Doctor Who Classic - Terror of the Vervoids

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  • ThatJinxedGirl
    Awww I think I'm of the few fangirls of The Sixth Doctor. But yeah this episdoe was uh hwo would you say it ... A clusterfuck.
  • PapaCalder
    As a fellow Whovian, I was just wondering who your favorite Doctor/Companion/Episode is
  • Gift of the Magi
    Jon Pertwee/ the Brigader/ The Empty Child-The Doctor Dances two-parter
  • e33laf
    A second vote for The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances. Those two are hands down among my favourite episodes of the new series.
  • jdh1271
    Awesome review Nash. Okay I am going to be honest I like Colin Baker as the Doctor. Yeah he was brash, egotistical and... that costume. But he had some good qualities to. He had a strong moral sense and we he thought something was wrong he had no second thought he just charged in to take also very good speaker. I hate it when people blamed him for the shows decline. I will admit he was probably the weakest but I do like all the Doctors.

    R.I.P. Elisabeth Sladen. There will never be another companion like you again.
  • e33laf
    Oh my... o_O
    The mid-late 80`s really wasn`t kind to the poor Doctor was it.
  • Shmooglavoue
    Zodan the Unbouncable? The prophecy of the reticulated Jolly Ranchers was true! Oh bestest messiah, lead us through an era of tri-score martini nights, and to a brighter yesterday!

    *shakes head* Whoa, the insanity is starting to get to me. Maybe I should lie down for a bit.
  • Mr.Evil
    Lying down never helps. Trust me.
  • saint23thomas
    Of course, it helps. It makes sure the crazy soaks in at a steady rate.

    Now, I must smite this "Zodan, the Unbouncable". He has attempted to steal my woman. Therefore, he shall know the cold wraith of my mystical spoon, Alfredo.
  • M. Lion
    Pants 4:52 and so Chester the god of Cheese said unto Zodan " bring me sacrifice 72 male virgins in their late 70s and i shall bestow upon you an army of anthropomorphic dolphins to aid you in your conquest of the mythical land of milk" a reading from the book of chuck
  • MagusProject  - Background details.
    Registered just to make a note here: In the shots of Nash, on his monitor:

    Ponies. My god.
  • Gift of the Magi  - MCCLOUD!
    Let me guess...trying out as a cast member for Cinematic Titanic there, Nash?

    Seriously, Doc #6 was not my favorite...but I think that had more to do with the writers and costume than the actor. Considering how poorly done his run of the Doctor was by the studio and what he had to work with, Colin Baker actually made the Doctor enjoyable at times. And on a personal note, he's a decent guy to meet.

    This episode...oy. The Trail of a Time Lord was NOT a bad idea, nor was the concept of a possible future evil Doctor. In fact, rumors are running about that the newest Doctor may be facing him very soon. However, the structure of the entire season was just crap. This Orient Express IN SPACE episode was a prime example of the whole season: Good idea, poor execution.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I HAVE MOVIE INCOMING!
  • LikaLaruku
    Joseph called, he wants his amazing technicolor dreamcoat back.

    It looks like Monk's first assistant Sharona dressed as April O'Niel. She sounds 10 years old.

    Buy it, use it, break it, fix it, trash it, change it, mail/upgrade it, charge it, point it, zoom it, press it, snap it, work it, quick erase it, write it, cut it, paste it, save it, load it, check it, quick rewrite it, plug it, play it, burn it, rip it, drag & drop it, zip/unzip it, lock it, fill it, call it, find it, view it, code it, jam/unlock it, surf it, scroll it, pause it, click it, cross it, crack it, switch/update it, name it, rate it, tune it, print it, scan it, send it, fax/rename it, touch it, bring it, play it, watch it, turn it, leave it, start/format it....Technologic, technologic.

    To me they look like stalks of asparagus with hybrid artichoke/toilet seats for heads.
  • brick mooncode
    Oh, Vervoids, I get it now. That can't possibly be what they meant when they wanted more comedy.
  • TMS414
    Next time I get a chance to head down to SC and visit, I wanna stop by and watch an episode or two of Dr. Who with you just so we can make MST3K style comments!
  • LordNifty
    Needed a "A Few Good Men" reference:

    "Was there any evidence of violence?"
    "Besides the dead body?"
  • Mr.Evil
    This was one of the few episodes I saw in my youth when PBS ran the series. I remember thinking, "You know, they kill a lot of people on this show. A LOT." Oddly enough, I wasn't disturbed by the man-jina vegetable men.. not sure what that says about me.

