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  • christielyn22  - second
    not even going to watch the video, i just want to be up here on the comments. screw you film brain! your videos suck!
  • honestiago
    Damn christielyn22, you nasty! Did Film Brain murder your parents and urinate on their graves or something?

    Ah, Kirsten Dunst; I remember seeing her in the Disney Channel film "Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century" when I was a kid. It's nice to see her taking on mature, nuanced roles, unlike some other former Disney Channel actors I grew up with *cough* Shia laBeouf *cough*. After this glowing review, I'll definitely be checking her latest film out. Thanks for the heads up, Film Brain.
  • CheesecakeSeptember
    Kirsten STORMS was in Zenon, not Kirsten Dunst. The only Disney-related thing I can think of that Kirsten Dunst has done is voice acting in Kiki's Delivery Service.
  • honestiago
    Hm, really? I guess since the two of them look weirdly similar and have almost the same name, I got them mixed up. Though I swear I saw Dunst in something when I was a kid... oh well, guess I'll never know what it was.
  • mrrubino
    Kirsten Dunst jumped into mature roles early on. If I remember correctly, her character in Interview with the Vampire was a few centuries old.
  • ladydiskette
    She also played child!Amy in the movie "Little Women".
  • Jael
    She was also in the TV movie "Tower of Terror" that aired on the Disney Channel back in the '90s. I didn't know it was Kirsten Dunst until about a couple of years ago.
  • Demien van Cope
    FilmBrain have TWO main series:
    First is Bad movie beatdown - for bashing movies which sucks.
    And second is Projector - just about movies, just review.
    This is Projector!
    And this review is good.
  • DarkBee
    Where's the thumbs down button when you need it the most?
  • dennett316
    Never before have I seen such a witty and humourous deconstruction of a reviewer - the insight, the sheer intelligence of it is astounding. Bravo christielyn22, you are truly one of our greatest contributors and I, for one, cherish your peerless witticisms.

    I salute thee.
  • dennett316
    I feel the need to point out that I'm being ironic with my above post...past experience proves that a lot of commenters on here are frighteningly oblivious to that sort of thing.
  • Vent
    Wow. Whatadoosh. You understand that regardless of how you feel about Film Brain, that sort of reaction makes YOU suck, not him?
  • SanMan  - Re: christielyn22
    Who pissed in your cornflakes, if you dont like it dont watch it. You angered up my bloodstream.
  • Mr. Fusion
    @ christielyn22 haha you say that fb sucks but yet you want to be one of the first couple of comments? wow dude! your pathetic life must be complete.

    nice work film brain, but i dont see myself seeing this. not my cup of tea.
  • Skyelana  - Direct
    I actually enjoy Film Brain, and the Projectors are probably my favorite. Unlike all the other reviews on this site, he doesn't try and make these funny. He tells what he feels about the movie as if it was a real review from any other movie critic. I enjoy that, particularly when most of these are films I've never heard of.
  • J_Conrady
    I'm not sure why anyone would say "you suck" without giving reasons why, other than that they have no legit reason. If you don't like it, then watch what you do like. There's plenty to go around and taking the time to vomit negativity doesn't help anybody. Film Brain is about the only reviewer on this site that actually knows how to critique a film intelligently and knows what the hell he's talking about when approaching it - giving constructivism prominence over shallow rants and focus over nonsensical gags. All the more impressive considering he's one of the younger contributors. He and Oancitizen need to do a crossover, stat.
  • PriorChaos
    ^^^ this I agree with.
  • Thunderbang
    The reason is he like the film. I do too. It is produced by one of the most famous directors in the world, who also happen to be Danish. A director who is midly insane - he probably have ADHD, Asperger or some other kind of syndrome, but an extreme version, and don't take me wrong, Autists is NOT insane, he just liek to come with smart remarks sometimes that make the newspapers write about him - a lot - and that causes a stir.
  • PriorChaos
    Excellent review FB, I'll check it cause of this. You can really tell that you enjoy movies with your reviews, good, bad, you seem to enjoy them regardless.
  • alexthed
    Gotta love the look on Kiki's face after the Hitler remark. It's like "God, I wish I weren't sitting here."
    You actually made this sound like a really interesting movie and I kind of want to see it now. So if nothing else, pat yourself on the back for that.
  • SupremeC
    Great review. Gotta check this one out.

