Bad Movie Beatdown - Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel

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  • PixelJustice
    whoa!!! a new video? and it popped up on my screen out of no where!? its not even in the list!!?? FIRST!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    lol that classical bad movie meat down intro was bad ass good job Todd
  • Haon
    Oh, please "Todd Margret", give David a career.
  • Valis77
    Blue Shell!
  • Necrovarium  - Saw it on blip first...
    It's a good video. You two are underrated reviewers for the site, and you two together is fun to watch. Matthews anger of the "obsession" could have come to fruition somehow with Matthew being so angry he rips his own shirt off only to reveal an Alvin and the Chipmunks t-shirt and the embarrassment to follow. I still liked the Film Brain Rage Tackle, though.
  • TurnedToStone
    why the squeakel? why not the first one, it was equally horrible.
  • pariah
    Don't you mean... Squeakqually horribe?

    I'msorrypleasedon' thitme.
  • invisiboy42293
    They explain in the video that they didn't think the first one was that bad.
  • The Dubya
    ToddintheShadows and Film Brain as chipmunks....

    My day is now officially complete.
  • ladydiskette
    Todd makes for a cute little chipmunk I just want to hug him and put him in my pocket.

    Film Brain, we think you may have a problem, there are places that can help you with your Alvin and the Chipmunks addiction...
  • TurnedToStone
    Here is a question, why do the chipmunks each sleep in a separate bed? they are like 1/12th the size of the bed, they could just share one....I'm questioning the logic of a hollywood cartoon these types of movies ever contain logical situations?
  • sprezzatura
    just saw this on TV the other day- bleeeeech. These live action kids shows remakes are really getting painful. Also, you mentioned Compare the Meerkat! :D
  • BaltoStephenWinter  - Shut up! I am not obsessed with Eragon!!!!

    "Who would want to beat up small annoying animals that inflict pain on the man who took them in from the wilderness and made them into the sensation that they are today?"
    (Turns corner)
    (Picture of the Earth)
    (Fight noises and gun shots heard)

    The cardboard cut out is made out of... DUGO!!!
  • RAF  - Do not work alone Film Brain
    Do not take this the wrong way Mr. Buck but I think you are much better when doing crossovers because you have somebody to work off of. Did you ever think about getting a co-host for you show like Nash or Guru Larry have.
  • Linnahiril  - My god, this looks awful
    Props to you guys for watching it all the way through. Don't think I could have done that.
  • LessAshamed
    Uuuuugh. This movie looks absolutely insufferable. The endless reference jokes, David Cross being unfunny, the chipmunks being annoying. I almost couldn't make it through the review.
  • Kiereth
  • RAF  - Todd this is Film Brains secret
    Film Brain secret is that he douses not really watch bad movies he watches decent to mediocre films and acts like they are the worst things in the world. This is most evident in his wrestlemonthia when he only did one bad movie (wrong side of town) and a bunch of decent ones. This had to be on purpose as it is really easy to find bad movies staring wrestlers however Film Brain is not dumb enough to watch the sanity destroying messes like River of Darkness

    Be thankful you are not doing reviews with Oancitizen Diamanda Hagan or the Cinema Snob they are the ones who truly do bad movies
  • dennett316
    You thought Tooth Fairy and Universal Soldier The Return were decent? The Marine is the only one of the lot I'd even consider watching again....I liked The Condemned better when it was The Running Man.

    Also, watch some of his reviews like Fat Slags, The Ugly Truth, Seven Pounds, the Segal month, All About Steve, Bride Wars and countless others and tell me he doesn't do bad movies. They may not be as outright poorly made as some of the stuff Brad or Hagan review, but they are bad in other areas.
  • RAF
    Most of those movies while not great were at least mediocre and universal solder the return was one of Goldberg’s best films (which says more about his film career than anything else). Film Brain has done a few really bad movies but no ware near the level those 3, even Lupa and Phelous review films so bad Film Brain would not touch them.

    He is no ware near as bad as another reviewer on this site (who I will not mention) that mainly reviews good to decent movies but he rarely touches really bad movies
  • ElementalHero
    Well, the plot of the Running Man was done before it was called the Running Man
  • Film Brain
    For the record, I did see River of Darkness. Unfortunately, movies where absolutely nothing happens don't really work within the format. I did put it on my 'Worst of' list in my Review of 2011.
  • RAF
    I never saw that video and I am so sorry to hear you actually watched that horrible mess (seriously how did they mess up turning Sycho Sid into a monster). But I think it has enough content to make a good review with somebody that knows a lot about wrestling, It would make a better review then a lot of the movies you have done but I can see why it might not mesh well with your style.
  • AVPGuyver21
    Have you think about reviewing The 41-Year-Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall And Felt Superbad About It? Yes that's the full title Film Brain BTW.
  • RPGaholic
    Okay... this is why in every previous incarnation, whether the 50s or the 80s version they were the size of little kids, because then going to school sort of made sense.
  • Cheshire Kitten
    Yeesh, this movie looks bad. Still, good video, both of you.
  • WesleyFoxx
    Okay, all I can think of is that Film Brain in the title card looks like Lil' Cal from homestuck and its kind of making me freak out.

    Edit: and of course the poster above me has a Homestuck avatar. :V
  • Plague #11
    Oh gawd. D:

    I can't unsee that.

