Bad Movie Beatdown - Die Another Day

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  • AshamedMadMaN  - Sweet
    new flim brain awesome!!! this movie wasnt that bad. the theme song was...

    that was pretty funny yo. as always.
  • Drain
    This wasn't a bad movie at all. Pierce was a great James Bond and this was a great series. You really going to target one of these classics over those horribly awful newer movies with Daniel Craig???
  • mr_rubino
    So it's not just not bad. It's "one of the classics." Consider shenanigans called.
    Stop claiming to like bad movies for hipster points.
  • PurpleTiger
    Just because a person says they like a movie you don't and says it's a classic doesn't mean they're "claiming" to like it for "hipster points."

    It's an opinion. God forbid people have them.
  • Moose75000
    I think Daniel Craig does a good job at James Bond, and I thought that this was a bad Bond movie. But there are good ones, and there are bad ones, especially with a franchise as long-running as this.
  • Lightice
    Casino Royale was probably the best Bond film in existence, even though Quantum of Solace was shit. On the other hand, Pierce Brosnan's later Bond films were just piles and piles of product placement with a completely unrelatable protagonist. This was probably one of the worst of the bunch.
  • Sfdgoz
    Sir I applaud you, you are totally right!!!
  • Principal Snyder
    Thanks for the review. I've been trying to watch all the Bond films, but its such a chore to get through the Pierce Brosnan ones. And you actually made this film fun.
  • Alexander The Greatest
    OK, you lost me when you said that DAD is the worst Bond film... So A VIEW TO A KILL, THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN and DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER are OK in your book?
  • DayDreamer  - Die Another Day
    Urgh! I'm glad I've never seen this Bond film... it looks so awful!
    Although, I do take BMBs to be more like: explicit warnings to stay away from the films featured than actual "reviews"
  • Sieg-sama
    Surprised he didn't make the comment about naming a satellite "Icarus"... As in, the guy who flew towards the Sun, got burned and fell.
    Should've called it Daedalus.
  • mrrubino
    Helios, maybe?
    Phaeton? Wait, that one didn't go well either.
    Except as far as Richard Halley is concerned.
  • Alexander The Greatest
    The film is not that bad. Its cheesy, campy and undoubtably Moore-ish, but its not even one of the very worst Bonds.

    And nearly destroyed the franchise? Its all Brosnan's fault? Are you serious?! The reason they went with Casino Roayale and a reboot had nothing to do with DAD, but more to do with the fact that they acquired the novel from Columbia in the first place, and Sony wanted the reboot.
  • BB Shockwave
    Iloved Moore the best from the Bonds, and Brosnan was the best "quasi-Moore" we could ever get. :) I am sad they replaced him with that thug-looking never-smiling Craig.
  • cvrpapc
    ya its not that bad. ...honestly dude can you make your voice any higher...holy shit it was more annoying than the movie. Bring it down like 8 notches man. You sound like a cockney -shrew.

    Personally out of all the bonds ...the Timothy Dalton ones were the worst. Even Rodger Moore and Connery had a few more lackluster films. Brosnan is an actor who is acting the script he is given. I don't think the story was awful -- but the dialog was pretty weak.

    Personally I think the weakest bond is Craig. He has no finesse or class. Certainly not the type I would pick.

    If you pick apart all the shit wrong with a bond movies bro. You will be here all night. They aren't supposed to be serious. They are popcorn movies.
  • TheAntWarrior
    This was my first Bond film which I saw in the cinema as well! I also liked it at the time - then again, I was only 9 years old. I haven't seen it since and I was actually shocked watching this review to see the level of sex puns in it. I probably didn't even understand them when I saw the film in the cinema with my dad.

    Then again, even aged 9, I thought the invisible car was dumb.

    This has got me hyped to see Skyfall over the weekend! I'm a still a big softie for the classic Bonds myself. Roger Moore was my fave
  • GenericFanboy
    I can't believe I never noticed how bad the cgi was before.

