Wonder Woman (2011) - A Review

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Comments (252)
  • Neo Ultra Mike
    That was an epically awesome review between the three and I even appreciated the bit of OOCness with Film Brain just wanting to belong to be evil (guess that makes sense for his Kickassia/Suburban Knights character) and Linkara finally having a chance to play a villian and just being bad at it and yeah lots of great jokes from such a stupid terrible pilot script for the violent scary Wonder Woman. Only three things I would of changed.

    1. A few too many uses of the "pants made darker" line.

    2. There should of been a line where Linkara says he hasn't seen something so damanging to wonder woman since Amazons Attack and Nash pointing out other things.

    3. Linkara should of just tried teleporting to his space ship at the end and leaving the others screwed at a PO JO.

    Overall defintley a good crossover work for you three. Can't wait to see Linkara's other crossover (since he said he did three and one was one he wrote) and FB's other three crossovers hopefully sometime soon.
  • Eye Carumba
    I believe one of Linkara's other crossovers was the one with Sage, which went up yesterday.

    I didn't know what to expect out of the canned Wonder Woman series, but I had no idea it was going to be this terrible.
  • ultramanmattia
    Why the hell they turned Wonder Woman into a media whore!?
  • Meiriona
    Well, Wonder Woman is famous for a certain neck snapping....
  • DMaster
    True...but that hardly means it needs to be a defining characteristic of a live-action serial; it's not like Maxwell Lord is widely known to the mainstream public, much less that Wonder Woman killed him in a story that probably didn't even happen post-Flashpoint.
  • tigrisBabylon
    There's a difference between snapping the neck of a sociopathic metahuman society can't contain and throwing a pipe through the head of a workaday security guard who's signed on to the wrong company.

    Although it makes less sense than usual that he fired on Wonder Woman in this world...
  • ladydiskette
    Awww Linkara sitting there on the chair holding a pink plushy like he was Darkside, too cute. Sometimes he really makes for a great villian, especialy in the subtle smirk he gives. Honestly, whenever he does that I get chills up and down my spin.


    This was great, you three had excellent chemistry together and it makes me want to see what the other three crossovers were. And that "Wonder Woman" show was just terrible. Wonder Woman is tough and strong but she is not a sadistic killer to her enemies. I am sure even Amazons practiced some restraint.
  • rockybalboa211
    I disagree with you Neo Ultra Mike. Personally, I believe that this review needed more of the "Pants to be darkened" line. I really liked Film Brain though in this review. He in my opinion made the review really special with his innocent wanting to be apart of the group. I am still wondering what book JO was reading at the start of this review though.
    Also, Linkara reminded me of Tom Servo when he addressed Film Brain as "Sweetie" :D
  • Semudara
    That was one of the Far Side collections, I forget which one.
  • LikaLaruku  - @Neo Ultra Mike
    A lot of "Linkara shoulds" there, you think you should be writing the scripts then?
  • WarxePB
    I sort of understand where they were going with this pilot: they wanted to do a Dark Knight-style grittier and more realistic take on Wonder Woman, and the whole "killing and torturing" thing could have been a result of the writers drawing inspiration from the classical Amazons (or any number of proud warrior race guys throughout history), but she just ends up as borderline sociopathic and definitely unlikable. I think this premise could have worked, but maybe not with Wonder Woman.

    I also agree with Neo Ultra Mike above that the "pants darkened" joke got a bit stale, but otherwise, I quite enjoyed this. Now all we need is a Nash/Linkara Doctor Who Classic crossover.
    Just... what the fudge cake blueberry topped brownie... My head is full of @#$#.

    While I myself am not into comics a whole lot compared to my interests in anime and Japanese related entertainment (eat me you chauvinist manchildren) and also wading in the times known as the 90's, this.... Was just horrible.