    I hate you so much right now.
  • WesleyFoxx
    I spades you too. :3 I highly recommend google image searching Lil' Cal for those who don't know the character, and are comfortable with the amount of sleep they've already had for the night.
  • Dakota The Mad
    You know. Looking at Film Brain as a chipmunk, he reminds me of Justin Bieber. Funny isn't it?
  • jwoerd15
    I wonder if Matt or the other reviewers have ever seen Todd's face
    He's been dating one of the other reviewers for over a year and has hung out with Lupa, Paw, Nella and others when he visits NYC. But yeah, he kept his mask on the whole time, walking thru the streets of NYC, watching movies with NChick, even when they weren't filming.
    I understand why some actors play humiliating roles in bad movies. They have to eat, and you never know when you are gonna gt work in this industry.

    But David Cross seems to rail against shit like this in his stand up comedy. His very act flips the bird at brands and soulless franchises like this. So why did he do this? He doesn't need the money. He's done Mr. Show, Arrested Development, he is a star in the stand up world and he has that Todd Margaret show. So what's the deal with this?

    Oh and it's not fair for Todd to say "I hate people" when Mat announced that this movie made almost half a billion dollars. You can say that if Battlefield, Jack and Jill or Bucky Larson made a half billion dollars. Those movies are aimed at older audiences. But not this. Kids begged their parents to go see the chipmunks, and kids are allowed to like dumb shit like this.
  • Ellie Bee
    You saw Chipwrecked, Film Brain? You're a brave lad, sir. But I trust your judgement.

    Anyways, here's my take on this one, which I have seen-

    *What's the point of celebrity voices? I can't recognize anyone's voices.
    *Seriously, they can't just do it like they did in the cartoon and just have them be the size of human children? Maybe it wouldn't look good, but neither do the Chipmunks in their current CGI form.
    *Finally, just a slap in the face to my childhood. I freaking LOVED Alvin and the Chipmunks cartoons as a kid.
  • Kossmeister
    My problem with the chipmunks going to a human school is that chipmunks live much shorter lifespans than humans. If they were to spend four years of high school, they would be very old if not dead at the time of graduation.
  • ladydiskette
    Not to mention probably getting stepped on the minute they walk through the door.
  • The Devil You Know
    I hated Alvin & The Chipmunks when I was 8 and after seeing that I can still say that I hate them today, and it's been 20 + years.

    For the life of me I don't understand why any movie studio would green light a live action/cgi version of this when handing it off to a company like Pixar could do a better representation of it in an animated form, which is what it was in the first place.

    In the movies Alvin is downright sociopathic in his behavior while Simon is a pushover and Theodore is just a stupid punchline to be abused and made fun of and Dave is essentially the victim of domestic abuse at the hands of Alvin.

    I couldn't stand the TV shows that were popular when I was a kid in the late 80's and early 90's because they were stupid and the late 2000's theatrical reboot and sequels only furthers my previous opinions.
  • Steve the Pocket
    Why do you think Pixar would stoop to doing licensed franchise adaptations?
  • TheIrrehensibleTJ
    I get making Alvan a football star as he was one on the show, but for reasons I cannot fathom in these movies they made the chipmunks chipmunk sized instead of 3 or so feet tall making the whole affair just seem that much more bizarre.
    Why did they make that change? It only serves to limit things and generate plot holes.
  • LikaLaruku
    If Film Brain is insane, what does that make Brainsano?

    Dunno what's worse; the physics, the CG & the unrealistic speed it's moving at, or the plot.

    They're not supposed to be love interests; in the cartoon series they were rivals & lived with Miss Miller.
  • Jegsimmons
    the NASCAR gopher?!

    ok, they only used the gopher for one year because they realized it was stupid!

    yeah, i watch nascar.....its actually entertaining.
  • rowdycmoore
    Sadly, I think Digger was on the broadcasts for at least two years. It was in the second year that gave him his own animated shorts in the pre-race show. Because THAT's what us NASCAR fans wanted to watch, right?

    Worse yet? He got his own comic book. Yes, I am hoping Linkara will get a copy of it.
  • penpaninu
    6:00 "how many victims are they going to claim? one more and they're serial killers!"

    8:24 POLEDANCING? That got a laugh out of me :P

    Great review guys.
  • angel85
    I didn't even know what a dutch oven WAS until I was 25, fuck this movie
  • Crickett
    Yes, Meerkat Manor. The show where in the third season, the leader of the colony of meerkats died agonizingly from a snake bite and as a result (arguably), the show only lasted one more season.

    I'm sure little kids should watch THAT particular nature show.
  • SpeedyEric
    It's a good thing that all 3 Chipmunks movies never made it to #1 at the US box office, because more people, like myself, were more interested in I Am Legend, Avatar, and Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.
  • shadowspider9
    Ya know I get that the writer's were trying to adapt the old cartoon, but the thing you have to remember is that in the cartoon the chipmunks were as tall as most human children their age.

    That allowed the show to get away with having singing anthropomorphic chipmunks live like normal children. Here they are regular sized chipmunks so that same idea simply doesn't work.
  • Mucca
    I guess Earl missed a few things on his list. Man, Tobias's acting career did not turn out well.

    Obligatory references to other things actors were in out of the way, good video guys. I love how Todd was obsessed with killing them the entire time.
    Also: eww, incest subtext.
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