Bad Movie Beatdown - Prometheus (Part Two)

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Part 2


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  • matouya  - Awesome
    Amazing video as always.

    You know, we actually watched this movie the last day of my English comp class, and most of us ranted over about 90% of what you laid out in these two parts!
  • Zorro4k6
    Film Brain, I agree with you on this movie. I saw it in theaters expecting something great since anything after Aliens was a complete let down. However, Prometheus was another disappointment in my opinion.

    I agree that the visuals are amazing. The set pieces are very detailed and it all sounds incredible. Even though the film had some great actors and they were trying to perform well, it's the writing that prevents that from happening. I agree with every flaw you have. Though someone of them I didn't really think about that much. Such as the quarantine protocol. I did find it odd that they finally show us the guy funding all of this (Yeah I don't remember his name) at the end of the film only to have him die a couple minutes later. But the other problems you brought up, I agree with. So there's no need for me to restate them here.

    There is one more problem I have with this movie that you didn't bring up though. I was very confused by the motivation of David. I know he was working towards his secret company mission. But why on earth did he infect that one scientist with the black goo anyway? I mean I know the scientist said he would do anything to achieve his goal. But why infect him with the goo? Was it to get the girl pregnant? Why would he care about that? Or was it simply to find out what the goo would do to a person? If that was the case, surely there was some other way to experiment with the goo than to kill someone. Oh wait, it's a sci-fi movie. Everyone except for one or two people has to die. Never mind, lol. Anyway, David's motivation isn't all that clear to me. Was it to find out what the goo does? Was it to kill that one guy? Was it to get the girl pregnant with an alien squid? I don't know. And even when all that occurs, he doesn't seem to think about what transpired. He just acknowledges the events and proceeds on with his mission. Oh and from what I remember, the goo had nothing to do with the company CEO. So in my opinion, spiking the drink with the goo merely served to kill the next guy on the list.

    Oh and Film Brain, from what I remember about the movie, the black goo is basically a life destroyer and maker at the same time. It's able to take any living thing and completely reconstruct its DNA into whatever the hell it wants. Which is why the Engineers were going to use it on Earth. They wanted to wipe us out and create something new.

    Overall, yeah, this was a huge disappointment. Most of the characters don't do anything and if they do something, it defies all logic. Such a shame. Nice review though. :)
  • vandenberg1
    Actually he is wrong when it comes to the staples. Staples were used by the Romans and brought back in modern medicine because of its effectiveness for clean, quick healing rather then stitches.
  • Sewblon
    You got to watch movies in English class?! The most that I got to watch were old SNL skits, Spongebob Squarepants shorts, bits from The Onion, and Drug PSAs.
  • Snugens
    The hatred has nothing to do with Alien at all. As a stand-alone film, it falls back on horrible cliches and forced stupidity from its characters.
  • iDEMANDWeekendAtBernies3
    Amazing 2-part review. My favorite review of Prometheus I've seen or heard. The quality of this show never dissipates. Always satisfied.
  • ArtoMalcov
    I actually liked Prometheus when I saw it in theaters, but I cannot deny it had its flaws. You're assessment is spot-on. It makes me want to revisit it, because I'm afraid to say I can't help but feel like being such a fan of Scott's did alter my perceptions a bit. I'm usually not an apologist, but the latter half of his career has turned into hit-or-miss. There are films of his from the past decade that I can freely admit I completely disliked.

    I really enjoyed the performances in this film but actually what pissed me off the most was the waste of talent that was Idris Elba. The man is one of the greatest actors working today and he they treated him like a god damned seat-filler. I have much more to add but I'm to drunk to care.

    Great review BTW. Keep'em coming! Your one of my favorite reviewers on the web.
  • Mischalaniouse
    It's too bad the gorgeous cinematography and vast, alien imagery is wasted on a terrible, contrived, plot-hole ridden script. Characters that have literally no reason to exist, characters whose actions defy all logic, opportunities for development and introspection tossed away for more cliche, superfluous action scenes, and ridiculous Alien fanservice tank what could have been an exploration of the origins and mysteries of the series.
  • Autisticwriter
    Actually, I was mad at the fact that she was a Christian and she believed that there were people that created humans. I am sorry I am a Christian too, but I always thought God made people. This was one of the reasons why I want Shaw to be killed off now. She is a Hypocrite. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH.

