Top 10 X-Men First Class Failures

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  • Shepherd13
    the 1st Luke Toups
    this was good
  • fanime1
    Wow! Am I really the first comment?! Wooh! This never happened to me before.
    Anyway, I like this movie, but I don't love it. I wish I read the comics, but all I know is from the TV shows and movies. I completely agree with you on what they did with Emma Frost and Mystique. I fell in love with Frost's character in Wolverine and the X-Men (Yes, I actually did enjoy that show). So, I was happy you used clips of her from there. But she barely did anything in this movie. I loved how intelligent Emma was, but that didn't appear in this film.
    Mystique is also awesome. I always thought her powers were cool. But she was annoying in this movie. She was also too possessive of Xavier, from I remember. Mystique, he doesn't love you because you're like a sister to him, not because you're "ugly."
    But still, this movie was okay. It wasn't awful.
  • Jaso44
    lol you werent first comment
  • Extreme-Madness
    I think they deliberately ignored the events from the third movie as if it never happened (as well as X-Men origins: Wolverine).
  • Jaso44
    this movie was a differet movie all together so why would the do anything with the third movie or wolverine origins
  • Darkcloud1111
    I would really like to see a video where you look at all the continuity errors of this movie in relation to the others.
  • KoyMcCloud
    I did love this movie, but yes, you did bring up some good points. But I do respectfully disagree with a few things. For example, you said this movie has no memorable scenes, personally, maybe it's just me, but I thought the scene with Magneto lifting the submarine out of the water, or even when he catches the missiles, we're pretty memorable. As for the Cerebro incident, people forget that the one that Beast built, was destroyed, so it could be debated, that the two built a new one together. But then at the end of the movie, the two were enemies, but even in the comics, Magneto has gone back and forth between good and bad. As for Mystic going with Magneto, she does go to Charles at first, and tells her to go with him. Which... not sure how to feel about that really. That's all I can think of at any rate, for what I disagree with. As for what I do agree with, yes, Emma Frost was awful, Beast was a bit of a whiner, his Beast look, made the cat version in the comics look plausible, and the whole Charles losing his leg use when he was young. I get why they did it though, having Charles lose his legs at the end of the movie must have been a big temptation. However, it is one they should have resisted, and saved for later. Well, that's all I have to say, good review, keep up the good work, and have a nice day.
  • MissMissy
    but beast had a second mutation years later thats why he turned into the cat form and not when he first put the "cure"in
  • KoyMcCloud
    Oh, and the scene where Magneto was in that bar was awesome! They way he used the knife with his powers, and the fact he made a turtle neck look badass, which is no small feat.
  • JJFTITAN  - Magneto
    The reson Magneto has such a disdain for humans is that his experience in the concentration camps was brought about do to the intolerance of humans. This is his driveing force that builds up to the eventual break down he has. In his mind what he is doing is standing up to intollerence and eradicating humans is just the most convenient solution in his eyes. Think about it, he is in the middle of an event that could spark World War 3 and he wants nothing more then to stop it from happening having been in the middle and having everything he had ever loved and cared about ripped from him do to intolerance and war. Him snapping like he did is actually the most natural response he could of had, he and the rest of the x-men just saved the world and the humans try to destroy them. Think about that before you compare him to Nazis, if anything the humans are the Nazis and in this situation and from his point of view he is the Allied forces if you will, when compared to his attempt to take the humans out. He probably views Xavier's defense of the humans as a betrayal and him leaving him seems to make scenes when givein his reasoning behind his actions.
  • monken8  - Number 10 and 1
    Its not "happy thoughts" that allow him to gain full control over his powers its his mind being "on the border of tranquillity and rage" which i for one thought was a great idea, he's not angry or happy, he's at peace.

