Honest Review - Buffy The Vampire Slayer

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  • Principal Snyder
    It says something about Buffy that you can go on a detailed retrospective on it for 40+ minutes and still not get everything (You didn't mention The Cheese Man!) and how the show went everywhere on the levels of drama and comedy. The comics though... They get kinda weird. (Buffy needs to get an abortion but then it turns out she doesn't need one because she's a robot...?)
    I'm with you on Buffy being the best show of all time. Nothing can really encompass all that was Buffy.
  • leviadragon99  - Snyder? What're you doing here?
    Didn't you get eaten?
  • Principal Snyder
    Just because a giant snake ate me then exploded doesn't mean I can't comment on videos on the internet.
  • Eleanor  - Cheese man?!?!?!?
    I was a very casual viewer, and the ones that I watched, I liked. I can't remember why I didn't watch it. Maybe because at the same time Charmed was on and I was in love with that show, especally the spells! and season 6 with Chris........ But I'm getting off the subject! ;)
    I think I will have to catch these episodes on youtube.
  • PontyMython
    I grew up with a little sister so I could kind of identify with what they were going for with dawn as a sort of irritation who niggled into everything, so I found that realistic rather than annoying. what I -did- find annoying was that they could never quite decide whether she was a damsel in distress or a mini-buffy. half the time she's had years of fighting monsters rub off on her, the other half she's being beaten up and captured. there was a moment where she asked "what, do I look helpless?" to which I could only think "Yes! Very very helpless!"
  • Goat Boy
    I'd just like to say Adam Busch(Warren Mears) would be awesome as Mac "Scorpion" Gargan if he ever appears in a future Spider-Man movie.
  • Mr.Evil
    Indeed, Buffy was one of the best shows on TV... well, Seasons 1 - 5 were. I agree with a lot of your points, including liking Season 4 and Riley. I didn't even hate Beer Bad (not that it's a fav, just that it wasn't all that bad to me).

    But then Season 6 hit and... hoo boy. Buffy and Spike, Willow's "magic addiction"... no, just no. I could go on for a LONG time about the near-fatal flaws in Season 6, so much so that had I not built up a tremendous amount of good will for the show (and had I not loved the musical episode and finale), I might have quit the show. For me, it was THAT bad.

    Season 7 didn't really redeem the show, either. But it was suspected to be the last, so I stuck with it.

    A lot of good shows often end with a whimper, so I still think the overall quality of Buffy is good and well worth watching. Just beware the end game.
  • SRanger1071  - Why the Hell was she in Scooby Doo?
    I kind of get the joke they may or may not have been aiming for (damsel in distress being played by Buffy, stars kicking ass instead of being taken hostage), but Sarah Michelle Geller is not a Daphne. Amy Adams might be a Daphne, but not Sarah Michelle Geller.
    BTW, isn't Sunnydale the name of the day care center in Toy Story 3?
  • Iris  - Yay, a Buffy review!
    That was so fun, I loved watching it. :)

    I'm glad someone else agrees that Willow's magic addiction was interesting, I found it believable. Sometimes it's the most tightly wound people that go the furthest off the deep end- try too hard to be good, and you never learn your own boundaries. Season six was my personal favorite. I also liked seeing Buffy deal with such a bad boy as Spike. Even strong women can crumble hard when that sort of relationship enters their lives. Season six showed just how flawed and weak each of the characters are, and I appreciated that. To me, it took the show from being a fun popcorn style romp to having some real psychological weight.

    It'd be really awesome if you could do an in-depth review of some individual episodes. :D
  • LordNifty
    I am a fan of the show (I own the first 5 seasons), but I have had several problems with it:

    1. Buffy's formidability was really erratic; for example, she couldn't even hurt Spike in some episodes, and could easily kick his butt in others.

