Top 10 Voice-Over Actors

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  • Keiji
    Ok, first.

    You listed two MLP FIM VA's and didn't include the characters? I'm fairly certain I even saw some of their interview clips from post MLP. That's Bias son.

    Rugrats didn't just have good casting, it had good writers and producers(usually). Hell, one of the guys from the Divo band was a major role in the show.

    Am I wrong in remembering Frank having played Donald Duck at some point?

    Great list. I do, however, wanna see similar lists for both dead and actor and voice actors like this one.
  • WesleyFoxx
    This. Tara Strong's practically a cult leader at this point for her work on the show and interaction with its fans :V

    The roles you chose to represent most of them were wonky as hell, actually. Works like Futurama get a "oh and they also played this character too" while you go OMG THEY VOICED CHARACTERS FROM RUGRATS AND SHITTY 3D MOVIES SO AWESOME

    Still, a much better video than your reviews have been lately.
  • PontyMython
    he's mentioning the movies partly because its part of the criteria he laid down, but also because the range of movies shows of versatility better than a single character on one tv show
  • Haon
    I liked Tara in Drawn Together. Let me know that she could actually do adult shows and wasn't stuck in the horrible loop that is children's entertainment.
  • PurpleTiger
    The main problem with this comment is that he doesn't go OMG THEY VOICED CHARACTERS FROM RUGRATS! He actually pointed out himself that the reason he listed Rugrats so many times was because it had an excellent voice cast. And I'm as much of a Brony as the next nerd on this site, but I actually respect that he didn't bring it up. After all, for a lot of people all they'd have to hear is "FiM" to say "SOLD!" instead of hearing about all the other great things they did.

    On a note related to the actual video, Frank Welker absolutely 100% deserves that #1 spot. Seriously, that man's vocal talents are phenomenal. And I'm not just saying that because I'm a TF nerd.
  • TheOnlyThing
    I doubt it's bias. I fucking love Tara Strong and FiM and at least a mention would have been great (or talking about her for more than 30 seconds) but Twilight isn't wildly different from some of Tara's other hundreds of voices. Professionally, it's just another step on the path for her.
    Also, who's the second VA? I only noticed the glorious brony queen.
  • zelda-chan
    I knew about Tara Strong, but who is the other? and what did he or she voice?
  • Nirual
    Well too be fair FiM is a fairly recent show, and I didn't see a lot of newer shows being mentioned anywhere in the video.

    And two? I guess one of the others did play a part in FiM at some point but if so, it was a fairly minor role.

    And I would have to agree with TheOnlyThing, her part in FiM isn't exactly her most outstanding performance. Her interactions with the fans is, but that's not really the point of this video.
  • Keiji
    I'm fairly certain Kath(9) plays either spike or rarity in FIM
  • TheOnlyThing
    I think you have your Cathys mixed up.
    Cathy Weseluck plays Spike (and the Mayor)
  • Outerspaceman21
    I would have mentioned Phil LaMarr getting shot in the face in Pulp Fiction rather than him saving Spider-Man, but that's just me.

    I liked the criteria, really helped narrow down the list. As for the list itself, really cool. I thought Billy West would be higher, but that's just me being a Ren and Stimpy/Futurama fanboy. I
  • Malvolio21
    Outstanding list, BB! I actually wrote my own Top 11 list of cartoon voice actors just for kicks (of course, I included those who are deceased, so mine doesn't match yours), and we're just about in full agreement on the great ones. We even had the same #1 pick.

    Here's another tidbit about Frank Welker: He has been voicing Fred from Scooby-Doo since the very first series began in 1969, and he's still doing the voice today. Fred is the only character from that show who's had the same voice actor in every incarnation of the series ("A Pup Named Scooby-Doo" notwithstanding). On top of that, he's also the current voice of Scooby-Doo himself. So that means he's taken over roles from both Lorenzo Music and Don Messick. Truly a voice-over legend.
    So you included deceased actors on your top eleven list but Mel Blanc wasn't #1.....ooookay.
  • qazox
    Mel Blanc best VO Actor ever. period. End of Sentence. NOBODY comes close.
  • Valis77
    Actually *coughs* June Foray
  • Sonicrose
    I was actually already a fan of many of the voice actors you listed here. Jim Cummings is a personal favorite. I still find it funny that Robotnik and Winnie the Pooh could be played by the same guy. So sweet on one end and innocent - so evil on the other.

    Seriously, these people deserve all the shout-outs they can get.

