Familiar Faces, Episode 66 - Top 11 Cartoon Moms

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Comments (66)
  • PurpleTiger
    The thing I appreciate most about this video is that you didn't just outright go with the most physically appealing (at least, to the masses) moms, but a lot of them are great for their personalities. That, and you're right, Maggie Fenton = *wolf whistle*.

    And as a proud wearer of Hartman Hips (I could bend steel with this ass), I love that most of them had them. Because honestly, it IS a natural physiology for some women.
  • Freezer
    "Maddie" Fenton (Short for "Madeline")
  • abortedjesus  - Nice list.
    What I take away form this is that CR is an ass-man. Nothing wrong with that.
  • LikaLaruku
    & a redheadsman.

    Hey CR, can you give us your top 20 animated redheads, with or without repeating anyone on this list?
  • Johnny User
    At least a couple would have to be Barbara Gordon from different shows and the comics. But hopefully it would not include Cherries Jubilee.
  • Crystal-Heart
    Could be just a coincidence, since most cartoon moms tend to be redheads..seriously, look it up.
  • Kymba_Scion
    Yeah, that really got solidifed for me when he chose the McFarlen mom with the biggest ass.
  • redjirachi
    CR is Ash Ketchum?

    Yes, I prefer the latter with T and/or A. As for personality that I have a fetish for, I'd say the Lad-ette...wait a minute, this isn't Fetish Fuel! I must flee! *flies on back of Xatu.*

    11. Fun fact-the Flintstones are based off Neanderthals. And thanks to Wilma, I know why anthropologists think they interbred with us
    10. I've wondered where Dexter hid his labratory. Is it all underground, or like the TARDIS
    9. Imagine what you could do with those strecthy powers. Oh, the perverted things you could do.
    4. Knew it. Still, I find the beehive hairdo a turnoff
    3. I saw this!
    1. No wonder Vlad stalks her.
  • QuestionTheMajority
    Dexter's lab is extradimensional, like the TARDIS. It's never been explicitly stated in the show, but the fact is made very obvious through various sight gags throughout.
  • Fan01  - Top 11 Cartoon Dads?
    Is that in the works?

    Good point on the Tigra and Peg Pete mothers. Never really noticed that about Peg when I watched the show as a kid. Then again I was a kid.
  • TheDVDGrouch  - CR the King of the Top 11
    I really love CR's top # lists. They are always funny always well thought out & make me want to revisit a bunch of these shows/movies. Thank you CR
  • Wheatherman
    Yet again another good episode.....the one problem I had with it is the dead air between the entries....I personally think you should have gone ahead and just used the Stacy Mom clip inbetween them....
  • FinnishPhenom
    Awesome video, but darn it, ya kinda took the wind out of the sales of my Top MILFs vid. Well, luckily I'm lazy, so it wouldn't be done too soon anyway. lol
  • LikaLaruku
    Top Moms sounds like Best Moms, but this is more of a Hottest Moms list. I mean, I sure don't remember Whilma being that great of a mom.

    Yup, I knew Mom from Dexter's Lab would make this list.

    For me, top moms (best, not hottest) are the one above plus the moms from Fairly Odd Parents, the one from Jimmy Neutron, the one from The Wild Thornberrys, the one from Cow & Chicken.

    Haha, Pete's wife. I love the psycho ones.
  • datwan96  - Agreed!
    I agree with all of the choices. The one's I do the most is the mom's from the Replacements, Dexter's Lab, and Danny Phantom. All in all, great review CR, keep on what you're doing.
  • ManWithGoodTaste
    Marge Simpson is such a joke... does not have a bit of dignity.
  • Neo Yi
    Once you mentioned "Hartman Hips", I figured Maddie Fenton would be on the list, but I never expected it to be the very top. Honestly, I'm just happy to see someone mention "Danny Phantom". Unoriginal series, yeah, but I adore it and it still holds a special place in my heart. Maddie is an awesome character all around. ^^
  • Miggleish N.
    Unoriginal? What makes you say that?
  • Nia_Teppelin
    Neo Yi, that post could have been from me, word by word!
  • rosenrot234
    I swear all I could think about watching this was that one Asari from Mass effect 2 and 3. Her "Me? I'm into asses" line from 2.
  • Neverpleased
    It's all about DA ASS!!!

    If the hips exceed the chest. They be on this list :D

    I couldn't agree more.
  • Furrama
    Okay, you gotta do a hot animated dads list to offset this now. Take a poll if you have to. Or you know, whatever. I won't judge.

