(Not) Doctor Who Classic - Love & Monsters

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Comments (169)
  • rogueofmv
    Well, I gotta give 'em one unit of praise; they're right about not being able to beat a bit of ELO.
  • punksweets
    I though the ending of Love & Monsters was the most wallbangerific thing ever when i first saw it
  • Folio
    Please don't mention 'banging' and something 'concrete' in one sentence. It reminds me of this show. >_
  • Divide By Zero
    The sentient concrete blow-job dispenser was enough to make me nauseous, but the image of that great green things junk flapping around in a barely there loin-cloth haunts me to this day.
  • ColleenRW
    Oh Doc, this episode. I hated this one SO MUCH. It just didn't feel like Doctor Who! POINTLESS!

    And your vlog is superior because we actually get visuals with it. No one ever considers that when a character is flashing back and giving commentary, the video's audience is really just watching them blather into thin air.

    Also, you need to watch this: http:// www.collegehumor.com/ video:1897772
  • jdh1271
    I can't believe people got paid to write this!

    That main guy was in Band of Brothers and all I can say is... WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO YOU??

    And I love ELO and this is a bigger waste of their talents than Xanadu!

    And that ending... oh dear God! I nearly threw up when I heard the love life part and... oh God here I go again.

    Great job as always Nash
  • Mountain_King
    I had completely blocked this episode from my memory. Thank you very much, This was vile, vapid crap with no real point to it.

    I never liked Jackie (who seemed to embody everything wrong with British Culture today) and her character in this episode is proof that she was a one dimensional comedy character who job it was to offend.

    Good review, but curse you for reminding me that it exists. It's episodes like this and End of Time (which I hate almost as much) that help to prove that Russel T Davis is almost as bad a thing for Dr Who as John Nathan Turner

    Oh, and you're going to do K9 and company? are you deliberately trying to drive people to kill themselves? the title sequence alone had been know to cause insanity!
  • mrrubino
    Poor Jackie. Her big moment was this.
    Well that and the time she rode in the TARDIS, even if she didn't get to go time-hopping.

    But consigning a woman to unliving immortality as a blowjob stone seems more like something BakerII would do in a moment of generalized anger.
  • pharmmajor
    It's been four years since this episode aired, and I still have no idea what the hell Russell T. Davies was thinking when he wrote this shit.
  • GLKnight
    I have blades all around my bedroom. This episode almost made me pillage and burn everything I hold dear. I frankly am insulted that they thought it was a good idea to end like that, and I don't even WATCH Dr. Who!!!!
  • kappa1986  - This is too funny
    I could never get into Dr. Who. I tried two times and this was the one I caught on cable last time. And I though my hands up to say fuck it. But if I can get a list of good ones I'll try one more time. To end this I think I have found my new second favorite guy on the site after this and all your other videos.
  • AncientRelic
    Very simple response to anyone who wants a good Who to start on:


    Series 3 episode. Watch it and if you don't like it you can walk away clean.
  • e33laf
    The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances two-parter from series one is excellent as well.
  • ShadowWing Tronix
    The scene where the guys face turns into a gasmask still freaks me out, and I'm not usually freaked out by Doctor Who. Much.
  • Slowking
    Well basically everything Steven Moffat wrote. That's easier than listing all his episodes (including Blink, The empty child, silence in library, forest of the dead, a christmas carol etc.).

    Oh and Human nature and The family of blood. (not moffat but great)
  • Divide By Zero
    I'll endorse the recommendation of "Blink" and "The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances".

    "Impossible Planet/Satan Pit" from series 2 are very solid indeed, leading into "Planet of the Ood" in series 4, another good entry.

    I absolutely adore "Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead", again from series 4. "Midnight" creeped me right the hell out and was also an impressive bit of acting from the supporting cast, highly recommended.

    The specials aren't usually anyones favourite, but I really quite liked "Waters of Mars" if you feel the need to give them a go, and the latest one "A Christmas Carol" was overall really quite lovely.

