Projector - The Purge

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  • Sewblon
    So this movie's premise, which we the audience are supposed to take completely seriously, depends on affluent white Americans being the group most in-favor of all crime being legal for twelve hours a day once a year. This is a premium brand of naivete.
  • Garland
    Glad to see that I'm not the only one to see this premise as terrible as it is before the movie was released.
  • EarthboundXE
    I was looking forward to reviews of this movie, only to find out it's just a boring movie, with a really, and I mean really stupid premise.
  • neoravencroft  - Finally...
    This movie is the answer to my goddamn prayers.
  • Lone Wolf
    I could tell this was crap when I first heard of it (my cynicism has been justified yet again). The premise is bat shit in the worse kind of way. You can tell this was written and/or produced by someone/people who had a lot of ambition but lacked the talent and self criticism to accomplish what he/they wanted.

    An economy with a 1% unemployment can not grow, it can only shrink and with the damage to the infrastructure during the "purges" the economy will shrink so unemployment will grow which means for unemployment to stay at 1% the population has to be falling. The problem with that is: unemployment would increase after the purges so the 1% unemployment is still ridiculous.

    The thing about the the upperclass using the purge to kill the poor is ridiculous. The poor outnumber the rich, in such a situation you'd have gangs of poor and middleclass thugs going into upperclass arias and stealing anything that is not locked behind steel doors or nailed down. That would make an interesting movie.
  • Sophist
    " such a situation you'd have gangs of poor and middleclass thugs going into upperclass arias..."

    I just had a mental image of a bunch of Crips breaking into a gated community to sing "Largo al Factotum".

    You're totally right though. There's a reason the spoiled little shits are hunting a homeless guy in an affluent neighborhood full of isolated single family houses and not the ghetto. In the inner city every apartment building or block or project would get together for mutual defense on Purge night -- block all the doors, put all the kids together in the most secure area, and keep watch until dawn -- and any rich kids looking to go in and make trouble would not come out again.

    Also, seriously, no crime? What, do all the drug dealers only sell on one night of the year? Do all the prostitutes only ply their trade on that night? What about crimes of passion? What about the guy with anger issues who comes home early from a business trip and finds his best friend in bed with his wife? What about people who steal food because they're hungry?

    This whole premise makes no sense.
  • KouTheMad
    "I just had a mental image of a bunch of Crips breaking into a gated community to sing "Largo al Factotum"."

    I'd pay money to go watch a movie like that.

    Hell, i'd pay to go see a movie that is a parody of this movie WITH that as a scene in it.
  • Benschachar
    Yes. Exactly.
    The premise isn't as big a problem as the idiotic politics. The rich would be targets not hunters.
  • Guild Navigator
    I was talking in another site about the far-fetched dystopic societies in film and honestly not even The Island comes close to the ridiculousness of this movie.
  • trepiechick
    Honestly, I feel insulted by this premise. I'm not even going to watch the video. The idea that people are somehow no longer responsible for their actions for an allotted amount of time regardless of future consequences is just incomprehensible to me. It's like Hangover 2; all fun, no problems.
  • JediAli  - Thanks
    Nice review. I liked it.
    For me personally i find hard to watch any of your reviews, but this one was realy pleasant to watch and listen to. Thanks again.
  • ohe
    It's kind of baffling this movie even exists to me. I'm not sure if I can imagine what the deal is with these creators. Is it like, is this the equivalent of nineties grimdark comic books after Watchmen? The kind of movie this premise brings to mind is something like Battle Royale, striking social commentary with an exaggerated, partly metaphoric and/or hyperbolic representation of a current state of certain things. But this couldn't possibly deliberately try to be striking social commentary, could it? I mean, it's so ridiculous, they would know it doesn't work, right? They must have looked at movies like BR and thought those were cool or some shit and imitated that the best to their abilities, without really knowing what they were doing. But even that explanation is a bit iffy.
  • ohe
    Maybe it's built up like a horror movie, the idea being that when zombies may represent communists or consumerism as the base of our fears, the monster here is the conceived upper class, hateful and willing to bash our heads in for their pleasure.