    I do understand why you extricated the episode from the overall Trial arc, but a couple details bear mentioning:

    - Interesting to note, the Doctor attempts to show during the Trial bits that his intervention into the situation saved possibly the entire human race from a vegetable invasion. But by the end of the episode, the prosecutor (Mr. Evil Doctor) has called up a new charge: genocide, for destroying all the veggie-men. This charge gets pretty much shoved away once the Master shows up in the next episode.

    - Perry (the companion who died at the beginning of the Trial Arc) turns out not to be dead. A throwaway comment at the end of the arc tells us that she was actually living happily shacked up with a barbarian chief, despite the fact that we see her get both mind-screwed and presumbly blasted during the Trial's temporal playback (long story, go with it). Considering that some of the time-footage had been tampered with, this isn't completely out of left field, but it's still a pretty blatant retcon so as to give Perry a happy ending... kinda.
  • Master Metallic
    You know, I've been wondering if you were going to review some of the new series outside of Love and Monsters. Ironically enough, I was specifically thinking of Daleks in Manhattan/Evolution of the Daleks.
  • Shinigami
    And so it become the pass that man who was once known as Nash was known as Zodan.
  • jalford
    A "towel" joke in Dr. Who?
    Now, they're just ripping off Hitchhikers!
  • menny in the library
    Nash calling Pip & Jane's dialogue good? That's gotta be Zodan talking... in the WEB OF MAYHEM AND INTRIGUE!

    To give Pippenjane some credit, at least they give the Doctor something proactive to do, something that Saward blatantly forgot. And it's the best bunch of episodes for Mel too!

    Will Nash complete the Pippenjane trilogy with Mark of the Rani? Looking forward to that.
  • Trencher
    Actually flowers petals and erm.. heads are actually their sexual organs so in a certain sense the episode... Nevermind.
  • Kolonel
    Only two things bugged me in this episode:

    1. Melanie was just added to the picture, no rhyme or reason. We get a brief explanation (future companion), which only raises more questions (what? the Doctor is allowed to see into his own future? isn't it supposed to be the ... I don't know ... number 1 rule that no one should be?)

    2. The episode's whole set-up is a rip-off. Does anyone remember a season 17 story called Nighmare of Eden?
    If not, I'll tell it in a nutshell:
    On a passenger spaceship, the lead researcher of a team of scientists (which has a suspiciously missing member, who the Doctor discovers mid-way through the episode, is actually alive) smuggles aboard some seeds, which would make him rich, when he sells them.
    But some dangerous specimen illegally taken aboard get out of control, and reek havoc, and it's up to the Doctor and his companion to stop them and save everyone on the spaceship.
    Familiar, isn't it?
    We'll miss you always Miss Sladen. Always
  • David2
    Okay, someone call a doctor... and I don't mean THE Doctor...

    Hand, face, slap, ow.... can't stop... Hand, face, slap, ow.... Hand, face, slap, ow.... Hand, face, slap, ow.... someone make it stop... Hand, face, slap, ow.... Hand, face, slap, ow.... Hand, face, slap, ow....
  • Shippou-Sensei
    in terms of monstor design it make a nice match with the alpha centauri

    http:// wp-content/uploads/2009/ 10/ac.jpg
  • Mucca
    Good video, but... god, if I hear "here comes Wade, look ou-" "*GASP* Whu? NO! NO!" one more time, I'm going to kill something. I DON'T EVEN LIVE IN THE US!
  • Nash
    But . . . but . . . T-Mobile is so awesomely fast and 4G (no, don't call it LTE, it's 4G, even if there's no such thing, SHUT UP) that even if you aren't in a country that has it available you SHOULD STILL TOTALLY GET IT!

    But in all seriousness, at least it's not "You Gotta LOL" . . .
  • Mucca
    That one didn't actually annoy me as much, I mean sure, it was absurdly long and getting it all the time got annoying really fast, but on the other hand, I only got it at the end of videos, so I wasn't forced to watch it.
  • Thaluikhain
    A few things:

    Firstly "quantum probability"? What? The Valeyard was said to definitely be the Doctor later on...sure, they'll retcon or ignore it when Matt Smith goes, but in this story there's no question.

    Secondly, the story arc was embedded in the stories. The Doctor claims that various parts of the story aren't exactly what happened, they've been distorted and the viewer is left to wonder what actually happened. (Not to mention continually cutting back to the courtroom so the prosecutor can yell at the Doctor for making yard jokes, which they didn't need).
  • Nash
    Actually, he wasn't. The Valeyard was described as being a "potential" dark version of the Doctor . . . part of the basis of the whole trial was to steal the Doctor's remaining regenerations and "actualize" himself. Chalk it up to wibbly-wobbly-timey- wimey.