    I've seen Amazons Attack before as well, and having followed Linkara for a while, and knowing that legal procedure, despite the web and mess of convoluted lawyer pandering loopholes that threaten society as of this moment, again, this is just horrible.

    Aren't heroes supposed to work with the law to provide themselves with a sense of cooperation and civil respect? She could have just asked for a paramedics team to just sample the blood for her! And while I do hold the ethic of that laws are figureheads of morality and follow degrees of flexibility with the human psyche to allow judgement, and detest society for not allowing that, aren't heroes who are the upholders of law usually subduing rather than fatal?

    Why the #@$# is Wonder Woman aligned with a corporation? Doesn't she do her heroics on her own with sometimes needing to team up with the Justice League at times? I know she needs the cash, but even the 1970's TV show had her as a hardworking woman without selling out even her own secret identity!

    Also, how do you @#$# up a premise like a superhero show? I guess there's some sort of mentality amongst US show writers and movie scripters that to make palpable "nerd stuff" that you need to "be all modernistic and prudish". It's no wonder Hollywood's going down the drain and SOPA's going up- Creativity and effort on fiction has been stifled by prudes and the value of fantastical fictional entertainment being "for manchildren and kiddies".

    Also Hi from the Final Fantasy Wiki and the Dissidia Dream Characters thread WarxePB! :3
  • Ninja Kitty
    A grittier Wonder Woman? That makes no sense. Batman has been a dark character basically since day one, and has the personality traits/back story to boot. Wonder Woman's core characteristic is that she's suppose to be the "perfect woman" (as sexist as that might sound). Its just like Linkara said, she's supposed to embody truth, compassion, virtue, and the like. This was a bad story written by a group of people that were not familiar with the character and story line. Perhaps a "grittier" Wonder Woman type story would have worked under a different title. Make this show if it must be made (thankfully it doesn't), but do not label it "Wonder Woman".
  • AliaOfTheKnife  - Agreed
    There is no way this was "Wonder Woman." I don't consider Wondy to be a perfect woman, she's not human so right away we can't judge her by human standards. But Diana was designed to embody the best qualities that people attribute to women, our compassion, our strength of character, our love, and our sense of duty to things greater than ourselves. She was literally a gift from the gods (the Zeus retcon I reject completely) and as such its perfectly fine to let her be, well, WONDERful. Where the conflict of Wonder Woman should come from is how such a loving and compassionate person who is compelled to seek justice has to navigate in a world where not everyone is as wonderful as she. This pilot is the polar opposite of that. It almost makes me think this pilot was written for an original character, but the studio wouldn't fund the production unless they slapped a Wondy costume on top.
  • BooRat
    This is the closest I've come to actually seeing this un-aired pilot! I've seen many reviews but none that used footage of the actually show to highlight the badness!
    Wow, that urine colored filter really made that opening stolen right from Boys in the Hood look more like a bad comedy than a dramatic scene!
    I feel even more bad for the guy she choked slammed to the ground stabbed int he neck with a needle because he looked like a Cancer patent!
    Why was it called the Lasso of Truth when it didn't seem to have any power outside the basic ability to choke a bitch!
    I'm convinced after seeing this that wasn't Wonder Woman that was Superwoman of Earth 3 that escaped to this Earth to fuck people up!
    I wonder if this is one of those superhero series/movies where the main hero is the only super-being in the entire world because I'm convinced that if there was a Superman in this universe he'd come along and arrested her because she is pretty much a supervillain. She's pretty much the Elite if they were just single person.
    Well, I'd loved to have seen another episode just to see some one tell her that the security guard she piped to death was just doing his job and had a wife and kids and had no clue of the "supposed" illegal activities his boss was up to!
    So which is worse the new 52 Wondie or this one!? XD
    Here watch this http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=ICKK0MP5Zac and wash this from your eyes! It's a fan made film from YouTube somebody is doing using already excising film footage of a better Wonder Woman played by an actress I think would be a much better for role in a real movie someday!
    PS: Pants to be DARKENED!
    PSS, I don't mind you cursing it was actually pretty funny in the Dr. Phil voice! :D
  • HanSK  - don't you bash Azzie's Wondie
    Azzarello's Wonder Woman is awesome!
    So far she really didn't do anything bad besides stabbing a malicious goddess with a broken vine glass, and she had it coming
  • TragicGuineaPig
    I don't think that Linkara refrains from cursing as part of some effort to please his public, but because he tends to think that such cursing can - and often is - severely overdone. He counters this by deliberately avoiding it when he can. That being said, there are just some things that really deserve it, and this is one of them.