    2. Xander too often seemed to be Whedon trying to force himself into his own stories.

    3. The female characters were too often defined in terms of being love interests rather than individuals.

    4. The writers didn't seem to know what to do with Buffy after high school.

    5. As a fan of werewolf-type characters, I really wanted to see Oz better used in the story. I don't think we got ONE vampire vs. werewolf fight in BTVS! That's just wrong.

    That being said, this show was just... neat.
  • Jc19867  - What about Amy
    Amy was a major Checther Evan as a rat she got more screen time than Caleb and she wasn't Evan maintained but u did a good job
  • EpicFish
    Ooh Welshy's not gonna like you talking about his beloved Buffy! XD I make fun though. I always enjoy when different reviewers on the site give their insights into movies/TV shows/anime/games they like, and I enjoyed this video. Although I wouldn't go so far as to say Whedon's as good as Spielberg, Lucas and Jackson. He definitely has a huge following but comparing him to those three specific directors, I don't think he's earned that yet. And hey, I'm one of the other three people that liked the Buffy movie! *high-fives*
  • Axel Osbourne
    One of these days I'm just going to have to write a review/rant about the Season 8 comic, just to get it out of my system. I don't because A, it would be very angry, more than a few curse words would follow, and it would be ANYTHING but constructive! And B, I'd have to re-read the comic to do so. and I DON'T WANT TO!

    That being said, this show still goes down as my favorite show of all time and a part of me wishes it would come back, not with Buffy Season 8 mind you, because (as you said) I think Buffy's story was well told, but as a spin-off because I think the Buffy Universe was as vast and worth as the Star Wars, Marvel or DC Universe, and I'd like to see it though a new pair of eyes. As much as I like Avengers, I'm a little sad that it pretty much killed any chance of that ever happening.

    SIDE NOTE, Hey Epic Fish, are you ever going to find an Avatar that you're happy with?
  • PaladinDemo
    I'm a X-Files guy myself. Never really got into Buffy.
  • Thatpirate
    I had a crush on Willow because I'm into intelligence.
  • J0hnny0hm  - Thanks!
    Thanks for putting up the review. I've wanted to hear in more detail why you praise this show?

    I fell victim to the tweeny-bop advertisements. I thought that's what the show was going to be, which is why I also skipped it.'

    I've watched a single episode and it is pretty sweet so far. So by showing its badass moments in your reviews: Thanks, E-Rod, for turning my attention onto a cool show.
  • Blackwolf0925
    To be perfectly honest, I was not a fan watching Buffy, I was more of a casual viewer than anything. The only reasons I watch it was because my sister was into it and Willow.

    I remember when I stop watching Buffy and that was the episode [spoiler]when she was in an insane asylum.I could not take Buffy seriously anymore because of the fact that the whole entire time this series was all in her head.[/spoiler]
  • Eyeshot
    Ever seen "Charmed," BB? Just seeing any one given episode will make you cry. And then you'll have to see all seven seasons of "Buffy" to cheer you right up.
  • Thatpirate
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer is my all time favorite TV show too. Here's how I'd lable the seasons. From worst to best.

  • hairyfeet  - I'll get hate for saying this..
    But you really can't blame the actress for the nightmare that was Dawn, if you listen to the commentaries on the DVD more than half the season was already written when Whedon cast Michelle Trachtenberg in the role and frankly the part was written for a girl of around 8 years old, scenes like Xander and the ice cream make that pretty obvious.

    Also remember that Whedon is notorious for biting off more than he can chew and was working on Angel and Firefly and frankly didn't have the time to spend on Buffy like he should have and handed it off to second stringers, even Noxon was too busy to do much as there was her pregnancy in there as well, so its really no surprise that you can watch the writing decay as Whedon got more shows than he had time.

    Does that mean it wasn't terribly written? Nope they kept waaay too much of the little kid dialog that might have worked with an 8 year old but failed on a teen, but the blame needs to be laid at Whedon's door. Just look at how good Buffy was in the first 3 seasons, then comes Angel and the writing gets worse, then Angel AND Firefly and the writing takes a nosedive except for a handful of "passion projects" like the musical.