    Thanks a lot. =)
  • RashFree  - I Fell Asleep in my Magic Cave
    I recently saw this film, and I have to disagree with you a bit. The first half of the film (to me) is an absolute bore. I felt that Chapter 1 should have been cut to 30 minutes at the most. Instead, it drags on and on, leaving us waiting for something important to happen, which only really does within the last five minutes of the Chapter.

    Chapter 2, on the other hand, completely makes up for all of it. It jogs by at a steady pace, and gives you a feeling of palpable dread throughout, esp during the last half hour. Once the movie was over, I was left with the feeling that Eric Idle was going to pop out of my fridge and sing me a song.

    Oh, and Kirsten Dunst's boobs have their first starring role in this as well. So, if that doesn't get you watching this, I dunno what will.
  • mumbls
    "Oh, and Kirsten Dunst's boobs have their first starring role in this as well. So, if that doesn't get you watching this, I dunno what will."

    That's about the only reason I would go see it. After seeing this video, It sounds more interesting.
  • Mr.Stillman
    Not sure if "understanding" Hitler is a bad thing. It doesn't necessarily mean you agree with him. I didn't see the whole statement though.

    As for these reviews, they're definitely well thought out and educational. Every other reviewer on this site complains about things that the movie has actually addressed quite well. For convenience, they pretend the movie neglects exposition, while Matthew's reviews do not employ this tactic.
  • Thunderbang  - Exactly!
    Yes, exactly! That's what I don't get! Why not understandeing him? He meant it in the way, that he sympathizes with what he had become, not what PEOPLE were doing to HIM.

    I certainly don't get the Frenchmen who got so mad... they need to take such things more easy.
  • Thunderbang  - Also
    Also, this is why you people should not be hitting on the guy who said he sucked. This review - in my opinion - were good, but the part where he bashed the director were horrible and unfair. Unjust. He were joking, so just forget that he said Nazi, it's probably because someone said something to him and he didn't have a proper answer, you know, journalists edit videos sometimes to make it sound a bit different.

    And no, I am not saying that Film Brian suck, I like him, he's not a douche. And if you feel the urge to bash on the commentor above, and on the director, keep on doing it, but I just won't :)

    People are entitled to their own opinions ;)
  • NaomiHansen
    Something that actually makes the viewer emotional? By god, I wish for that to be true. I am an emotionally detached little chick that pretty much can't seem to cry at anything on film or paper or real life, but ironically (or possibly BECAUSE of it), I just love it when a story actually achieves the feat of making me watery-eyed at one point or another. Hell, I would probably try to check this out if it wasn't for the fact that I'm in planning overdrive for the upcoming NaNoWriMo event and will be engrossed in it all the way until December.

    But thanks for introducing this movie to us. We love you for it (unlike SOME of us here). [super glomp] ^^

    Auf Wiedersehen!
    -Naomi Hansen

    (P.S. I apologize for appearing oddly doting here. I just learned that I had a teacher of mine died from a brain aneurism, and it's making me be loving to everyone all of a sudden.) O_o
  • Jael
    Great review Film Brain!

    Now, Melancholia won't be released in the United States until November, but I know that the local art house theatre in my town will be showing it so I definately be seeing it then. I've been excited for this film since I saw the trailer in July.
  • Gethenian
    *dark growl* VOOOOON TRIEEEEEER.

    This is the director who has proven himself to be able to make movies it is literally, LITERALLY medically inadvisable for me to watch all the way through in one setting.

    And he is an undeniable genius.

    I both hate this man and aspire to his ability to make such stunningly brilliant masterpieces. Masterpieces that will fucking kill you if you if you OD on his particular brand of sheer helpless negativity.

    This is the man my shrink told me she would never treat if he asked her to. VOOOOON TRIIIIIIIER.

    I am looking forward to watching this movie with Kyle and a bottle of Xanax.
  • Veran
    You must find his TV series: "Riget."
    Those are good. Far better than his movies.
  • The_Awesometeer
    I hope Powerman 5000 is on the sound track with their song "When Worlds Collide"
  • BooRat
  • JetstreamGW
    I doubt it, but you could probably make that music video. They're quite popular on YouTube.
  • BooRat
    Well, you've sold me on this one! I sound like a nice film!

    IS this called Two Earths somewhere because the images seam the same But I could be wrong!?
  • SillyBlondie
    I hated this movie. I saw it in the cinema with my friend ( who loved it...)

    It's horribly long, I had no empathy with the characters (they were horribly annoying) and I felt absolutely nothing at the end. I even felt more sorry for the rest of the world than for the sisters, or even the kid.

