Infomercialism - Ab Circle Pro

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  • ezeki3l  - Infomericalism
    So far I think this new series you're doing is enjoyable to watch and funny. It reminds of the nostalgic commercials.

    It's good to be reminded of these lame commercials and how much of a rip off they are. This video right here pretty much reminded me of the 'slim suit' the only difference being that this Ab Circle Pro looks fun to do.

    Continue making these videos MikeJ. It's doing pretty good so far.
  • testzero  - Commercial Failure
    If you like MikeJ's stuff, I just started my second season of infomercial riffs on my own channel. Search the forums for Commercial Failure or click the link in my profile.
  • iDEMANDWeekendAtBernies3  - Commercial Failure
    I went and watched Commercial Failure on youtube. It is hilarious, and would have fit right in on TGWTG. If you love what Mike is doing here, please check out the original folks.
  • Oblivion Mara
    Good job, MikeJ :) The modern world was waiting for a show like that !

    Didn't know AbCircle existed in the UK too. And it sure looks fun to do... The only thing I was able to think of, though, was along the lines of "Oh.My.God. Look at the angle her back is doing... I'm pretty sure she's screwing up all the muscles she has down there... and the scoliosis is waiting to get her." Being raised in a family with so many doctors and kinesiotherapists leaves some scars, I assume...
  • Mothmouth
    I've heard of this... so now I'm gonna watch.

    Wonder if you're gonna do Snuggie's or ShamWow.
  • beamsabre
    You got a winner here, Mike. You keep making them, and I'll keep watching them. Excellent work!
  • ColeYote
    I still can't believe how simultaneously easy and hard it is to get a quick buck in the US.

    Please keep doing more of these, man.
  • DisneyChris
    This series is great - please do many many more.
  • Larie
    I love this series as much as I loved the asylum seeker videos, but then you stopped making those! ;)
    I hope you continue with this good idea.
  • Lotus Prince
    The "eh, I don't think so" face you made at the end was utterly brilliant. :)
  • ladydiskette
    These are great.

    On the topic of these exercise machines, my mom bought one called the "Ab Roller" you sat on your hands and knees and rolled it back and forth it was suppose to tighten your muscles and it would roll around freely to work on your sides. But the only problem was that it rolled around too freely so it always lurched out of control and you could only do it on linoleum floors since it wouldn't roll on carpet.

    We used it rarely up until we gave it to the Good Will.

    Look forward to more of these in the future MikeJ :D
  • PaulSebert
    If you're looking for an absolutely deranged infomercial to review look up the 1985 "Santo Gold" infomercial. It pitches some absolutely hideous looking jewelry as well as a bizarre wrestling movie called "Blood Circus" that too my knowledge was never released.
  • ggt102
    Mike you must review the Slap Chop! Our very existence depends on it!
  • johannantoinette
    This was sold in Finland's TVshop too.... Most of these things are bulk-bought by big channels in europe. I was fascinated as a child when they started to air with saturday morning cartoons in early 90s here....the gifts of american tv-culture to us.
  • theseventhdoctor
    I can't believe some people will just watch an infomercial and then buy a product straight from them. In this day and age, it's easy to make an educated purpose by looking up online product reviews (not ads!).

    Just recently an ENTIRE CHANNEL showed up on my TV for infommercials. I don't know if this is a normal thing in the US but here in Australia we hardly have any channels anyway, so it's ridiculous. And what they seem to have done is to start using the internet to communicate with shoppers while they do live infommercials (or if not they're pretending to) and it's sad to see how uneducated people are in purchasing things.