    At the end of the day what killed the quality of both Angel and Buffy was Whedon trying to do too much without enough really good backup writers to help him, simple as that.
  • Ironhead  - now I have to watch them all
    because of this Review I'm going to be spending the next week watching all 7 seasons of Buffy.
  • mister sloth
    You sir, are in for a great week!
  • unc
    I probably liked season 6 the most, mostly because I saw it in a time when I could really relate to Buffy, what she was going through. Going through the motions and Walk through the fire pretty much sum it up.
  • ManWithGoodTaste
    You should do an Honest Review of The Equalizer.

    After watching all of it.
  • Timekeeper
    Great review. Love it. Very fun fact: if I'm not mistaking in real life Wesley and Willow are married.))

    Also I think Satsu is perfect for Buffy. :D :D :D
  • motormind
    I watched a few episodes of this, found them extremely boring, and stopped.
  • ElderGodBrandon  - Glory
    you failed to mention one minor annoying thing about Glory, she EFFING turns into a damn guy sometimes......that was the one annoying thing about her
  • Korruk
    So because of this review I finally jumped over my shadow and started watching Buffy. Just finished season two (I already saw the review a week ago on Blip)

    It's great. There's only three things that get me.

    1. Xander sometimes comes of as a real douche. That might be realistic, because he's a teenager though.

    2. Buffy's fight capabilities seem to be all over the place. Sometimes she kicks serious ass, sometimes she gets knocked out instantly.

    3. Not really a gripe because that's something a lot of "monster of the day" shows have: How is that school still open? I mean in the first season alone they racked up a bodycount of over a dozen + several "missing"

    Still, it's a very entertaining show and thank you for the review that finally made me watch it!
  • thorondragon
    that is what i thought as well about buffy. it seems incredibly inexplicable that buffy, who can take round house kicks from superhuman monsters and jsut get back up, could be knocked out by a human, even if said human used a shovel or even a fire extinguisher. that just didn't add up to me.

    personally i just found buffy's design as, technically, a creature ot be poor. the character is every flavor of awesome, but what she is, is poorly designed. while she can match, for the most part, the superhuman strength of the demonic, she seems far to vulnerable to them as well. the fact spike killed a previous slayer by breaking her neck shows an incredible design flaw of these supposed vampire hunters. you can't kill a vampire by breaking its neck, so why have it that the slayer can die of that.
    the worst part is that they actually removed an icnredibly vital power of a vampire slayer when the made it into the series. in the movie she could detect vampire. of course it was making fun of periods, but it could ahve been perfectly remedied by having her senses manifest in a different way.
  • Dr, Jakob T. Ripper
    your suggestion for watching buffy and angel simultaneously is EXACTLY what i am doing now. i watched seasons 1-3 of buffy then buffy S4 and angel S! and am just about at the finales of Buffy S5/angel S2.
    my only problem with BtVS is that once it ended Angel, my favorite of the 2 shows and what got me involved with buffy sputtered and died with buffy no longer going on, and who was the only Buffy Character the got for Angel Season 5, Andrew, not Buffy, not Xander, not Willow or even Dawn as they wanted to in the same episode and what saved it all for me one word: Ilyria aka THE SINGLE HOTTEST AND ONE OF THE COOLEST CHARACTER IN ALL OF THE BUFFY-VERSE.
    i would have came rainbows if they HAD done another season each and have Ilyria show in buffy... wow just typing that gave me shivers.
  • ArmymanZ
    23:40, they did something similar(two girls dancing together) in X-men:Evolution with Rogue and Kitty Pryde
  • EJOUIE  - Season 6
    Spoilers ahead. You have been warned.

    People seem to either love or hate season 6 and I think that this is because some see the deeper layers and others stop at just the surface. Surface layer is terrible while the deeper ones are quite interesting.

