Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen (Part Two + Megacut)

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  • Jackass Mask
    Call me an optimist if you must. There are times, here and there they happen, just as I load up my computer and head to a website to see the latest movie news. Times where I take a second just before the page loads that I make a small prayer.

    "Oh god of movies, fickle deity that you are, please let this be the day that Michael Bay has announced his retirement after being kicked out of the movie industry."

    The other days are mostly just my hopes that Uwe boll hasn't manged to get the rights another video game movie. Or any movie really. I gave up a long time ago for praying that J.J. Abrams would go away.
  • ultramanmattia
    God those twins are annoying!
    I wished they died.

    Also the scene of the ''Transformers Heaven'' was ridicoulous.
  • AndrewDeLong  - To Jackass Mask
    That, sir or madame, was simply one of the best comments I've seen in a damn long while.
  • ShMike
    Things which bugged the hell out of me...
    1) Megatron says there is no leadership other than his own, 2 seconds later, "Oh, Hi Fallen, my master." BTW Megatron has never had a master, other than Unicron (as Galvatron) and even then he tried to turn against him.
    2) Sam tells Bumblebee to take his parents to safety in the desert. His dad says they must stick together, Sam says no. Sam tries to say the same to his girlfriend, she says no and Sam is like "ok."
    3) The establishment of a NEW love interest for Sam in movie 3.

    When you spend 2 full movies focusing on a relationship and simply replace a whole character, it's no good. I can understand maybe cutting the girlfriend character out all together, throw a line like Mikaela's in another country or another reason, but they establish a whole new character.

    Why not just call the new girl by the old girl's name and be done with it (the only difference I see is the hair color, otherwise it's the same Barbie) like they did with Rachel in the Nolan Batman movies?

    If she was a minor character (like Sam's parents or even his friends), I could forgive this, but Bay weaseled her into this script to ALWAYS be around. Because of that she is vested in the story as an Autobot ally, not just for Sam's sake (she even has a pet Decepticon). So even if a "true love" relationship ends, she should have some role in this third conflict, especially since it appears to be larger spread than the first two. Like I said, instead of just saying "oh we broke up, oh well" have her either die (these things happen) or just recast the character. Actually having her die would be pretty interesting, as to show that even though these space age epic battles happen, the human condition is always 100% fatal,

    If there must be a romantic element, what about giving one of the other characters a love story. Maybe Bumblebee, or maybe bring in Elita-One for Optimus.

    One last thing, The Fallen should have killed Optimus (thus getting SOME revenge), and Hot Rod should have been in this movie, goes on the quest for the Matrix, and then becomes Rodimus Prime.
  • dennett316
    There's not a lot they can do when the actress bad mouths the director, and since the new film isn't out yet we don't know how they handle her not being there...Bay might get all childish and say Optimus accidentally stepped on her one day.
  • montanker
    That would pretty much make it worth seeing for me. :)
  • BooRat
    I totally agree with you a 100% on this!!!
  • SpeedyEric
    The Fallen is in controll of Megatron who's in controll of the Decepticons. In one of the comic book prequels, The Fallen says that he will controll the universe while Megatron controlls Cybertron.
  • TheCooper
    This does beg question though and I ask this as someone who's been a fan of Transformers for a while.

    Was The Fallen ever in any Transformers show?