    Oh, I loved Sutherland.

    And I guess I can understand why some like Melancholia. But I saw the movie short after what Von Trier said at Cannes, and it might have altered my judgement...
  • chupsnd
    I completely agree with your review. (this may have spoilers) Although I have to admit getting bored during the first part at times I thought the second part was amazing. I also noticed the bridge in the movie had significance to it. Every time Kirsten Dunst's character would ride the horse, Abraham, with her sister the horse would refuse to cross the bridge, and then when her sister took the golf cart out in a panic the golf cart broke down right at the bridge before she could cross it. I believe the symbolism of this is that no matter what they do they can't escape their fate, they are trapped. (also the whole movie is shot at the mansion)
  • Guild Navigator
    Well worded review. I've been a fan of Lars Von Trier decidedly anti-Hollywood cinematic manifesto ever since Breaking The Waves. That film broke my heart and still haunts me to this day. I can't wait to watch this.

    Serious cinema fans should check out LVT's Dogville,a damn good movie.
  • DisappearingBears
    Grr! I hate Film Brain for no reason! GRRR!

    ...actually, this film sounds interesting, even if the director sounds like he needs to keep his damn mouth shut.
  • Zoonerd
    I did like Melancholia quite a bit, despite my initial reservations. I was a little worried it'd end up being a series of nice looking scenes but little substance. However it is a really great story in it's own right.

    And having seen the Projector video for Johnny English, all I can say is "Help me" I'm roped into seeing it tomorrow because my sister liked the original. I really really don't want to go. Is there not something to save that film?
  • Pigeons on the Roof
    Johnny English Reborn is one of the funniest films i've ever seen.
  • Theorendil  - Beautiful Film
    Not a Von Trier fan, but I saw this about a month ago and absolutely LOVED IT! My only complaint is that the two parts of the film are not connected at all, in fact, the events of the first part are not mentioned ever again and we are not even told how much time has passed between the two.

    Nevertheless, it was a really thought provoking film with many scenes that are open to many different interpretations, like Dunst's nude Melancholiathing scene. But Film Brain, since you can be a bit nitpicky when it comes to scientific facts and stuff, especially in your BMB videos, I'm surprised that you haven't mentioned that the whole Melancholia collision affair is utterly impossible! Seriously, nothing concerning the incident is even remotely scientifically accurate! I guess we can chalk it up to artistic licence though!

    PS: Lst night I saw Colombiana, I can't for the life of figure out why this movie has been getting decent reviews! It definitely needs a Beatdown, STAT! LOL
  • Pandia
    I think it's sad if your opinion of a movie, is influenced by your opinion of the director. In the case of Triers last "escapade", I can see why a lot of people feel uneasy and awkward. I saw the clip in it's full length, and as I understand it, Trier was making a joke. A very, very bad one, which then got out of hand.

    I am from Denmark myself, and I have on occasion noticed that we sometimes have a bit of a weird humour.. Not to say that jokes about Hitler is an everyday occurrence, but overall, much of the danish humour consists of irony and sarcasm. I really don't think, or hope, that Triers comment was meant to be taken literally. It's one of those things that translates really poorly.

    Other than that, I think this was a great review. I'd love to see this movie sometime. It's nice to see Kirsten Dunst to something different than "pretty, quiet girl".

    Uh, and to any Trier fans, try and find his hospital-series "Riget", it contains plenty of weird, supernatural stuff, stunning effects and even a bit satire. And of course, Udo Kier is in it too. It's from 1994 and in danish/swedish, but it is nostalgic awesomeness.
  • Matrias
    Looks like an interesting movie. Ill go see it if its showing near me, if not there's always the internet method. Cheers.
  • Manfred
    Von Trier always does this kind of stuff, he intentionally wants to create some drama and mess with the press. He is referring to how hard it is to work with him, just look up "Dancer in the dark".
    Though he was utterly tasteless this time.
  • nightwingfan87
    Nice review, definitely makes me want to see this movie. Keep up the good work :3
  • steggy
    Totally agree with the review, saw it on Friday and I was hooked from the start, and all of the performances were fantastic.
    Big fan of Von Trier, his comment at Cannes hasn't changed my opinion of him, it was clearly a joke, but just said in front of a crowd of people who didn't take it as such.
  • Elijah90  - Annoying..
    I would actually bother watching it, but I can't listen to FB for more than one minute in a row....
  • JetstreamGW
    *reads Von Trier's statement*


    Meh? Who gives a shit? You don't have to like someone's opinions to like his work, and he didn't even say anything all that bad. If he were a Psychologist instead of a filmmaker, nobody would have blinked. And then he backpedaled within a sentence, and is still backpedaling now.