    This show looks terrible.

    Let’s not even address the same issues that Moe, Larry, and Curly – I mean Linkara, Matt, and Nash – have already addressed: the disservice to the fans of the original character, the shoddy writing and production, the psychotic nature of the main character.

    This simply would not work as any kind of superhero show.

    There are a few very important things a superhero needs:

    1. An origin story. Here, Wonder Woman is portrayed primarily as a marketing gimmick. She gets her powers from the gadgets designed by her corporation, and pays for them through marketing. This is lame.

    First, how did she get her powers to start with? Does she even have any real powers herself, since she doesn’t seem to be particularly super-strong or super-agile. What strength and agility she does have seems to be consistent with someone with a high degree of martial arts training, but not necessarily the daughter of legendary race of demi-goddesses.

    And what about the Lasso of Truth? How did she acquire that? It’s probably the only real “superpower” she has demonstrated, but we have no idea how it works or how she got it.

    Are we supposed to presume the canonical comic book origin, that she came from the Amazons? If so, then why couldn’t that be at least briefly explained? But seeing as how I didn’t see the episode in its entirety, was there something I missed?

    And second, why does she do what she does? What is her motive for fighting crime? Maybe I could understand it if, in the context of the show, we were shown her discovering the abuses of the evil corporation and making the tough decision to take it on herself. But we don’t see that. What little we do get of her knowledge about the pharmaceutical testing is when she visits that one athlete in the hospital. But by that point, she’s already involved in the fight.

    The bottom line, I as a viewer just get the impression she just likes to kick butt. I don’t get the impression that she cares about such things as truth, justice, or even the American way. She gets her kicks from taking down bad guys.

    The hero’s origin should always give us, the audience, a reason to track with the hero: to set aside our suspension of unbelief so that we can believe that such a hero could come about. It should tell us how they got their abilities, and explain their reasons for using those abilities to fight evil. We get none of that from this show.

    2. A secret identity THAT MATTERS. Here, the secret identity is t...
  • TragicGuineaPig
    2. A secret identity THAT MATTERS. Here, the secret identity is that of a middle-aged woman who lives alone with her cat in a small apartment. Why? It’s established already that she is the head of a multi-billion dollar corporation, and the public already knows that the president and their chief commodity – Wonder Woman – are the same person.

    Secret identities are supposed to matter to the hero. It is, for all intents and purposes, the person they truly are (aside from Batman stories that like to turn that backwards). They have lives outside of their crime-fighting. Peter Parker takes care of Aunt May. Bruce Wayne runs his family business. Professor Xavier runs a school for gifted children. The secret identities are there to protect their friends and family from retaliation from villains and persecution from the public.

    But here, the secret identity makes no sense. At best, it is just a way for her to get away from the office and let down her hero façade, and just be a vulnerable human being. Except that she’s alone with her cat and her TV. That’s not vulnerable; that’s pathetic. That’s not her real life; that’s hardly a life at all. (And I say that as a man who stays home alone with his pet snakes and computer). In other words, why should we the audience invest ourselves at all in her “secret life”? At best, it is a lame attempt to get the female “stays home with their cat” audience to identify with her.