    On the surface season 6 is bad. You have Buffy brought back to life as expected (can't have a show without her), three nerds as a Big Bad, and Buffy hooking up with a bad boy vampire. Yawn.

    Peel off a layer and it gets better. Buffy coming back from heaven instead of hell is different and still new. How she deals with coming back down to earth is a main topic of the season.

    Buffy is very devoted to her friends and constantly puts others before herself especially this season. She fakes being happy and attempts to maintain a lie that she was in hell instead so that her friends wouldn't feel guilty for bringing her back to life. She doesn't "feel the love" from them as it doesn't hold a candle to what she felt in heaven, yet she is devoted to her friends so much that she fakes it for them. But she does have some difficulties with this and this is where Spike comes in. She crumbles and tells him the truth.

    I hate the surface layer of this relationship, but love the deeper ones. Buffy goes to Spike out of weakness. She hooks up with him when she is failing at dealing with being back and uses him as a momentary distraction, crutch, and punishment for herself. Buffy does not like to admit to being weak and is why she doesn't admit to having something with him. Eventually after enough time spent back on earth she does learn to deal and cuts the weakness out. Here we get to some of the symbolism of the season.

    The episode in which Buffy tells Spike that it is over between them and she actually sticks to it is also the same episode in which she cuts her hair. The hair cutting scene is her hating being weak and finally deciding to come to terms with her current spot in life and doing something about it. The cutting symbolizes her cutting out that weakness, and thus cutting out using Spike.

    Another example of the symbolism is the scene in which Buffy and Spike hook up for the first time. They start of fighting outside some average looking apartment buildings and the fight smashes its way inside. The particular one they went into was abandoned a long while ago and had a lifeless look to it. The building is a symbolic reflection of Buffy. Nothing wrong and normal on the outside, but very dead on the inside. Their fight eventually turns to sex and in the process the building is leveled. Continuing the symbol, that means that the relationship is killing Buffy on the inside. Which is true because it is out of weakness and she hates being weak. Thus hating herself and creating the desire to punish herself.

    6 is a very deep and dark season. The deeper you look the better it gets which is why I like ...
  • EJOUIE  - part 2
    it so. After writing this long winded post I now see how college courses exist to dissect this show.
  • leviadragon99
    Yeah, the second "dumb reason to keep Cordelia around" makes a helluva lot more sense in context and with more details about the situation then you're making it out to have, way to force a running gag there.

    Personally I think that Willow discovering she was gay played out pretty well, it was spread out over enough episodes to feel like it was a developing relationship and self-discovery, and the Chemistry between the two actresses really made the relationship make sense, personally I consider it less of an actual change in personality and more of a realization of that part of herself.

    As to why the monks didn't try changing Glory's memory... well who's to say they even could affect a hellgod with that kind of magic? So I can forgive that, and Dawn... well she's an easier character to believe than to like, as someone with two younger sisters she does ring true to me, plus she did grow on me at least a little when she improved in later seasons.
  • Sachi.B
    Four. Four people. I liked the movie as well, and never really got into the series because of it as well. I've only ever casually watched Buffy, and this has inspired me to go check out the whole series. So yay!! :)

    One thing I noticed while watching the first episode though. Is it supposed to happen just after the events of the movie? Because from what I gathered from the review is that Buffy is transfering in as a sophmore, and in the movie she's a senior. The final scene takes place at their senior prom and everything. It seems like they're acknowledging some events from the movie and leaving out certain details. Is this true? Just wondered.
  • Wombatkidd
    The series takes Joss Whedon's *original* script for the movie as canon.

    The comic "The Origin" takes the original script and makes it into a comic, and has Joss's stamp of approval if you want to see how his original script plays out.

    http://en.wikipedia.org/ wiki/ The_Origin_(Buffy_comic)
  • Sachi.B
    I see. Thanks for the link. I'll check it out.
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