    Also what's wrong with you that final fight was fine, the henchmen joined him because they still believed in Shaw's cause, he did help Charles by pulling the bullet out and he didn't take him to the hospital since he was in shock (you know he just shot his best friend in the spine), the fight itself was pretty good (the only part that i didnt like was the fight with angel), and Magneto started hating humanity because Shaw convinced him throughout their whole fight
  • MissMissy  - the title
    The title is the first flaw. They could have called it something else. Its not first class. JEan cyclops, angel, beast and iceman were the first. So that was the basic fail. I like the movie as a movie but i had to disreguard any comic knowledge. Since this whole movie does not follow anything in the comics. Xavier didn't have hair in world war 2 And magneto didn't cause his palatalization just to name a few events. I really want a true xmen movie or even a true wolverine movie. not some crap spit out. I guess we have to wait til Marvel owns the rights again. someday.
  • Beast
    Not in the movieverse they weren't.

    This is NOT the 616 Comic Universe. Never has been. Never will be. People really need to quit riding that it's not 100% canon faithful. Pretty much no movie is entirely accurate to the comics.

    And yes, Magento did indeed cause Xavier's paralysis. It was in the Ultimate X-Men Universe. Which they mine just as much for films as they do the 616 one.
  • 2-B-Animated
    I enjoyed the list, even though I really liked this movie. But here are a few counter points to your list E-Rod, if you don't mind me stating so.
    Magneto's powers. It was said that he needed a balance between pain and happiness to unlock his potential. So his happy memories plus anger helped him unlock his potential. Beast's feet. They weren't "big" they were basically monkey feet. And I do agree with you on Emma. She was a barbie disco-ball. I just wish they spent more time on Azazel, he kicks ASS! WOOT NIGHTCRAWLER!!! On a random note, I do love the irony of him being a Catholic when his dad is basically SATAN!! No, seriously, he and the battle with Archangel mutants is what spawned the Christian Mythology of demons and angels. He's THAT awesome!
  • Thick
    Oh, man. I was expecting you to at least mention how they screwed up with Argentina. At one point they say Magneto is in Villa Gesell, a beach city right next to the ocean... yet the city they show Magneto in is clearly Bariloche or similar, in the midle of the continent, with mountains... it's not like the characters got their information wrong, the movie seriously thinks that is Villa Gesell, as the name appears on screen, it's hilarious, and then they speak in a mexican accent before speaking in german...

    Great list anyway.
  • CapitanNerd  - Whole theater lol'd
    I guess you are from Argentina so the same surely happened to you. In the theater I saw the movie the whole room start laughing where the mountains and the subtitle "Villa Gesell" appeared. Where's the Sacoa, the Centerplay, the Enjoy, the 3rd avenue :P.
  • Goat Boy
    This movie is nothing like Dark Knight! It didn't piss me off nearly as much!

    As for Emma Frost, I'd say Christina Hendricks, but that probably would've brought the movie up to an R.

    Also, one thing that sucks about the third movie bombing is we'll never get to see Ben Foster as Archangel. That would've been AWESOME!

    One more thing: Casting the other X-Men villains. When?
  • Outerspaceman21
    I really enjoyed this movie for several reasons. Matthew Vaughn did a great job directing it, James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender were wonderful in their roles, I really enjoyed Kevin Bacon's performance as Sebastian Shaw and it featured some of my favorite (albeit butchered) X-men (Havok and Banshee)

    I do agree with some of your points, but I disagree with your #1 point. Mystique went to Charles first, but Charles knew that she truly wanted to go with Magneto so he let her go. I do feel Beast's character was mishandled. I also disagree with your 6th point, I did enjoy the action scenes in this movie, including the final battle. I don't really feel it was all that generic.

    On a further note, I would love to see a separate video where you discuss the continuity errors that this films brings up in relation to the other 4 movies, because there is a ton.
  • phnxprmnt021
    People keep bringing up the whole "Charles told Mystique to go", but that whole conversation was pretty blatantly just a cop-out to excuse her doing something completely illogical and out of character - it doesn't make the situation any less ridiculous. Seriously, Charles was basically Mystique's brother, and she doted on him through the entire film. Yes, she had a thing with Erik (a really rushed thing, btw), but it was nowhere near developed enough to warrant her leaving Charles bleeding on the beach like that. There's no reason Mystique couldn't have seen Charles home and found a way to hook up with Magneto later, and that's really how it should have went. But IDK, I guess they *really* wanted to set up that post-credits scene.

