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  • Nolan
    Well TGWTG sure took its sweet time with this.

    But anyway, I always thought that she just aged... With magic.

    Or something.
  • Amykins
    OH THANK GOD, someone FINALLY rips into this episode! All I ever hear about the "new" Luna is how pretty she is. This is my least favorite episode of Season 2. It's way too early in the series' run to be retconning such huge parts of the story.
  • SNES  - A year?
    Who ever said this takes place a year after Season 1? The first season aired all out of order, with the beginning of fall airing just two weeks after the beginning of spring. I took it that this was the first Night Mare Night after Luna's return in the middle of summer. Since Night Mare Night is an analog for Halloween, that would place it just a few months after the Summer Sun Celebration.
  • Nolan
    Yeah, I was always a little confused about that too.
  • b4betty
    while I jump for joy whenever I see a CR review up on the site and agree with his views and criticisms 99% of the time, this for me is my most favorite episode of season 2 and one of my all time favorites of the whole new MLP, I loved Luna in it, I love the ROYAL CAPS LOCK VOICE, I really like her mane, but most of all its cause of the line when Twilight comes to her when she is in the shadow of the statue and Twi starts to introduce her self and Luna says her name with a sort of sadness in her voice, with a hint of rememberance to the things she has done in the past, its super subtile and I rewatched that scene many of times...or Im just reading too munch into a way a line was pronounced, but dammit Im gonna keep doing it, and CR keep them reviews of toons a commin'
  • Gamerectangle
    let's say the transformation was just cause she wasn't at full power when she was turned back from nightmare moon. maybe the ponies of ponyville didn't know that nightmare moon was Luna and they put flowers around her because someone told them that she helped and they might have been scared because of her similar appearance to nightmare moon. my explanation doesn't make up for the plot holes but i never analyse shows for every detail rather just enjoy them and if i don't enjoy it then don't watch it but i did enjoy this although if you didn't watch the pilot, as some people saw this episode first, it would be quite hard to enjoy
  • Crossover Princess
    I have to agree with on the episode, it was an okay episode and my favorite part was Derpy's scene, and I also love Pip! He's so cute!

    But I do disagree about THE ROYAL CANTERLOT VOICE!

    I write fanfics and whenever I use Luna (well in stories written before this episode) I like to use the voice whenever I think it's a good idea.

    Then again everyone has their own opinions...

    Also I would like to agree with whoever said that the timeline doesn't make any sense, do I have to bring up Winter Wrap Up and Fall Weather Friends? It could be a year, it could take place before Winter Wrap Up... who knows...
  • GoldenSandslash15
    Probably the best line from the episode is

    Twilight: Pinkie, aren't you a little old for this? [re: Trick-or-treating]

    I mean, seriously. Can you imagine if something that's intended for little kids becomes popular outside of its target demographic? Pfft.
  • Ancel De Lambert
    I love the clip you make with Celestia taking the piss out of her little sister, frickin priceless.
  • cyan
    wow the 1st review I see by CR and i dislikes it wow
  • TheSparkyChick
    I never watched a CR review....

    *Sits in high throne, sipping beer and reading enders game while CR reviews for me*
  • TheSparkyChick
    Also, who just wants to punch diamond tiara in the face with me?
  • Sylphide
    *raises hand*
  • Fanloser
    Her, and her Father.
  • SkullCap  - WAIT!
    I'll bring the brass knuckles
  • simsgirlgem
    I do I know she's a filly but my god she is so annoyiong
  • dan_plaz
    Urge to kill rising.... hahahaha
  • Lossthief
    I agree with CR in that I think this is just an average episode, but I don't really take issue with the weird continuity. MLP has always had fairly fluid continuity, to it never really bugged me. I just felt this episode was serviceable as a re-introduction of Luna and was an fairly intriguing plot considering that Luna HAS been out-of-the-loop for a millennium.

    But I found the jokes overall to be a little too telegraphed to be hilarious, and Pinkie Pie's whole justification for acting scared of Luna doesn't really sit well for me. I mean, at least have her apologize for making Luna feel outcast, even if it was unintentional.