    None that I can remember sorry about that.
  • Sheranda  - close to tears
    I can't count all the things that bugged me about this movie. There are too many. This was just horrible! Horrible! Horrible! Horrible! Michael Bay needs to be strangled! Not killed. Just punished. He needs to be banned from moviemaking until he learns to be racially sensitive, because this really does border on blackface! Hasbro needs to fire whatever employer was cruel enough to approve of this unspeakable monstrosity. I would like to thank SlyDante for telling me not to watch this movie. The torture would have been too much for me to bear. Once again, you're a very brave person to review these movies, Mathew.
  • Sheranda
    I feel much better, now. I had to re-watch some Annoying Orange videos while hugging my teddy bear. I actually slept with him for the first time in years! I kept telling myself that even though this movie did irrepairable damage to the Transformers franchise, it's still just a movie. Transformers has been going strong for decades, and Michael Bay can't ruin that. He also can't show his face at a comics convention anytime soon. Heh heh.
  • Sheranda
    Also, I finally got my picture up. Check it out!
  • ShMike
    Also, the robots, although being mechanically realistic (versus the animated originals), were not differently colored enough so we can tell who was who. Too much gray! The gritty fast moving is akin to that of a fast moving war scene, but to someone who likes their action simple, there needs to be more distinction between opponents. This isn't a war movie, this is a robot movie.
  • GallopingGoomba
    Problem is, if the Decepticons were brightly colored, people would wonder why the hell the military has purple tanks and white-and-red F-22s and the like. Gaudy primary colors work with civilian machines, not so much with military equipment.
  • ShingoEX
    Some of them were. Look at the Constructicons. Red, Yellow, green...
  • GallopingGoomba
    Those were construction vehicles, not military vehicles.
  • sunghyun26
    Love you Film Brain!

    I liked the first Transformers for what it is but Revenge of the Fallen is just a bunch of toys fighting. I never get bored during a action scene but this shitty movie made it possible.
  • mehja
    It is amazing that thousands and millions are the same to filmmakers.

    The Primes came to Earth millions of years ago - and meet humans that would have fitted well in 10,000 BC.
    They hid a magic key millions of years ago - that fits into a machine hidden inside a pyramide 5000 years old.
  • Dark Crow I
    I found the first Transformers to be watchable but a tiny bit painful, this Revenge of the Fallen made no sense and hurt to watch.
  • Dragon Quest Z
    Yeah, the film was a mess, but you seem to be trying really hard to apologize for that old review, as though it was some kind of sin, instead of an opinion that didn't hold up.

    Perhaps that's just the reviewer character, and not you, but it's still an impression that you feel you were not entitled to that opinion, even in the past tense, and that's not a good stance.
  • Jezzy54
    "Universes without life"? You mean solar systems, right? Anyway, this video was enjoyable, but was it really necessary to take your poster down? It was from the first movie, which I recall you saying was still not that bad. It just feels like you're giving in to those people who made fun of you for enjoying it. Maybe I'm wrong and you did that because you felt like it, but it just felt contrived.
  • ahak
    I just can't get over how ugly the robot designs are. Every single one of them looks like fucking scrap.
  • GallopingGoomba
    They looked realistic and suitably alien. Piles of cardboard boxes walking aorund wouldn't have worked well in live-action.
  • RedRed
    The robots neither look realistic nor alien at all, they look easily breakable and man made as opposed to any other iteration of the Transformers witch look impossible to recreate with our technology IE alien.

    Aside from everything said in the review, I find that the lack of explanation of things that are recognizable to fans but no one else was the biggest offender (well second to the Twins).
    Jetfire teleporting everyone was him using the Space Bridge a MacGuffin used in the original cartoon that let the Decepticons travel between Earth and cybertron, but the damned thing was never seen in the movie and Jetfire only mentioned it in passing.
    But the "Robot Heaven" thing was the most annoying. The place is meant to be the Allspark(or Well of the Allsparks) an afterlife of sorts where the sparks of a Transformer goes to after death.Something that took two series to explore in any amount of detail. Both of these things the movie shouldn't have tried to have in the first place unless it was gonna be a major plot point, otherwise it was gonna confuse everyone watching...and it did.Also the Fallen was a major letdown the comic book version was an dimensional monstrosity that was perpetually on fire. In the movie? He sat down for a million years.
  • Tom Smith
    Shia: Hey Optimas what do you guys do back home for Christmas.
    Optimus: we celebrate MY BIRTHDAY!

