Baker was my first Doctor ever. His 7 year run is legendary. He can't HELP but be the number one pick XD Kinda surprised Pertwee wasn't in 2nd place but Troughton I knew had to be in the top 3. Wish Colin placed higher though. McCoy is awesome. Great choices for music BTW Nash. Road to Nowhere is a song I like to think of with Doctor Who a lot.
  • Magpie Dandy
    I love whoever wrote about Dr.Quinn.
  • Axel Osbourne
    I'm sad Hartnell didn't do better. I've only seen a few of the classic Doctors, Hartnell, Pertwee (who I frankly didn't care for) and Tom Baker, but Hartnell is my personal favoret so far, because he's such a lovable little dick. But you know what he's going to become later, and it's cool to see him slowly becoming more like that person as the show goes on.
  • Axel Osbourne
    By the way, I have to ask (I haven't seen the whole serise) did The Doctor ever come back to Susan, like he said? If not, kind of a losse end.
  • dps
    Well, it was a forgone conclusion who would be win. I didn't send in a vote myself, because I can't really decide. I think that if so much of Troughton's episodes weren't missing, I'd might pick him.
    Yay!, I got my vote in for Peter Cushing!


    (1) It's Peter freaking Cushing
    (2) It was the only Dr Who Movies (no others can claim that!)
    (3) His name in the movies was Doctor Who.

    No matter what Nash says, its a classic British 60's movie (the less said about the sequel Dalek Invasion of Earth, the better!)
  • ShadowWing Tronix
    I wouldn't call him my favorite but I do enjoy the movies for what they are. Of course, now it's a race to see who gets to the Movie reviews first, me or Nash. Based on my track record and the upcoming convention, probably Nash.
  • plaidman
    You know the cop they pick up at the beginning of the Dalek Invasion of Earth movie was the same actor who played Donna Noble's Grandfather in the new series?
  • angel85
    I never saw any of the classic Doctor Who...and even I knew Baker was going to win.
  • Henshin
    Love that Tom Baker won, though I would have liked to see the 8th Doctor make it a little further up the list. I tend to count him in with the classics, my own top five goes 4, 8, 10, 11, 3. (Of course I'm a crazy person so...)
  • plaidman
    I agree with the 8th Doctor Comment. For me he was my gateway doctor.
  • kinirokitsune  - Not all that suprising
    Anyone who has been in a fandom long enough knew that Tom Baker would win. That being said, I'm happy that William Hartnell was 6th. (Granted, I wouldn't have loved him to be a bit higher on the list) Still, he's my favorite Classic Doctor. If only because he's a realist and a lot meaner than most. Also, his good-bye to Susan? Tears

    Really. You cannot doubt that the 1st Doctor loves his granddaughter.

    Also, yay for my second favorite Doctor is in second place.
  • Psychicllamakiller
    i'm still glad that i saw it, even though i knew tom baker would win, just because it was really nice seeing everybody stick up for their personal favourite doctor, and i loved hearing their explanations for WHY he was their favourite. ^_^

    i would've liked to see peter davison a little further up the list, he's one of my favourites - and he had the best exit of any doctor, ever - but oh well.
  • LikaLaruku
    Squee! Where's you get that JTHM poster?

    Was Collin or Tom the batshit crazy one?
  • buckybone
    Colin was the one with a batshit crazy showrunner (John Nathan-Turner), if that's what you're asking.

    Tom had the amazing crazy of Douglas Adams.
  • Mara999
    I've only been a fan of Doctor Who for about two years now, but I've watched much of the the classic era and really like it. My personal favourite of the classic Doctors is the third Doctor played by Jon Pertwee, even though all seven/eight are entertaining in some way. Chief among the reasons for why I like Pertwee is how incredibly cool he is: He is like a dashing swashbuckling adventurer, who is suave enough to seem like James Bond's elderly uncle, who taught him how to be charmingly witty and how to use awesome gadgets and vehicles. In fact, the Bond-theme would not be out of place if applied to the third Doctor's chase sequences. It's the sense of adventure in his stories and how much the character is defined by his bravery in the face of danger. There is also the contrast between his flamboyant dress sense and fabulous hair, to how serious he is compared to his immediate predecessor and successor. He is youthful and rebellious, despite his apparent physical age, and mixes seamlessly the traits of a young adventurer with those of an older gentleman. The fact that Jon Pertwee had long worked in comedy prior to the role is also a great advantage, as his wit and timing is spectacular. Also, this Doctor has the most screen time with the Brigadier, who is one of my favourite supporting characters from the entire show.
  • cosmosblue772
    I have tried to get into Dr. Who, I watched some of the episodes Nash suggested such as Earthshock and Genesis of the Daleks and such, and a lot of the new series, but for the life of me I can't get into this series. I guess I am not much of a sci-fi person and I am quite the stickler for watching things in order and watching Dr. Who from the very beginning to now just seems impossible. But now I really wish I could watch it all, since all of them seem like great variations on the same character.

    And the scene of Sylverster McCoy telling Ace to blow shit up was just awesome. Again I will try to give Dr. Who a chance here and there.

    P.S. I'd vote for Paul McGann if it was the cutest doctor contest... But I think that might of been the ultimate problem with McGann, he's too pretty. :3
  • Thatpirate
    You obviously haven't see McGann recently. He looks like the Crypt Keeper now.
  • EvilAshTwin
    Everytime you do an episode on the good parts of Classic DW, it makes me want to watch the classic series since I havent seen it. But then I look at the episode list and theres like 4-5 hundred episodes and Im .

    Anyway, its good to see you getting back into your normal routine and I look forward to seeing your next episode.
  • WhoMyBabyDaddy  - One Of The Most Epic Doctor Who Moments In Recorde
    I personally like Peter Davidson, He's the doctor incarnation that was responsible for the death of one of the most annoying characters in all of the doctor who universe ...


    GAWD i hated him soo much, I used to record classic doctor who from my local PBS station back in the day, And never was i more grateful for the invention of the fast forward button in all my life!, Every time he opened his mouth, I instinctively knew it was time to skip ahead, I mean it wasn't soo much the character of Adric that i hated, It was the way the actor portrayed him, All smarmy and bitchy and his voice, I swear his bitchy voice still haunts me to this day in the form of reruns.

    Now i'm not saying he was the most annoying, But he's definitely one of the worst companions the doctor has ever had.

    Ever wonder why the character of the doctor hasn't had a legitimate male companion in decades?, I feel Adric is to blame and the episode in which he died, i remember being soo happy i almost cried. LOL


    *Possible Spoiler About His Death*

    *Turn Back While You Can*

    ..... Oh well i'm not waiting forever while you can't decide whether to read on or not, So i'll finish and if i get one person complaining to me about spoiling a past episode that you should of seen years ago, I'll go all internet tough guy on you and bombard you with a lot of super intelligent "Not Remotely Stupid Or Childish" insults and direct them at you, YOU THINK I'M JOKING SIR OR MADAM!?, I know how to get in contact with the cyber police, They can back trace you in a matter of seconds and then you'll eventually come to the realization, That consequences will never be the same!

    But on a serious note, Adric had one of the most befitting and equally epic deaths in all of television history, I mean they didn't just shoot him or stab him or anything mondaine like that, No they had to really make sure he was dead, So what did they end up using?, Just the very cataclysmic event practically wiped the dinosaurs off the face of the planet.


    Even just thinking of that moment right now and how i felt that day, Is all coming back to me as i type this response to the video of one of my favorite reviewers on this site.

  • Thatpirate
    Voted for Baker because of the alieniness.
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