    Personally, I found Mystique's motivation for going with Magneto at all really stretched - they spent so little time together, and she literally spent her life up to that point under Charles' influence, you think she'd be more inclined to stick it out with him and the White Hats for just a little longer. But nope, she's with Magneto because the plots and comics and continuity say so.
  • helstorm166  - The Reason I like this movie
    I think you make a lot of really good points, the continuity errors, Emma Frost, and Beast were very weak, as well as the superfluous side characters. Despite all that I really love parts of this film. It was cemented for me in the opening scene with young Magneto and Sebastian Shaw when they first meet; I loved Kevin Bacon's performance and many of the later scenes with Michael Fassbender; like the bar scene also blew me away. While I don't think it was very accurate to the comics (No film really is perfectly accurate) I see it like an Else-worlds story, and a really good one at that, I loved Magneto and Professor X, I felt the villain was awesome and I like it that they were able to make a movie without many of the main X-Men, I feel like it was one of the best in the series, while I don't think it's perfect I still found it very enjoyable and memorable.
  • Astrotrain
    iirc they said this movie wasn't taking X3 as part of the continuity.

    About Stan Lee cameo. I think Stan Lee is awesome, but i'm getting tired of his camesos, so not having a Stan lee cameio in this movie was great.

    Magentos does not think in ponies when he uses his powers. Xavier just help him to acces that past of his brain by having him remember that memory of his mother. Come on E-rod, that was easy to understand.
  • sunnyl  - Gods that OOatu(?) is painful
    Annoying, stupid, just plain painful, I hate him, makes me wince every time he comes on.

    Shame they didn't make the proper X-Men Origins: Magneto, that would have been great, specially with the two leads as you mentioned.
    I can't understand why Wolverine bombed, it was fricking awesome, definitely the best of the 4 movies.

    The decision to reset the timeline and make First Class not in continuity with the other films is the number 1 failing of this movie in my opinion, but yeah, agree with you on all other points.

    First Class is just not a good movie, although it still had a better awesome factor than Green Lantern.
  • Professor_Jack  - reasons you are crap
    10. entirely wrong. they make a point to address that his emotion is his weakness, and the "happy thoughts" are supposed to be relieving his trauma so he can stop being angry.
    9. That's the point. It's supposed to be his character flaw. and the costume is designed to look like a different version of beast. deal.
    8. he's wearing the same costume Ian McKellen wore. With a slightly different helmet. That looks just as stupid as McKellen's
    7. with the exception of Darwin, the characters have as much development as they need. The movie isn't about Havok and Banshee. Angel... yeah she's crap, i'll give you that one
    6. Azazel's assault on the compound. Magneto stopping the missiles, moving the dish, dragging the sub, and killing shaw with the coin...
    5. ...yeah, no, she was shit. So instead i'm going to take issue with the fact you used clips from X-Men Evolutions.
    4. Agreed. no issue here
    3. "when she speaks, it's meaningful, insightful, or sexy" Almost every one of her lines in the other three movies is pure crap. And no, she isn't that character, nor growing up to be her. She's being set up as Mystique from the comics, who is intelligent enough to NOT speak only in shitty one-liners the 80s would reject
    2. You're an idiot. The point of the film is to FIX the series, and start it over. Because the other movies ruined the franchise.
    1. Mystique spends the whole movie growing apart from her brother and towards magneto. Magneto mentions his viewpoint throughout the movie. His feud with shaw never had anything to do with mutant politics. The shelling of the beach is the tipping point.

    I just don't understand how you got on this site, or how you have fans at all. You've failed to ever produce a single video that wasn't idiotic. You appear incapable of talking about anything without incoherent shouting. Even when you almost make an intelligent point, you ruin it with an inane addition or joke.