    Like recently I saw one for the Nikon V1, and though I'm sure it's not a bad camera, people were just mindlessly buying it based on what was being told about it (of course, none of the drawbacks were mentioned). One person asked if it could take close up shots. The guy takes a photo of a christmas bauble (There was a Christmas tree there even though it was early November...) from about 20-30cm away. This level of macro capability can be found in the vast majority of cameras and in an interchangeable lens camera like this is dependent upon what lens it has on, but this apparently amazed the customer and 20 seconds later they sent in that they had placed an order.
  • Sockpuppet
    I've actually watched the ads for the Magic Bullet and that magnetic induction hotplate thing-- I like to cook, and both of toise things had some useful recipes and ideas, but I soon realized the Magic Bullet, at least, doesn't do anything any other blender can't do.
  • trepiechick
    A channel of infomercials is pretty common in the US, but remember that there are over 1000 channels with cable, dtv, etc. Normally infomercials air when the network programs are finished for the day around some time in the early morning hours though.
  • Ewanwhosarmy
    I kind of get the impression that someone knocked over an exercise bike, put their feet on the visible peddle and went "Weeee! I could make money off this!" If I'm angry it's because I didn't think of it first.
  • Sockpuppet  - losing wait
    It really isn't a big deal to lose 10 pounds quickly-- You can dehydrate yourself and essentially lose 10 pounds of "water weight", and I bet there's a "special diet" along with this thing that does just that. Keeping it off, however, is all but impossible, and you just CAN'T lose weight with a MUSCLE TONING exercise.
  • keniakittykat
    Very funny, Mike, I was wondering when I'd see someone riff modern infomercials. Keep it up, it's really entertaining! =D

    I wouldn't buy it for losing weight, but because it looks like a fun toy xD
  • stika
    Was never a fan of your shameful sequels bit

    but this series is awesome!

    keep at it, man
  • Blackdrazon
    The jingle reminds me, for some reason, of early 90s toy jingles. Given the intended age range for this product, that may actually be intentional!

    @theseventhdoctor: We definitely used to get infomercial channels here in Canada. My brothers used to be big fans of the nonsense. Not quite sure how they've survived the 100s of channels TV gives you today, because I certainly don't go looking for them.
  • Moon Spirit
    Oh god, I remember this product. I've always been skeptical of these products by the science they try to prove here. I could be suckered in because I'm gaining more weight again, but exercise is always the best course of losing weight, even if I'm not very keen on it.
  • Sfdgoz  - GREAT SERIES!!!
    Loving the series Mike :)
  • DarkBaleKnight
    Great new series for a British person, keep it up!
  • cubs2084
    Please, more!
  • ladydiskette
    MikeJ, do the "Tiddy Bear" infomerical next! Or whenever you can. Its funny!

    Its a seatbelt cushion-like thingy, and its funny because its a cute, tiny, innocent little stuffed bear that basically sits on boobs for the next twenty minutes.
  • DisappearingBears
    So exercising only one set of muscles on your entire body will tone up ALL the muscles on your body? Wow, I didn't know that. Also, I have to agree that this looks like it could twist your spine in ways it's not supposed to bend.

    On the other hand, there may be SOME truth in advertising here. If a man is doing no exercises at all and is flabby, but then starts doing exercises with this thing, then, sure, he'll be in better shape than he was before. But that would be true if he did only one of any other exercise.
  • pferor  - Title nitpicking.
    I wonder why you use Infom£rciali$m instead of Infom€rcia£i$m...

    £ is an "L", isn't it?.

    nitpicking,... whatever.
  • soulalcatraz
    Maybe it's just the quality of the video, but it also appears that the spokeswoman for this machine does not have rippling abs, and can not be that thin via this machine alone.

    It DOES kind of look fun to use, but only at home, alone, where nobody can see you flinging your ass about and looking ridiculous.
  • SiriuslyLupin
    I'm loving this series, Mike!

    I always thought this contraption looked terribly dangerous. I'd probably break my neck if I tried that.
  • sabata2
    I've never actually thought about those "3 minutes a day for 2 weeks" claims.

    I'm betting that they're talking about Water Weight, which most people have atleast 10 lbs of and disappears as you sweat.

    Also, keep it up. They aren't very long but they are damn good videos.
  • Varis
    I've been wondering why no-one has done this before. Infomercials have so much material to make fun of.

    (If my Aire Bra size is the same as my shirt size, then how come Large is too small for me? My money back, pls.)
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