    Or maybe it's a torture porn fantasy and the "unemployed 1%" is a metaphor the priviledged bankers being purged from society. That would neatly nullify what little credit Matthew gave to the film, though. In such case it turns out it really does wallow in violence but represents it sorta as a bad thing to justify itself.

    I don't know.
  • Vausch
    Movies like this honestly make me sad because it suggests that the only thing that makes people not want to kill is the threat of law. I'll be honest, if this did happen I'd run to Bank of America and rob them blind (don't tell me you don't think they'd deserve it) but I couldn't bring myself to kill anyone.
  • WendyNotsid  - I saw the trailer
    When I first saw the trailer, the first thing that popped into my head was that episode of the Powerpuff Girls where Princess Morbucks buys control of Townsville from the mayor with a room full or Turkish Delight and makes "crime legal" in Townsville. If you're making me think of an episode of The Powerpuff Girls, the trailer to your horror film is made of EPIC FAIL.

    Then I actually had to look at a wall for a couple of seconds to try and sift through the stupid. I was literally like, "Wait, WTF? That makes no sense. NO ONE WOULD EVER AGREE TO THIS UNLESS IT WAS FORCED UPON THEM. NO SOCIETY WOULD DO THIS UNLESS THEY WERE THE REAVERS FROM FIREFLY OR SOME SHIT. What do they do after the purge? How do people face people they've seen do such things afterwards? Also, last time I checked, most crime isn't premeditated. Supposedly this helps people ven frustrations, but what about frustrations over what happens to you fdoing the purge? You just wait around another year to get a person back for what they did to you and/or your loved ones in the last purge? No. THAT'S NOT HOW PEOPLE WORK. If that many people are allowed to kill/be killed, sorry, the population will be DECIMATED and that definitely won't help the economy since that would mean that almost everyone is unable to defend themselves except for the very rich and there would be no labor force left and then any sort of concept of the economy would become pretty much meaningless before long since there'd be no labor force and therefore no services rendered, etc. Oh, and not to mention pretty much EVERYONE would leave the country once this crazy decree is passed. What about mental scarring? Rape is legal, so it's easy to guess child molestation is legal as well. Not going to get to much production out of mentally scarred people plagued by memories of sex abuse. What about property damage, that can't be productive to the economy, right? Sorry, but if people are literally allowed to set anything they want on fire, that's going to destroy all means of production/resources/ transport, etc. And if this is just in America, what about international crime. If I'm an American who manages to hack into Swiss bank accounts or some foreign country's treasury and steals all their money on purge night, how is that handled?" I also of course thought about how stupid the time frame is, as well and all the points you brought up in that area. The fact that it's all relegated to the US alone is a huge issue as well as the year this is supposed to be set in.

    There's no sign of mass brainwashing and other totalitarian tactics entrenched by a tyrannical government being exhibited, which is the only way something like this works, even on a fantasy story or metaphorical level. Even in 1984, the idea wasn't "Oh kill anyone, willy nilly" no, things like violent emotional catharsis through hate was highly regulated and focussed at enemies of the state. And while I realize th...
  • TragicGuineaPig
    I just saw that PPG episode recently, and it was what I thought of immediately.

    It also reminds me of an episode of the Adam West Batman show, where something similar happens.
  • Overlookers
    A great big idiot parade of hollow and snobbish satire.
  • MichaelGrey
    Yeah, basically, nothing about the premise makes sense and it's hamfisted in it's messages.

    I'll, in fact, list why this is all so wrong.

    1. Oh gee. The bad people are preppy college-age kids who are spoiled brats looking to "release the beast". THEY! ARE! ACTING!

    2. Oh DOUBLE gee! Their victim is a BLACK GUY! A POOR black guy! Who's a WAR VETERAN! SYMBOLISMMMMM!!!

    3. So their idea of "solving" Unemployment is "kill everybody who's unemployed". Yeah, that's...not how the economy works.

    4. Career criminals are not just gonna sit on their behinds and twiddle their thumbs, waiting for the ONE night they can let loose. Nor would terrorists. They do this for a LIVING.