    Really the best recommendation I can give is to get yourself a copy of the DVDs and start from the beginning. You'll know by the time you get to "The End of the World" whether or not you can embrace the cheesier aspects in the name of science fiction driven by a doctrine of story over technobabble, and pushing the limits of reality to their breaking point.
  • joe england
    I guess for every one of these things there has to be a few of "those" guys. And I guess this time it's me. I liked it.
    I said it and I'd say it again.
  • Nash
    Everybody's entitled to their opinion, man. Linkara doesn't agree with my earlier Doctor Who reviews, after all . . .
  • Linkara
    Hey, let's be fair - I think Warriors of the Deep sucks, too.
  • Gift of the Magi
    Ok....question....what episodes do you two NOT agree upon?

    Better question (for the glee of your fans), would you two consider doing a Classic Doctor Who Review together with your different viewpoints?

    ...one that had all firearms, weapons and morphers banned from it, of course. We don't want another Critic/Angry Nerd incident...
  • Nash
    Linkara thought I was too hard on Time and the Rani, I believe . . .

    As to a crossover, I'd be open to it. It might not be for a while, though; it's my understanding he's kind of busy at the moment. Won't be Feb. Maybe March. I'll ask him. :)
    That could be fun, and may very well go into the ranks of the greatest crossover reviews of Channel Awesome, along with Snob and Film Brain's McBain review, NC and NChick's Ferngully review and NC, Linkara and Spoony's review of Alone In The Dark.

    And yes, I am performing the typical fanboy disservice of hyping an anticipated movie/tv/video before it is even produced.
  • Gift of the Magi
    Yes, like I wasn't by suggesting it in the first place? It should be interesting though because Nash here and Linkara have very different styles and attitudes toward making reviews (and not just the foul language issue).

    ...Which only adds to the fun for us!

    As for when, I think fans here are well aware of the workload Linkara has right now, including his new storyline. That's fine if it takes some time to get it off the ground. The review (or Point/Counterpoint arguement that quickly devolves into a TGWTG's version of Who Plays Jane...yeah, two people got that joke...oy) should be as much fun for them as for us.

    Keep up the good work Nash, I look forward to more reviews and I do hope this takes off!

    P.S. You were KIND to Time and the Rani.
  • jellybabiebunny  - Asylum of the Daleks
    Please reveiw Asylum of the Daleks cose i think Stevon moffet is taking LSD.

    Love ur reviews man!
  • Mr.Evil
    Actually, I enjoyed it too. A fun episode not to take too seriously. But I can see why it might not work for some.
  • Kari
    I'm into old Doctor Who, which means my cheese tolerance and suspension of disbelief are pretty high. (Oh no! It's the attack of the psychic. . green. . . tarp?!) And I was willing to forgive this thing for being goofy as hell, until the end. The problem is the mood swing the thing takes. That girl's fate is HORRIFYING! But we all have different horrors, I guess.
  • Deimos1984rd
    I have a feeling the this isn't the last we see of less than zero...I have a feeling I'm going to kick myself for saying that too :(

    Seriously Doc??? concrete face??? really???
  • Themonsean
    Resently I have been (re)watching Doctor Who on Netflix streaming (seasons 1-4 and all...um most of the specials on there! very nice!) and I can proudly say I skipped this episode.
  • e33laf
    There is so much "What the Friggin Hell" in this episode that even now I still can't begin to comprehend it all. I just have to believe that RTD was under the influence of some sort of substance that made this story seem like a good idea. It's the only plausable explaination as to how this got anywhere past the idea phase.

    P.S. I have to disagree with you about Jackie, because in my opinion she was the only saving grace of this episode. Also, I loved the use of the Scooby Doo theme during the Doctor/Rose/Alien hallway chase XD
  • kyrieeleison
    I have to admit that when I saw this, I was a new fan (watched my first episode, fell in love, and started mainlining episodes after that - I went through all of Tennant's seasons in about a month) and still enjoyed "Doctor Who" mostly for the giggle-worthy elements. Honestly, it's still my favorite aspect of the show. That's why I love the Scooby Sequence. Adding the Scooby-Doo theme music only made it better.

    On another note, I like the idea of the LINDA group branching out and becoming more than just a Doctor support group - they became friends. It shows that a group of people don't just have to have one solitary thing in common. However, it doesn't deserve the main focus in a "Doctor Who" episode, and should have been at best mentioned in a throwaway line.