    Yea, I heard something about the part of Shaw having an alien in her was originally in Alien or Aliens. I can’t remember if it was on IMDB or if someone said it but. The whole sex while being infected was going to happen to Ripley but they decided against it for some reason; the other thing was that I heard that if Shaw typed in foreign object for the machine that is only for males, wouldn’t the machine not recognize that most of her parts are foreign (Look at IMDB Prometheus Goof if you want to understand what the hell I am saying).

    But Filmbrain, don’t you know. Every Weyland person has to have some secrets to them. I guess we can blame more than plot convince on this one. The only sympathy I had for the Engineers was when Yanek was explaining that the Engineers aren’t that stupid to test the black goo on their home world. The scene with Fifield mutation actually got that through my head that it must have been some type of military base or planet or something.

    I am going to guess they planned the sequel and needed to leave questions in this movie for it. I know it sounds ridiculous but I am guessing they thought this movie would be successful. I still kind of like it either way.

    Ok, you have to admit the song of the Space Jockey sounds pretty Epic. (I mean from the moment the Navigator rise to when he goes into the suit)

    25:17 – ok I think you are rushing to conclusions FilmBrain, I know that was only one Engineer. I know they said about they changed their minds but I think the sequel will answers why and all that.

    Great review and hope to see you review another bad movie.

    Also, one question Film Brain. Do you feel that this film was stand alone or a prequel to Alien. Thought Riley Scott kinda denialing it, i felt it was a prequel to alien; and apparently not their best.
  • naomiwashburn
    I was so confused by the part where Vickers calls Weyland "Father". I kept trying to figure out if she was supposed to be his biological daughter (which would be weird, considering he denied having any children in his opening monologue), or if she was supposed to be a robot, since David also called him Father. Captain guy even asked her if she was a robot when he was trying to get into her pants, and it almost seemed like she had sex with him to prove that she was human.

    And now I can't remember: was Vickers IN her lifeboat when it was jettisoned? If so, why didn't she see the alien fetus thing?

    When I saw the final form of the giant face hugger for the first time, I burst out laughing. The rape metaphors from the first few movies were deliberately SUBTLE, because that was supposed to be part of the HORROR element. This movie just said FUCK IT, let's have the bad guy get mouth raped by a CGI dick coming out of a giant vagina.

    As for the faith element, I have the same issues with the lack of development and explanation, but I also kind of get it. Hollywood is really afraid of dipping too far into any kind of spirituality for fear of pissing off their audience. So if they want to put a religious element in, they like to sprinkle brief mentions onto an otherwise non-spiritual story. A great example of this is What Dreams May Come, a movie which takes place predominantly IN the afterlife, but which manages to get away with only mentioning God ONCE, in passing, and in a very vague, non-committal way. That way, they were able to focus on the real subject of the movie: the love story, and skirt over the spirituality aspect (a move I agreed with, since the book was basically just a long, boring as fuck sermon with a tacked-on pseudo love story).

    That's most Hollywood movies.

    In Prometheus' case, I think the reason for Shaw's faith, and its relative shallowness, is much more simple. They wanted to tell a story where the reveal is that aliens created human beings. If they had just told that story straight, they might have been boycotted by Christian groups claiming that the filmmakers were anti-religion, or even anti-Christian, because the movie's plot specifically rejects a creationist viewpoint. By making the main character unambiguously Christian, and having her faith still be intact at the end of the movie despite all she's learned, they took that argument away from the reactionary zealots in the crowd, and probably ensured that a few Christians or Christian groups would even embrace the movie as an endorsement of their faith, the way a lot of Christians did with the spirituality in Signs. If that was the purpose of her religiosity, as I suspect it was, then giving too much detail would have been a dangerous move, possibly alienating the very people they were trying to placate. That's my theory, anyway.
  • Skunkwerks  - His exact words...
    "...considering he denied having any children in his opening monologue)"

    Weyland said that David was the closest thing he would ever have to a ~son~.

