Honest Review: Green Lantern The Animated Series

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  • JMLee13
    I really liked this show and was bummed when it got canceled especially without a resolution about AYA and Razer, and they had only just introduced Sinestro, who was being voiced by the always BadAss Ron Perlman and I think would've made for an awesome reoccurring ally who eventually goes rogue and becomes a major villain
  • sunnyl
    Another great review of a truly great show.

    Was cancelled too soon.
    Although while officially one season, the several month gap between the end of the Red Lantern story arc and the start of the Manhunters as well as the different arc makes it feel like two short seasons rather than one long.
    Still I'd love another season, Sinestro is waiting in the wings.

    Also I agree that while Fillion is the best GL, there are no bones to pick witht his show, at all.

    The question is though: where are the reviews of all the other Timverse shows; and also Lois and Clark which would have been an appropriate followup to The Flash?
  • Malidictus
    This seems like an awesome show with a pretty cool storyline. My only issue is the art style - that "big muscular torsos, tiny lumpy legs" just never worked for me. Oh, sure, the women get around it because they HAVE to have long legs (of course...) but the men just look too cartoony for a show that doesn't seem as much.

    Oh, sure, they don't have to be photorealistc, especially the aliens, but Hal just... Doesn't look like a human being. He has completely the wrong proportions and so blends in with the aliens far, far too well.

    That aside, though, this sounds like an awesome show. Aces! :)
  • That Anime Chick
    ...Wow, I'm actually sorry I missed out on this show now. And why was it cancelled to begin with?

    Grrr... Somebody get me a Red Lantern ring or something, I have to release some stress...!
  • Stormtalon
    Actually, it's sort of interesting following the GL: TAS. I think some outside factors played a factor with this and Young Justice. They were ordered as counter programming to Disney/Marvel XD block and a way to retain the audience from Clone Wars. When Disney bought Lucasfilm, they dropped all of it like a diseased hyena filth.

    My own thoughts on TAS: It started off strong. I wished they showed more of frontier space under the Red Lanterns. The ending was definitely rushed. On the Manhunter arc, I liked the Manhunters and being operated by the Anti-Monitor. But the origin of both was too similar. Dark Aya was great. A great dilemma for the heroes.
  • Guild Navigator
    The show is fairly decent. When I first saw it I crainged at the CGI,but since my son watched it more or less regularly I decided to give it a try and it was surprisingly well made.

    Can't say the same for that Young Justice crap. Ugh...
  • RoninOfDeath
    I was actually looking forward to this. No offence, but I don't normally watch your reviews. Just the casting couches and lists.
    I'm a little disappointed that you skimmed or completely skipped over certain things. It seemed to me you went into grater detail with TT and the Flash. The flash was understandable as it had a shorter episode list. You didn't really mention the Blue lanterns or the appearance of the Orange. You also didn't include to mention the Scot Allen reference in Steam Lantern.
    This is of course just a difference in opinion of what would be important enough for the review. As there is a lot to cover. You probably didn't feel they served a greater purpose.
    If they cancel Beware the Batman they need to bring back Green Lantern. I still stand by my opinion that canceling GL and YJ for BtB and TTG was a bad idea. I really wanted to see them dive deeper into the other cores.
    Think I stick around for the rest of the DC reviews of this month.
  • SinglePlayer  - Just curious...
    I know this doesn't really have anything to do with this particular video, or animation in general, but I was wondering what your thoughts were on the show Arrow on the CW. I personally enjoy it and think it has some interesting new takes on pre-existing characters. I got into it between the first two seasons because I thought it was going to be like Smallville, which I never really got into. But when I finally decided to give it a shot, I was pleasantly surprised by how well the action and drama flowed. I don't know, maybe you could review it at some point.

    As for the Green Lantern show, I honestly didn't know about it until now. Ron Perlman is awesome, and I'm sure he played a great Sinestro. In fact, I might look for a way to watch this show now because it looks interesting. Anyway, good job on making the review informative as well as entertaining. I look forward to whatever's next in DC-cember!
  • AuCl2247  - So much for getting sleep tonight.
    I just spent the past nine hours watching the show. That was AWESOME!!!!!!!!