    For those who are confused the "oh face" comment at 19:10 was probably from Cabin Fever (which Phelous reviewed).
  • Gant
    It was written by Bay,sooo...yea...DICKS! EXPLOSION!SEX MUAAHAHAA...I`m an adult
  • Rulk
    the film bore.
  • Relaxo  - "Eight Year Olds Dude"
    Aww, that was a great setup man.
  • DMaster
    I will never agree that the first one was good. I didn't see this one - my only prior experience with this movie was the Distressed Watcher's top ten - but I did see the first. To me, it was more boring than Tron. The humor was terrible, the human characters were obnoxious at best and agonizing at worst, and the climax dragged immensely.

    I do agree with Film Brain on the point he made at the end: the robots feel like co-stars in their own movie. Both times. And it's not just this one, it's a constant problem in these kinds of films, with human characters that nobody was asking for getting equal or greater focus to the TITLE characters. It's completely absurd.

    I also agree on the Megan Fox comment. She is...[i]technically[/i] hot, but about as generically so as it's possible to be. There isn't one genuinely interesting or likeable thing about her really, in any sense I've ever seen. She's as dull as the rest of the movie, really.
  • acolonelofcorn
    Did you say "ray gun"?

    The fictional weapon used is a Rail gun, which is currently under development and should be deployed sometime in the next 20 years. watch?v=i1q_rRicAwI
  • Film Brain
    It should be 'rail gun' both times, but Blip might not be co-operating with my fixed version. I was not trying to be sarcastic, just simple error.
  • leviadragon99
    Honestly though, it looked more like a raygun...
  • Shilorius
    I can really see that you despise Transformers 2 (and I agree with you there!) But it feels a little nontypical to me that you rant most of the time without leting the movie speak for itself, beeing surprised by the shit thats going on, or making a joke. Yes, there were some jokes in, but most of the time, was just grouse.
    Again, I agree that the movie deserves it, but to me a review is more fun if you mess around with the movie (maybe show a bad joke from Skids and Mudflap and make a facepalm after it) and rant at it after that scene, or let the actor react to something you say (Filmbrain: "and now to the worst part of the movie " LaBeuf: "oh shit!")....and so on.
    (I know that jokes are bad, but they should only serve as an example)

    with that said, I love the "symbolism"-cameo of spoony and the fact that you offer a megacut for the whole review!
  • leviadragon99
    Yeah... there was actually another major continuity bollocks-up that I don't think I've seen many people touch on, several of the robot designs were reused, in particular several of the construction vehicles that made up devastator were simultaniously fighting and being destroyed in the main battle at the ruins while their clones were combining to form devastator as well as that helicopter thing that Optimus destroyed shortly before getting killed off, yeah that one appeared and died in the first movie.

    I am forced to conclude that Bay was being phenomenally lazy in recycling these designs and hoping we wouldn't notice.
  • BooRat
    Actually in an earlier script it was exsplained that the cacoons on that one planet in that scene was actually a cloning factory where they were trying to breed a larger army to invade Earth but that subplot was cut while filming but... yeah it makes no sence now!
  • GallopingGoomba
    The novelization and toyline kind of fixes that part.

    Devastator is one gigantic robot who split himself into several parts in order to hide on Earth, as few manmade vehicles were large enough for him (note that his vehicle components didn't have individual robot modes). The Constructicons are a separate group of Decepticons that happened to scan the same vehicle modes.

    The helicopter Con in this one is Grindor, and he's not quiiiiite identical to Blackout. His alt mode is a Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stallion helicopter, a larger variant of Blackout's alt mode. And let's be honest, identical robots are as much a given in Transformers as Optimus dying at least once in every series (The Seekers most prominently).
  • executor
    The review was "a mixed bag", but, damn, the Idiocracy-reference with "Ow. My Balls!" was funny as hell!

    And after nearly 50 minutes of this angry review is it not a bit ironic to be happy about the death of the "whiner" Sam? Heh.
    I really have the feeling that your reviews were funny in the first and second season, in this third, you just come off as rather angry and unfunny. I really liked your earlier work better...