    But yeah, not a bad episode, if rather flawed. I just don't get why so much of the fandom claims this episode is amazing and the greatest thing since sliced bread.
  • Dacilriel
    I really liked this episode. I was waiting and waiting to see Princess Luna and I was super-excited to see her return.

    There's a lot of things in this episode that don't quite make sense, but I don't consider them plot holes. In plot holes there is usually contradictory information. With most of the questionable things here there are a lot of possible explanations that make sense, but just aren't apparent because we haven't been privy to Luna's life since she came back.

    Appearance: I think Faust's explanation makes good sense, even if she did admit to just making it up. Driving Nightmare Moon's corruption out of her would necessarily weaken her, so it is logical that she would appear smaller and weaker right after it happened. Since then she has probably regained her usual power so she appears at her full strength.

    Timeline: Heck, I don't know. The episodes in this series are so anachronic that it's anybody's guess how long it's been since Luna was released.

    Reaclimating to Modern Times: This one sort of made sense to me. Luna is indicated to be nocturnal, so even in the time she's been back she probably hasn't had many opportunities to see other ponies. Maybe she didn't want to see other ponies. She was probably upset and ashamed of what she had done. It might have taken her a while to pluck up the courage to try to socialize.
    I think Celestia probably did try to help her sister by explaining how things have changed, but explanations are nothing compared to actual experience.

    Ponies' Attitudes: I really like your explanation for how the legend may have grown and warped over time. Thinking about it, we've never been given an idea of what the general view is toward Luna and her return. Did the common populace even know the truth of what happened? Did they know that Luna had been corrupted and then purified? Did they get confused about whether the mare who threatened them and the princess who returned were the same pony? Even Twilight seemed astonished when she realized that Celestia and Luna were the two sisters from the story she had read, and she was in a better position than almost anyone else to understand what was going on. There may have been so many myths and rumors and misconceptions going on that most ponies could have had little to no understanding of what was what.
    Another thought just hit me. Luna may have tried to socialize with some of the Canterlot high class, and maybe they just acted polite and ignored her archaic behavior. The populace at large would be less inclined to stand on ceremony and more ready to react with confusion.

    All of this is just guessing on my part, but I like trying to fill in the blanks.

    I would love to have more backstory and more episodes featuring Luna. She's still a very mysterious character, and I want to learn more about her.
  • Fincan from Mexland  - LOL
    I just finished the episode when I came across this review!
  • Mousy Voice  - Luna Eclipsed and A Canterlot Wedding are awesome.
    Luna Eclipsed is honestly one of my favorite episodes of the second season. While I do admit there are some contrivances and the message is exactly the same as in Bridle Gossip, I do have to disagree on a few points. First of all, I love the redesign of Luna. Her new appearance makes her look more like Celestia, but she has a much more darker beauty to her. I also love the personality she got because it is a wonderful contrast from the other princesses in the show. While Celestia and Cadance are kind, sweet, and playful, Luna is scary, threatening, and overly formal. It really makes Luna stand out in a good way, especially as a princess in My Little Pony. As for the inconsistencies with other episodes, I feel I should point out that a lot of them pertained to the pilot episode and I should also point out that all pilot episodes are meant to be an experiment. It's supposed to allow the writers to work out what works and what doesn't and as the show progresses, details will inevitably change. It's like in the pilot episode to Sonic SatAM. That pilot episode was very different from the rest of the series, from the art direction, character design, tone, and even some details were changed or forgotten. While I too can be a continuity nazi at times, I do realize that retcons are a necessary evil some times, and I do believe the retcons in Luna Eclipsed work toward the episode's benefit for the most part.