  • LimeGreenSquid
    I like that they were all wide-hipped. I just love a bigger woman.
  • EpicFish
    Great list CR! I'm glad I'm not the only one that loved Pepper Ann! I'll admit as a kid, I never noticed the implied crush Peg seemed to have on Goofy in Goof Troop, but now that I'm older, it's pretty obvious and I do agree that it seems Peg was originally intended to be Goofy's wife. Hell, people get into some serious discussions about it on the Goof Troop IMDb page. Personally what I'd like to know is, if we are going to go with the fan theory that Peg left Pete explaining why she's not in the Goofy movies, then why didn't she take PJ with her?

    I mean she obviously took Pistol with her, which explains why she wasn't in the Goofy movies either, but why not PJ? I vaguely recall PJ having some sort of resentment to Pete in Goof Troop, but it's more apparent that Pete seems to care not for his son, considering him more of a money drain and inconvenience rather than show any nurturing tendency towards him, so why didn't Peg take PJ with her? I guess if they both decided to keep one child with them it would make sense but I have to question how good a mother she is if she can't see Pete's outright disdain towards their son and not have that be enough reason to take PJ with her if she really did leave Pete and move away.

    Hell, it's not like Pete would really fight for custody of his son since he's appeared more than happy to be rid of him in An Extremely Goofy Movie, so I doubt obtaining custody of both children would be that difficult for her. I don't know, I'm sure I'm reading too much into this, but it seems like a real bitch move on Peg's part.
  • Adylure
    Something I just thought of for Peg not having PJ is that maybe they have this weird visitation thing going on where they switch kids. One week, she gets PJ, the next she gets Pistol. I don't know if this happens in real life, but whatever. If nothing else, maybe Pete just wanted some manly time with his kid so they can bond and PJ can one day become a crooked successor of his. I dunno. Maybe I shouldn't think this (il)logically about it. XP
  • bethhigdon
    I never really bought the whole "Peg left Pete" theory. In the movies the focus is on Goofy and Max, with Pete and PJ only having cameos. Their cameos include work, high school and a father/son trip. None of those situations call for Peg and Pistol to be there. Mostly likely the father/son trip was Peg's idea in the first place, so that she and Pistol could get some peace and quite around the house.

    Also I'd strongly argue that the tv series went out of it's way to show that Pete wasn't a bad guy 24/7. Several episodes saw him, redeeming himself or just being an out right decent person through out the story.
  • EpicFish
    Yeah neither did I, I was being hypothetical. Like I said, I'm probably giving too much thought to it but then I have read what basically amounts to a thesis on the IMDb page giving reason to why "Max is the worst son ever", the main reason being because he acts like the normal teenager that although he loves his parent(s), is trying to find out who he is beyond "Goofy's son" and getting embarrassed by the doting of his father and wanting to live his own life. However the writer of said essay paints Max to be this heartless punk and Goofy to be the victim of his son's "abuse".

    Really the only point the person had was the weird backtracking that occurred in An Extremely Goofy Movie where Max has to learn to accept his father's eccentricities all over again (it seems), though this is the same company that decided to make two extra Beauty and the Beast movies where Belle has to keep getting past Beast's gruff demeanor and bringing out the good in him, which already happened in the first movie, completing that story arc.
  • TheMedia
    Awesome review ^^ Always nice to see a new CR vid. And you added Maria! God I love El Tigre and you added one of my fave female characters from it!And YES YES!!! LYDIA!!!One one my top favorite moms ever (so had a girl-crush on her when I re-watched it back in high school)!!! Some moms I wish you included though;

    Pickles from "Oblongs" (funny, witty, and a bit crude; but how many moms to you know would jump off a building to save their child....while wearing their son's underwear....yeah....but she's sill awesome)

    Ms. Tonitini from "The Weekenders" (caring, loving, and always seems to know what's going on in her son's life and give advice without seeming too over bearing)

    Ann Possible from "Kim Possible" (a brain surgeon who was able to save her daughter, Kim, from being swallowed by a glob of green goo by using her communicator to send pulses to it. Pure epic)

    Slappy Squirrel (I consider this as a mom since she's sort of an adoptive mother) , who needs no reasoning because she is just too much of pure WIN, and yeah she is motherly to her nephew giving him her "special" brand of advice.
  • Freezer  - Honorable Mentions
    Ann Possilbe (Kim Possible): the Disney answer to Maddie Fenton.

    Helen Morgendorffer (Daria): If for no other reason than her verbal bitslapping of of Ms. Li in "Arts n' Crass".

    Drew Saturday (The Secret Saturdays): Yeah, the show was only on for one season, but she's like Agent K's hotter older sister.