    *reads more* "Holocaust was the worst crime ever perpetrated..." He forgot to carry on with "Until Stalin started HIS pogroms." Everyone loves forgetting Stalin.

    Anyway, whatever, you like the film, you don't have to like the guy. The main singer from "Puddle of Mudd" is an utter douchebag, but that doesn't make "Blurry" not a good song.
  • Cassave  - Unsublte Allegory Overdose
    Weird thing is, when I watch a Tarkovsky, I can handle the allegory, which is weird because I usually don't care for allegory.

    But I somehow am not that forgiving with Von Trier. There's something gratuitous about his movies that pisses me off every time.

    Aside from that: I've always wondered what Von Trier's opinion on Stalin's Holodomor is.
  • ll_Exile_ll
    I am sure everything said in the review is accurate and the movie probably is good. But the Sci-Fi geek in me can't get past the premise. How the hell could there possibly be a planet in our solar system close enough to Earth to impact it, yet we've never once noticed it was there. Hidden behind the sun? That makes no sense at all. Even if there was somehow a planet with identical orbit to earth on the other side of the sun, we would still be able to detect it. And why would the orbit suddenly and drastic change after millions of years to a collision course? This boggles my mind that an art house movie would have such a ridiculous Sci-Fi premise.
  • Cassave
    That's one of the things that pisses me off. Science goes out the window for the sake of a premise. And the approach of this celestial body doesn't seem to have any effect on tides, weather gravitation...the characters just sleepwalk through the movie.
  • ohe  - "we would still be able to detect it"
  • Flakey  - Gravity
    Same way we knew Pluto was out there before it was even seen. How after finding Pluto we knew there was other stuff there, since Pluto was not big enough for the seen effects on Neptune. The way we now know of several hundred planets orbiting other stars.

    Even if we could never physically see this planet because the sun was always in the way, its gravitational effects on the solar system would be a huge give away to its position.
  • JetstreamGW
    GRAVITY. Gravity makes things happen. I agree with these guys. If there was a full on PLANET that close to Earth we'd notice. If it was so close as to be seen as a naked-eye object BIGGER THAN THE MOON, it'd be screwing shit up left right and center. Riptides, earthquakes, the lot.

    And the gravitational effects of another planet on the sun would be noticeable to any astronomer who wasn't a raging moron.

    Edit: That said, it still looks kinda neat. I don't mind something like this as long as NO science is used at all. don't try to justify it and I'll ignore it. Try to make it sound sciency (Armageddon, I'm looking at you) and I get pissed off. If he disregards the science ENTIRELY, I wouldn't mind.
  • Ahiru
    I'm glad someone's done a review of this, after Antichrist I was a little afraid to go see one of Trier's movies.

    In my opinion, he created one of the best series to ever air on TV, Riget or The Kingdom.
    Antichrist was too extreme for my taste.

    About the whole nazi business, we know he's not really a nazi, but he also suffered from severe depression and is maybe trying to analyze his own psyche and made a mistake by talking about his revelations in public.

    Udo Kier is one creepy guy by the way...
  • Serpent@Eden  - Politics
    Yes, the way Film Brain puts it in his review is a bit unfair to von Trier in my opinion. For one, if I remember correctly, von Trier backtracked after the shown segment of his speech, within the same speech, because he realized that the effect was not quite what he had hoped for. He wanted to make a joke, that neither was funny nor appropriate, but nonetheless only a joke. It feels quite ironic to defend him, as I am german, and thus had thirteen years of school, to get the history of the third reich hammered into me as THE cautionary tale. But I have also lived in Denmark for many years now, and know danish humor. Von Triers joke was not really more outrageous than what I have heard here on other occasions, and no one, I guess, would dispute that von Trier is kind of... excentric... weeeird. Apart from that, I commend Film Brain for leaving possible political convictions of the writer/director out of his assessment of the film. As people like Leni Riefenstahl and Sergej Eisenstein have proven, even making propaganda for totalitarian regimes doesen't keep you from beeing a genious at what you do...
  • Thunderbang
    The thing is, the original screenplay were better I've heard. But it got leaked so they had to rewrite it.

    Originally, in the screenplay, it's stated that God did not create the world, but that the Devil did it, but in the rewriting they had to change that, and ended up making the woods his domain instead.
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