    Interesting how her reveal as a villain coincides with her donning a much more revelling outfit

    @ Brain What did you think of the idea that the villain's British identity was meant to be a mocking parody of Bond? Do you think the film pulled it off?

    Watching this review this movie reminds me of Quantum of Solace. I'm not saying the two are alike, however Quantum of Solace was a good movie hat didn't feel like Bond and this movie had all the trappings of a Bond movie but failed to be any good as a movie.
  • PlasticFrogCG
    You didn't notice it because at the time it wasn't bad!

    Seriously, as technology marches on people have strangely forgotten that it wasn't always as nice and shiny as it is today.
    In another ten years (DAD was released in 2002) we're all going to look back and say "Gosh, the CGI effects in The Avangers were awful!"
  • badgersprite
    For my mind, the worst thing about this movie was just that they didn't "get" James Bond, and especially the sense of humour of the Bond movies. They ran every joke into the ground by basically explaining it to the audience like they were idiots.

    A good example of this is the end with James Bond and Miss Moneypenny. There has been a kind of running joke present in all films that she is very attracted to him and he charms the pants off of her but nothing is ever going to happen between them. You don't need to run that joke into the ground by showing her having a sex dream about him. We get it. You aren't the first people to notice that this is what's going on.
  • Mary001
    I saw this movie in theaters as well, and I liked it initially. Course, I was 7-8, I didn't have glasses, and I haven't seen it since. That CGI is atrocious, and that theme song...dear God, Madonna is not James Bond material. Thank goodness we have Adele to put the class back in the music. Also, I never realized Madonna or Rosamund Pike were in this. Granted, I didn't really pay attention to people much back then...

    Lastly, who else thinks Mathew would make a kick-ass Bond? :)
  • morphman86
    I consider this the last James Bond movie, the one that killed it.
    I did not like this one when it came out and I think the Craig films are even worse, so for me, Tomorrow Never Dies was the last real James Bond movie.
  • Blizz3112
    Personally, I think Quantum of Solace is the worse of the bunch...

    Because it takes itself seriously, but its just equally awful...
  • alexthed
    Really, this one's worse than A View to a Kill? Then again, it's been a LONG time since I've seen either film. Though if it makes you feel better, I had a similar reaction to this movie. I liked it as a kid - and of course, I saw it when I was in the middle of my own Bond-mania. But I doubt it holds off.
  • Carewolf  - Lucky you
    Lucky you. When I was 10 I was taken to see license to kill, because my parents had the idea that bond movies was kid friendly (which all the Rogor Moore moves before that one had been). Try seeing that one again through the eyes of a child.
  • Mav
    Huh...i was under the impression that the reboot was because EON had finally got the rights to do a Casino Royale movie after a long long hard fought battle...i know this film wasnt exactly great but i didn't think it so badly received as to almost kill the franchise :/

    But yeh, this was a weird review for me personally, it was as entertaining as ever but everytime you pointed out a flaw i couldn't agree with you, me and my Dad always take the piss out of stupid stuff in Bond films cos they've always been there and that's half the fun! The classic is in Goldeneye when he powerslid a frickin did he do that!? Who cares its JAMES FRIKKIN BOND and it's AWESOME!

    Oh except for the CGI...that was disappointing then and absolutely laughable now...

    One thing i can certainly agree with you on is Skyfall was so damn good that i feel its almost to good to be true, i could easily stick it into my top 5 favorite Bond movies ever but i feel like i should watch again and be sure before i get carried away!
  • Mav
    Oh and one last thing, i think this is FAR from the worst film...cos i still enjoy it despite its stupidness. Quantum Of Solace is the ONLY Bond film i've ever come out of numb and confused...and being as Bond is supposed to be popcorn fun that was not a good feeling...
  • Eyeshot
    It's probably Film Brain's paranoia talking, saying that the Bond franchise got rebooted because Die Another Day was so bad.
  • Alexander The Greatest
    Honestly, the first hour of DAD is fantastic. It sets up the story for an interesting revenge movie... And then it goes to Iceland. From the on, its an ode to Roger Moore's Bond, the extravaganza Bond.

