Mirror Mirror

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  • Spanky-Dingle
    FIRST!!!! Finally. Got to do that. Great review ERod. Man, I hated that movie.
  • LikaLaruku
    For shame, Erod! Reviewing a Tersam Singh movie without making it a crossover with Oancitizen so he can explain it to you. ::headshake::

    Producers: "We want you to make a Snow White movie. We like your fantasy style."
    Singh: "Awesome. I'll get right on it."
    Producers: "For kids."
    Singh: "Uuumkay...Just know that I have zero experience with kids movies."

    You ever read the original Snow White? The prince is a necrophiliac & Snow White gets married to a complete strangers at the age of 10. Oh yeah, & the queen tries to crush her ribcage with a corset. It's closely related to Sleeping Beauty, to which depending on the version you read, is either about rape & adultery or rape & cannibalism. Little Red Ridinghood is about sexuality & witchcraft, Cinderella's dad hated her, & the little mermaid dies.
  • Greycat R!
    actually that'd be a really good idea to mix Erod and Oan!

    I approve!
  • Juicewski  - I expected Tarsem character from The Cell review t
    I actually got lot's of stuff to say about this movie but to trim it down i will only say this: What the fuck Tarsem?
  • connla
    still better then snow white and the huntsman :D
  • dclark
    good as usual, but you really need to make the mid video ads not so interrupting, give a little pause or do something unique like NC has done a lot
  • FishEyenoMiko
    Great review!

    Dear God, I had to cover my eyes during the "beauty treatment" scene... [retch!]

    As a woman with pretty thick eyebrows, I always like to see actresses, models, etc. who refuse to shave/pluck/wax theirs down to teeny little lines. So bad actress or not, I do appreciate that about Ms. Collins.

    Yeah, the way the mirror works is just... what? I suddenly imagine the little animated version of the director from Critic's "Cell" review: "Ask me what it means! Ask me what it means!" d-:

    Lastly, unrelated to the film: What was on your shirt? I recognize the TARDIS, but was that all the Doctors falling out of it?

    ETA: OMG, the lady who your title cards actually drew the TARDIS on your shirt! That's awesome!
    [yeah, I'm... something of a "Doctor Who" fan...]
  • eujoyuen
    Well, that's actually a montage of another Tardis drawing xD.When time is short, any methods and resources are good.
  • FishEyenoMiko
    Ahhh... Hee!

    Well, really, I was mainly surprised that you drew his shirt with the same design he's actually wearing in the review. But going back to watch some of the old reviews, I see you've always done that. Cool. (-:
  • eujoyuen
    I paint all them, ERod draws them (and in this case, it's always, because ERod still draws all the title cards xD), and there's always Photoshop involved LOL
  • FishEyenoMiko
    Oh, ERod draws them himself? Wow, I didn't know that! Cool.
  • Malidictus
    Yeah, I actually have no problem with Lilly Collins' eyebrows. Personally, I find her pretty, specifically because she doesn't look like a photoshop of yet another pretty face. I haven't watched the actual movie (nor do I plan to) and Erod didn't show enough of her scenes to know but honestly? Can't say I have a problem with her acting in the scenes he did show. It may not be Tom Hanks, but I actually quite dislike Tom Hanks and his acting so it works out.

    And am I the only one who actually likes the "I Believe in Love" song at the end? Had to look it up on YouTube specifically, and it's not exactly ZOMGGREAT! but it's good enough to listen to, plus the music is actually quite good.
  • Sockpuppet
    I think most of us reacted to the unnecessary music video at the end the same way--
    "Nothing says SNOW WHITE like a Bollywood musical number"!
  • Sockpuppet
    Talking to her own reflection was a neat idea-- Why was it necessary to go INTO it for that?
  • Larie
    I must say, you are getting better and better. ;)
  • TangledLover
    incect rape. nice.
    my mom wanted to go see this. i just barely managed to talk her out of it, cause i was sure it was gonna be bad. glad we didn't waste our money
  • voxa.m.  - I beg to differ here.
    Hold on there, Buster! Mirror, Mirror is not the worst live-action version of a fairytale. It's not even the worst Snow White adaptation. That would be Snow White and the Huntsman. At least in Mirror, Mirror, the character is consistent, learns how to fight (instead of insisting that she be the resistance's leader/tool to defeat the queen despite being a complete ineffectual albatross around the necks of more interesting characters throughout the movie), and shows a moral compass. Then there's the whole attempt at ripping off Tolkein with the tree troll and score.