    That's discounting your constant grammatical errors and omnipresent poor pronunciation. It sounds like you know how much like a chattering monkey you sound, and so try to sound more intelligent by putting in words you don't understand.

    And seriously? angelfire? jesus
  • wardentux
    Greetings E-Rod
    For me the 4 things that really annoyed me with this movie were as follows:
    4. The race-lift of Darwin. It almost felt as if they changed him from a Latino to African ancestry just so they could have the black guy die.
    3. All the ways they messed up the powers, in particular Shawn, Azazel, and Darwin.
    2. Havok... What the hell was he doing in this? His defining role in the X-Men universe is as Scott's long lost brother, and in all but one alternate reality, he is the younger brother. It drove me nuts seeing in this.
    1. Azazel is not a HENCHMAN!
  • Moon Spirit
    Sorry E-Rod, but your list is not that strong. Here's the points:

    10. His powers were indeed from his anger and rage, but Xavier didn't give him happy thoughts. It was thoughts that gave him peace and tranquility. And when he finally killed Sebastian Shaw, all his anger is finally quelled and now his power is at max.

    9. Beast's mutation at that point was big feet, per say. His feet looked like giant hands, like an ape. And as for his look, c'mon, this was during the 60s and he was still in his 20s. It's called aging, and I'm sure he matured along with his mutation.

    8. Dude, this was the outfit that he wore in the comics. Plus, the pointy part of the helmet also helps accentuate his look. And besides, I actually like that than the first ones he wore, which made him look a bit silly.

    7. Of course they're kids. These are kids that have finally found people of their own kind and they can be themselves. Yes, Darwin being killed off early was a rip, but hey, not everyone can have cake and eat it. And so the actors and actresses didn't get the accents right either. I can forgive that anyway because, not many people out there know who either one sounds supposed to be like.

    6. Seriously? You found this movie to be forgettable? You don't remember Banshee squawking when he attempted to fly? When Sebastian Shaw took all the bullets and converted into an omega stomp? You didn't even pay attention to Banshee when he started to fly like a pro? I can remember almost everything that happened to this movie.

    5. Yes, she was supposed to be a brilliant psychic and such, I'll give you that much. But I don't mind that much.

    4. Hey, don't be like that to Kevin Bacon! How else are we supposed to play 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon without him!? ;)

    3. Yeah, Mystique was a big friend with Xavier, and yet she chose to go for Magneto. Why? Dude, Magneto did it with Mystique. Xavier could have had her, but too late. ;P

    2. Yes, this movie has completely destroyed the entire X-Men film timeline. Yes, there are a lot of inconsistencies, plot holes, and such. Yes, the whole timeline is completely fucked up. But you know what? Just give this movie credit by itself.

    1. The ending was not that bad. Yes they talked, but I didn't mind. This was the point when Magneto adopts Sebastian Shaw's Nazi philosophy to end humanity for mutant supremacy. Remember, Magneto's whole mission was revenge, in which he finally achieved, and now has evolved to domination. As for Magneto, he did get the bullet out of Xavier's spine, but he knows that they both look for peace, but not by the same means. Xavier wants equality, liberty, and diplomacy while Magneto wants supremacy, which are 2 sides of the coin. And the others did want to join him because they agree with his beliefs. As for Mystique, remember: Magneto got to her first. ;)

    That's all there is to it E-Rod....
  • zzzzop
    I have to disagree with number 10. If you think about it, it just makes him more intimidating. It sort of suggests that since he had to think of happy things to use his powers more, he started to actually being happy about killing people... But then again, what do i know, i don't follow the X-men.
  • the gangsta of love
    I honestly like the last stand better than this. Yeah they were both really bad with dealing with their characters but at least the last stand had the wow factor. This film was extremely underwhelming to me
  • David2
    Well done, E-Rod.
  • Zhon
    I disagree with number 10 as well. The way I understood it was similar to what others said above - happiness isn't what gave magneto his strength, it was finding a balance point between happiness and rage that gave him access to the greatest aspects that BOTH emotions granted his powers. Anger alone wasn't enough for magneto's greatest feats, it was the combination of the two strongest emotions he could muster.
  • rippedcinema  - Bombed?
    Let's see cost to make 150 million
    Made 353,624,124.

    profit over 153 million.

    what the fuck do you think is a hit?

    and it was not "HAPPY THOUGHT UGGG"

    on the feet, Mystique IS A MUTANT TOO.
    Not what beast looks like? have you looked at a x-men comic in the last, i don't know 15 years?

