Bride Wars

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  • Jackass Mask
    I'm sad to say I saw this film. (Against my will) And the only thought that kept ringing through my head is why these two women aren't married to eachother? They are the only people on Earth that I think could stand one another. And, it would make the film at least interesting.

    Ha ha...lesbianism.
  • BIRA
    You know, its not even acting this women are this stupid for real.

    Good review, I liked it.
  • 0dd1
    When I first saw the trailer (the first few seconds, at least), I thought it was going to be a lesbian love story. I remember thinking something like, "Well, hey, that's pretty different and a gutsy move on Hollywood's part. This might be something interes--" and then I saw the rest of the trailer. My reaction to the rest of the trailer was the following: "... -_- "
  • AndrewDeLong
    You, my friend, are a wise, WISE sage (No Bennett Reference).

    Lesbianism indeed :psychotic:
  • BaltoStephenWinter  - Don't you wish your movies were bad like these?
    Filmbrain, I Balto Stephen Winter ( A man who has no recognition, no supporters, no videos, and have no say in anything that goes on on this website) herebye challenge you to review the movie [u]Eragon[/u].
  • ArtticWitchica
    I second this motion with a deep fiery passion
  • Sheranda  - dragons
    Is it so hard to make a movie about a large serpentine reptile with wings growing out of its back and the ability to breathe fire without giving it magical powers?! It can breathe fire!! What more does it need?!!
  • azarath17  - Seriously, you will die.
    Dude, that was just so very sexist. Yes, the movie sucks. But maybe the addition of redeeming qualities, not girl-on-girl porn, would have made it better!
  • arianadream
    I think an important question to ask is - do you think women actually liked this movie? I never saw it because as soon as I saw the trailers I was disgusted. Take it from a woman, not all women are obsessed with the perfect wedding. The conflict is ridiculous, the "friendship" unbelievable, and essentially everything you covered in review, I figured out from the first trailer I saw. Glad to see my first assessment was correct. Yet disappointed, too. I'm just disgusted that this film even got made. And no, it's not just because you're male that you didn't appreciate it. It's because it's really, really BAD. :P
  • Colme
    I suppose a movie does you a service by having a premise so repulsive you needn't give it a second look. Also, I know it's been said, but I love that theme song.
  • Arete
    I'm quite female and I'm pretty sure my naughty bits are also entirely too male for this film. The mere [i]idea[/i] that this movie was made to appeal to a female audience, that the assumption was that women would love the premise, makes me rage. I would be in full fury mode if I were forced to watch this.

    Perhaps there would have been potential if they truly went for the dark comedy/satire route, but those types of films generally require endings that aren't happily ever after. It seems, however, that the script intends the audience to identify with the protagonists and even feel warmfuzzies about them at the end. I do not; I want to strangle them both. The movie just makes me want to elope. Ugh.
  • BioRage1920
    I am a girl, and I thought it was too "girly". And I've watched a Barbie movie, a MUSICAL Barbie movie, with talking animals! =_=

    EDIT: No scratch that, SINGING animals!
  • Death the Kid  - Wow. Not excepting this one.
    Yet at the same time, I did. LOL

    I was almost forced to see this. And to see you go over this brings a smile to my face. lol It looked like a bad movie. And now it's on bad Movie Beatdown. Bwaha! xD Nice job, hun! :)

    And being a girl myself and not being able to stand any girlie movies, you are a brave man to pull such a stunt.
  • thenikkumanchan
    (Before watching your review)
    I actually own this video and must admit it's cute albeit farfetched plot was entertaining. But this is a low point for Anne Hathaway, my favorite modern actress. The dumbest thing about films like this is that a simple solution is clear as day but either dismissed or not even considered. One bride can have a morning wedding or in the early afternoon, the other later and have a joint reception. And what the hell is this about a clerical error? That would never happen. And I figure that you probably don't care too much about it. Though I too must wonder why I am once again over-analyzing something so wretched.
  • fonzgirl
    i love anne hathaway, she is 1 of my favorite actresses but this monie wuz AWFUL IT SUCKED I WANTED MY MONEY BACK =(
  • Fanofyou
    Least you didn't say first
  • Deimos1984rd
    [color=green]God this movie is such an annoyance If I ever saw a wedding get this out of hand I would of canceled the wedding, thx for the review.[/color]
  • starrk10coyote  - you did it again man !


    lol lol lol i loved it !
  • Fluffyman
    I'd think that even women would find these characters appalling.
  • whatever42
    Actually, I'm pretty sure almost anyone anywhere would find the characters appalling, not to mention probably insulting. This movie's entire concept and characters are greatly flawed from the get-go. As soon as I knew of the movie's existence, I knew it would be awful. -_-

