Bad Movie Beatdown - Project X (2012)

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  • Mousy Voice
    I'm guessing that the mentality behind such reckless behavior is some people like the idea of doing stupid and irresponsible things and get away with it or perhaps they just want to be popular and cool by doing something many of us wouldn't have the guts to do. It's a shame that youthful energy couldn't have been spent on something more constructive.
  • TheTundraTerror  - Well...
    That (the movie itself) was a whole lot of nothing. When you chop it down, the whole movie is basically The Decline of Western Civilization: The New Millenium.

    Oh, and movies based on 4 year old memes? Really? 'Surprised' that they didn't throw in a "Don't taze me, bro" at the scene 18 minutes into the review.

    And really... why would I (or anyone) want to watch a movie of other people having a party? Yeah, let's watch other people have 'fun'. That's not a movie.

    Well, at least I have my gif of that neighbour guy feeding that punk bitch at about 18 minutes into the review a knuckle sandwich.
  • JumpingGigawatt123  - IMO...
    "And really... why would I (or anyone) want to watch a movie of other people having a party? Yeah, let's watch other people have 'fun'. That's not a movie." Well there are great movies that do this that ARE fun to watch, i.e. Animal House, Ferris Bueller. But yeah this movie took that format and failed.
  • Ollie
    at least comedy isn't completely dead
  • SonicRulez  - Same Factory
    Do all the shrimpy white guys for these types of movie come from the same factory? He looks EXACTLY like the guy from I Love You, Beth Cooper. He looks a lot like Michael Cera too. Generic face, shy, and unfortunate things happen to him all the time.
  • Zapetheen
    I actually love Michael Cera for some reason. I don't know why. He just seems like that guy you know who sometimes hangs out at the gas station and buys you things for your birthday if you ask him really nicely even though you two are good acquaintances at best. You know, like an actual person.

    A lot of people complain that he plays the same role in every film he's in, but I usually say "yeah, it gets old, but if it ain't broke, there's no need to fix it."
  • A Terrible Fox  - Oh...
    Great review as always! I have not seen this movie and I never even thought of wasting my time on it. Now I am glad I didn't because the scenes made me ill. Everything about this movie is just awful and that is the nicest thing I can say about it. I just don't understand the appeal of these parties.
  • Sakuradrops
    Wow, not only are the characters ripped off from Superbad, but they also almost look exactly like the characters there! Shameless much?
  • JehuTron
    That Costa dude is a major asshole, and he's not even the funny type of assholes, either, easily, the most loathsome, unlikable, piece of shit character I've ever seen in a movie, fuck Costa, and fuck this movie. >:(
  • EarthboundXE
    Seriously, Costa is so terrible, he makes me want to murder all children, just in case there's a chance they will end up anything like him.

    He's the worst character I've ever seen in a movie, at least that I can remember.

    If I ever saw his actor, I'd want to punch him in the face, even though I know it was just a character he played.
  • Karutomaru
    A lot of characters that incite wild parties in any movie are completely shitheads. Hell, in this movie, just about everyone at that party is the scum of the earth. Acting with joy at animal cruelty, smoking pot, drinking underage, stripping attacking an innocent, breaking in, defying the police... The list goes on and on. I'd unleash a homo-sapien-vaporizing molecular grenade on the place if such a thing existed.
  • EarthboundXE
    Yeah, all the people at the party were awful humans as well, but they weren't the focus.

    Do people really see drugs spill out of something, and just grab it without knowing what it is and taking it?

    Seems like a good way to get poisoned.