    You can be pretty funny and ironic, sadly the several last reviews come off as rather dozens of variations that call out the plotholes with saying that the director is a douche afterwards. So here, although there was pretty funny stuff. Like the "Lethal Weapon"-music, the idocracy gag and something that I'm sure was in, although I forgot it already because of the other stuff...


    Something about the constant: "Fangasm"-stuff surrounding the Optimus-Parts: So what?!? He is the "cool giant robot" und gets to do "cool giant robot" stuff? If nothing happens, it's bad because of Bay, if something happens, it's also bad. There is no clear line in this review, that comes off as a rather desperate attempt to "clear your 'good' name" because of the 3,5 review you gave some years earlier with maybe an even younger perspective. The problem is, that the later thing of clearing up that "false review" comes off much more childish in it's furious attempt than the high rating in the first place.

    The last straw was you taking down the much defended poster in your background. You seem to get too snobby way too fast and it also comes off as rather forced. By yourself, nontheless, but that might be even worse.

    And please, like I said, try to be funny again and not furious and judgemental, cause your very much capable of the first thing, while the latter also seems much too forced and, looking at the pretty one-sided blockbusters you review, rather superfluos. You pick the movies "that suck" in the general opinion. You don't have to remind everyone in every second sentence about the fact, that the movies you do are generally considered "bad movies". Have fun with it. And more, let us have more fun by having fun yourself!

    That's one reason, why the earlier reviews like "McBain" or "The Spirit" or whatever are much more enjoyable, cause you seemed to enjoy it more, instead of looking painfilled into the camera. That's no fun to watch.
  • BooRat
    This movie very bad it's all Bay's fault but from what I've read the script that was written for the film before the writers strike was alot better but Bay had to redo stuff because he's Micheal Bay he does things his own crazyass way! The plotholes wheren't as bad and the characterizations of the twins along with a bunch of other characters were nothing like what they were here! The closest thing to what it was suppose to be was in the comicbook adaptations which were made based on the earlier scripts. A few main differinces was something that wasn't pickup on here was alot of the small Constructicons(The Construction based Decepticons) were killed multile times in the film that is because in the origional script the breeding nest thing that the Fallen was at in that one scene was a sort of cloning plant were they were trying to create an army to attack Earth but Bay pretty much dropped that half way threw! And another differince was there were suppose to be alot more Combiner robots like the Twins(Skidz and Mudflap) were suppose to combine into one robot at the end to fight Devastator! Also the 3 motorcycles were suppose to combine too at some point but that got cut too!
    Pretty much if Bay hadn't done this movie it'd probaly(deffenutly) would've been a 10000000000000000X better and easier to fallow!
  • SolidGoldCEO
    Because of ROTF I will never pay any money to see DOTM. Spending so much money and producing something so very, very retarded is a very depressing thing indeed. I don't care about Sam and this series of movies is clearly more his story then it is any of the Autobots or Decepticons solely because its just easier to write for a human character then it is giant robots engaged in a civil war.
  • preb7732
    the movie itself is just good enough to watch once and then hate it

    gr8 review
  • Stevie
    this movie was.....impressive. i am literally impressed by just how bad this movie really is.

    this movie doesn't even come close to trying to do the transformers franchise justice. the transformers themselves are either offensive or forgotten, the human characters are annoying as hell, the plotholes are everywhere, the humor is excruciating, and even the action is boring and unenjoyable. i honestly can't sit down and watch this film for five minutes straight without SOMETHING pissing me off. i can't even make a list of everything that's wrong with this movie because if i did, i would be up all night typing my damn fingers off. it really, really, REALLY hurts to say this, espcesially for being such a huge transformers fan, but i'm afraid i have to be honest here. this movie is...


    btw, loved the review, you pointed out every single problem with this movie with intelligence and humor (which is quite a feat when you think about it). watched part 1 last week, and my favorite scenes for part 2 would have to be the screaming Shia Lebouf montage and your reaction at 15:31. priceless.
  • Stultiloquy
    While this movie was a complete and total disaster, I got the feeling as I watched the video that you made this re-review as a means of buckling to peer pressure. (After school special time!)