    Also, I do agree that QOS is worse than this.
  • Mr.Anderssson
    That's actually a good way of putting it; if it's supposed to be a celebration of the Bond franchise, they picked the wrong era to emulate. Which is pretty shocking since the earlier Brosnan films like Goldeneye had so much potential.
  • MovieCritic21
    I Haven't seen this movie in a long time, but I will say this, I love the theme song, I love madonna's song, and It's only thing from this film that I love, Just my opinion is all
  • hordrisstheconfuser
    Goldeneye was the first 12-rated film I ever saw at the cinema. I never saw this at the cinema. I feel so lucky.
  • Mr.Anderssson
    I'm not sure which bond song is worse; this one or Quantum of Solace. I hope Skyfall's song is like the one from Casino Royal; they broke the mold from the cartoony "sexy girls sing the name of the film" song.
  • rpewing
    I liked the theme from Quantum of Solace, but I can see your point. Jack White is such a hack musician...err, sarcasm
  • Frevoli
    I saw Die Another Day in the cinema and while I admit the stupidity... I have to say, I still enjoy it

    now Quantum of Solace - I cannot remember what the heck that was even about -evil oil barons, I think. I fell asleep during it... mind I was watching it on my bed, but still.

    oh, and in regard to Moon only having been Graves for 14 months - he didn't create the identiy, just took it after the real Graves disappeared/died

    and yeah - easily the worse theme
  • Alexander The Greatest
    Mr.Andersson: It seems they wanted it both ways: By having the first half be more serious and driven, more Fleming-like, but the second half be more OTT like YOLT, MR and those films had been, complete with one liners at every corner.

    I agree that the earlier Brosnan films were good, especially GE and TWINE, which strived to be more serious Bond films, and paved the way really for Daniel Craig's Bond.

    I should point out, though, that DAD is largely an adaptation of Fleming's Moonraker - thats right, this film is more faithful to Fleming's novel than the actual film was.

    As for worst song... I think QOS is slightly worse, because its not a song you can play at a dance club - which, to Madonna's credit, DAD's song actually, even to this day. SF's song is much better than either, but I prefer CR's still.
  • archer1949  - The nadir of the series.....
    Most of the other questionable Bond movies (DAF, TMWTTG, MR, QOS) have their apologists. But there is no excuse for this one.

    The beginning was promising, with Bond getting captured and tortured. But it quickly throws out any potential when he "escapes". The first appearance of the laughably talent-free and criminally over-rated Halle Berry is the final nail in this coffin. It was all downhill from there.
  • Alexander The Greatest
    Most of those movies you mentioned, archer, do have their apologists, and so does this one. Yes, the CGI is unforgiveable, as is the relentless lack of humor in the film, but there's still plenty to enjoy - chief of which, the swordfight, one of the best fight scenes in any Bond film.

    Its also funny that the very films you just mentioned are my selection of the worst Bond films of all time, along with AVTAK, of course.
  • JackG2  - ...
    The World is Not Enough is actually the worst Bronson Bond film. This movie was just dumb fun. I never understood the hate.
  • lordpants
    While I don't think changing D.N.A is possible. The death of all or at least nearly all of your bone marrow in a controlled environment is survivable. I had a friend that had to have Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation where they use chemo to destroy a persons current immune system in an attempt to take out cells that may be cancerous and replace them with healthy ones. In his case it destroyed his bone marrow and he had to be kept in a controlled environment for over a month while he underwent therapy and recovered. Sorry if my explanation isn't the best I'm no doctor just wanted to point it out as it stuck with me during the review. Other than that great review I'm a big fan that doesn't often comment.
  • mehja  - DNA magic - hang the writer by the helix
    Even if it would be possible to rewrite "Evil North Korean DNA" into "Pasty British Guy DNA"...
    How the hell would the facial bones rearrange themselves?

    @lordpants It is correct that bone marrow transplants are sensible and successfully employed for patients to give them new stem cells - but only in the bone marrow itself.
    The most spectacular effects one could expect (next to curing cancer, which is the actual point) is that this can change one's blood type, give a person two genetic fingerprints (donor and patient) and, in one documented case, cure HIV infection.