    And by the way, this is where the costume factors in. In some cases – like with Batman’s armored suit – the costume can be seen as functional/pragmatic. But in other cases – like with Superman’s long-johns and cape, or Wonder Woman’s bikini – you have to wonder: what is the purpose to the outfit? If Wonder Woman were trying to protect a secret identity THAT MATTERED, then it could be argued that she is putting forth a flamboyant persona to detract from the more subdued person who she truly is. Only in this case, the person she truly is is in fact a MEDIA-WHORING CORPORATE SHARK! In such a case, a flamboyant But Also Pragmatic costume would have been more appropriate. An American Flag bikini wouldn’t fit the bill in this case.

    Now, combine that with the whole “Wonder Woman is not a sex object!” rant she made earlier, and it makes the whole flag bikini thing entirely schizo.

    Now, add these to the complaints of the Stooges here (seriously, guys, I love your work), and what we have is a “hero” who comes out of nowhere, has no identifying or sympathizing qualities. We have no reason to set aside our disbelief, and no reason to relate to the character.

    With Batman, the “outside of the law” thing kind of works. But it works because we can identify with his pain, we can understand how his training and gadgets make him what he is, and – most importantly – we can see his commitment to his own moral code, and even to that law he often works outside of....
  • moshpitmachine
    i love seeing the three of you together you guys are all individually great but you feed off of one another beautifully.
  • Cinnamon Scudworth
    Last time I checked, WB was slashing WW pilot uploads left and right (they're understandably embarrassed). You guys may pay for this one.

    Everyone watch it quickly, it may vanish faster than "The Room" did.
  • AlucardsQuest
    This is covered under commentary, criticism, news reporting, research, teaching and parody/review of an un-aired pilot which will never be made for sale, (ie. there is no revenue to be lost) so not only is it covered by fair use, but they could probably win in litigation over it's content if WB tried to unjustly have it's content removed. Youtube (pussies that they are) will remove or edit any video with 3 flags, but the same is not true for Blip.
  • Flaregun  - reply to AlucardsQuest
    Yeah, tell that to Brad, who had to take down his review of that unfinished "Grizzly II" movie after it's director sent him some really nasty emails threatening all sorts of legal action.

    A pretty good case could be made that *because* this was never finished and never released to the public, it's strictly private property and thus "fair use" in no way applies. Would it be "fair use" if I broke into your house, stole your private journal, read excerpts of it online and mocked & derided you for it?

    The way I see it, if you post your Han Solo/Chewbacca slash fic online, Bennett the Sage has every right to make a video going to town on it and mocking you, but you don't publicly release it anywhere yet he somehow gets his hands on an illegally procured copy, he doesn't. It doesn't matter if you came within a hairs breath of posting it online yourself but came to your senses just before you clicked the "enter" key.
  • HanSK
    Which is why they invented SOPA...
  • Supermutant2099
    Go going for those who predicted this would be the one they did as crossover. I thought maybe something else since I wasn't sure they could find a copy but they did. To the pilot. I thought maybe people just were being harsh on it but yeah it's not good. I have seen worse but they could have done so much better. I still take this over the Wonder Woman crap dc publishing now. At least this looked somewhat entertaining. WW comic is a mess of bad designs, worse then the pilot characterization, being guest star her own book sometimes. Here is another thing pilot has on current comic: Zeus isn't her father.
  • HanSK  - @Supermutant2099
    You obviously never really read the comics
  • buzzrock1
    How dare you call Inglourious Basterds flawed! That movie is Tarantino's best! It's perfect! Well maybe not perfect, but still totally awesome. If you wanna bring up a flawed Tarantino movie bring up Death Proof, or Jackie Brown.
  • MisterCrim
    I, too, take issue with Film Brain's tone when speaking of Inglorious Basterds. Yes, it wasn't Tarantino's best film (for me, that's between Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs) but it was still very good. Death Proof was a fucking nightmare to watch, even with Planet Terror playing before it (I'm implying that I enjoyed Planet Terror for those who can't tell). Ninety minutes of focus on two groups of chatty bitches talking about nothing interesting with the monotony broken up by a very poor effort from Kurt Russel to be a psychopath.
  • dennett316
    He didn't say it wasn't good, he said it was flawed.
    Also, Kurt Russel was great in Death Proof...but the movie is ungodly slow to get started.
  • Lightice
    Planet Terror was not directed by Quentin Tarantino, man. And Death Proof was actually quite a good deconstruction of the B-movie serial killer genre.

