Bad Movie Beatdown - Doomsday

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  • Mantoku  - Okay...
    Never heard of this movie... Five minutes into the review... I am SO glad I had not heard of it... Why does crap like this get made?!

    Edit: Wow... That movie had so much potential! I mean, the idea behind it was awesome, and the acting (from what I saw in the clips) was not THAT bad. Just... Wow... It was so poorly executed that it really makes me sad that it was not better.
  • VashStarwind  - Wonderful Review
    I couldn't help but agree with everything you said:

    The soldiers in front of the barricade, the Reaper virus coming back from nowhere, the hand waved excuse for why they didn't try to get a cure earlier - I could go on and on.

    I myself couldn't help but wonder how the mom and girl couldn't together add up to the weight of the soldier who got off the helicopter, but that's a little thing.

    Those vehicles they were driving around could REALLY have done with motion sensing capability... And actual armoring outside of paper mache and sugar glass.

    Fields FULL of cows and presumably, other animals - and there is a horde cannibalistic humans: Ninja Cows is the best explanation.

    I agree with your critique of the punk rock cannibals. I couldn't wrap my head around why, if the leader was the son of a more cultured Doctor (who admittedly became a little nutty), how did that punk thing come to be?

    And I was under the impression that gas goes bad after a certain amount of time; all these cars and bikes moving around was... Odd.

    And these people still had access to modern knowledge - where were the blunderbusses and muskets?

    And after 30 years, there just happened to be THAT many immune people in Scotland? Pfft!

    This movie could have been SO GOOD: Make the outbreak happen in 2XXX, Tweak the plot... Ugh, coulda been good.

    I at least enjoyed most of the infected London scenes...

    (I was writing this comment AS I watched the review, so there's a lot of redundancy and scatterbrained-ness.)
  • guthix
    i saw this movie when i was ten (great parents) and i knew this was shit
  • thewreckofisengard
    While I agree the movie itself is stupid I do still enjoy the film. It does bring up some good ideas but executes certain things poorly.
  • YangOMEGA
    You are awesome. Will you do Never Say Never Again?
  • ZombieSlayer85  - Everyone loves Bears?
    Doesn't Stephan Colbert constantly talk about how much he hates bears and how they will likely lead to the downfall of the world? Not that I agree with him, mind you, as I am smart enough to know the true threat to society at large: clowns!
  • Volare3  - Stealth Cows
    Hmm, Stealth Cows?

    Sounds like a better movie than this, maybe.
  • Veran
    Yes. I'd go see that. I'd get that on DVD.
  • Byere
    I watched a copy of this piece of drivel by renting it when I had an account with LoveFilm... Oh gawd how terrible it was.

    I'd all but forgotten it till now. Wish I hadn't remembered it, but a good review as always :)

    Btw... Wish I'd had the chance to meet you at Collectormania London as I was there too >.
  • DakotaCruz
    this movie was bad, but sure was fun. I enjoyed the shit out of this. you can tear apart most movies, hell, all movies. just go with it and have some fun
  • JoeDawson15
    Funny, i was just looking up the lead actress Rhona Mitra on wikipedia and know Matt does this..odd.
  • GernBlanston
    Not going to lie, I enjoyed the hell out of this movie.

    For me, this was the third movie missing from Grindhouse that should have been there with Planet Terror and Death Proof.

    I don't know, I just thought the whole thing was dumb fun, and as Matthew points out, that was clearly what they were going for. It just worked for me, where it didn't work for him.

    It's no different than what Robert Rodriguez does with stuff like Machete (dumb, sleazy b-movie fun), only I thought this one was far more successful that what he's doing. I think he deliberately switched gears every 20 minutes to avoid it becoming a drag to watch, which I felt Machete became the longer it went on.

    Also Matthew points out that this is basically Marshall's love letter to the genre flicks he grew up with, but to me it seems like it's also an homage to the Italian Z-grade knockoffs of those very movies that Cinema Snob likes to review.

    Anyway, I'm a huge mark for Neil Marshall's films and what he's doing, so this totally worked for me. This was just a grand tribute to schlock - it IS schlock - and I heartily enjoyed it.
  • executor
    Thank you, Gem. And "Doomsday" is really a movie one should have seen for oneself, this video is too much edited down and harshly opinonated, that a first time viewer even might get a wrong feeling for the film. It's not perfect, but a nice hommage to Dark Future-Action-Movies like "Escape From L.A." and the hordes of italian ones trying to milk the cash cow for what it's worth.

    If your cinema-horizon doesn't go as far as well beyond the 90s, if it even goes there, this movie and what it's honoring is really going above your head. If you don't like trashy B- or C-Movies that goes double for you, so, yeah, that might explain some comments here...
  • Gundam4ever
    Scotland has been cut off from the world how many years and they still have both petrol and diesel.
  • KuraiX2
    Well, most people are dead and their cars abandoned, so it's not that unlikely.
  • Rue_Ryuzaki2
    Wow Maybe it would have been better if they stuck to one theme, and tone down on the references, or just tried something new all together. Oh well. Nice work FB.
  • phnxprmnt021
    Great rundown, FB. I absolutely hated this movie, partially for not making any lick of sense, but mostly for the excessive gore. The cannibalism scene, the torture, the exploding heads and whatnot were just...repulsive.