    It has no effect on the rest of the body let alone influence the DNA in the cells. Changing the DNA in all of the bodies cells is potentially possible via viral introduction of a gene - but I place my bets on the non-existence of the "Pasty British Guy Gene".

    Thank you Filmbrain for pointing out this big, big stupid!
  • Alexander The Greatest
    TWINE the worst Brosnan film? Surely you jest - the Bond film that went back to the Fleming character after the midnless action film that was TND? The one with the best female character in all of the Bonds (aside from Judi Dench, but she's not a Bond girl)?

    Sure, it had Denise Richards, and a flawed ending. But the film is still one of the best Bond films of all time.
  • James Picard  - That's the beauty of the Bond films
    Everyone can have their own opinion. Yes, people may disagree with us, but you know what? There are so many movies and so many fans, that disagreements are bound to happen. So why don't we just celebrate the fact that we can be such a diverse fanbase and continue to enjoy the franchise?
  • Mr.Anderssson
    Because differing opinions are why we can't have nice things.
  • rpewing
    What, you mean "I thought Christmas only comes once a year" didn't do it for you? (by the way, the ONLY reason Denise Richards has that ridiculous set up one of the cringiest puns ever)
  • Captain Siberia
    Ornithologist. A reference to ornithologist James Bond, after whom Fleming's character was named.

    We're ripping off Titanic now, aren't we?

    Are you gonna bark all day, James?

    Sexism: Fights must be sexually segregated. We can't have women and men fight and kill one another as equals, now can we?

    I guess I'll die another day.
  • ZidaneValor  - Antagonist
    I like to think the studio shot the opening scenes, then decided not to have an Asian antagonist, so they "killed" him off and turned him into a white guy.
  • Shadowstorm87x
    I despise Die Another Day with all my heart and its my least favorite bond film. I can't go 2 minutes without cringing.

    Goldeneye is my shit though.
  • wka  - you're way too nitpicky
    I mostly disagree with what you say. The majority of it is nitpicking and, worse, not at all watertight.