    I wanna talk about the ending, but I hate spoiling things for other people. Also, it would just be a dick move in general.

    Razor is my favorite character.

    Amazing shows like this and Sym Bionic Titan are canceled after season 1, yet crap like Teen Titans Go gets picked up for a new season? What happened to you Cartoon Network? You had some of the best shows. Now almost every time something good comes, you beat it 'til it's dead.
  • Krscho  - Really?
    10/10 for GL:TAS. He is one of your best comic book heroes.

    No offense, i really like your show, also i am a huge GL fan but did you in your entire life read a GL comic book couse this video shows you did not.

    There are tons of misstakes a real fan and long life GL reader would call foul on and you should have to.

    Also tone of misstakes in this video. Most obvious one is ate begginign. Hal Jordan was not chosen couse he has no fear but becouse he can overcome great fear. That is how the gl rings choose candidates. As a comic boo kreader you should know that.

    Then Read Lanternt can not feel love, that is fcking stupid. The red ring is the red lantersns heart, when he takes it off the red lantern dies.

    Thank god this abominacion of the show got canchelled. It got evrything WRONG
  • dramaelfie  - reeeally
    I'll never understand why there are die-hard GL fans that loath the show just cuz they had to change some things. You do understand this was conceived to be a KIDS show? They HAD to change the Red Lanterns…the original oath is disturbing, half the RLs in the comics don’t even talk-they just scream & growl a lot (oh yeah, I’d love to watch that for 22 minutes wow quality show), & there’s no way the death-by-ring-removal thing would've worked in a story arc. They were already pushing it w/ a lot of the character deaths. & I don’t know if you realized, but Razer’s entire character arc was overcoming rage through hope & love, which is INCREDIBLY significant since love is on the opposite end of the spectrum from rage & Blue’s light negates Red. It set the themes of the show & created a fascinating character. Same w/ Aya. Her character journey was the opposite of Razer’s (he was learning to calm his emotions, she was gaining hers), and her being a living embodiment of Will is also significant as Green is basically neutral on the emotional spectrum & as a robot, she's supposed to operate on logic. To top it off, the writers crafted a spectacular romance between them. (Also, wasn’t there a comic issue where Saint Walker shows Atrocitus visions of his wife…who he missed dearly? hmmm yeah but Red Lanterns can’t love I guess)

    But here’s the big thing…I'd NEVER even glanced at a GL comic before cuz I had no interest in it. What GLTAS was able to do was clearly & concisely present the mythos/story/characters in a way that wasn’t overwhelming & exposition-heavy (which Young Justice had the bad habit of doing) AND it left room for interest. Basically, there was no issue if you came into it w/out any prior knowledge & it made me WANT to learn more. Now that I’ve read through the comics, it’s clear that the writers really KNEW the material & what would work in an episodic TV show. They did exactly what the original TT series did: picked out the strengths of the source material & streamlined everything. This isn’t like a novel-to-film adaptation where your work is cut out for you, they had 50 years of material & yeah, some stuff is going to get cut or altered a bit. But they kept the essence of the characters & upped their strengths…I LOVE this version of Hal Jordan, whereas I’m just “meh” in regards to the comic version. (love Guy Gardner in all forms though XP) In fact, there wasn’t a single character I hated on the show because they were so well-rounded & written.