    Personally, I found it hard to get invested in Inglorious Basterds. I never felt a real connection to the characters, and without it it's hard to enjoy two-hour slaughterfest, as self-aware and ironic as it is.
    Jackie Brown is Tarantino's most skillfully made, and probably best film (Though I have to choose Pulp Fiction, personally. My #2 fave movie)

    Matt didn't say IG was bad, just flawed. I say Inglorious Basterds is bad: 70s exploitation flick tropes and 80s music by David Bowie in a movie set in WW2 France? Long, drawn out talking heads scenes? Corny sitcom antics?

    The promise of Inglorious Basterds kicking Nazi butt and instead getting revenge plot with a young lady going all Charlie Bronson on the Axis leaders? Brad Pit hamming it up? Yes, this movie was flawed.

    Jackie Brown on the other hand, was perfectly executed.People didn't like it because it followed up Pulp Fiction and wasn't a carbon copy.

    People also didn't like it because it didn't have the humor and cutting edge style of Pulp Fiction, the outbursts of violence of True Romance or the gore and violence of Kill Bill and Basterds.
  • biblegirl
    I was really hoping good things when i heard that Wonder Woman could be coming to TV. I wanted something to replace my weekly dose of Smallville. Sad it didn't turn out.
  • Draggonslayer26
    i never been much of a wonder woman fan but i stil find this movie offance and disguesting it darkens my souls... why the hell would D.C sign off on this piece of crap they did have to sign off on it right? whats next is green letern a drug dealer or superman a murder is this the jusitce lords universe.. also did D.C have to sign off on this peice of crap
  • Mad-Eye Louie  - Reference
    A note on the scene where Wonder Woman is congratulated by her staff.

    "So this is how democracy dies. To thunderous applause."

    'nuff said.
  • MisterCrim
    I was about to rage on you for quoting one of the worst atrocities committed upon my person, but then I realised that this deserves it.
  • xxhexx00
    ok i want Lynda Cater and Susan Eisenberg to find the makers of this and kick there asses (i am officially tired of this Gritty re-imagining with everything now a days
  • DMaster
    "... i am officially tired of this Gritty re-imagining with everything..."

    Hear, hear.
  • Jai137
    Does anybody else think they did this on purpose?
    It's like the makers made the worst ever Wonder Woman film/tv series possible so that they could shut up fans of Diana and focus their creative energies on Superman/Batman/any other Manly superhero cause female superheroines dont sell.
  • TheSynapZe  - Etta Candy?
    Did Wondy's assistant say her name was Etta Candy? Like, her fat comedy sidekick from the Golden Age? Well that was a weird callback. Even that awful Spirit movie didn't namedrop Whitewash Jones.
  • Linkara
    Etta's been reinvented in the comics more than once as someone who was still shapely, but more than competent and an ass-kicker in her own right.

    Here she is skinny and I disapprove of that.
  • HanSK
    Which version are you talking about
    I only know the awesome chubby Etta from the Golden Age (may the comic gods bless her), and the whiny, skinny Etta from the modern comics
  • SpeedyEric
    30:38- WOW, Lewis. Just ...WOW.
  • Demien van Cope
    *whispers* Linkara said "F" word o_O
  • JehuTron  - @Demien van Cope
    It's like discovering that Cthulhu exist!