    He didn't deny having children.

    Would have been a great opportunity for "sibling rivalry" here (in fact, notice that when Weyland says this, there is a very prominent reaction shot of Vickers), but like all other opportunities, the movie wastes them.
  • naomiwashburn
    Ok. I didn't catch that at ALL (obviously). Does that mean she's definitely supposed to be human, then? Because they set it up for her to maybe be a robot, and I never felt like they really established whether she was or not.
    If she was an android, don't you think the Captain would have noticed when they bumped uglies that night?
  • 3DMaster
    If Vickers were a robot, how could she expect to take over the company after her father died? That pretty much clinches it that she is indeed his biological daughter. Her name isn't Weyland though; so it seems she's his illegitimate daughter and for whatever reason keeps it a secret. Possibly image and/or marketing reasons at one point. Which would be why he denies having children.

    But again; Vickers and too a much lesser extent Weyland are the most interesting characters in the film; certainly the most interesting relationship going on; and yet they get killed off.

    On the other hand, if Vickers were smart she would have smiled at her father and tell her to leave for years while she ran the business, and making sure that even if he returned, by that time she'd run the company so completely by that time she can just get rid of the father one way or another. Given the amount of time that has passed between the Prometheus leaving and potentially returning I doubt anyone would think Weyland's knowledge is still up to date enough to run the company.

    Which, now, of course, will be her very problem. By the time she would have returned her knowledge would be outdated, and the person haven taken over the company in the mean time could easily have engineered the company to be hostile toward her taking back her old position.

    Her being on this mission doesn't make much sense; unless she is there for entirely emotional and irrational reasons, but for that her characterization as "emotionless" is entirely off, nor is there a single hint toward this. Only completely rewriting/second-guessing the plot/characterization/ reading Vickers mind allows you to come to this conclusion.

    And then they killed her off.

    Film Brain is right; switching to Vickers as the main protagonist would have salvaged some of the movie and this very miss-charaterization. David points out returning home would get her the company and that her reasons for her being here don't make sense unless it's emotional; for all her attempts at mimicking the robots her father showed more interest in than her; she's still a completely emotional human being.

    She can then break down in anger, and then in her amped up irrational state decide to go to the homeworld of the engineers; mostly out to spite her father; see if she more subtly can get them to give the eternal youth her father failed to get or something.
  • naomiwashburn
    Ok, you make some good points. I guess it was just her utter lack of emotion that threw me off. The plotline you described sounds a thousand times more interesting than the actual movie, too.
  • dragon1983
    Well Weyland said that David was the closest thing he would have to a son. He never denied having kids so Vickers was really his biological daughter. I suppose she was acting like a robot so she could impress her father. ~shrugs~ Who knows? Also Vickers escaped in a small escape pod, not the separate room chamber. That's why she was automatically out side and got crushed by the space ship. As far as the religious aspect, I am a Christian and I'm not offended by this movie or any other movie for that matter because movies are fiction. In this case its a Science Fiction movie so if the movie wants to say that we are created by aliens, I don't care. I look at movies as art pieces. But I get what you're saying because every body is TOO DAMN sensitive these days its not even funny. Sorry for the long reply.
  • Aardvark
    You once called yourself a semi-amateur movie critic. Please don't say that anymore, after seeing this review it will just sound like BS modesty.