    5. Suppose somebody sets a fire. Or a bomb that spreads a disease. 12 hours, nobody can do jack squat. All of New York could go up in flames in that time because, hey, the Fire Department and the Police aren't gonna do jack flippin' SQUAT to stop it!

    6. This is SO unconstitutional that I can't even begin to imagine it.

    7. Let us say, for the sake of argument, that this could happen. People who are poor severely outnumber those who are rich enough to afford good home protection. As we see in the movie even the man who MAKES home protection systems couldn't keep college prep kids with guns and bats out. And he DESIGNED the damn systems. What would stop furious mobs of poor people pissed off at rich elites for engaging in Social Darwinism from giving them a taste of their own medicine and setting fire to Beverley Hills?

    8. Supposedly nobody is allowed to attack very high-ranking politicians or using very high level weapons. Why would anybody actually stick to this limitation on the one night where rules don't matter?

    9. According to the web site FOR the Purge, which explains the backstory of the movie further, purge-related tourism is catching on, along with several public utilities essentially running on the bodies of the Purged. So this sort of behavior would probably get the United States freakin' NUKED. Nobody would EVER go to America anymore if they're doing something like THIS!

    10. There have been studies to show that "cathartic release" of aggression doesn't actually REDUCE aggression. It ENHANCES it. Having one night to "release the beast" will only make things worse on a psychological level for America.

    11. What about FINANCIAL CRIMES? Whole chunks of the economy of the USA could collapse if there was enough time devoted during the Purge to stealing money from bank accounts. If Bane from Dark Knight Rises could hack the stock market in less than an hour in Gotham, I'm pretty sure that somebody could do something similar in this "twenty minutes into the future" tale. What're you gonna do to stop something like THAT if there's nobody minding the store?
  • FishEyenoMiko
    12. And what about people with severe mental issues that drive them to commit crimes? Yeah, they're really gonna wait for that one special day...
  • 12th
    I got into something of an argument with my kid about this movie over the ridiculousness of the premise. Mostly because the idea of the Purge is unsustainable: just because something is LEGAL doesn't mean that there are NO consequences to your actions. For example:

    1. Yeah, you set a fire! Fire burns out of control, destroying unpredictable amounts of property and killing a completely unpredictable number of people.

    2. You decide to go white collar and just break into a bank or something and steal money. Legal or not, you think the big corporate bosses of the banks aren't going to come back and hunt your ass down the next day?

    3. Let's get even more abstract: how about identity theft? I steal someone's identity and order a lot of things off the internet. Oh well, I tanked your credit rating overnight, but I'm okay and you're...what? stuck with charges because it wasn't illegal at the time?

    Also, please, PLEASE someone spoil the ending so we can know how ridiculous this movie ends up.
  • 12th
    Actually, there could be another decent movie with this premise, but it relies on the main characters having the moral high ground. Which the protagonists in this movie don't have. You *can't* have the moral high ground when you're just as culpable for the propagation of the Purge as the antagonists.

    And if the producers were making some kind of social satire of the movie, they should have gone balls-deep on it. Highlight the double-standards of the premise: the only legitimate "targets" of the purge are expressly based on income or economic factors, those privileged to be able to attack the targets can have whatever weapons they want, but the lower-class can only have primitive or small arms. Play up the fact that there are other MORAL people out there who defiantly oppose the Purge and provide the assistance, aid, and protection to people who can't afford to live in a goddamned McMansion Fortress - when the government can't and won't do it.

    THAT movie would have been decent, potentially as a double-inverted look at the Zombie genre, and a potentially adept (I won't say powerful) satire of the KILL THE POOR mentality that American affluence relies upon.
  • Poipoi
    I refuse to watch this movie. The plot is an insult to me.
  • Dracain
    Not to dignify this movie or anything, but the whole "release the beast" comes from some psychologists believing we have urges, and at some point they need a release, and the more you suppress them, the bigger it is going to be when it comes out. This doesn't mean that we have to kill something, but we do need an outlet for any of the rage, frustration, and irritation we undergo, or we'll eventually lash out in one way or another. The idea behind the movie was that people let out all these urges in that one night by allowing just about anything. I see what they where trying to do, but it is still extremely silly, though I might watch this movie anyway for the laughs.
  • ladydiskette
    Yeah, this movie obviously was written to tap into the paranoid fears of rich WASPs-type people for their target audience, no doubt about that, people that not a lot of movie goers in this day and age would probably relate to watching the movie, so I can see very little sympathy to the characters.