    And no, honestly . . . the arc isn't "embedded." It's included by way of small, brief scenes that are pasted into the episode, and from the presentation in Terror of the Vervoids, it's quite clear the courtroom scenes and the episodes were written at different times. As to the viewer being "left to wonder," between the acting, direction and even soundtrack cues, there's really no question that the Matrix "footage" was altered.

    The Key to Time was an embedded arc; the point of each episode was to find pieces of the thing, wherever and whenever they might be. The Black Guardian saga, even that was embedded. This was "Write your script, then we'll go back and plug in these Trial of a Time Lord parts, hammer them in so they look like they were meant to be there, and we'll shoot it." It was sloppy and ended up less a plot issue and more a gimmick. While some of the stories in Trial of a Time Lord may be sound, the "arc" on which they all hung wasn't.

    If you edit out the Trial of a Timelord scenes from Terror of the Vervoids, from the final released cut, it could stand on its own and you'd never notice the absence. That's part of the problem.

    EDIT: You may want to check out the Big Finish audio drama "He Jests at Scars" from their Doctor Who Unbound line. It's a "What If The Valeyard Won the Trial" scenario, and while it may not be canon, it's actually really good.
  • AdamTheGreat91
    Omg A real genius joke. I laughed so hard. People don't give that movie enough credit. And never apologize for a daft punk joke. A great review nash and I always look forward to your videos. They are so incredibly funny.
  • HarryCane


    ...Sorry, I may have got abit exicted with the caps lock for a moment. -_-
  • Dont Ask
    Gotta admit, I haven't seen that much of The Sixth Doctor, I've really liked everything I have seen of him. I gotta admit that I found the whole of Trial of a Timelord to be brilliant. I really feel bad for Colin. He's a great actor, and does well with he's given. He's really cool off the set too, but everyone just seems to treat him like the Hitler of Doctor Who.
  • angel85
    I'm pretty surprised they didn't have the drum beat "ba-dum-tsh" after that "cabin #9" joke.

    The cute little plant people from Sonic and the Black Knight, AND the Seedrians from Sonic X were BOTH better designs for plant people than these Vervoids. Though to prove I'm not a COMPLETE Sonic fanboy I will point out that the Namekians from Dragonball Z were better than those 2. If you can think of a better plant alien design than the vervoids too then respond to this comment!
  • Alar
    Nash, you and Lupa are probably my two top favorite additions to this site that arrived after I started watching. You always continue impress.

    Well done!
  • Rebochan
    Next episode is...Daleks in Manhattan? Really? That was...actually a pretty good episode...and it's more NuWho. I mean, I understood the dip into Love and Monsters, but I'd really rather see more of the old show and less of the new one since I've watched the new series in its entirety and everyone on the internet has already picked it apart over and over. Nobody really talks about the classic show anymore :(

    Guess I'll skip the next one.
  • Fuery87
    Yeah, I didn't have any problems with Daleks in Manhattan either. Though I did think the pig men were kinda weird.

    Anyway, I purchased a recent Doctor Who reference guide which had classic Who enemies in it. Turned to the Vervoid page and just thought "WTF?"
  • Shippou-Sensei
    no problem with it?

    you have a weird humanoid dalek in a suit.

    it was RTD digging up the corpse of the daleks and raping it

    the poor daleks were mistreated the most out of all the classic monsters in new who
  • KenxKao
    Comment on Daleks in Manhattan: I may go to hell for saying . . . uh, typing this, but I was glad they killed off the Dalek Human hybrid in the same episode it debuted in. Daleks are not supposed to have faces in the first place. That's one of the things that made the so scary in classic Who. And when he began working with the Doctor I just thought to myself "and they're going to betray him in 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . told you so."

    While I'm glad that paved the way for the return of Davros . . . I really don't want to see this . . . again. -_-

    Comment on Current Vid: I trial of the Doctor set on Galifray by the Time Lords? If that were set in NuWho and only 2 or 3 episodes instead of an ENTIRE SEASON and not to mention better writing . . . you're right Nash, I would go into Chuwaja (I can't spell today -_-) mode and jump all over the place.

    This is a good example of why politics is not good while writing science fiction . . . except when it comes to comedy.

    But anyway, I still don't get the joke you apologized for . . . but then again I haven't googled it yet ^^;

    On a more serious note, I think we will all miss Elisabeth Sladen. She was a great companion and a wonderful actress. She will be missed.
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