    01) the bullet in the opening credits - I don't get what problem you've got with this
    02) surfin into North Korea: you know that this country is pretty much isolated? You can't exactly take a plane to get there. Surfing in will at least ensure they're not picked up by radar.
    03) Bond's age - Pierce Brosnan has aged, people do that, you know? I can overlook that fact.
    04) weight of the gear: a surfboard weighs 2-3 kg. What we can see in the surfboard are some electronic devices and a knife. Using modern techniques I doubt this weighs much more than say a kg. I doubt that this poses too much of a problem
    05) explosions: this is a JAMES BOND movie. Stuff is supposed to blow up when the protagonist has entered the enemy camp. Show me Bond movies where the base of the villain remains intact (Ok, admittedly, there might be some, I don't know all of them, but stuff blowing up is sort of common)
    06) title song: I have to give you credit on that one, it's awful
    07) Bond's medical examination - what's your problem man? There is some high-tech stuff to ivestigate is health, so what? You're complaining they don't use an X-ray??!!!
    08) Bond is stuck while Zhao can escape - you're not serious, are you? You don't know anything about the circumstances under which Zhao escaped - there is a traitor in the MI6, did you ever consider that Zhao had help while Bond had none whatsoever???!!!
    09) Bond escapes the MI6: as you recognized, this is a medical station, not some high security prison. Furthermore you didn't pay attention, did you??!!! Dangerous agent??!!! He was suspected to have given away information under torture. That doesn't mean he's dangerous. MI6 clearly does not trust him, but that doesn't mean they consider him a vital threat.
    10) the hotel scene - again, what's your problem???!!! Granted, he walks into a luxury hotel in a wet pyjama, awkward, but if a man did that in real life, would you consider him an agent? Furthermore, the spy scene: This indicates that the chinese don't trust Bond on first sight and want to know what he's up to. Sort of a natural reaction from a secret service, especially given the fact that China the UK are not exactly friends (though they are not enemies either).
    11) the scene in Cuba where he uses his identity - M said nothing about a trial or something, Bond was rather being forced to retire. Why should he use a different identity? Would be smart, but nothing indicates that he's the top priority of the MI6 at the moment. From their talk M could not conclude that Bond has gone rogue, rather he was betrayed. The decision to strip him off his 00 status was made before that. All I'm saying is that it is plausible that Bond experiences no difficulties with the MI6 which is probably what he has thought about himself.
    12) the flashy car - you know ...
  • wka
    12) the flashy car - you know that Cuba is pretty much isolated because it belongs to the evil communist block (or what is left of it). Few countries trade with Cuba, as a consequence, the cars there are old and yes, you might call them flashy, but there is a reason behind it
    13) the dialogue with Jinx as well as all the other love/sex talk - granted, it is beyond riddiculous in this movie, but you're making the mistake of actually taking the film serious.
    14) climbing through the window in the clinic is sort of strange and suspicious, you're right on that one
    15) bone marrow transplantation - you know that's part of the leukemia treatment, right? Apart from that, supplanting one's DNA is nigh impossible, you're right on that and replacing the bone marrow won't do the full job - then again, it's a James Bond movie, don't expect accurate science
    16) 'why is all that expensive equipment in the same room as an MRI scanner' - that uttering is beyond riddiculous: THE MRI-SCANNER IS THE EXPENSIVE STUFF, NOT THE SHIT THAT'S LYING AROUND. Furthermore, as you could see, the MRT apparatus was turned off!! You could expect that the metal parts were about to be removed before the scanner was turned on, so that the scanner would not be accidentally damaged by flying metal pieces, because these scanners cost a shitload of money. The equipment which looks like medical tools was probably there because it was being used - remeber, we're in a hospital, more specifically in the secret wing of a hospital (which is probably small since larger structures would be detected)
    17) Jinx diving off the cliff - you heard there is a sport called high-diving? As long as she doesn't hit ground below the sea level, she's probably fine
    18) Bond using British Airways to go to the country that's after him - there is no hint that the MI6 is chasing Bond after he escaped torture in North Korea - it is never established that he is supposed to have defected to the enemy
    19) the parachute scene - I rather took it as establishing Graves as adrenaline junky, apart from that, it's not that intelligent
    20) the fencing - Graves wasn't trying to kill Bond for no good reason. Bond almost killed him once, he sort hurt Graves' dignity by making fun of him, granted it is immensely stupid to try and kill Bond during this duel, but it is not totally unplausible either
    21) Graves being revealed as bad guy - you know, people get beaten up for less than what Bond did, a wrong look or a wrong word can be enough to make bully beat you up. Bond accused him of dealing with blood diamonds which can set you up, he defeated him and mocked him. Graves may appear impulsive and uncoltrolled, but that's in agreement with his character. Everyone looses his/her temper now and then, again this is not a smart move, but it does not identify him definitely as villain to the other movie characters.
  • wka
    22) He's never been established as a humanitarian. We don't know under which circumstances Graves became a knight, but here you're just making stuff up
    23) Miranda Frost - nomen est omen - yeah, the intended name jokes are sort of stupid, again, you're expecting too much of this film
    24) 'we can't go long without an action scene' this is an action movie, you'd sort of be expecting a lot of action scenes in it.