    You and Doug have been hitting new heights in your presentations.
  • rewind83709
    I completely agree. After I first watched this movie, I was disappointed, and thinking, "Yeah, that sucked." But the more I thought about it, after seeing Prometheus, the angrier I became!
    So, all I can say is, fuck this movie!
    Thanks again Film Brain.
  • Dromedary Meat Cactus
    I appreciated you didn't do your full title sequence at the beginning of part two. Thoughtful!
  • ImitationJesus
    the sequel will be called "Promethei", to continue the trend with the first two movies, and will be directed by either Paul Anderson or Michael Bay. just kidding of course, but they may just do that.
    Dear God, don't even joke about that! I'm going to have nightmares now.
  • mechmoon  - To sum up:
    Crucial flaws of Prometheus
    1. Plot points don't go anywhere
    -Just have David speculate, he's a synth, he's good at locic-ing stuff.
    2. Bad characterization
    -If you need a character to act dumb for the plot to progress, re-write it. Trying to pet an alien snake is not a good idea.
    -On that note, less characters, there should be no cannon fodder, every death should be important.
    -What was David's deal? Is he unfeeling and are the cast right when they say he's just a robot? From what I've seen he's certainly not fussed about killing and/or horribly mutating people, so if we're supposed to see him as human he's a fucking monster. If we're not, why does the film try to make us feel bad for him when the crew treat him like a machine?
    3. Lore
    -Have an outline for what character motivations and backstory actually are, even if they're never brought up. I can understand multiple drafts would confuse this, but it needs to be done.
    The goo doesn't have consistent effects, the engineers attitude to humans is unclear and contradictory.
    Personal Gripe; No scientist who believes in god should believe in the magic humanoid bloke with the white beard. That's dumb. There's so much wasted potential with a realistic, sci-fi god that is never used.
    I love the idea that her faith is so strong, but she never explains why! There's one line that hints;
    "They created you"
    "But who created them?"
    She still believes there is a god and that now she's a step closer to meeting him/her/it. I just wish they'd done more with every single concept here.
    You hit the nail right on the head again with my biggest problem with this movie - it doesn't develop any themes, it's just raw ideas.

    For the sake of full disclosure - I'm a Christian (practicing Catholic actually) - and I am absolutely offended with the fact that Shaw clings to her faith in the face of scientifically provable evidence contradicting it. It would be fine if they just gave us ONE reason for it. Just one! Give me something, give me anything, and I'll run with it. But no, the movie just throws her faith out there and does nothing with it.

    Like I said in the comments of Part One, it makes people of faith look like complete freaking simpletons! If that is what Ridley Scott was going for, then shame on him. If Scott was trying to say "just have blind faith" then double shame on him. And remember, this is a Catholic saying this!
  • Shadowstorm87x
    Prometheus is the worst movie ever made.
    NO. It might be disappointing and even "bad". But "The Worst" is hyperbole that this movie doesn't deserve. By virtue of the fact that there are movies that are as as badly written or worse than 'Prometheus' AND they look like shit absolves Prometheus of being the worst.
  • Mwezzi
    I must interject here to say that stapling *is* used in medicine for closing up surface wounds and attaching parts together (I witnessed a surgeon who used them to close the gap between two bowel ends after tumour removal). That's of little relevance, however, as the movie still doesn't show the machine doing anything to close the injuries it inflicted *inside* the body!
  • Aotrs Commander
    That was a spectacular review, and an abyssmal movie. I can barely begin to process the Stupid, and the hypocritical "humans are clearly more special than androids, and so totally deserve answers that the androids won't get, because clearly the engineers don't see humans the same way humans see the androids..." was staggeringly risible.
  • Ela
    About the missing morning sickness: not all pregnant women get morning sickness. Plus, the alien baby may not even cause morning sickness in anyone at all.
  • Bloodrealm
    Except that morning sickness exists to purge anything harmful that might be in the body. So unless the alien has specific processes to prevent that in order to be stealthy, and as long as her body reacted normally (which I'm pretty sure we're supposed to believe is the case), it should have happened to some degree at some point.
  • jaltesorensen  - This movie had balls
    Because it dared to turn the whole alien franchise on its head.

    I just love to see all you butthurt fan-boys scream and shout :-)
    You just wanted to same all story being rehashed again. And some of you wouldnt even want that. Some of you could never have been pleased.
  • Extreme-Madness  - movie has balls of SHIT!
    Do you virtually repeating a comment from last week? Because you still did not say one real argument.Just because the movie is trying to tell a different story, does not automatically mean it will turn out a masterpiece.
    People do not like this movie because of the poor script filled with plot holes, characters who behave like idiots in a totally illogical and unprofessional manner and because it seems that the people who worked on this movie do not understand science and the scientific method.
  • THOOM  - jatlesorensen
    This WAS the same story being re-hashed again, except not as well executed. Film Brain pointed out the story beats that were similar to beats in 'Alien'. I would like to point out that the sequence where The Engineer was hunting down and dismantling people until he pursues "The Final Girl" is just like the end of every slasher horror flick. Friday the Thirteenth, with The Engineer standing in for Jason,immediately comes to mind.