    Additionally, saying it's 'OK' to change your opinion because "Shia and Bay did too", comes off as very transparent as though you're reaching for anything to give credence to changing your mind.
    It's just odd considering you spend the whole review trashing Shia and Bay, only to use them and their status at the end to validate your opinion.

    Perhaps it was the stance of the Film Brain character moreso than your actual opinion though, so who knows.

    I'm not trying to troll or anything - I love your videos, but this BMBD just had a odd undercurrent running through it for me.
  • mackshizzles
    Wait lol was that an American accent at 19:46 ?!
  • shampali
    lol I couldnt mange to get that far into the movie, lets watch it the fun way what happens :)
  • yaoinut
    You shouldn't have to take your poster of the first movie down. You can still like that even if you hate the second.

    Also, Spoony's cameo was hilarious. Poor Matthew at the...unspeakable section.

    Bay really does rely way too much on stereotype humour. Hopefully, since Skids and Mudflap caused such a stir, there will be less this time.

    Also, I want more colours in my robots this time. All the damn deceptions were grey. I didn't know who was who.
  • SuperSloucher
    This part seemed more serious in tone for some reason, maybe because there was less comedic material to work with. It was still amusing and engaging though.

    That was a nice touch taking the poster down at the end. It's tedious reading comments that draw attention to it. Was that the motivation behind taking it down? I always thought it was a Transformers 1 poster and you said you liked that. So are you purging yourself of all things Transformers?
  • Film Brain
    I got endless comments slighting my opinion for having it up. I've replaced it... but what I've replaced it with you'll have to wait and see. Or watch my latest Projector videos.
  • blitz Gamer
    the smithsonian building they were in is actually not part of the main collection of museums, and lies very far off the mall near some open fields. so, actually mathew, you got that one wrong
  • karomonster  - Location overload...
    ...complain about lack of geographic knowledge when it comes to American films...
    After they put a bear into the German Black Forest in "Rise of the Silver Surfer", and relocated the Frankfurt main station to Cologne in Iron Man 2, there is nothing that can shock me any more^^
  • jdreyfuss
    I don't think that's an American thing; I think that's just a trait of lazy screenwriting or directing. It's easier for a movie to jam all of a country's landmarks together, rather than research how far apart they really are. It can also be a matter of artistic license if you don't take it too far or make it too obvious, since you have a limited time frame in which to tell your story.

    Michael Bay is just lazy enough and thinks little enough of his audience that he doesn't think they'll care. If you want an example of a European director who does that too, look at Roland Emmerich. He tends to push all of a city's major landmarks into a few square blocks so he can destroy them all at once.
  • ThePsychoticFinn
    How can anyone even call that a movie? They should just replace the dialogue with "cock, cock, balls, cock, pussy, cock, scrotum, cock". I was thinking of seeing this movie, but I forgot and now I'm glad it slipped my mind. That's Michael Bay for ya, nothing but genital jokes, pointless explosions, absence of plot and hiring Megan Fox when she appealed to him by washing his car in a bikini. He's not Uwe Boll, but he's not far from it from being an Ed Wood.
  • Ratin8tor
    Wow I can't believe you forgot to mention the biggest and most stupid plot hole in the movie.

    Shia Lebitch needs to get from one side of the desert to the other.
    He is surrounded by robots that turn into cars.
    Am I the only one that was yelling '... GET IN THE FUCKING CAR!!!!!!!!'?

    God I hate this film. It sucks so so much. And I was dumb enough to see in the theatres :(

    Though to be fair, to pick every plot hole will end up making your ep longer than the movie :P
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