    This movie really makes you hate humanity, or at least young people.
    Wait, the parents were awful people too, so I guess it's just hate for all humanity then.
  • Karutomaru
    In regards to the reckless drug using, there is an uncommon practice people do I learned about in a criminal justice drug class. It's simple really. They take as many different drugs (pharmeseuticals included) and mix them all in a bowl and just take whatever. That's an even easier way to get poisoned.
  • Undertaker91
    Yea thats called Skittling, mainly cause all the different pills are colorful like Skittles
  • richtv
    You know I didn't the movie was all bad, until that awful ending!
  • Cirra
    Yeah, we had some neighbor kids who sort of wanted to go this way, we got a full mounting on the trampoline on night, it was hilarious...I am only sorry we didn't get that on Youtube... After causing property damage on us in retaliation for our neighbor calling the police to break up a party (yeah, great, boys, you got the wrong house) we set up security cameras and recorded enough other shit to turn into the police and get them so paranoid I did not hear a peep for four months until they moved suddenly and sold their house for about 2/3 what Mom paid for it.

    We can make your life really sucky with cameras and law enforcement, Especially when we have more money than you, and especially when you piss off enough neighbors that they probably would not help you if the house was burning. Don't shit where you sleep, kids.
  • Warfoki  - Why does this exist?
    I mean, really, why? Okay, the burning neighbourhood and riot police is too much, but pretty much everything else is just a video of a wild house party. Now, I've never been much of a partyface, not even during high school (I don't drink alcohol to begin with), but I didn't even had to be there. There was some hardcore party at someone's house in my class at least once per month. From the videos and pictures taken during those, I could recreate this "movie" (aside of the fire and riot police, only "normal" police happened once). Ok, people wouldn't speak English and nobody was so wealthy to have a pool in the backyard, but yeah, you get the point. And that's why I don't get the existence of this movie. If you're not into this "loose your sanity, drink until blackout hits, destroy shit and party hard", then you won't enjoy this movie. If you are, then you're doing it anyway, why are paying to see others doing it? Oh way, you don't *pay* for it. Well, that explains being a pirate-hit...
  • Azernak0  - Jesus
    Honest, I didn't know if I could finish this shit. 10 minutes in and I felt my little Humanist heart just die at the notion that another Human Being could make a movie so god damn horrible.

    It seems to lack the grotesque charm that made Superbad! tolerable. Sure, Seth was a dick but he wasn't a fucking creature that spawned from Satan's ass after a particularly vicious session of taco diarrhea.

    Youthful exuberance only works when it is kept on the lighthearted scale or not taken to the Nth degree. IE, Ferris Beuller is kept whimsical and Dazed and Confused is kept grounded in reality.

    And that ending...
  • GreatScott
    Well done in taking this movie down, Film Brain, though I can't understand how you managed to sit through the whole thing. Just seeing your review segments was enough to get me pissed off. What really got to me was the dad's reaction; if his dad is shallow enough to to be impressed with the size of his son', chances are he would not be quite so forgiving of having his prized toys trashed. Also, the endless decades of litigation that would no doubt follow this "totally worth it" party (criminal charges, property damage lawsuits, etc.) would ensure that this dumb-ass kid not only ruined his future, but his entire family's as well.

    Beyond the total lack of consequences in this film, I can't understand how anyone could find this entertaining. There are no redeeming qualities to this.

    Film Brain, all I can say is I hope your next review covers a less anger-inducing subject matter. How about something so bad it's good instead of so bad it makes me ashamed of the human race?
  • Emilie Bennett
    Good grief... I would rather watch Matthew Broderick rescue chimpanzees than watch ANY found footage film from 2012, seriously. And this looks worse than the 1984 movie The Wild Life, which I now want you to review sometime.
  • LikaLaruku
    Is everyone in this movie on helium or are they all 14?

    I'm the type that genuinely finds parties boring. I can't understand the desire to want to be at one let alone throw one.

    A cast full of completely unlikable characters...A pity the house didn't burn down with all of them in it.

    Movie: "Way to go son, didn't think you had it in you."
    Reality: "I've talked to your friends parents & we're shipping you all off to separate military schools. Or you can all get jobs right now & spend the rest of your life paying off the damages. We also have to movie to another state because of how much you embarrassed us & my boss fired me just for being related to you."