    Yes the filmmakers had balls to make this movie. But they did not have the balls of an intelligent person who embarks into an adventure with a plan. They had the balls of a Hobbit-sized drunk entering a bar with a baseball bat to fight 20 Hell's Angels...or a dullard who invests in pyramid scheme: Like them, "Prometheus" is ultimately stupid and a massive failure.
  • LuciusMadgloom
    hmm... that movie looks like the makers couldn't decide whether to make a prequel or a spin-off from alien, and still can't decide
  • Mysteic
    Since you clearly have never had stitches before, they are glorified staples. That sequence is ludicrous due to her ridiculously quick recovery. The procedure is actually very accurate.
  • naomiwashburn
    Generally when staples or stitches are used on the outside of the body, the surgeon doesn't neglect to sew up the bits on the INSIDE. The movie never showed the machine stitching her uterus back together, meaning that she would probably have been bleeding internally and died within a few minutes.
  • Pure_Eternal
    not to mention you would have to cauterize the wound, make a torniquet whatever, do SOMETHING to stop the bleeding first! She would be bleeding left and right, a fountain of blood.

    Clearly this movie wants to be more dumb space horror than sci-fi. I was kind of excited for David, couldn't care less about the rest, more of a lame Mass Effect ripoff. :/
  • 3DMaster
    Indeed, people who undergo such a surgery spend their time lying in bed for days for the body to heal the cut a chunk before they get to move around.

    Which gets another bit; even if the tranquilizers weren't enough kill Shaw with an overdose, there'd be so much the woman would be non-functional; walking around in a daze. Running? Hell no.
  • Bloodrealm
    That, and neither the gigantic hole nor anything inside it was cleaned at all (remember, she tricked the machine into doing a 'foreign body removal' rather than a C-section), so if she hadn't died from internal bleeding, she might have from infection on a wound that large.
    Oh, and it wasn't bandaged, either.
    And those looked exactly like wood staples.
  • Angelface
    Great review for a disappointing film. It looked great but I had to have some alcohol in my system before I could get into it.
  • Tom Smith
    I like how the intro music was very short since it is a two parter. Also: thought I don't need it, but I do appreciate the Seizure warning
    I really like the Megacut. Makes it easier to play the vid in the background while I have to do something where I have to leave my computer (like cooking/cleaning).

    Wait, why is the hologram of Earth have separate continents instead of the one huge continent Pangea. So either the Engineers have probes that can tell what modern earth looks like, or the Engineer who liquifies himself at the start showed up 6000 years ago ish?
    10:15 This has to be a reference to Aliens when Ripley uses the APC to squish a Xenomorph. I just now noticed the similarity.

    In the beginning of the movie they make such a big deal about everyone surviving the cryo-pods. But apparently a 100 year old Waylan who has only a day to live can come out of cryo just fine.
    I don't get why Waylan hires scientists who are completely independent and do whatever they want, but has die-hard mercs who obey every order without question.

    I still can't get over how terrible the ending is. "I guess that's because I'm a human being, and you're a robot". That is as vacuous as the emptiness of space.

    This movie seriously is on par with SyFy channel movies.
  • 3DMaster
    The aliens were on Earth 2,000 years ago. A tiny minority of us got to know Space Jesus, only a subsection of those crucified Space Jesus, so ergo the wise, evolved, peaceful aliens who glorify self-sacrifice wish to exterminate every single last one of us.

    Why is it, that screen writers always decide to write "wise, benevolent" aliens as homicidal maniacs and incidentally look a lot worse than us humans who are supposedly so bad we need exterminating?