    Tim Curry is also a great voice actor but very often he is not only a villain, but he has this certain... cheese in his voice. He just oozes malevolence. Which is funny because the first time I remember seeing his name was in the credits for SatAM Sonic where he voiced King Acorn. One of his VERY FEW protagonist roles.
  • Pigquet
    PHEW! You didn't forget Rob Paulsen! I was about to kick your ass if that somehow happened, and I yelled "YES!" and applauded when you finally said him! He IS indeed the best of the best! The amount of different character's he's played and how DIFFERENT their voices sound from eachother is astounding!
  • chris724
    I was hoping for Seth Macfarlane or Keith David. But I don't think Macfarlane has been in a movie, and David only has one distinct voice. Aw well.
  • albinotanuki
    Seth MacFarlan HAS been a movie. Ted
  • captain_sparky
    He was also in the Hellboy Sequel as Johann Kraus.
  • jutuomin  - About Ted..
    I don't think if Ted counts as MacFarlane wrote and directed it himself.
    It is not a movie that someone actually cast MacFarlane, because of his talent.
  • DMaster
    Regardless, he should be given less consideration based on principle alone.
  • fer92  - Great List
    Another great top 10 Erod, I agree with most of the choices however I think the following one could have also entered: Corey Burton (Brainiac in Superman the Animated Series, Moliere in Atlantis the Lost Empire, current voice of Dale, Captain Hook and Iron Hide in Transformers Prime).

    Ohh, Highlander: Endgame, after Spoony and Pat reviewed that piece of crap, I hope you tear another asshole on that movie.
  • soulalcatraz
    I was gonna be pretty disappointed if Billy West and Jim Cummings didn't make the list, as they're 2 of my personal favorites.

    Wow I had no idea that both "voices" of Nibbler were the same guy! Holy crap!

    ...aaand now I'm gonna have that song stuck in my head all week.
  • ParaChomp
    Knew Welker was going to be #1 on the list. Anyways, great list, couldn't agree more. I also really liked this video, maybe you could do some videos like this a tad more often? That's your choice though. As usual, keep up the great work!
  • CanChem
    Great list, but I would have liked to have seen Dee Bradley Baker on there too. He was the voice actor who did the "voices" for Momo and Appa from Avatar, The Last Airbender series (and also in the Blockbuster monstrosity).
  • azarath17  - Numbuh Four
    I also was kind of hoping to see Dee Bradley Baker on here. Not only is he the voice of Appa AND Momo from Avatar the Last Airbender, but he also voiced Numbuh Four, The Delightful Children from Down the Lane, and the Toilenator in Codename: KND, Perry the Platypus on Phineas and Ferb (pulling a page out of Frank Welker's book by voicing animals), Larfleeze from Green Lantern: The Animated Series, LARRY THE FREAKING TITAN ON TEEN TITANS (which you can guess that I love based on profile name and picture), Klaus from American Dad, and Maurice in Happy Feet just to name a few, not to mention that he met all of ERod's requirements. HE DESERVED TO BE ON HERE, DANG IT! In fact, no disrespect, but I think he deserved to be on the list more than Cree Summer.
  • captain_sparky
    I don't think it's fair to exclude Kevin Micheal Richardson for lack of range. It is true that is often selected for roles that involve his deep booming voice, but he has surprising range. He provides the redneck voice in the cleveland show as well as the gentle and gently stupid voice of cleveland jr. Richardson Played both slam and used a variation on a Casey kasem impression for tech in Loonatics unleashed. He voice Martin Luther King in the Return of the King episode of the boondocks and has some major film roles including Gantu in Lilo and Stitch doing his signature booming voice as well as the jazz playing Alligator in Disney's Princess an the Frog. I understand this isn't my list and I understand you reasoning for exluding him, but I don't necessarily agree with the decision.