    Anyway, nice review Matt. You hit pretty much every problem I had with the movie, so I was quite satisfied with this. I especially liked your comment about how Liz cried because "her life wasn't perfect," or something of that nature. =)
  • VillainIsLemony
    Don't worry, I'm a female and I couldn't stand this movie either and agreed with the supposed 'bad' fiance.
  • whitetree89
    Ugh, I saw this movie on a plane ride with my family. I usually like "chick flicks" but both my mom and I were just utterly offended about the portrayal of women in this movie and how this was apparently supposed to appeal to us :notfunny:
  • Zolo
    Well. This skewers love worse than Twilight.
  • 0dd1
    At least Twilight was funny. :snicker:
  • gaaralee1234
    This was one of the most annoying and stupid movies I have ever seen and it was the FIRST time I had walked out of theater. Even though I AM A MAN! I actually have this bizarre deal about me that likes chick flicks. My Sisters Keeper, When Harry Met Sally, Pretty Woman, etc. etc. So for shit and giggles, I saw this. My god was it annoying it took me three minutes to go "The hell am I watching?" Ten minutes in I'm going "All right just watch the pretty pictures..." Half hour in I went "I'm out of here!"
    It was EVERYTHING about it really, the acting, the writing, the ACTORS, the "plot", it's just an abomination. This easily makes my top ten worst chick flicks, and most likely my top twenty films I hate the most.
    Good review film brain and you had to much penis for even the title "Bride Wars". This probably the equivalent to Saving Private Ryan to women with no self respect.
  • Sheranda
    There was only one time I actually walked out of the theater, and that is when I was watching Paul.
  • Archedgar
    I couldn't stand this movie.

    I saw it on TV once because I was bored as hell, it didn't help... at all. I'm an idiot for watching /shame
  • Yohko86  - Ugh...!
    Seeing how this movie was directed by a man (Gary Winick) I can see why this movie's so [i]rife[/i] with [b]disparaging[/b] female stereotypes. This is what happens when you let a man direct a movie like this because men generally don't really understand the female psyche 100% (and vice-versa) so they just go into their comfort zones as to what they think women behave like when reacting to "womanly interests".

    Don't believe me? Just look at the [i]Sex And The City[/i] show and movies. Look who's the creator and executive producers behind the show. Tell me that show isn't filled to the brim with over-sexed female characters (which in turn can be viewed as a lot of men's fantasies).

    The SATC show and movies and this movie are directed/produced/written largely by men, and even though women star in it, SATC and Bride Wars are mask like they are for women but when I look a these stereotypes, I can't help but think they are from a man's perspective on how they think women act/think/behave. I'm not a feminist but I get way too tired of Hollywood trash like this! =_=
  • Mikon
    I really hope you're joking. Because even as a joke, that was a moronic comment. KATE HUDSON WAS AN EXECUTIVE PRODUCER. She had more power than the director. She had as much control as she wanted. You absolutely cannot blame the director for this. Not to mention Film Brain's other review, which was still horribly misogynistic, but completely made by women. So, you fail at making a funny comment, if it was supposed to be funny, and you fail as a HUMAN BEING if you were serious.
  • Yohko86  - Well...
    Yes, Kate Hudson was a producer, but she was just [b]one[/b] of them. Even though there was one other woman, the rest were [i]men[/i] so whatever went on with this movie doesn't rest solely on her [b]nor do the decisions as to what to put into the movie don't either[/b]. As I stated before, look whose behind SATC and tell me if the characters aren't negative female stereotypes. I'm not trying to be funny I'm just offering perspective (I mean really, do you not find it just a tad disturbing that this movie, in which was produced by two [i]women[/i] have so many belittling stereotypes about women?).

    And I never said that it applied to all movies of this ilk (but it does apply to a lot of them). I just offered a couple examples. As far as I'm concerned, movies and TV shows like this are arguably [b]emotional porn[/b]!
  • Torch178
    You have a point, but at the same time the two main guys can be seen as almost equally offensive (but not quite as much), blank, two-dimensional characters. Whose entire existence hings on working and pleasing their to-be wives. They also seem to have flaws so minimal and small they're ridiculous. I half expected them to just come out and reveal that they were artificial cyborgs made to please ridiculous, mean-spirited, and selfish fake woman stereotypes. And that stupid and ridiculous twist I just mentioned would probably be miles beyond this movie.
  • Iceholder
    All right, let's see if it keeps me logged in this time.


    @ Maikon: If IMDB is right, Kate Hudson wasn't an EXECUTIVE Producer, just a Producer. Also, she was only one out of eight, of which only one other was a female.

    @ Yohko86
    Regarding BW:
    While the 'man factor' may have been [i]one[/i] of the reasons there were negative female stereotypes, I can't help but think that that fault would also lie with the writers. 2/3 of the writers are female.
    Now, I realize that the final say of what stays in the script is up to the Producer(s), but there is no way that those 2 female writers are innocent.
    On the whole, this movie contained those negative female stereotypes because the whole team allowed that, not just because the majority of Producers were male. Just because men don't understand women 100% - hell, we're lucky if we understand women better than 50% - doesn't mean men don't know shitty writing when they see it. Allowing the shitty writing through is a Character flaw, not a Gender flaw.