    This movie has Social-economic unfortunate implications written all over it.
  • HMorris73
    Based on what I've heard most of the people who participate in the Purge are supposed to be rich WASP types.
  • CC*
    Apparently studies have shown releasing your aggression can make it worse

    so even the movie's psychological ideas are wrong
  • Seolyk
    although I do kind of want to see it, the trailer made it clear cut who i was supposed to like and dislike. I'm supposed to like the son, because he objects to the idea of the Purge and lets the black guy in.

    I'm not supposed to like the sister, because she idly exercises while horrible things while horrible things go on on TV. I'm supposed to be sympathetic to the parents, but not like them too much, because they DO care about what happens to their children, but reason away the Purge as a good thing.

    Problem #1: the boy, but not the girl, has questions about the morality of this. why? He's younger and should be more impressionable and accepting.

    Problem #2: Why on EARTH would they have microphones in their cameras? I can understand alarms in the event someone comes too close, but something that allows them to hear any and every gruesome thing? And then they watch it on TV too.

    Problem #3 was addressed by Film Brain in killing off the poor people doesn't mean good economy.
  • Kaywinnet
    This is easily your best Projector! The unscripted style and natural flow is really lovely to see. Will you be keeping this format for future reviews?
  • LevelUpLeo
    You know, I didn't like this movie from the start. It's such and uncomfortable (an d unsupported) statement to say, claiming that, as a society, we'd be better off if we let people be as violent as they want. This would encourage violence and the planning of it, not eliminate it. Plus, for this to work, you'd need to show that most people want to be violent and depraved if there were no "punishment" (but if you think going to jail is the only type of punishment, you are a sad, sad person). As Penn Gilette once said "I do all the murder and raping I want, which is exactly none". I'm not a fan of The Dark Knight, but at least they got this much right: the true psychopaths are alone in the world.

    But you know, preachy movie symbolism works by different logic I suppose.
  • anonymousmoviefan
    Movies like this make me upset that they're not doing Demo Reel anymore. I would love to see Donnie's spin on it.
  • CyborgPrince
    Everyone dies. The end. :)
  • ChickNTheBox
    I think this movies premise would have been better and more interesting if it had been set in a picturesque, very low crime rate town where some psychopath shows up and decides to do a social experiment. Making all crime legal just to see how many crazies are really lurking under the towns peaceful appearance. Then he just enjoys watching the town tear each other apart. That would be shocking and interesting to me.
  • tothancrawk102591
    When I first saw the trailer to this I was like "Yep. Typical Ethan Hawk movie."
  • TheGreatEscapist
    See, part of me thinks the premise COULD work if all that background information wasn't there in the first place, if the year wasn't revealed. If the Purge existed because that's the way things are in this movie's universe, I think it's a lot more disturbing.

    When I think of dystopian futures where murder is permitted, I always think of "The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson. That story gave no explanation as to why the town did what they did, and I think it made it all the more chilling.

    Horrible things happen in the world really because they exist. No matter how much or how little you enforce the law, people are always going to commit crime.

    Also, to be painfully honest, this movie struck a nerve with me. This is probably just me reading too much into it, but we have had some particularly violent crimes in the US for the past year, and the premise of having twelve hours with no law enforcement... I'm sorry, but it just really bothers me.

    I know back in the 1960s and 70s a lot of horrible events prompted Hollywood to make films with social commentary, but this movie isn't going into violence in our society, it's going for more of a half-assed class struggle message, and that's just lazy. Like the filmmakers picked up a newspaper six months ago and decided, "Hey, let's throw this headline into our movie!"
  • TooMuchFreeTime
    Did you add a fancy pocket to a grey tee? It looks distracting and out of place.

    According to Moviebob's review, the purge premise might as well not have existed, it's just a home invasion movie with a unique reason for why they don't just call the cops.
  • joelkazoo
    Very good job, FB!
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