  • cscarlett15
    i may not know much about Wonder Woman but i do know she surely has no reason to act like a tortured misunderstood soul seeking out and destroying evil because oh yeah THAT'S BATMAN!

    i agree with WarxePB, everyone is trying to be like the Dark Knight and they are failing

    on a side note great crossover and big hugs for Film Brain for being so bloody adorable
  • MisterCrim
    Oh man, even Batman draws a line when it comes to killing. This was some straight up Rorschach shit right here.
  • TerminalSanity
    At least in Watchmen the general public, the, police, and hell even the other heroes regarded Rorshach as out of his f-ing mind. Here people are all like "We must all praise and assist this completely righteous Woman"
  • Tiana Sidhe
    Thank God this never made it to air. All that waiting and wondering just how bad of a storyline it must've been to have kept from airing...

    I'm happy to see so many actors that I like in it, though. I adore Cary Elwes and Elizabeth Berkeley, and getting to see them in something together made me happy, despite the load of shit the rest of the pilot was.
  • Malken
    Glad you finally did this one. Really funny review (a little much with *darken pants* joke though).

    I've seen the pilot, and the interrogation scene was personnaly the most offending part for me. I dislike that scene even more the when she kills a guy in cold blood, simply for the fact that they specifically set it up like she's actually going to use the lasso for something else than to choke a bitch. When she drops it on his chest she even asks him *Remember this?* insinuating she's gonna use it again, and then she proceeds to torture him for the info and the lasso isn't even involved in any way. It's like they were deliberately trying to piss fans off.
  • Malken
    And the whole *I have to dump Steve Trevor because I can't make him become a target because of my superhero career, and now I'm so lonely* subplot is made completely pointless because she created herself a regular secret identity that the public is completely unaware of!
  • TheBrigeedaRocks

    Oh God.

    Oh God there is just...

    So much wrong with this.

    So much.

    Out of all the reviews I've ever seen on this site, this is the first one that made me pause the video -multiple times- just so I could RAGE about everything I was seeing on screen. I knew this was going to be bad from the start when they leaked the costume and the plot last year, but seeing the actual pilot just...something has snapped. If this had ever made it to air I think I'd've punched my TV or the closest person to me.

    As a woman and as a Wonder Woman fan, this is just downright insulting to me.

    Cary Elwes, Elizabeth Hurley, Senator-guy-whose-name-I- can't-remember-but-have- seen-a-million- places...you are so much better than this.
  • doggans
    The senator guy is Edward Herrmann, of Gilmore Girls/The Lost Boys/A Whole Bunch of Other Stuff fame. And yes, he is much better than this.
  • MisterCrim  - Holy fucking shit!
    Now, I'm not one for comic books, but being a card carrying nerd for the last 27 years I do know enough about the lore behind Wonder Woman to be offended by the writers' portrayal. It almost makes me wonder if the writers had even been aware of Wonder Woman outside of an essentials briefing before trying to adapt another super hero into a very shitty Smallville meets Dark Knight travesty.

    I do agree with Nash that it seems they were trying to convey the implication of lawless vigilantism and amorality in seeking "true" justice. What's worse is that it may have worked using another character (Okay, probably just Batman or a really young Superman). However, there's already been an excellent film that addresses the issue in a similar manner, Watchmen. And it worked then because Rorschach had been established as a borderline psychotic, amoral vigilante outlaw with a very strict code of justice.

    Further more (and again, I'm not really up to par on my Wonder Woman lore per se) I don't recall Diana ever having controlled a corporation or having to fund her exploits through American capitalism. Pretty sure she got all her toys and trinkets from the gods. It's almost as though the writers were trying to make some horrible amalgamation of Rorschach and Tony Stark. Basically, when you make Batman look like a criminal rights activist, you're doing it wrong.