    Regarding SATC:
    Again, while the 'man factor' is potentially a reson, when you notice that all 94 episodes were co-written by a woman, you can't really say it's full of negative female stereotypes because it was created by a man.
  • WendyNotsid  - Yohko86 is wrong...
    I say this as someone who actually does identify as a feminist, and a hardcore one at that. And by "feminist" I mean I believe in equality and am not the man-hating, hairy legged lesbian the press wishes you to believe feminists are.

    First, Sex and the City was based originally on the works of Candace Bushnell. Her other works, particularly Four Blondes and Trading Up, present a lot of bad female stereotypes. While I definitely got annoyed sometimes at the characters in SATC, such as the way they so often presented Miranda, the Ivy League career-oriented, kick-boxing high-powered lawyer as a spiteful bitch (because we all know women with careers are horrible bitches) and made Carrie and Charlotte incredibly materialistic, ($40,000 spent on shoes? Really?), the show very often presented very honest pictures of what life can be like for women and pointed out some very interesting double standards that run through the show. Sure, they often did rely on stereotypes, but they also could be very realistic. Also, eight out of the eleven writers and seven out of the twenty-one directors were female.

    One of the more realistic movies about female sexuality, in particular, lesbianism, I've seen was called Chasing Amy, which has a moral that talks about the evils of the whole Girl who has sex = slut who will say yes to anything/boy who has sex = regular dude double standard, was written and directed by a man. The main female character, Alyssa, is a lesbian who before going full gay, had a lot of sex and did a lot of things with dudes. She's not some horrible vamp. She isn't a militant man-hater with hairy legs. She's a sweet, patient, extremely loving, attractive, intelligent, self-assured, self-sufficient yet vulnerable human being who just wants to be accepted for who she is and not be judged unfairly. She meets Ben Affleck's character and immediately forms a friendship with him which she seems to cherish and even puts up with the hideously sexist and homophobic antics of his friend played by Jason Lee for her friend's sake. Even when Ben Affleck's character is so arrogant in talking about lesbian sex and trying to say that it isn't real sex, she's patient and kind and explains things to him despite the fact that he was basically saying her sexuality wasn't legitimate and after he completely freaked out when he found out she was gay. She even allows herself to fall for him even though all her past experiences with men were bad. All the stereotypical stuff about lesbians basically came out of the mouth of Jason Lee, who was supposed to be the idiotic jerk character, which basically discredits the very stereotypes that I've heard/seen even the most "PC" and supposedly open-minded people believe.

    Once again, written and directed by a man.

    Another piece of media that doesn't rely on stereotypes despite being written in the late 1700s, was written by a woman. I'm talking about Pride and Pre...
  • Papier  - Wtf?
    Are you kidding me? Chasing Amy is one of the most disrespectful portrayels of female sexuality and lesbianism, reinforcing the typical hetero-centric belief that lesbians turn to women as a last resort, until Ben Affleck comes along to sweep them off their feet (wasn't he also in Gigli? What's his fucking problem?). I can't believe you got anything positive out of that movie, and even had the gall to call it 'realistic'.

    I also love how at the beginning of your comment you say what basically amounts to 'not all us feminists are hairy-legged lesbians, ew!', discrediting everything you said afterwards. Someone clearly needs to go back to Feminism 101.
  • 2-B-Animated
    Another chick flick bites the dust. And another one gone, and another one gone. Another one bites the dust. :music: Sorry. Had to do that. =D
  • The Coen Brothers lost brother
    What a shit movie. Your right Film Brain, I think Kate Hudson could use a trip or two to Jack in the Box, shes waifish. That or she could eat all that chocolate that this movie says women love by the box full.
  • Gojira1954
    =_= You know you're making a bad film when old GODZILLA movies make much more sense. :notfunny:
  • JasonBond
    that is fucking true!
    but son of godzilla is at the same rate at this piece of crappy shitedily poopydiny fart!whatever the order is.
  • ggbhtg  - 5 Stars for the Sonic Screwdriver!
    Whoa, that movie was actually 5 times worse than the trailers made it look....there've been a lot of crappy movies since lately, huh?

    Or maybe it's always like that....I hope they weren't trying to set up for a sequel...(WTF Pregnancy Wars?)
  • 0dd1
    No, it'd be called "Fetal Kombat".
  • Quantum Wolf
    The biggest problem I have with this movie is how...utterly petty it is when it comes to the two brides weddings.