    25) The guy in the ceiling - given how sloppy your nitpicking is in general, I highly doubt Bond couldn't have seen him out of the angle of his eye. Furthermore, this a simulation. Bond has run this test (though probably not in a virtual reality) a couple of times and knows the usual hideouts.
    26) Shooting M to get to the terrorist - as long as the shot's not lethal (aim for the respective body parts), she will be injured and will likely recover after medical treatment whereas the terrorist is dead. It's a ruthless move, but not unsmart
    27) 'deus ex machinas for the mission' - slowly I am starting to think, you never watched a Bond movie before. Such nifty stuff is part of any such film. And I am going to show you how to be actually really nitpicky: the plural of deus ex machina is not deus ex machinas. Here's a link to german site, which tells you how to do it correctly:
    http:// Deklination
    28) why is an invisble car bloody ridiculous? the cloaking is not perfect, I guess you'd need an awful lot of computational power to provide a good deception, but then again, this is a James Bond movie, not an engineering class. That it's nowhere near perfect is actuall shown in the film - you can still make out it's shapes, but it's enough not to be recognized if you'r enot expecting anything. You're missing the obious here, too: how are they going to make the car quiet - not seeing it is one thing, not hearing it another. At least they should have mentioned some kind of electrical engine if they were going with this one.
  • wka
    28) why is an invisble car bloody ridiculous? the cloaking is not perfect, I guess you'd need an awful lot of computational power to provide a good deception, but then again, this is a James Bond movie, not an engineering class. That it's nowhere near perfect is actuall shown in the film - you can still make out it's shapes, but it's enough not to be recognized if you'r enot expecting anything. You're missing the obious here, too: how are they going to make the car quiet - not seeing it is one thing, not hearing it another. At least they should have mentioned some kind of electrical engine if they were going with this one.
    29) Miranda's and M's talk - I doubt this scene establishes Bond, this rather established Miranda as analytical and not very fond of Bond. I don't get your problem with it.
    30) most of your nitpicking is inaccurate and sloppy. Not only do you make invalid complaints, you also leave out the obvious things to go for. Why did Graves build an icepalace in the first place? It must have been extremely expensive with all the detail, the control mechanisms etc. and its main purpose is to be destroyed by Ikarus
    31) the ball outfit in the ice palace is a valid complaint
    32) the revelation of Graves as Cournel Moon - you complain about a lack of subtlety? THIS IS A JAMES BOND MOVIE, for ghod's sake. You wouldn't expect subtlety here
    33) You complain that MI6 didn't run a background check. Again, think boy. The MI6 IS traing to find out about Graves. That's why sent Bond to iceland in the first place, remember. *sigh*
    34) Bond getting spotted - again I don't see your problem here. There is always a chance of getting caught or overlooking a guard in a niche. Same thing with Jinx getting caught - Zhao is quite tough and in close combat on par with Bond. Why shouldn't he be able to overpower her?
    35) Laser beams in a diamond mine - the mine might be fake, the diamonds are not - we have seen that Graves imprints his sign on them. Maybe they are used for that.
  • wka
    36) Jinx being able to operate the Laser - ok, a bit unlikely, but she received some training in operating machinery (I guess). Still you wouldn't eexpect a LASER to be operated by such thingy attached on a cable. Furthermore she watched Mr Kill work the LASER, which might have given her enough of an idea how it worked.
    37) What's your problem with Jinx working for the NSA?
    38) Ikarus is not a giant LASER beam. Here is a link that tells you how a LASER works. wiki/LASER
    You pump a system until an inversion state is reached and then get back to the ground state via stimulated emission. Ikarus simply reflects sunlight, it's nothing but a system of mirrors and optical lenses, at least nothing different is indicated
    39) you#re right that it'd make more sense to burn bond using IKARUS than simply 'sawing off' the part of the cliff
    40) missiles not blowing up the vanquish - you get the concept of armor, right? So far every bond car had it, if the explosion is not too strong, the car will survive it
    41) full body ikarus suit - I don't have a problem with it - it doesn't look intimidating, rather it looks high tech, I am fine with it
    42) blow up the mines so that the North Koreans can ivade Japan - let me ask you two simple questions - did you have any kind of politics, geography or history class in high school? and 2nd - did you actually go to high school?
  • wka
    42) blow up the mines so that the North Koreans can ivade Japan - let me ask you two simple questions - did you have any kind of politics, geography or history class in high school? and 2nd - did you actually go to high school?
    43) the complaint about evacuation is actually something that's valid
    44) lenghty prolonged shocks at 100 V will kill Bond - if you complain about the science, get it actually right - what kills you is not the bias but the power, i.e. the rate at which energy is transferred.
    45) Graves does not kill Bond - actually that's the stupid off-showing behavious that's typical of the villains and almost always gets them killed. Why do you expect something different in a Bond movie?
  • wka
    46) Graves electrocutes himself - he was attached to the metal conducting skin of the airplane and his suit is made of metal. It's not totally unplausible.
    47) OK, Moneypenny's scene is unnecessary, but I wouldn't describe her role as very dignified in the first place. I don't have a problem with it
    48) you're getting better at the end of the movie -sex on diamonds is uncomfortable (admittedly I don't have first hand experience on this) and the fact that her injury mysteriously vanished is a logical problem