    Rebecca Cunningham (Tale Spin): For guys of my generation, she was one of the first cartoons to make us feel "that way" about a carttoon. (Jessica Rabbit was too much of a skank for my tastes...)
  • Suren2
    This list just kinda reminded me how much I dislike the modern thick-lined animation style of the last decade or so. Suddenly seeing Peg from Goof Troop on the list was a bit jarring after seeing the others, since she actually moves when she talks.
  • Taigan  - Mrs. Tonitini?
    Loved the list, definitely needed to be done.

    Still wish you'd included Tino's mom from "Weekenders."
    http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=tN9Jdh2H5hA

    (And, yes, I'll shut up about that now.)
  • jesterthemad  - mother's day?
    Today is Fathers Day (Jun 17)
  • dennett316
    Dat's the joke!! - McBain.
  • ORCACommander
    i always thought mrs. incredible was a brunette.
  • Ebb n Flow Man
    What, no Rebeca Cunningham. I am disappoint.
  • TheGhostHybrid  - Woo!
    Danny Phantom is still my all-time favorite cartoon, so I was extremely happy to see Maddie Fenton on the list. =) As the numbers ticked down, I was actually betting that she'd be somewhere in the top 5...but number 1? Heck yes! =D

    Also, I appreciate the mature take on animated sexuality. It just goes to show that a character can be sexy without being one-dimensional or boring. Especially where adult women are concerned—there are all types of bodies, and it's nice to see different shapes appreciated here. ^-^
  • kaykeyser
    my thoughts on other cartoon moms

    The Mom from Phineas and Ferb is interesting. She had two kids before getting married to her current husband who brought with him a son of his own. She never actually sees or knows what her kids are doing when shes not home, BUT she did have a life before motherhood as an 80s punk rocker and she dated the shows main villain, witch makes her interesting.

    Kattara and Toph from Legend of Korra. While we don't get to see them as mothers, we do get to see them as kids and we get to see there kids, and we knew they raised there kids to be amazing people. Also while Toph's mom was overprotective, Katarra's mom was so loving, she made the ultimate sacrifice for her family. Also katarra as a kid was often very motherly to Aang and Toph.

    Rugrats moms: interesting personalities but for the huge massive number of times they neglected there kids and let them get in danger, there NOT good moms.

    Ma Kent: being great parents and raising an adoptive son with good family values is part of what makes Superman one of the best heroes ever and not just a guy with powers who steps all over people. She is what made Superman who he is and with out her, hes just a jerk.

    Ash's mom. She's hot, she worries about her son and when she was kidnapped by a girl with no mother she was a nice person to that girl too. however she did send her 10 year old out in to the world alone to live in the wilderness with nothing but a rat that regularly pups her son full of high voltage and she flirts with the professor whose old enough to be her father. In a strange way the best mom in Pokemon is Brock.

    Moms form Digimon. A lot to choose from but there not active mothers there more or less there to be kidnapped by digimon and held hostage.

    Mom from Kadocha. This woman is assentric above and beyond any one. She has a diferent hat every few hours, keeps a pet squirel, drives a small car inside the house and delights in tormenting her publisher, she gives her doughter wounderfull advice but shes not afriad to hit her in the head with a hammer or blow her up with a cannon. One top of all that shes loving and does all this while being an adoptive motther, Sanna's real mother having abandoned her as a baby.

    Mom from Wild thornburies she has what it takes to go camping and deal with wild animals all the time while living the job of animal filmographer. and she has a lot of other survival skills too.

    Moms from Hey Arnold Arnold's mom is MIA in the jungle but was eventuly shown to be an amazing person. Helga's mom is a drunk with trubblestaying awake and a lot of issues but can still be impresive when the need be. I don't have clear memory of the other parents however.

    Demona : Tragic, loving, powerfull but also deseetful and obsessed and angry and vengfull, a better choice falls to Fox who while being brilliant and powerfull, sk...
  • Shinigami
    Becouse I had not seen oe even heard about lot of those cartoons I didn't expect most of those picks.
  • Amesang
    This list made me realize that a lot of the shows I watched while growing up that I liked the most either had mothers that had died or were otherwise unaccounted for (assuming you don't count continuations through different media).

    I feel rather crept out, now.
  • Bradman1978
    I'd add Lois Foutley to the list from As Told by Genger.

    Also Willow oddly I saw in English when in Korea. Yeah wrap your head around that one. There were a few shows from Korean Disney I'd love to watch here but meh.
  • Mr_Frump
    I was disappointed when you mentioned Wilma Flintstone that you didn't use the scene from Red Dwarf where Lister and Cat are discussing how attractive she is.

    "This is crazy. What are we talking about? She'll never leave Fred and we know it."
  • Spacedin

    I never cared for Pepperann. I found her to be extremly annoying so I don't recall much about her mother.

    I agree about Mrs. Fenton. She's awesome.
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