    Rotten Tomatoes says this turd got a sequel.
  • EarthboundXE
    Great review Matt, I have a feeling I'll never be watching this review again though. Not from anything on your part, you were great, but if I watched it again, I'd have to see the movie clips again.

    I was teethgrindingly mad for about an hour after I watch this for the first time, that's how much I hated this movie, and that's only from this review, I haven't actually seen it.

    Who the hell could get enjoyment from such a nasty and terribly mean spirited movie?

    I haven't been so mad since Oancitizen's review of Ken Park, again really terribly mean spirited movie, with terrible "human beings" as characters.
  • Unit112358  - As a Sociopath, I'm offended that you think we'd e
    This movie. ALL OF MY HATE FORE THIS MOVIE. I went to see it, thought I might have a good time. I almost asked for my money back.

    Thanks for reviewing this god awful garbage. It's nice to know I'm not the only one who gets how bad it is.
  • LauraRiddle
    This movie KEEPS. GETTING. WORSE. And a sequel was greenlit, last I heard. Your stomach is strong, good sir.
  • Steve Potter
    The movie probably would have been better if it had just gone over the top with the party antics and had the characters realistically deal with the consequences.

    So I guess if it was a completely different movie, it might have been pretty funny!
  • ladydiskette
    Oh yeah, this is definitely a movie set in unreal Hollywood land. First of all, they just stole something (drug-related or not) from a DRUG DEALER they shouldn't even be alive after that! Some Drug Dealers not only sample their own stuff, but combine it with other things to create dangerous concoctions that fuck up their brain and also, not to mention, have access to weapons like I don't know-GUNS AND KNIVES!

    Those kids are lucky that he is just smashing the car at this point.

    Second of all, if this was found footage, indicating that the stuff that happened was what really happened, and therefore the normal reaction that others around them experienced caught on tape, they should have had the other boys in the locker room have a more realistic reaction, as Film Brain brought up, why aren't the other guys not getting weirded out by this.

    Do you honestly expect me to believe that HIGH SCHOOL BOYS with their overcompensating self-image issues and homophobic paranoia, would be OKAY with this?

    I honestly find that hard to believe.
  • StaticFactory
    That moment when you think that one of the actors is kinda cute, despite the bad movie they're in, and you give a quick little "yes!" when you look them up on IMDB and find out that they actually ARE your age in real life, and you're not a creep. ;P

    And speaking of the bad movie they're in, good LORD was this a bad one.

    Thanks for pointing out how eye-rolling it is that a kind-of-awkward guy has to pick between two smoking-hot girls... It irks me how Hollywood portrays this as a scenario that "the Everyman" comes across.

    Also, that scene where Costa gets hit in the balls? Yeah, it's dumb, but I could watch that again and again. In fact... *backs it up and watches it again* It's like that scene in the Nostalgia Critic's "Waterworld" review--every once in a while, you just have to see that one scene in the bad movie where the annoying character you hate gets slapped around. YES.
  • supasphoje  - Thank you for this review
    This is my least favorite movie of all time and you've given it the perfect review it deserves. It's an R rated movie obviously aimed just at highschoolers and not only does it fail to appeal to that audience in a constructive and well though out way, it does the opposite by making everyone inhumanly dis-likeable and have little to no comeuppance. It doesn't parody the negative aspects of highschoolers, it just shows them and exaggerates them as if teenagers are all dumb animals and it makes me boil. R rated material isn't about being mean spirited, it's making fun of the meanspiritedness and showing how dumb it is (not saying all R rate comedies use this as a plot point). Also heard that they're making a squeal, in the event that it's likely bad like this one, comically tear it apart to!
  • LuciusMadgloom  - Wow
    Ok I'm always against violence but if I had a"friend" Like Coster I'd beat the shit out of him withing 3 days of knowing the guy and ssend his ass back to queens :/
  • Marc1k1
    Wow, its like the person who wrote this wanted to emulate Jay from Inbetweeners but take out the fact that everyone knows he's a fucking idiot and usually a lying prick and even Jay is a million times more likable than that Costa twat.