    Summarizing: some of your complaints are valid like the insanely dumb dialogue, however most of them are just nitpicking. There is nothing wrong with that, nitpicking can be a hell of a lot of fun if done correctly. However your review has more, well, let's call them plotholes, than the actual movie. You act as if you are expecting something like the apex of acting and writing, again, this is a JAMES BOND film, an action movie which gives a crap about logic, scientific accuracy and depth. I have to say, considering the very nature of the film, it ranks higher in quality than your review.
  • Xed Regulus
    Wait, who's to nit-picky?
  • Film Brain
    Not to sound mean but when you call someone "too nitpicky", writing 7 long consecutive posts deconstructing a review (which looks like it's taken hours to do) is not ironic at all...

    I hate to say it, but I just don't think the review is for you. I'm guessing you're a very big fan of the series, and I think that means you've missed the fact the review is meant to be humorous as well. For example, I have no problem with Jinx working for the NSA - it's just that rival franchise xXx worked for the NSA, and I thought it was amusing.

    I won't be addressing you point-by-point because that would take far too long, but re: Japan. I just took it from the dialogue. Graves says and I quote, "Japan is a bug waiting to be squashed." Why is this? I don't know, ask Purvis and Wade.

    Sorry you didn't enjoy the video.
  • wka
    I liked the series when I was a child, this was pretty much the last Bond I viewed. As stated, some points are valid, but I overall enjoyed the film. It's not great art, but it's nice entertainment which doesn't take itself serious. In this context, I don't understand most of the concerns you have with it.

    Concerning Japan: Graves is clearing the mine field between North and South Korea. This only makes sense if the first target is South Korea. It doesn't help the least in invading Japan. I didn't watch the movie recently, but I guess that Japan was at least to come after SK. However, you stated that the mine belt was destroyed so the Japan could be invaded. This does not add up.

    I'm sorry if I got a bit mean from time to time.
  • kshade
    How is telling someone that his nitpicking doesn't make sense point by point ironic? As far as I can see he didn't say "you nitpick too much" but "your points aren't valid". Saying "the review is meant to be humorous" isn't a good defense against that either. I mean, pointing out Cuban cars looking like they do as if it was bad writing? That's not funny.
  • The Battousai
    I think you missed what FB meant by "ironic." wka's opening complaint was that FB was being "too nitpicky," but then goes on a tirade of nit-picking of his own (he put that complaint in the title of his first post).
  • Xed Regulus
    Sorry, at 4 in the morning, I wasn't able to be to witty in my reply to his comment. I didn't find you to be nitpicky at all, FB.
  • JojjoW
    If i had to say my oppinion, then i whould say that Quantom of Solace needs a BMB. I did not like DAD but at least it left an impression on me and it has an identity while QoS i so forgettable and dull that i almost fell asleep. Liked the review though. And my favourite bond is Connery is (and will always be) Sean Connery. And my favourit bondmovie is (right now) Goldfinger. Which is your favourite bondmovie i wonder.
  • Shippou-Sensei
    with cliff diving they use bubbles to break the waters surface tension.
  • wka
    source? I can imagine that happens diving from a tower, but from a cliff?
  • Mav
    I'd be quite interested in reading a source too. It sounds daft to me (how does one make a bubble while diving?) but that's exactly why id love to learn!
  • Shippou-Sensei  - re: source
    humm can't find info on it

    this was just something i saw on tv a while back. they had a bubble generator under the water to break the surface tension.
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