    But that out of the way, I think one other voice you should have included, at least as an honorable mention would have to Dee Bradley Baker. He does a number of characters in range that stays close to his normal speaking voice and mostly only delves into higher pitches, like Klaus the fish in american dad, the clones in the star wars clone wars series, and a number of little kid voices. BUT his range is most evident in his the many animal noise he's known for. Like Frank Welker, Dee Baker can produce many spot on animal noises and provided most of the animal sounds such as Momo and Appa for the Avatar the last airbender series as well as legend of Korra. He also does sounds and voices for many of Ben's transformations in Ben 10, and Perry the Platypus in Phineas and Ferb. Some his major film roles include Daffy Duck in Space Jam and he reprised his roles of Appa and Momo for the unfortunately terrible Last Airbender Movie.
  • captain_sparky
    Forgot to mention that Dee Baker is also fluent in German.
  • FishEyenoMiko
    Cree Summer was in "A Different Word", the "Cosby Show" spin off. She shouldn't count.
  • captain_sparky
    On that note Tara Strong has a recurring role on the TV show Big Time Rush. I still don't consider them to be known face actors. I can kind of agree with the Phil Lamar exlcusion, but more because he's well known as Marvin in Pulp Fiction and all the years he spent on Mad Tv and less for his many other minor film roles.
  • FishEyenoMiko
    Summers was on ADW for four years. And, as someone who watched ADW off and on when it aired, I knew her from there before I ever heard her voice act. So, yes, Summer, at least, is definitely a "known face actor".
  • MoonSagi  - Dunno...
    While she did get her start in "A Different World" (I know her from that show, as well), she certainly isn't as well known for her live action work as Ed Asner or James Earl Jones.
    Cree Summer is at least as well known for her acting work as Phil Lamar. If he was excluded for his TV and movie work, I maintain that she should have been.

    I saw Phil Lamar a few times in the L.A. area. He told me he and a couple of the other actors originally had lines in that subway car scene in Spider-Man 2. But alas, they were left on the cutting room floor. I figured as much when I saw the movie, and I know you figured as much too. But now I confirmed it for ya. ;)
  • Valis77
    No it counts because she did voice over prior to those shows and movies
  • Whyme0987
    What was Tom Kenny in that disqualifies him? The only thing I've ever SEEN him in was Mr. Show and 1 episode of that 70's show. (he likes to be in shows with "show" in the title...)
  • Kumi
    I was wondering that myself. The only thing I've ever seen Tom Kenny in was a bit part in a Robin Williams movies called World's Greatest Dad.
    LOL. Between the two of you, you just named three roles in Hollywood productions that the man has appeared in.
  • Mr_Frump
    Nice list, BB. Just a few comments, though:

    It's a shame that the "performed in a movie" condition was usually met by the theatrical version of the TV show they were already doing. It just seems kinda... cheaty. (Yes, I know it's not a real word.)

    Are we overlooking that Cree Summer got her start on the sitcom A Different World?

    I was hoping John Di Maggio would have made the list, but admittedly Jake the Dog *does* sound exactly like Bender. (Although he also did voices for Tranformers: Dark of the Moon.)
  • KiraKennedy
    Honestly I agree with all of the choices you made. I'll admit I was a little upset that Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy couldn't be included, but I'm glad there were still a lot of my favorite VA's that managed to make the list (also, nice touch with Rob Paulsen singing the Nations Of The World, I kinda geeked out at that point)
  • Alkimodon  - You missed a bit.
    I liked this list. It helped me appreciate some actors whom I didn't know voiced some of my favorite chars. However, I feel you missed mentioning Tara Strong's role in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Twilight Sparkle. As a brony, it hurt not hearing that role mentioned. That aside, this was a cool trip down nostalgia alley, cuz.
  • David2
    You probably could have also mentioned that Frank Welker did the voice of Spock in Star Trek III even though Leonard Nimoy was there as director so, yeah, there's another connection besides Transformers.

    Speaking of which... did you ever do a review of the original animated Transformers movie?

    And speaking of 2... I'm surprised you didn't have Peter Cullen in there as well for Optimus "I AM AMERICAN BAD@$$" Prime.
  • mauler315
    awe no steven jay blum...oh well, nice list nonetheless BB keep it up
  • fangirl21  - Aww!
    This excludes my faves Vic Mignogna and Travis Willingham!
  • Skunkwerks  - Michael Bell
    Michael Bell nm0068407/
    (Frank Welker - whom he often worked with, has some serious competition in imdb page length with this guy)

    Notable Movie Roles:
    Transformers (the original 1984 animated film)
    The Rugrats Movie: All Growed Up
    Rugrats in Paris: the Movie - Rugrats II

    Notable TV Roles:
    About half the characters in your favorite kids' cartoons from the 80's and 90's. Transformers, GI Joe, Rugrats, The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest, Quack Pack, Ahhh! Real Monsters, Gargoyles, Countless.

    He was also in the Very first Episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation- Encounter At Farpoint.

    Notable Video Game Roles.
    Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver
    Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 2
    Legacy of Kain: Defiance (Why yes I'm a Legacy of Kain fan - go play it)
    Many of the Metal Gear Solid games
    Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos.