    Its also a shame that my generation of people are mostly as retarded as the people in this movie.
  • EarthboundXE
    Actually, people aren't, it's just that the shitheads are the ones who scream the loudest, and make the most noise, so even though they are the minority, they seem like a much larger group then they really are.
  • TragicGuineaPig
    I thought this movie was supposed to be about how Wolverine got his Adamantium skeleton and claws.
  • Vausch
    Jeez, I'm socially awkward with few friends and behaved myself in school, my dad was happy about it. He made it abundantly clear that if I ever did something like this, he'd make me pay for it an I'd receive no support if something bad happened.

    So the kid got laid all the time in Queens and chooses to hang out with people who he attributes to bringing down his number of encounters. Yyyyeeeeahhh, that makes sense.

    Oh who doesn't like laughing at personality disorders? "That kid doesn't like large crowds and social situations can make him feel uncomfortable and awkward! That's funny because it is!"

    Y'know, Chronicle at least had reason for the multiple angles in the found footage since it was supposedly put together by people that found bits of the footage uploaded online along with the camera Matt leaves behind. I mean I honestly didn't think I'd see a movie do worse for the genre than Diary of the Dead or the really obvious mistakes in End of Watch (which despite that was a really good movie).

    Gosh, I guess my refusal to drink because I already have tourette's and don't want to loosen what little control I have makes me a (cigarette). Go figure. When did it become a good idea to have protagonists you want to see die in a fire?

    Well Matt, obviously you don't know the proper party mentality when it comes to damaged property: not my house, not my mess, not my problem! Especially cuz everybody knows nobody is responsible for things they did drunk!

    Jeez, good thing that party didn't take place where I live. Half those kids would be dead just from the cops alone. One of the few times I'd be happy we have a trigger-happy police force here.

    And again, should this happen in reality, odds are the dad would've started beating his son until the cops came back and started beating him.

    Fuck you, Project X.
  • jeshnyx
    When this movie came out, I was under the impression that finally everyone is getting the idea that parties of this calibur are just stupid and that anyone should stay clear of them at all cost. What's worst? A night staying in studying and all you get out of it is knowing finally how that math equation works, or going to a crazy party like this that can result in your arrest and will result in a record that will follow you for the rest of your life? Yet I guess that's just my personal impression and that there are still people who do crap like this... I should just take certain clips from this movie and use it for anti-party means because frankly, this stuff is scary to me.
  • Loneheart
    I actually wrote an essay about this movie for my media class well studying youth justice. As you said at the start of the review, this movie caused a shit ton of property damage and injuries. The people responsible for the movie were contently calming the movie had nothing to do with the related incidences even though the teens were saying outright that they were imitating this movie!

    And they still wanted to make a sequel!
  • kriscx
    This looks scarier than any horror movie I've seen!
    Wow Matthew, I don't feel like drinking for a whole year now! I think I'm gonna be sick...
  • Karutomaru  - A proper party
    A few weeks ago, I went to an awesome party starting in the morning and going late into the night, with almost the entire thing being nothing but indulgence. I got into a lot of fights, met a lot of people, and came home completely exhausted.

    It was called A-kon, and it was sure as hell better than this.
  • Trekkie313  - @Karutomaru ...WRONG
    A party does not have involve people fighting each other, I don't know what kind of twisted mindset you have. How much of a fight can hardcore "anime" fans put up anyways?

    I've been to a few parties and have never gotten into or seen a fight occur. One girl did pass out unexpectedly and my alcoholic friend is the most calm person of the group when wasted.
  • NumberJenn
    Costa seems like a much less likeable/sympathetic version on Jay from the inbetweeners.
  • purplemouse
    You know that scene in "Addams Family Values" where Morticia is reading "The Cat in the Hat to the baby, and she flips to the end of the book and goes, "Oh no! He lives"?

    That's how I felt at the end of this review. I've never wanted to punch a fictional character in the face more than I do Costa.
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