    Lastly, what the fuck? Elizabeth Hurley is your random "villain" instead of, oh, I dunno, Circe or Felix Faust. Fuck, if they wanted to reach they could have possibly gotten away with Trygon or maybe Zazilla. Something is lost when a super hero ends up taking down corporate criminals instead of super villains.
  • Linkara
    Aaaactually to respond to your end bit there, Veronica Cale IS a Wondy villain, introduced during Greg Rucka's run... and she's a really damn good villain - a corporate President who hates Wonder Woman because she sees her as an egotist and a hypocrite yet gets all the praise in the world. Basically she's a Lex Luthor for Wondy and she was actually really good... and she is completely wasted here.
  • TerminalSanity  - Wow......
    Just... wow. I figured the adapting of Wonder Woman into a serious, live-action, action/drama would go over about as well as that god-awful Birds of Prey series but this... this... thing was just deranged I honestly can't believe so much money could be pumped into a project based around such a schizophrenic script.

    All the core changes they made to the character of Wonder Woman only served to make the character both completely unrelatable to a general audience and unrecognizable if not outright insulting to anyone familiar with character.(Wonder Woman just casually kills people and people are just alright with it, WTF?).Wonder Woman comes off as a self-righteous sociopath with no real clear motivation, who for some inexplicable reason everyone on the face of the earth seems to be falling over themselves to enable. I can see why this pilot never made it to air.

    At least someone in the chain of production had the sense to look at this trainwreck and say "This is so terrible, I would rather just eat the production costs than let it see the light of day". That's probably only redeemable thing you could say about the whole project.
    Eat the production coasts? Hollywood makes 50 or 60 (probably more) pilots just like this every year. Most of them are rejected, and never see the light of day. WW got leaked because of the fanboy clamor to see it.
  • TerminalSanity
    Yeah but most of those pilots are your typical crime dramas and three camera sitcoms they cost a fraction to produce as something like this. Even with the incomplete effects I bet they spent 3 to 5 million dollars on this turd no one saw while the average pilot usually runs under 1 million.
  • Sebastian_Havelock
    You know if this was a Black Widow pilot it might make sense!
  • mehja
    FilmBrain, Nash and Linkara - YEAH!

    Wonder Woman pilot - HELP!

    Great review but this pilot... WTF? I admire that they even managed to come up with dialogue beyond:
    OMFG, this is so stupid/ offensive/ wrong, and repeatedly face palming and banging their head against the wall until needing to recover 3 weeks from serious concussions.

    Moral: Human rights and justice are for pussies - when your boobs are presented properly and your hair is perfect you can do as you fucking please.
    I feel so empowered as a woman...
    (*throw up*)
  • Ranchoth
    Ugh...this pilot felt like the producers were given orders to make a legal drama with a social conscience/with a brutal edgy kickass superhero/who's a quirky thirtysomething single working woman trying to find her place in the world/and in a show that's not TOO cerebral, so it won't confuse the hayseeds in the audience. And they managed to reconcile their conflicting directives about as well as a HAL 9000.

    And/or they were just being sarcastic.

    I will say this, though...the fight in the warehouse? It's actually not that bad at all, but it's a LOT better if you sync it with certain tracks from the T2 soundtrack.
  • Grumpy-Celt
    The cinematographer for the pilot was the same one for Tarsem Singh’s “The Fall” and Kelley’s and his producers have been involved in successful TV programs for decades. On paper, the combination of intellectual property, and talent on both sides of the camera sounded good for the WW pilot.

    Yet they turned out a show that fails as decent TV before it fails as a superhero adaptation.
    Oh my god it like they have some guy thinking he working with Farnk miller thinking he writeing a female batman but it Fucking wonder woman like one guy would say "WONDER WOMAN DON'T WORK LIKE THAT!!!"
  • Wizard
    Rated 5 stars for Linkara fuck-ing on camera ;)
  • Johnny User
    What!? I think you and I were watching VERY different videos if...oh, the WORD 'fuck'! Yeah, that was neat!
  • AlucardsQuest
    My God, this is a terrible show, worse than 24! I can't believe that everyone involved thought this was supposed to be a good idea! It goes against almost everything that Wonder Woman is supposed to be! Even at it's best, there is no back story nor explanation about why an Amazonian Goddess is the head of a billion dollar crime fighting syndicate... (as well as how that's supposed to be relatable).