    I don't know whether their own inner homicidal maniac or religious experience of vengeful god(s), or it is that they are so brainwashed on how evil humanity (:cough:white men:cough:) are they actually think humanity is even worse than the homicidal maniacs they make the wise aliens out to be.
  • DaOriginalPimpaKillah  - The straw that broke me
    Why did the Engineer choose David's skull to crack?
    Why did the Enginner do such a stupid move?

    When watching the film, I got the feeling that the crcking of a robot scull was a obscured sign from the Engineer.
    Waking up after long time of sleep and you meet with your creation (the engineer meets with its engineered)
    Theyre not supposed to bee there without them (engineers) knowing about it. But as shown in the holographic sequence som shit had gone down previously in time, with their experiments.
    So, the Engineer meeting with his engineered.
    Thinking about this I thougt that the assault on David the Robot had some kind of special meaning to it.
    Why you might wonder?
    Thats beqause as a species that knows violence and how to use it, the Engineer would also calculate the possibility of retaliation when commencing of a mayor squabble.
    So why do such a stupid move?
    Here we have a species that not only had the knowlege to travel in space for quite some time now (150,000 years or mabye more), they also might know som shit about directed evolution. But strangely they do not have the capacity of knowing some pretty easy feats of the thought.
    The old story out the engineered revolting against the engineers (Man VS God).
    This must be a story they must know, because if you have the idea of beeing superior because you are the creator you yourself must have some idea or concept of, beeing in the opposite position.
    And Even if a species would think themselves superior to any other, they shuld anderstand that they are not immune to attack by a species subordinated.
    To be the "lower" revolting against the higher.
    This takes the issue to one where there is compassion involved.
    Why start life or a particular lifeform if not for some kind of emotions?
    And understanding of emotions make one to understand that force will often be met by a counterforce, by emotive sentient beeings.
    But anyway, as allready pointed out, if a species know violent force,know about shit that takes you to the stars, and about evolution an the possibility of guided evolution, they certainly should know of other as potentially dangerous.

    Its like mr Engineer said when awake and seeing these all subordinates:
    Da da kill subordinates kill kill kill.
    And that without any plan on how to do it an finish anything for real.
    Just sloppy handywork by a fatuous goon sent by the "eevil" doctor-antagonist.

    So with some of this I thought that the Assault on David the Robot was significant in some sort of way.
    The robot, the atrocious not-human in disguise that is a violent insult to everything that is good.
    Just a disgusting piece of machinery that needs to be shut off.
    Or something
    But seemingly not.

    It seemed only to serve at a violent seequence with a fight with a alien.

  • DaOriginalPimpaKillah  - Th straw that broke me part two
    It seemed only to serve at a violent seequence with a fight with a alien.

    The only far fetched ideas I can come up with is for Ridley to let us know that the Engineers themselves is only "slaves" or constructs in some way by some greater intelligence.
    But anyway, why not give your constructs better programming if you are so bloody intelligent?
    Or mabye they can have some thousand year old grudge against robots?
    Mabye they themselves survied a "terminator" or "matrix" theme in their history?
    So mabye the Engineer acted on a instinct made strong by the possible dissiness of just waking up from cryosleep?

    This was a scene that made my straw that broke my patience to become a quite sizable log:
    Fuck off movie, just fuck off!
  • 3DMaster
    Remember the engineer who sacrificed himself at the beginning of the movie in a ritual to bring life to Earth?

    The engineers culture/religion is essentially a death cult that glorifies self-sacrifice.

    So a man claiming to be god and wanting the same immortality he already gave his robot creation would be ultimate sin in its eyes.

    Hence also why they have such a problem with us killing Space Jesus; we took life! We took it! You're supposed to die before you defend yourself; us pure evil assholes!

    And then they decide to exterminate the whole of humanity...