    A great episode. And as someone who enjoys watching bad, riffable movies, I think that might be the best reason anybody's given me why I should start watching Classic Who.
  • ShadowWing Tronix
    "On another note, I like the idea of the LINDA group branching out and becoming more than just a Doctor support group - they became friends. It shows that a group of people don't just have to have one solitary thing in common. However, it doesn't deserve the main focus in a "Doctor Who" episode, and should have been at best mentioned in a throwaway line."

    Agreed. The LINDA part was cute and all but it didn't belong in this show.
  • sailor_muffin
    Hmmm, I also think it wasn't THAT bad. They were trying a lot of new stuff here, some things worked for me, a lot didn't.
  • PeterRabid
    This was the first episode of "Doctor Who" I ever saw, flicking through the channels aimlessly. I refused to watch another episode for quite a few years after that, and only recently tried to get into it. "Doctor Who" has become my favorite TV show ever, but no thanks to "Love and Monsters," I missed out on watching Series 3 through 5 in real time.

    I've only seen it the once and I refuse to ever watch it again.
  • Nash
    And this right here is exactly why this episode was so awful.
  • SpotTheShingo
    Shoulda called this "What the Fuck is Wrong with (Doctor) Who?!"

    I'm so sorry...
  • e33laf
    Ba-Zing! :D
  • Ratin8tor
    One could almost argue that 'The Idiot's Lantern' was companion lite, and 'Fear Her' was a doctor lite.

    'Love and Monsters' was still crap though. Even the kid who designed the monster thought the final monster was pretty crap lol.

    Though that was part of the problem. RTD was thrusted a monster cos of a competition, and tried his best to make it work. failed miserably though.

    The idea of the episode wasn't too bad, a man looking for the doctor. It could have been really interesting. But again, it failed, due to have some really boring characters and villians.

    Also the less said about the ending, the better.
  • jurf-rokstar
    So you don't hear the screaming?
  • NowCompleteWith  - I so fucking hate this episode.
    Basically good people, who do nothing outside of form a friendship and hang out with one another over the Doctor (or to extrapolate it out a bit... THE SHOW! THEY ARE JUST DOCTOR WHO FANS) get killed in a horrible fashion one by one. Seriously, THAT SUCH FUCKING BULLSHIT ON SUCH A GRAND SCALE, THAT I WISH THEY WOULD RETCON THIS EPISODE BY HAVING MATT SMITH SHOW UP, TAKE THE BLOW JOB WALL, AND TURN HER BACK INTO A REAL FUCKING WOMAN!

  • mrrubino
    Look on the bright side: This means Mona could theoretically show up in a future episode, being immortal.
    ...You're welcome.
  • SkullCap  - "Show up in a future episode, being immortal"
    While the "Face of Boe" has a dignified title filled with mystery and wonder for an immortal I don't think "Mona: The Eternal Blowjob Dispensing Tile" will earn her own dignified jar to inhabit. "Mona: The Immortal Slut" may she bring happy endings to all! (Sorry I couldn't help myself)

    Personally, my soul is at peace with God so I'd take the sweet embrace of death over that eternal nightmare of a life (if one could call it that).
  • blackraven87
    I like this episode somewhat, but all of your points are entirely valid x) , and it's at least the worse New Who episode. For some reason though I've always loved the line "Elton! Fetch a spade!" or the mixture of it & David's delivery.

    Oh god, K9 & Company. It was downhill after the credit sequence which I love; it's so simplistic, random, and cheesy. xP I wish the theme was longer LOL! Oh the 80's, I love you.
  • KingOfDoma
    I am an intensely forgiving viewer. I can look past a lot of idiotic bullcrap thrown at me as long as it doesn't interrupt the flow of the narrative.

    THIS piece of crap stuck out to me like a sore thumb.

    Dear god, every aspect is SO awful, and then at the end "fetch a spade"? GLRAL;BJALFLAJF; LAAAAAAAA. Wrongno. Thanks for delving into NewWho for an ep to lambaste a truly stinking ep.
  • Darkcloud1111
    I really did try to forget this episode so thanks, thanks a lot
  • FlashTheWolf
    I'll admit I'm not a Doctor Who fan, but after that scooby-doo-like chase even I lost faith in that episode.