    The costume is horrible plastic and spandex, the lasso looks horrible, and yet she somehow has her own toy line?!

    This is why they need to make a live action Wonder Woman movie, to bury shit like this and create a quality product out of a highly underestimated super hero! Not to mention that there is no good super hero movie starring a female lead!

    Her tits were practically falling out during the hospital scene with the supposed villain for fuck's sake!!!
  • Eyeshot
    I was led to believe that NBC dropped the pilot because it was too corny. NOW I know that corniness wasn't the problem. A little corniness I can tolerate (and perhaps general audiences as well), but seeing Wonder Woman as a torturing psychopath is unacceptable. You guys were probably right in saying that the show might have been trying to justify torture somehow - probably because a certain U.S. President said that waterboarding should join baseball as a U.S. pastime.

    I pin the blame for WW's nefarious ways on two things: The Dark Knight and 24. "The Dark Knight" had a torture scene that certain pundits said was the filmmaker's own way of trying to justify torture. I once read an article theorizing that the bat symbol on the new suit was made to look like a W representing George W. Bush. That's nonsense of course, but it's telling of what conclusions people can draw from the movie.

    The greater offender is 24, in which fed agent Jack Bauer does whatever he can to stop terrorists - including using their own methods to extract information. Like WW, Bauer has little respect for the law and due process; he just wants his man and will bust as many heads as he can to get him. Since the show ran for numerous seasons, it's safe to say that many viewers agree with his methods as long as nuclear Armageddon is prevented.

    James Cameron said on a commentary for T2 that audiences will go along with a protagonist as long as he/she is smart. Indeed, Wonder Woman would have been more likeable if she was brainy enough to deal with confrontations in an evasive manner, not with unadulterated viciousness.
  • TerminalSanity
    "Dark Knight and 24. "The Dark Knight" had a torture scene that certain pundits said was the filmmaker's own way of trying to justify torture." That's a bit of an ironic conclusion to reach considering that, in that particular scene the torture was entirely ineffective and played right into the Joker's hand.
  • Crunchy_Frog
    There were a lot of succinct op-ed pieces back in 2007 that shed a light on how "24" was a propaganda vehicles that made torture of "enemies of the USA" socially acceptable, by pandering to what anthropologists call "in-group loyalty, out-group hate", and that the world view that "24" preached was remarkably similar (politely said) to a fascist world view.

    http://www.newyorker.com/ printables/fact/ 070219fa_fact_mayer
    "Whatever it takes - The Politics behind Fox TV's series 24"

    http:// www.popmatters.com/tv/ features/060306-24.shtml
    "Is Fox's 24 and Advertisement for Torture?"

    http://www.attytood.com/ 2007/02/ why_tvs_24_is_bad_for_ame rica.html
    "Why TV's 24 is bad for America"
  • Johnny User
    Who gets stopped by Film Brain? Hes like 110 lbs. and unless hes lifting invisible weights when he proclaims "SYMBOLISM!!", probably not remarkably strong.

    "I think feminism just got whiplash." Hell, I think it was mildly Abu Ghraib'd.

    I know Etta Candy has gone through some changes over the years, but this version isn't even sort of chubby. Thats her thing!

    "I like that, it actually harkens back to..." Back to Wonder Woman? The hero who probably wouldn't kill just some guy if she didn't have to? Not only him, but apparently she killed "others". Not "another". "OtherS". The bullet-deflection does indeed harken back to the Wonder Woman who wouldn't have killed those guards. Remember her? I sure wish they'd made a show about that Wonder Woman.

    With three yanks-and-drags, I kind of figured there'd a be a "GET OVER HERE!" joke.
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