    Also, I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHY as a GL fan you would be happy about the show being canceled because WB/DC is butts & the failure of the (really bad) movie & the death of this show is basically screwing over the GL franchise in terms of new material and projects for a long time. The show Arrow couldn’t even have “Green” in the title cuz WB (stupidly) thinks that using the very word will automatically make it fail or something. So…enjoy your nothing, I guess? :/
  • Overload81  - well.....
    i see your point and agree that some parts where needed to be removed for making the series acceptable as a kidsshow, like the "ring removes heart"-thing. however i have to agree krscho to some extent for the changes they did to the red lanterns where the biggest letdown from comics to tv in my opinion. the non speaking monstrous beings where exactly what they should have been. the personification of rage. not able to reason with, unable to be frightened, just centered on the goal of revenge. the show just depicts them as some kind of antilanterns who opperate in a similar way, just for a different goal. but there is already an anticorps which would be the sinestrocorps. and this might be the big problem: it seems like the show was written with the yellow corps in mind. this is specially prominent with the second in command who many times comes of as a frightened chicken instead of an angry ragefull being. so i think the studio is to blame for demanding to spare the sinestrocorps for the moviesequel we´ll never get. then again, demanding to do a 1 to 1 adaption to the comics for a kids show is really just ridiculous, the level of violence the comics has reached during the last decade makes them pretty inappropriate for kids.
  • Mischi  - Nerd-Out - It's on
    Sorry to say that, but I find Comicbook Nerds often be the worst kind of nerds. Is there really that huge of a difference if one is chosen bc he is w/o fear or if he is chosen bc he can overcome fear?
    I mean there is a DIFFERENCE, I can see that. Is that difference so big, that one answer is like heaven, while the other is... I don't know... worse than Hitler? You're favourite Comic Book Hero has got his own show! You completely dismissed that, BECAUSE OF THAT?

    Anyway, if so, I promised a Nerd-Out:

    In Showcase No. 22, September/October 1959, which showed the first appearance of Hal Jordan as Green Lantern, on page 3, panel 5, Abin Sur commands his battery to searh a deserving one as inheritance for his ring. He said:'He must be one without fear! Entirely without fear!...
    Later, page 5, panel 6 Abin Sur said:'(...) and the battery as already selected you as one born without fear!(...)'
    The same words where used in Green Lantern No. 1.
    So... did I win?

    Apart from that, you are getting upset about character traits and devolpment that has been rewritten over and over again, and is far from being constant. Thomas Kalmaku the Inuit has been given the name Pieface, the eskimo grease monkey. Well, they changed that, too... I think that was a good decision, don't you?
  • Hurlbut  - No Evil shall escape my Signt
    I am so impressed, it must have taken all your strength to avoid discussing spoiler information on the Green Lantern Animated Series because many of the details put into Series were epic. It's ironic that DC can achieve the highest quality adaptations of comic book cannon in animation yet fall so short in the live action interpretation. Perhaps it's because comics drawn in pen are best brought to life in pen as directors of live action films lose focus when the see their actors dressed in Halloween costumes, who can say. I always knew of the legend of the Green Lantern Core but it was the WB DC Animated Green Lantern series that I became hooked. It was tragic it was cancelled after a season when it had so many stories left to tell (and the ending of the series with the blue ring was awesome). The excuse used was no merchandising of toys as the live action film was so bad but I would have bought the full series of green lantern figurines of the animated show in a heartbeat if only they were made (especially Razer, his design was gorgeous). As a female viewer I also felt the romantic stories were handled realistically instead of crow-barred in cheese. I could easily believe Hal loved Carol and Razer loved Aya and the directions these relations took were equally heartbreaking.
    Great Review, it must have also been difficult to handle covering so many stories in such a short amount of time.
    BTW, the Good thing to take away from the Steam Punk episode is that these people knew of Alan Scott (the Original Green Lantern). That was a teaser I was looking forward to a follow up story on.
  • The MegaNerd
    I'm with you! I have a sister who I watch comic book movies with and the two of us often disagree because she's a Marvel fan and I'm a DC fan, a great deal of the problem lies that we've been able to find a lot of Marvel stuff both locally and on line but most of the DC stuff we've been able to find is the lackluster liveaction stuff which leaves me looking kinda sad when faced with stuff like 'The Avengers' which is unquestionably awesome versus 'Superman Returns'.
    Maybe 'Batman vs. Superman' will be worth while?
    Hang on DC fans! eventually Warner Brothers will make the DC equivalent of 'The Avengers'!
    I hope.
  • vengeful_vern  - Badass Review...and here's hoping one of your revi
    Love Green Lantern's...everything!. Even Guy Gardner! (Simon Baz leaves abit to be desired,but eh) This show is pretty spectacular,plot's good,mythology in the comics explored fairly well,the only thing I didn't really like is the art style. I really don't like CG-style,but I can stomach it if the show's good,like this.