    Like the Minbari from B5, and both alien sacks of shit from The Day the Earth Stood Still movies. As the cliche of wise, benevolent, kind aliens being xenocidal maniacs goes.
  • TerminalSanity
    But you're presuming a lot there we just don't know enough about why the "Engineers" created humanity or their culture (which humanity aside had clearly stagnated and entered into a massive decline when they had decided to wipe humanity out) to reach those kind of conclusions. That's what's so frustrating about the damn movie instead of characters who have every reason, desire and opportunity to look into those questions the movie wastes its time with hackneyed horror tropes only really having characters start asking those question at the very end with sequel bait. Which would have been bearable had the horror elements been done well and weren't so clumsily forced and contrived.
  • Stingray  - Style over substance
    Sadly this movie is not nearly as clever as it could have been and some things are quite idiotic. On the other hand, it looks so absolutely breathtakingly phantastic (if there is something like Sci-Fi-Porn, this is it), especially in 3D, that i just can't help myself but overlooking it's massive flaws. A dissapointment, yes. But my good, does it look spectacular!

    Well, maybe there will be a Director's Cut, that might save the movie a little, like it happened with Kingdom of Heavens.
  • JoeDawson15
    Jesus Christ, watching this movie even on a review is giving me a splitting headache. God the sheer lack of care and lack of "SUBTLTY" it should be criminal to nmake a script like this. This should be a Paul W. S. Anderson/Michael Bay type of script they use to punch up the comedy and make it amazing to look at. And from what i can tell the goo or ooze is a perfect WMD: it mutates and makes things into a weapon, and it'll spread like a virus and that's only from a single gloup in Hollaway's drink. PS the last scene is the best scene and it was what the film should have been.
  • Rue_Ryuzaki2
    at 15:42-50. No you was right the 1st time. Still dont see a point in that character.
  • Leon Real
    I just don't get the proto-xenomorph. That's what puzzles me the most about this movie.

    The original premise was simple, impregnate an organism to use as nourishment. Just the way some wasps do.

    Here... a dose of goo alters a man's DNA, who either impregnates or places and already conceived organism in his girlfriend (yes, I implied the squid is actually grown sperm), after being born the squid grows to enormous size (despite the lack of food), the squid in turn face-hugs the engineer and finally me get the alien.
    ...Overly complicated perhaps?

    Now, I'd be willing to overlook all this if it turned out that xenomorphs came to existence be cause of human intervention; but no, we saw in the mural that they existed prior to the Prometheus arriving.
  • JoeCat  - Hypothesis
    I believe the implication is supposed to be the following:

    1) Engineers create Black Goo.
    2) Engineers hesitant to use Black Goo due to potential repercussions on themselves as a species (hence all the talk of testing it on humanity instead).
    3) Black Goo somehow (intentional or accidental) gets used on Engineers (ala what we saw with the Space Jockey in the beginning of Alien).
    4) Process proceeds similar to Prometheus crew within Engineer population (Goo alters exposed host, develops secondary form of life aka facehugger, facehugger develops third for of life aka xenomorph).
    5) Creation and/or impact of Xenomorphs on Engineer society leads to creation of warning signals (the xenomorph shrines we see in this film). Implying either fear at what the black goo could do OR the xenomorphs devastated the Engineers on a cataclysmic scale.
  • Plague of Hats  - Science is careful, or not
    Prometheus is a pretty horrible movie, but I think you tripped off into a criticism that is incorrect. Scientists have pursued and even achieved their goals by pulling ridiculous, unprofessional stunts. My favorite example is Barry Marshall drinking bacteria to prove it causes ulcers. He just, you know, had significant reasons to believe he was right, and he had prior endoscopy to make sure he wasn't already infected. You know, he was a science cowboy, not just a cowboy.

    The thing about Prometheus' scientists is that they aren't making a leap of faith from the firmer ground of previous knowledge. That whole scene with the head can seriously be summed up as them just poking it with sticks to see what happens. It's a multimillenial alien relic that somehow has human DNA (setting aside how stupid that is in the first place). What do? Drill into it and zap it!
  • Extreme-Madness
    This nonsense with 100% identical DNA, it is simply impossible not only from a scientific point of view, but also has nothing to do with logic in the broadest sense.
      100% identical DNA can only have twins, all other living beings, between species and within species, differ in the percentage of shared DNA, which is never 100% (except as I have already said, in the case of identical twins).
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