    8) yeah, looked like a beetle.

    7). how could you missed the created mutant, angel? not in comics.

    6) giant fucking chain ripping a ship in half, yawn?

    5) when we 1st is emma in the comics, shes a hoe, when we 1st see her here, she's a hoe. looks accurate to me. she becomes a anti-hero LATER

    3) yeah why let a character have a back story.

    2)new continuity. get over it. oh god no they used stock footage (cut to evildead 2 saying "huh?).

    1) suddenly hate humanity? did you forget that 2 hours of movie?

    erod, i like your vids but did you watch the fucking movie?

    Fact checking's a bitch, ain't it?
  • JJFTITAN  - Only 2 hours
    Take in continuity of being in a concentration camp run by humans and they killed his parents.
  • Talvrae
    The whole point of the major fuck up of the continuity are that they are intentional, they have basically stay pretty much in canon with X-Men 1 & 2, and erasing from continuity, the 2 bad one, last Stand and Origin Wolverine...
  • drsixy
    Great list except for most of #9. Beast's problem wasn't that his feet were large, it was that his feet were large hands. Think about how many people get disgusted by seeing body parts in the wrong place. Imagine the way people react to a forehead nose, a stomach mouth, or a feet for hands and it's not hard to see why Beast would be ashamed of his hands for feet. Also the fact that Mystique was in to him doesn't mean he wasn't justified in fearing he would be unloved. Mystique is one of the first female mutants he ever met, he may not have known there were others and even then he had no way of knowing if they would sympathize with him. However, I do agree with you that the makeup work for Beast in First Class is pretty silly looking.
  • SpectralTime  - Not gonna lie...
    I usually like your rants, even when I don't agree with them, and I DID appreciate finding the only other person in the world who doesn't completely hate the LXG film.

    But... well, I just can't get behind you here. I honestly thought this was by FAR the best of the X-films, and probably the only one I really liked.

    That said, I can stomach a rant if it's got good points but, well... Most of these problems seem more like minor nitpicks than major failings, and I didn't agree with any of them, particularly the continuity problems, lack of glitz and flash, and casting choices.

    ...(Except for January Jones as Emma Frost. Seriously, what?)

    I'm not saying you're a bad person, or that I hate you, or that you HAVE to agree with me. I'm just saying that I don't agree with you this time, and didn't really feel the video was of high quality.

    You asked why I liked this movie? Well, I know you loved the acting by the leads, but, well, I felt it was good all around (except for Jones). In particular, Mystique in the first three films was a neigh-emotionless block whose only personality traits were "sexy" and "badass." While you're right, and the "Raven" take on the character could grate, I feel that rounding her off into a more-complete character is preferable to leaving her blank... especially after your complaints about leaving the others undercompleted.

    I found the action and training scenes effective rather than generic, and, because they built a team of C-listers I didn't know about, I didn't mind any character inconsistencies that may have existed outside the main two.

    Sure, Darwin dying (particularly the WAY he did), was bull-crap, since his only power appears to be "not dying," and although well-acted the secondary cast wasn't terribly well-developed, but since the CORE of the film was Magneto and Xavier's private struggles and relationship, I still thought it was successful. Sort of how people don't complain about Argyle in Die Hard, since, despite his role in the plot, it's Bruce Willis's movie.

    So, see ya next time.