    Now I admit I've yet to be in a relationship myself so I'm not much of a romantic, but is it really that big of a deal to squabble over two weddings?
  • PutridBeing
    This was a hard one to watch all the way through. Not because of you but because the movie was literally pissing me off.
  • Sheranda
    How can a movie literally do that, PutridBeing?
  • Izabetch  - From another woman
    the point behind the two characters having a bit of a tiff about the date is this:

    Anne's character is the 'side kick' friend, who always gets second best in everything it would seem. So for once she would want something that was JUST FOR HERSELF!

    And if any woman says she'd never act like this they are lying... Men and women act like this at at least one point in their lives at any age (i know someone will say 'yeah maybe when i was 5 haha' but guess what? you're gonna act like this again at some point)

    Kate's character wants her wedding to happen first because it's at the place that made her happy as an unhappy child. And Anne's character is just bitter because once again Kate's character will have whatever she wants because she's 'better off' then herself.

    The petty fight between them and their attacks on each other are pretty high school i will admit, but overall i've seen women do far worse to each other over stupider reasons.

    As for the male characters; Kate's character's husband is pussy wiped. Anne's character's husband has been with her for 10 years, when you wait that long to ask someone to marry you you're gonna notice a big difference when they switch from 'GF' to Fiance...

    Oh and all the Ice cream/chocolate/pill jokes are not only satire but in truth they happen, it continues in movies because.. what's that? oh it continues because WOMEN DON'T MOVE AWAY FROM THIS STEREOTYPE THEY THEMSELVES KEEP IT GOING!! i mean i enjoy chocolate and ice cream, and you know why it makes me happy.. because chocolate has a chemical that releases endorphins that make me fucking happy when i'm fucking upset...

    the movie was a big waste of money and was just a longer episode of Bridezilla. It had funny moments, eye avoidance moments (those moments you look away from the screen because you can't believe they are pulling this shit in a movie), and just boring parts...
  • moonloon
    Try and justify it as much as you like, this movie was complete horseshit.

    It's painful to watch and painful to any woman who doesn't embody these ridiculous stereotypes.

    No decent human being would act like these women did - not to their "best friends", not to anyone. I don't know why you think that everyone can act like this, but I'm telling you as someone who would never do these sorts of things in her life that you're wrong. There is nothing in the world that would make me turn on my best friend - not a wedding (eff, if I get married it'll probably be in a courthouse or something anyways, just to stave off the drama/stress), not anything.

    Also, as for the other stereotype you think is "true": I don't even freaking like ice cream.
  • GoldenPoncho
    I thought I was a woman, but after reading this comment, I think I'm expecting my balls to drop any time now. I know I don't worry about crap like this; I like to think I have at least a sliver of intelligence.
  • Sarah_F0x
    For many... Many reasons, I am so happy you ripped into this miserable film.
  • Rizzgone
    That was brutal. Hat's off to you for taking the time to review this bile.
  • DyloniusFunk  - dumb dumb dum dumb. See what i did there?
    What a bad movie. Really bad. Not funny, not clever and just a stack of cliches and stereotypes piled on top of one another. And i'm not saying that because i'm a guy. There was a movie that i really liked and as a white male, it know it wasn't made for me and that was "Diary of a mad black woman". Know why that movie was good? Because it had characters we actually give a crap about. It had a strong message and stuck to it despite the minor role of the guy in drag who later took that character into it's own franchise. So my point is this, make a movie that has people we care about and genres don't mean as much. These characters were unlikeable mean ugly inside and just plain nasty people. All the sappy music and Candice Burgen narrated Power Point slides won't change that.
  • Snarky McBullhorn
    Chauvinistic stereotypes off the port bow, Cap'n! Congratulations, Bride Wars. You've offered up yet another argument for the annihilation of the human race; well, of rich, white people anyway.
  • ProvocativeAmbulance
    Matthew, I pray the only reason you watched this was because you had a gun held up to your head.

    Well, uh... not that I want you to have a gun held up to your head, but rather, you know, um...

    Well hell, you get it, right?
  • Kari
    On chocolate and women:
    Chocolate and pills are both pretty common responses to stress. . . in humans, regardless of gender. Not the healthiest responses to stress, no, but they happen. It's just annoying that you don't see men going "oooooh chocolate!" in movies pretty much ever unless they're the funny fat guy stereotype.

    On weddings and temporary psychosis:
    I have been involved with weddings wherein I wanted to murder the bride with a spork. I blame society for trying to make us think that our wedding day is the biggest thing that will happen in our lives and it has to be PERFECT GODDAMMIT!!!!!111!!! :flame: I know they're trying to shame that point of view with this movie (as they should), but they fail. The comparative lack of consequences almost make it seem like it's being condoned, especially since the initial mixup is blown way out of proportion in the first place. Are we supposed to think this is a plotworthy event, REALLY? Seriously, if that's your idea of a tragedy you need to get out more.
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