    Also,on another topic,since its still DC-Cember,I BEG you to review Young Justice. I know you don't like it because it didn't follow the comics,but the cartoon is a masterpiece that can stand next to the DCU-shows of old. IT IS AWESOME and it got cancelled too early,much like this show.
  • Greycat R!
    I so freakin Love that series. They got all the characters right in my opinion as well as they crated new, complex and above all memorable characters I hope to see again, regardless if in a continuation, or some other medium. Especially the story involving Razer and Hope.

    Also they made Saint Walker a freakin Badass and Larfreeze a barrel of awesome. I loved all the easter eggs, like The Book of th Black in the background of a scene.

    However I do have a few major complains about Atrocitus. First of all, I'm not that impressed with his 3D design. I've seen the initial 2D design and they looked great and had more characteristics, but I could blame that on the transitions (kinda like with Ch'p).
    But my biggest concern was the subplot of him orchestrating to gain Razer. Scheming like this is not what Artocitus would do, that's what Sinestro would do. Sinestro is the 'Devil', Atrocitus is the 'Beast'. He only cares for true, savage, primal rage, not something manually triggered, he'd even call this 'blasphemous'. Other than that everything worked.
    Well, maybe I also missed Anti-Monitors signature eyes.
  • DeaEal
    You are wrong, Atrocitus is plotting all the time.
  • DeaEal
    I just cant look past that godawful CGI, I'm just starting to cringe. It looks just like ReBoot.
  • Bat22
    Despite my support for Nathan Fillion from Serenity to Castle, I really only see Nathan Fillion and not Hal Jordan when he performed. I dug Christopher Meloni's strength and defiance in FIRST FLIGHT and also David Boreanaz's wholesomeness in NEW FRONTIER. IMO, the best balance - and then some - is seen with Josh "Ocelot" Keaton.

    I really dug STEAM LANTERN. It was an Elseworlds tale worthy of the DCU, referencing GL creators and telling its own tale of conflicting heroism while revealing the extent of the Anti-Monitor's threat.

    My least favorite and weakest episode would be the mentioned Atrocitus return episode, also since it resulted in the demise of an interesting character w/ nothing else of note.

    As someone unfamiliar w/ Hal, I also dug his transformation into Parallax similar to Superman's death and Batman's handicapping. However, I eventually realized that it was the fallen hero concept that was so enticing to me, while the supremely flawed logic and execution came back to sour the whole experience. I was beyond ecstatic when The Three Musketeers Hal, Guy, and John returned to prominence as GLs.

    Guy's treatment in this series was brilliant, and I like that they brought him in before John like in the comics.

    I wish we got to see more of the competent Tomar-Re and Hal's hero Sinestro! I approved of the makers setting Sin and his Corps on a slow burn. I regret that we didn't get to see Katma Tui and John together.


    My only two critical complaints of the short-lived series were:
    (1) That the A-M wasn't nearly the threat he was in the comics books. His weaker, more robotic role should have gone to the Manhunter Highmaster seen in the Millennium event of the comics.
    (2) The makers copped out of the very classic sci-fi element of "robotic love" w/ Aya w/ a revelation very late in the series that undermined the whole issue.
  • sirgreen
    Green Lantern is one of my all time favorite superheroes. Ever sense the 90's with Batman and superman animated series I have been waiting and waiting for this. When I heard about this I was incredibly excited and was looking forward to it along with the live action movie. Movie upset me but the show thrived and had everything i wanted for season 1. I was incredibly happy it did not start with the yellow lantern because they get used way to much. The blue lanterns are by far my favorite lanterns, if this were real I see myself as a blue. When i found out this and young justice were cancelled and replaced by the the batman and Teen Titans i was pretty dang mad. If teen titans come back it should be like the 2000's not this random gag crap.

    When I saw that you updated I had to grab myself a bowl of popcorn and watch this. You sir are an awesome reviewer and quickly became one of my favorite. Cough combo review with linkara cough that would be epic. Cartoon network seems to be screwing itself or something.
  • btgr
    Cartoon Network only cares more about comedy and the Ben 10 franchise these days.