    Hoping to hear you balance the scales by ripping Snow White and the Huntsman a new one some time in the near future.
  • Steve Potter
    I don't think that adding things to the story really ruins it. Maybe it's just because I'm not a very big fan of Snow White (I think the Disney film is honestly pretty bad), but I feel that adding things like monsters and dragons and crap just isn't that big of a deal. The story's really boring, and when you make it feature length, you either add stuff like that or you just fill the movie with a bunch of pointless filler (see Disney's "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs".) There's nothing wrong with doing your own thing, and I don't understand why you make such a big deal about it.

    Still, great review, and you're an awesome critic. Even though I love "The Cell". And "The Fall." Never seen the Immortals, though. Anyway. Good review.
  • Dust
    It's still filler - trying to make it exciting with monsters doesnt change that.

    If a project can't be 'feature length' without a ridiculous amount of padding, either just make it a short film or find something else to adapt.
  • Jael
    Thank you BB for taking on Mirror Mirror. My housemate made me watch this movie (stone cold sober I might add. Though I would have liked that movie more if I was high) and it was torture. Mostly because I can't stand Julia Roberts.

    Though I have a question to everyone who says Snow White and the Huntsman sucked more than Mirror Mirror. Are you all just saying that movie was bad because Kristen Stewart in it?
  • voxa.m.
    No. No, sir, we are (or at least I am) not. If you do not believe me and have not already done so, watch the movie. If nothing else, it works wonderfully as a sleep aid.
  • eujoyuen
    Actually it's a matter of tastes and how is your mindstate before watching a movie, but I wouldn't call Snow White and the Huntsman bad, because I thought it was just ok, but it didn't suck in my opinion. I think what bothers sometimes is when the commenters declare a movie sucks just because they think so, that's opinion, not fact.
  • painocus
    Oh, Tarsem. How can a director who made something as good as The Fall make so much "meh"? (I suspect horrible script writers).

    Also one small correction: Disney's Snow White was not the first full length animated movie. That was El Apóstol directed by Quirino Cristiani from 1917. (El Apóstol is lost however, so the earliest animated film you can actually watch is The Adventures of Prince Achmed from 1926.)
  • johnfarmer888  - FUNNY!!!!
    Suck like a hoover HIlarious FUNNY!!!!!
  • Crossover Princess
    I went to see it in theaters and my opinion was well... that it was okay.

    Just okay, I do agree that the dwarves are awesome which is what I liked about it... I also admit I liked the queen.

    But everything else was MEH.
  • johnfarmer888  - Great job .
    Blocbuster buster You are great.
  • ladydiskette
    The Psycho music over the "beautifying" scene was very fitting. And I love the look of shock and horror on his face, lol.

    That being said I think I will stick with "Snow White And The Huntsman" sure it has Deadpan McGee in it, but at least she makes up for it with a better adapted characterization of Snow White. I will take that over Bella Swan any day.
  • Mantoku  - Okay E-Rod, I love you man, but...
    You have made this mistake several times, and my inner Grammar Nazi cannot take it anymore: To vanish someone is to make them disappear, as in a magic trick. To banish someone is to exile them from a kingdom or country, as in the queen BANISHED the 7 dwarves, but a magician vanishes his assistant.
  • Divide By Zero
    Lol, that was bugging me too.

    All love to E-Rod though. Very fun review.
  • PurpleTiger
    Okay, I'm trying very hard not to be offensive here, so I welcome people to correct me on this. But I'm pretty sure English isn't Erod's first language. So I do give him a lot of credit, and the two words are similar enough that it shouldn't be that big of a deal.
  • Perfect-10
    I seriously just watched this movie today and I hated it. It was like they took the jokes that "The Smurfs" and "Alvin and the Chipmunks" decided were too lame
  • 2-B-Animated
    Cool review. Losing out to Kristen Stewart, YIKES! And someone pass her some tweezers...or a weed whacker. And why was the queen surprised when she found out that Snow was still alive? You only kicked her out of the kingdom, you didn't send someone to kill her after she left or anything. In the story it made more sense for her to be surprised since she actually ordered her death, YOU just booted her out. So ya.
  • Spacedin
    I liked this movie. Agreed, it doesn't work as a live action film, but I think that's the main problem. It's the wrong medium. It should have been a cartoon.
  • JapanRider
    I really wish you didn't put that weird al cutting himself clip, not that I hate weird al, it's the part of cutting himself makes me feel a little chilling.
  • Goat Boy
    What's wrong with her eyebrows? They're cute.
  • WhiteEyedCat
    I actually kind of liked Mirror Mirror, I mean, I admit that it isn't a good movie, but I thought that it was cute. I'm a sucker for fairy tale adaptations. Also, I love the animation at the beginning that explains the start of the story, I think that it's really beautiful.