    Also, is it just me, or is Bliss (the woman at 7:30) played by the same actress who played Louise in Two pints of lager and a packet of crisps? (A British sitcom, which I'll admit I love.)
  • dennett316
    Yes that's her...weird when she's not doing the Louise voice isn't it?
  • THOOM  - Dancing with the fucktards
    I enjoyed this episode...of Nash ripping apart a mediocre TV episode. I was under the impression that when given limited resources for making a movie or tv episode (in this case the resource being the main character of the show) that writers put emphasis on good writing. Guess I was wrong.

    And you are right, Nash. The ending "resolution" turns this from "bad" (yes "bad", not just mediocre) to "so bad it's good". Why? Because the hero's "happy ending" is so sexist and awful, that it is exactly what you want from your "bad". Like the Silver and Bronze Age DC comics, the writers here let their cynicism
    and hatred of the human race soak through to their work (probably unintentionally), so it isn't just "meh" or forgetfully bad, but so awful and wrong, the rest of us can rip to shreds antiquated ideas like this: a girlfriend that you can literally put in a drawer until you need her to listen to you or give you head.

    I think this Nash episode was great, but I disagree with one point:

    The absorboloft...It's not a bad idea coming from a 9 year old. It's not a bad idea period, and shouldn't be dismissed solely because a 9 year old came up with it. The general concept has been done before by ADULTS, most notably in Nightmare on Elm Street 5: Dream Child, in which Freddy absorbed the souls of his victims who were represented by screaming faces on his body. It's a terrifying concept. The kid shouldn't be blamed just because the execution of his idea was less than stellar.
  • DyloniusFunk
    I agree with you on the ending. That was the worst part of the episode for me. Keep in mind this is the same Doctor who fought to save an alternate Earth from being turned into Cybermen, which when you compare, isn't nearly as bad as what poor Myrtle is being condemned to.
  • DyloniusFunk  - This is craxy
    Disclaimer: I'm only through "The Age Of Steel" on Netflix so maybe i'm missing something here but there are two big plot holes i noticed.

    1. I thought that disc the Doctor gave Mickey in Series 1 was supposed to erase all reference to the Doctor from the Internet

    2. If the guy saw the Doctor as a child, then why wasn't he in his Ninth Doctor form?

    I want to thank Nash for doing this video since i realized when i checked my Netflix account that i was very close to this episode. I will be safely skipping it and i appreciate Nash taking the bullet for all of our sanities. You are the man my good sir!
  • Kolonel
    1. Yes, this is one more reason, why we pretend that this episode didn't happen.

    2. The answer: time travel!
  • mrrubino
    I would have questioned why he wasn't played by Sly McCoy in that scene, myself. Or at least McGann. Poor guy could have used the nod.
  • RPGaholic
    Dylonius Funk, The Doctor did give Mickey that disc in series 1. However, in the web follow-up to the episode (New Who has several BBC web stuff), Mickey made a vlog where he says he's not going to use it. The Doctor apparently does get it taken care of before the trip to Satellite 5, since he wasn't known in that time.
  • Robert the Kid
    I have to admit when I originally watched this episode I liked it. Not most if the episode because the ending was crap and didn't make sense. But I liked the idea of people who were fascinated by the Doctor and formed a little group but slowly became friends all on there own.
  • Calder
    Spot on with the Fat Bastard jokes, Nash! That's exactly what my friends and I were saying when we saw that scene the first time.

    In defense of Marc Warren, the guy who played Elton in this godawful episode: I think he was mainly a victim of bad writing. He did a great job in the third episode of Band of Brothers and he was pretty darn good as Mr. Teatime in The Hogfather.

    For a bunch of things thought up by a child that ARE entertaining, try Axe Cop! (Google it)
  • Zouri
    The Abzorbaloff is one of the WORST Doctor Who monsters EVER. Ugh. The episode was passable until he came on the screen.
  • Kolonel
    I agree, the lowest episode of new DW. When I saw it for the first (and last) time, I was screaming too. This can't be Doctor Who!
    But unfortunately, there are some episodes of the show we would like to forget. (or as I like to say: we pretend didn't happen)

    K9 and company isn't that bad (as its opening), I think you should move on to early 4th Doctor episodes like Robot or Revenge of the Cybermen, or the silly insect masquerade called the Web Planet.

    P.S.: after the end credits I was expecting Time Clash's:
    '...Then they start up their little groups, like that LINDA lot. Are you one of them?'
    [Davison to Tennant]
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