    By the end of the review, you implied that you hated a Canterlot Wedding. Once again, I feel the need to play devil's advocate and say that A Canterlot Wedding is also one of my favorite episodes of season 2. I know I shouldn't be explaining why until after you've done your review (you are reviewing a Canterlot Wedding, right?), but the screaming fanboy in me won't let me go to bed unless I at least give a brief summary of why I like the episode. Please don't hate me for it. :-P

    In a nutshell, a Canterlot Wedding has a lot of comedy, three enjoyable and well integrated songs, drama, action, some reversals and surprises, introduced and established three new characters, and all of it effectively came together in only 45 minutes. Most writers can't do all that in twice that amount of time. Both Shining Armor and Cadance were likable and interesting characters despite their limited screen time, especially Shining Armor. Being an antisocial kid in my own childhood, I thought it made sense that Twilight would gravitate toward those closest to her like her brother and foal sitter, and this relationship was established in a way that was admittedly simplistic but still effectively portrayed in ways that were short, sweet, and to the point. I mean how dare you imply that B.B.B.F.F. was a bad song. How could you not shed a tear when hearing it?
  • Wookiee
    I have to say, I prefer Luna-sama's new look. And when she's sadly walking away with her head down, I never wanted to run and hug and comfort more. Yes, she's even more moe than in S1E02.

    Also, people always (incorrectly) comment that she speaks old english in that episode.

    I only wish that were so. Luna bellowing actual old english would be SO AWESOME!

  • Wookiee
    Just wrap my arms around her and feel her wrap her soft, feathery wings around me and run my fingers through her fragrant, magical mane and feel her warmth and heatbeat against me.

    Completely platonically, of course.
  • ProjectZuel  - Mostly agree
    Yeah, despite the large majority of the fanbase latching onto this episode I don't re-vist it often. It's good but not hugely engaging due to the inconsistancies brought up by having the episode conflict with previous ones. I do disagree with you disliking the BBBFF song though or was that just a segment used to showcase your mixed feeling of the season 2 final?

    Also CR have you ever considered writing for the show? Outside your deep analysis skills you've got great story ideas; really intriqued with your own idea for this episode.
  • Mediaman
    Totally agree with that "CR doing the writing" thing, ProjectZuel. He can come up with better story ideas than the actual writers.
  • WesleyFoxx
    Amazing use of the Two Best Sisters Play clip. I had to pause the video for a bit to catch my breath from laughing my ass off.
  • Kafei
    Nice review, your point of view is always interesting, i must say you really screwed up on those credits xD
  • Hawkx1  - Trollestia
    I call Trollestia strikes again and Luna have to concentrate on all the politics, laws, etc she's missed out on in the last 1,000 years instead of social interaction. As for forgetting I found that troublesome but enjoyed it however my favorite scene was Pinkie's "I'm a chicken" part. Also, if the jokes were hit and miss how did Laughter get a full mark instead of a half mark. Finally, never take this long for RiM again...if you don't mind that is.
  • thorondragon
    it is far from unlikely she had any social itneraction outside of canterlot. with all of the people of canterlot basically acting much like the snobs she knew a thousand years prior, doubtful she altered her speech pattern there. i think celestia was probably too busy laughing as those old snobs were cowering at luna as she proclaimed things. however, celestia eventually realized that luna had to adapt to the world, but was uncertain on how ot break it to her. celestia does not like just blatantly telling people what they need, prefering them make mistakes and learn for themselves. likely she told luna about the night and waited for twilight to do something. and twilight normally thinks more logically than most other ponies.

    and you can't deny luna did not exactly make a very settling appearnce. coming in with her own personal knights from the night sky. if she just walked into town they would have probably just said hello, but luna, thinking she needed to make a good impression, went the this is halloween approach. this obviously colored the opinions of everyone despite knowing her beforehand, thinking she had reverted into a form similar to her darker self again.

    from what i could guess with luna, when she was reverted, she lost all of the dark magic within her, weakening her. however she eventualyl regained her darkly still magic and turned changed a bit. in art direction, this was done because what they originally had did not really resemble celestia much to begin with. she actually looks a lot better like this, and it makes sense she would try to return to what she was most comfortable with. i also think tyhat this would bring up her original problem to begin with; that people did not respect the night. she had to learn to accept that the night did bring fear regardless.
  • Kitsula
    I always saw the whole town being afraid of Luna thing as what Pinkie Pie was doing. The weren't really afraid of her but thought Luna was playing along and 'being' her evil alter-ego in the celebration. They were probably expecting her to turn herself into 'Nightmare Moon' (as an act) at some point (like she did with the kids).