    Batman: The Brave and the Bold was always better and funnier than Young Justice and has a much higher chance of being revived after cancellation because it's a comedy unlike Young Justice and has a much bigger fan-base and a cult following. Plus Young Justice was never popular with the kids.

    Man, I really can't stand all those punks out there who continue to use Young Justice to bash and bad-mouth Teen Titans Go! It's the same reason why they continue to bash and bad-mouth Ben 10 and Brave and the Bold! It is downright annoying!
  • Undertaker91  - @btgr
    To be fair, Ben 10 Omniverse has some of the worst character designs I have ever seen. The designs and animation style are a major downgrade from the rest of the show. Ben himself looks like a troll and the animation is flat and boring.

    As for Young Justice, it was never meant to be comedy or a replacement for Teen Titans. Personally, I for one enjoyed it. The time skip in the second season was a bit disjointing but I enjoyed the characters and the stories. If it's not your cup of tea, I can understand that.
  • Gameless  - What?
    His first lead role?
    You do know he played The Joker in The Batman, right?

    And that this wasn't the first time he voiced Kilowog
  • The MegaNerd
    Great review E-rod! This show and Star Wars: The Clone Wars were the only reason I watched Cartoon Networks at all, shame they were both cancelled.
    Anyone else looking forward to Star Wars: Rebels?
  • Undertaker91  - You're too good ERod.
    Dammit ERod, why do you do this to me? Now I have to watch this show too! You already hooked me on Burn Notice when a friend turned me off on it and now I have to watch this show too. I avoided this one cause i found the CGI to be ugly. The flat angular style you like so much was just a major turn off for me. But with such great stories like you described, I guess I cant put it off any longer. I'll have to overlook the animation but that doesn't seem too hard. Once again ERod, you're too good at recommending shows (not that it's a bad thing)
  • KaizerJED
    io9 had a really illuminating article about a chat Paul Dini had w/ Kevin Smith on the latter's podcast. It touches on one of the major reasons I can't stand today's television studios. Greed is not only the #1 determining factor on what a show's content will be, or whether it gets cancelled or not, it's the entire top 5!

    The two talk about how shows like Young Justice and Green Lantern were cancelled because they drew in too large of a female following, and since girls don't buy toys, the studios don't want an action cartoon that girls will watch. Instead of thinking, how can we create a show that reaches out to a diverse audience, allowing us to sell a variety of merchandise, the though is, how can we dumb this concept down enough to amount to nothing more than a 22-minute toy commercial AND alienate an entire demographic in the process?

    I swear, if it weren't for Adventure Time and Regular Show I'd have no reason to watch Cartoon Network.
  • MavenCree  - THANK YOU!!!
    I never watched this show when it was on, (I usually don't like 3D tv cartoons)but because of this review I just got it and watched the entire thing over the last several days. I LITERALLY just finished the final episode. I have two things to say.:

    1 - THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH for introducing me to this show. It was brilliant. And once again, f*ck DC and WB and Cartoon Network for cancelling such a quality and amazing show.


    2 - It's been a LOOOOOOOOONG time since a cartoon made me cry. That ending - Spoiler - when he grabs Aya to stop the virus... holy crap. I started gushing. That was so beautifully animated, I have to wonder if they didn't use live actors to Gollum that scene.

    Thanks again Block BusterBuster!
  • ScardyG
    Okay, I'm gonna stop about halfway through because I haven't finished the series and I don't want the second half spoiled. I really like this show. I've seen bits and pieces of Green Lantern through JLU and such, but this was the first to really bring me into GL's mythos.
  • Musashi  - Fueled by rage?
    The Red Lantern rings are fueled by the power of Rage?

    Huh...can I have one of those rings? That is about the only emotion I can show without even trying, so I think I would be a freaking MASTER of the red ring.

    Green ring, fueled by will...I do not think I would be good with that. Why? Cause I usually push forward through things, cause I am PI$$ED. Not really cause my will is too strong, but cause something needs put in it's place. No one would be able to match me if I wore a red ring. (Evil laugh) But I would probably still be a good guy.
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