    On a purely aesthetic note, though, I remember thinking Rhona Mitra was badass and gorgeous and had a killer haircut. Shame that had to be in this movie :/
  • AuraKnightStar
    Another great review FB.

    Homage only works if you do something new with the material, deconstruct or comment on it, not flat out copy it.

    At 6:00 to be fair to the movie such spherical cameras that can roll around and rotate on all 6 axises do exist.
  • TragicGuineaPig
    20:45 - So don't be vain, and don't be whiny,
    or else I'ma have to get medieval on your heinie!

    Edit: 22:50 - you already made the joke before I did. Never mind.
  • Loneheart
    Damn, I forgot about this movie, and for good reason. Saw it when I was 13 and confused as fuck when it went medieval on our ass.
  • LikaLaruku
    I thought DiVito was really short. Is he standing on a box?

    Since you're good at pointing out logic fails, I really hope you do " Quarantine 2" someday.
  • Tom Smith
    What the hell did I just watch. This movie was super goofy.

    But I could see why some people would like it.
  • Mz Doom
    I'm Scottish and I remember laughing my ass off at the large cannibal party set in Glasgow as it did remind me of a few raves I've been to in Glasgow.

    Other than that I fell asleep through most of this movie as it kept being mixed about what genre it wanted to be. It should have just stuck with Mad Max and tried to do it's own spin on it.
  • GreyhoundBoy
    Is it bad that I rather liked watching this film despite knowing full well how absolutely stupid it was? Not so much a 'guilty pleasure' as I have no guilt over it... but I do have... confusion over why I enjoy it. Other than that, I really like this review :P
  • Ratin8tor
    "I know he's paying tribute to the movies he loves, but he's not putting any new spin or comments on what he's duplicating other than 'This movie was really cool'"

    Sums up To Boldly Flee really, doesn't it.

    As for the movie (which I watched like 5 years ago, so I barely remembered it) why did they stop wearing the suits? I thought the virus was airborne or something. Why did they even bother wearing them in the first place when it's ultimately for naught?
  • mehja  - Dumb scientists
    Why are scientists in movies either universal godlike geniuses (usually mad) or complete idiots?

    Some people are still alive? My very, very first idea: immunity.
    And every scientist (actually most educated people) in the world could have told you this - even before the bloody virus even existed!

    There is NO disease that kills absolutely every single person in the world. Even HIV, which is so very devastating with the strategy of attacking the immune system itself, does not have a 100% success rate. There are people immune to it... and to ebola... and the plague... and any other kind of infection.

    Scientist really forgot everything about the key principle of natural selection - the variation within species?
    Seems like the creationists have been taken over the world after all and this is what you got... hooray!
  • Mii_Chl
    the black mans (i forgot the expendable characters name, sorry) death wasn't a lord of the rings reference, it was defoe's death from platoon, including the fall on the knees arms outstretched in a cross shape.

    one hell of a review though. thanks matt. i never saw this film, and was planning to at work tomorrow. not so much anymore.
  • Talli  - Twisted
    Isn't "Marcus Kane" who Bob Hoskins mentions at 8:28 a reference to the Twisted Metal games?
    http:// wiki/Marcus_Kane
    I doubt it was intentional but if so this movie must have ll kinds of subtle layers to it... right?
  • Ben_from_G-town
    I thought I would be the only one that noticed that. But yeah, Marcus Kane was the hobo from Twisted Metal, the brother of Needles Kane, aka Sweet Tooth.

    I'm not sure if it means anything or if it was just a coincidence. It is a cool sounding name, though.
  • pearsonm957
    Scottish Independence. Topical
  • TragicGuineaPig
  • PlasticFrogCG
    I remember seeing a preview for this and thinking "Oh cool, a Mad Max clone!" Then I actually rented it and was soooo glad I didn't go see it in theatres.
    Consequently I really wasn't impressed with The Descent either. Good premis, lackluster execution...or maybe it was just the confusing ending that got me?

    As per Rona Mitra, the only reason I recognized her here was from portraying the first Lara Croft model, but I'm partial to Karima Adebibe.
  • ZidaneValor  - RICKYYY!!!
    That death scene reminded me more of Ricky from Boyz N the Hood, especially when he was shot in the leg and then in the back.
  • DVAcme
    Yeah... a one-eyed special forces operative... Way to do the research there, guys, since one of the requirements for special forces training is DEPTH PERCEPTION AND PERIPHERAL VISION. A special forces operative who's lost an eye during duty I can buy, but even then he'd probably be transferred to support or desk work, but a FIELD operative? And she was missing the eye BEFORE joining special forces? Absolute bullshit.
  • icedrake402
    Huh. Apparently, the director was also paying homage to the game "Thief 2" with the eye camera?
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