    Also the Mayor had a legitimate reason to be afraid the last time she ran into Luna/Nightmare she took out her guards and shot freaking lightning bolts at her.
  • DerpyHooves
    I've always liked to explain Luna's change in appearance by looking to most fan art of Celestia when she was younger. Her mane was a solid soft pink, but now that she's older it's all flowy and multicolored. I also think Luna's coat follows that trend too, kind of like how the night sky gets darker, until sunrise, that is.
  • Sockpuppet
    How much time had passed between the first episodes and nightmare night doesn't matter-- Suffice it to say, enough time has passed for Celestia or SOMEONE to have told Luna it's not cool to scream all the time, anymore.

    What bugged me was, if suddenly Nightmare Moon is this legendary character, how come Twilight Sparkle had to do RESEARCH to learn the basic story? And why did everypony lose their shit when she showed up? It would be like having to look up Santa Claus to find out her delivers toys on Christmas, and then have everyone act like the first person to show up in a Santa suit is the REAL THING. Neither makes any sense.

    But never mind all that, I do like that the pony who "defeated" her is essentially Luna's only FRIEND, the only one willing to unquestioningly give her a chance and treat her as a person. I'd like to see more doen with that in the show.
  • thorondragon
    it is pretty much just like any holiday figure, good or bad. people tend to only think of what is the current view rather than look up the past. nightmare moon was only a fairy tale to the ponies, like the boogieman or dracula. and her research was mroe around the factors of the elements of harmony anyways.

    actually i think it was only a few months. there are episodes in the second season that seem to actually occur long before twilight even appeared in ponyville. i would say only a few months had past...... not to mention i doubt that celestia was about to just tell luna. partly for politeness, another for wanting her to learn it herself, and a tiny part of her impish nature likely. can you imagine how much celestia would be laughing as she watched her younger sister terrify the snobs and rich folk of canterlot with her unrelenting force shouting and such? trollestia is a total exaggeration of her impish nature, but she can be very michieveous.
  • thenikkumanchan
    I take that you didn't like the Season 2 finale either.
  • nocturned85  - Not everyone cared for the wedding
    Got to say I'm one of the few who didn't really care for the wedding. I wanted to like Shining Armor and Cadence but they felt like cardboard and more shoe horned in just to give the wedding toys a big push figuring girls would want them instantly. And, for the most part I assumed it did. They couldn't just shove these two ponies into the spotlight for no reason other than just being in love, got married and that's it because it just makes you ask, "Why should we care about these two?". That's why they had the relation with Twilight. That's the only thing going for those two characters right now. I'm willing to give these two another chance if season three can iron out their character better.

    I can respect the people who liked the episode and can see it as just a special episode and a good way to end the series. It just left a bad taste in some people's mouth. So, just keep in mind that not everyone is going to like the episode. I know Mare Do Well wasn't very well liked. Yeah, a kid's show being judged because of the writing lol.

    I read on some boards that, Italy's premiere of season 2. They actually going to make the Canterlot Wedding the premiere and the Return of Harmony the finale. Strange way to start and end the season but in a way it can work.

    Now for Luna Eclipsed, I liked it but alot of points CR made did make me stop and think. "Why the heck has she not been updated since coming back?"

    then i figured... there probably really isn't much of a strict timeline to follow as Hasbro told Faust they wanted the episodes to be viewed in any order. sure you got later episodes playing some continuity to previous episodes but other than that nothing much else as CR points out. The message taught to ponies in earlier episodes are forgotten in the next.
  • War1309
    wow. so this is what he is resorting to now ? well at least he has a brony horde to support this crap.
  • Wookiee
    Someone needs a hug...
  • Floweramon
    He's been doing these reviews for awhile (not frequently, but this isn't the first one)
  • PhunkyPhazon
    1. Not exactly his first time doing this, though it has been quite some time since the last one.

    2. Why click a video you already know you won't like? If it's only to write an inflammatory comment, well, not exactly a productive use of time, now is it?
  • ManWithGoodTaste
  • Haogar
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