    But yeah, the mirror thing was weird. And Lily Collins is pretty bland in this movie. I wish that people would stop making such a big deal about her eyebrows though, people always complain about how there's a set standard for beauty in the media, and how unfair it is to expect everybody to follow it, but whenever actors have something different about them, they're barraged with criticism about being flat chested, or having a big mouth or the wrong style of hair.
  • Shinonaru
    Da fu...

    Ok I am happy I watched Snow White and the Huntsmen over this.
  • satireknight
    Sigh, there was so much promise, but so much fail.

    Lily Collins' eyebrows wouldn't have bothered me if she had just… oh, I dunno, ACTED. She actually managed to be blander and stiffer than the prototypical bland stiff actress, Kristen Stewart.

    Someone keep Tarsem from doing comedy. Ever. E-Rod is totally right: the attempts at comedy were just horribly unfunny. They are anti-comedy. They just suck the joy out of your life while you watch them.

    E-Rod, you don't want to see Julia Roberts with a goatee. She's funny looking enough already.

    I also agree about how good the various dwarf actors were. We need a movie starring those guys which is from the perspective of the dwarves, not from SW's!

    I think Sean Bean took this for the paycheck.

    And is it my imagination, or did Tarsem totally rip off Guillermo del Toro's "marionette flashback" from Hellboy 2?
  • ColeYote
    "One of the most overrated actors ever, Julia Roberts"
    Fire extinguisher on hand... I agree, Erin Brockovich was good, but what else has she been the lead in?

    *Gets to spa scene*
  • Dark Jak
    Yeah, I had this movie on a list of films that looked awful at the start of this year and avoided seeing it. Good to see my prediction was right. Great work on this article Erod!
  • Adviel
    Erod your scraping the bottom of the barrel your last blockbusters waren`t that bad
  • amuamu
    I rented this movie and actually really enjoyed it despite its silliness, but yeah there is a lot of weird stuff in it.

    Great review! I noticed a lot of improvement in your videos lately and I'm really happy seeing you develop. Keep up the good work!
  • Robanah
    Turning a price into a dog??? Has anyone else heard of the mini series called The Tenth Kingdom??? Very similar story to this movie
  • Fiang
    I'm glad you brought Snow White: A Tale of Terror up because I used to watch it all the time as a kid. I watched it just the other night on Netflix just for nostalgia's sake. And yes, it is a great adaptation of Snow White. If you need something to restore your brain cells after watching Mirror Mirror, A Tale of Terror will do just that. And yes, Sigourney Weaver is awesome in that movie. I don't think anyone else could have pulled that role off the way she did.
  • ladydiskette  - reply to Fiang
    I checked out Snow White: A Tale of Terror last night after watching this review (it was up early where I lived) and when I found that it was full videoed on Youtube I watched it and it was really good.

    A darker complex story that dosen't altogether paint the wicked stepmother in a "oh she is being evil for the sake of being evil" light. But gives the characters a depth and twisted reasoning for thier actions. I am definitely going to watch it again and recommend it to my friends.
  • hunyuu
    First of all I want to say that I quite enjoyed your review and I had a few good laughs even though I disagree with your opinion about this movie.
    Wow...your complaint about Lilly Collins is exactly my complaint with Kristen Stewart in Snow White and the Huntsman. Not sure if you watched it, I found Mirror Mirror 100 no 1000 times better than Snow White and the Huntsman. Kristen Stewart apparently could never do any scene in one take (pay attention to the magically moving ponytail and her sleeve when she leaves the castle) and she ALWAYS had the same expression in that movie! I saw it with two other people and we had the same frustration with this woman and her single expression throughout the whole movie.
    I actually quite enjoyed Mirror Mirror because I didn't feel it was taking itself seriously so to me it was just fun and I didn't mind the twists with the fairy tale.
  • LikaLaruku
    Worst animated fairy tale I've seen has to be "Happily Ever After: The Snow White Story Continues." Though the "Swan Princess" movies churn my stomach too.

    I'm surprised it got away with a PG rating. This probably would have been better if it'd gone darker with PG-13, R, or NR, because movies aimed at children that aren't dark are incredibly condescending with pissant jokes & puns that aren't funny.

    Ah, someone FINALLY used REAL group of vertically challenged actors instead of doing what "Charlie & the Chocolate Factory" or "Lord of the Rings" did.

    Gonna side with Oancitizen here, in that some of Tarsam Singh's pretentious art films are delightful. "The Cell" & "The Fall" go great with other odd movies like "Run Lola Run," "Titus"(1999), "Pan's Labyrinth," "Neco z Alenky." I'll take his visual spectacles over Micheal Bay's any day.

    Wasn't expecting the Bollywood ending.
  • Tactlesscat
    Hey at least Lord of the Rings used conventional effects and visual tricks, and not CGI copy and paste one little person. Although with how short Elijah Wood actually is, he might as well qualify as a little person.
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