    (Also, X-men comics fans shouldn't complain about continuity problems, and X-men FILMS fans shouldn't complain about an overload of underdeveloped minor characters, without a strong dose of self-awareness. :D ...Please take that as a joke, and not a violent, angry attack... I added a smiley face...)
  • cosmosblue772
    I have always been on the fence when it came to Erod's reviews, I kind of knew that not many would take to his style. He does have a lot of fanboy enthusiasm, that can be very grating on the nerves, especially in comparison to the more restrained reviews on this site. And I'll say it, I hate nerdlinger with a passion, sorry Erod but that schtick is not funny. So please stop. But in this case he does make a good amount of points, since I too really did not like this movie.

    My main problem with this movie was the portrayal of the female characters. With the exception of Mystique, who I thought was done pretty well, up until the ending which was beyond rushed and headache inducing with the lack of logic. While she was awesome in the previous movies, you have to admit she was pretty one dimensional. Again I get it she is mysterious, thus her name, but she wasn't always like that and it is a backstory so yeah.

    But what kills it is her main reasoning to joining Magneto was pretty weird. Which I get it he accepts her for who she is, but so did Xavier. The difference being that Xavier treated her as a sister, and Magneto treated her as a potential lover. So she sleeps with him once, and thus she has sworn allegiance to him. I mean really. You are just going to go with the man you've only known for what a couple of months, over the brother you've known for years since your childhood, because you got laid. Lame!

    And don't even get me started on the fan service in this movie, which was seriously distracting. And don't tell me there wasn't any. MacTaggert strips down to her underwear in the first five minutes she is on screen, and for no reason Zoe Kravitz's Angel is a go-go dancer because you know we wouldn't know its the 60s if we didn't have that. And Emma Frost...Well you saw the review.

    Say what you will about Singer, he treated the ladies in his adaptations with way more respect, than this.

    Final Note:
    In the end I don't loathe Erod, because this is a pretty decent list and he is a decent reviewer, I won't lie he can make me laugh, if nerdlinger isn't involved. But if he dumped nerdlinger, get a better camera, and tone it down a little with the fanboy-ism, he'd be better.
  • phnxprmnt021
    YES! to this entire comment. Seriously, Mystique's allegiance and entire outlook on humanity suddenly evolves because a guy told her he thought her blue form was pretty. Are you fucking serious?

    Emma Frost was by far the most heartbreaking part of this adaptation. She's way too badass for that dead-eyed sex-doll portrayal.
  • HeartOfSorrow
    When it comes to your top 10 X-men First Class Failures the failure that put the nail in the coffin for you was completely different for me. That ending while essentially exposition felt put in at the last minute and rushed. The whole point of the mission was to essentially stop a war between the US and the Soviet Union. America while suspecting Shaw couldn't ignore what was happening with the Soviets so they had a blockade to prevent missiles reaching Cuba. There was no indication that the Soviets suspected Shaw of something or else they would have had their own team there fighting alongside Xavier and Magneto's group. So when the First Class stopped Shaw and shown both sides that they were being played what should of happen is that the Soviet ships would prepare to leave. After all it was fairly obvious there was two sides fighting but they didn't know why they were fighting. Granted the CIA could have said that it is the all of the mutants fault and they decided to take Xavier and the others out the Soviets would have wanted to investigate the American's claims. After all it is established they don't trust each other. So the KGB guys would have said, “We are going to investigate this and if you so much as think of having a guy on one of your ships shoot at the people on that island with a sniper rifle we will consider it act of war.” Everyone would leave the area and that will leave them with a more sustainable way to go with a sequel. After all the reason why Magneto grows to despise humans is that important and should have its own movie. Not the “We saved them, but they'll kill us so we must fight them now” bit they did at the end.

    Plus did anyone else get the feeling Mystique had a crush on Charles before she ran into Beast and Magneto? Yes he is her adoptive brother, but he was probably the first boy that accepted her for who she was. Why else would she do the eye color change? It has been a while since I last saw the movie, but I don't think they ever resolve that thing.
  • Fantasgasmic
    It's not Continute-Tea. it's Con-Tin-NEW-Uh-Tea.
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