    You've heard this guy, often, and you likely don't even know it. Range? This guy's got it. In many kids cartoons, he was responsible for multiple voices, this is a talent he leverages also in the video game industries, providing minor voiceover roles as well as major character roles.

    Any list of this nature not including Michael Bell makes me sad.
  • Ceaen
    First off, Jim Cummings is my all-time favorite voice actor as well. Surprised that you mentioned him doubling for Scar's singing voice but didn't mention that he was Christopher Lloyd's voice double for Rasputin's song in "Anastasia" (largely surprised because of that fact they were both mentioned in the same Nostalgia Critic video). Though Jim has been in TONS of movies (primarily Disney flicks), so I understand that you left out many of his movie credits such as Powhatan in "Pocahontas" and Razoul in "Aladdin".

    One thing that baffled me in the section about Rob Paulsen (who has an AMAZING voice acting podcast called "Talkin' Toons" and you should totally check it out if you haven't yet), was that when listing his movie credits you didn't include "Jimmy Neutron", but then mentioned Carl Wheezer later. One of the things that was so great about the Jimmy Neutron movie was that it relied solely on VAs instead of celebrity voices and managed to do so well at the box office, and THEN got a tv show, as opposed to many of the movies mentioned which were first TV shows and then were made into movies.
    Oh, and if you didn't know, Rob is the new voice of Donatello in the upcoming Ninja Turtles tv show. Yeah, he's voiced 2 of the 4 turtles during his career.

    For Maurice LeMarche, you mentioned Futurama, but why didn't you mention the HUGE number of characters he plays on the show, ranging from Kif,Calculon, the Donbot, Lrrr, Morbo, to one of Mom's sons. Plus the man won an Emmy for all of his work on that show.

    While I'm on Futurama VAs, how did you manage to NOT mention that Billy West voiced Doug on, well, "Doug". Also, if you haven't listened to them yet, you should check out the two episodes of the Nerdist podcast that had Billy West as a guest, because you will surely enjoy it (plus one of the two also features John DiMaggio, so you get Fry/Farnsworth/Zapp/ Zoiberg and Bender together).

    With Charlie Adler I was a bit disappointed that you didn't mention the Bigheads or the Wolfes from Rocko Modern life. But hey, Buster Bunny is by far the best character he's ever played and probably the one most people remember.

    But I think the BIGGEST oversight in this whole list is that you left out that Frank Welker in the voice of Freddy on Scooby-Doo since 1969 and is STILL voicing the character (as well as Scooby). I know you hate Scooby-Doo, but still, that show is iconic and pretty much everyone can instantly recognize it.

    And I am really sad that Tom Kenny was disqualified by the criteria you set up since he is my second favorite VA.

    Oh, boy, you are gonna get tons of flack from the Bronies for not mentioning Tara's role as Twilight Sparkle (which, honestly, is basically Tara's regular speaking voice).

    Overall though, a great list, and for the most part it's got all of the folks that I would have ...
  • fanime1
    I loved both the rules you came up with and your list. I found the rules to be very fair. I'm glad you mentioned my favorites: Tara Strong, Cree, and Jim Cummings. I have more but they either didn't fit your rules or are Japanese. :D
  • the_big_totoro  - Just one I would have added
    What about Crispin Freeman? He is in more anime's than I could mention, played parts in Miyazaki films and various video games, and as for iconic did the voices of Will Turner and Superman in the movie tie-in games. It may not be quite as famous as some of the others, but he is one of my favorites. Did I forget to mention Alucard in all the Hellsing animes?
  • Zaheela
    I think while he has a lot of roles, it's very distinct and carries the same pitch/tone. The best way i can explain this is with this; Usually when I listen to his roles, the first thing I think is "that's crispin freeman?" and then check the interwebs.

    (why does the iPhone autocorrect hate his name so much?)
  • Spont. Combust
    Speaking more to the talents of Frank Welker: he is also the current voice of both Scooby Doo AND Fred from well Scooby Doo. That's something that always amazed me.

    Although we could name hundreds and hundreds of roles for all of these actors. That just speaks to the amazing talent voice actors have, I always love watching them do what they do.
  • WesleyFoxx
    Really, I think just limiting it to non-celebrity voice actors that are alive and display an amazing range would have made for a better list without the extra criteria. You also wouldn't have had to include some of those much less impressive film credentials.

    As said above, still like this review more than most of them, probably because:
    1. You actually seem to care
    2. You don't include your various additional OC's
    3. You limit your "Look at me, I am so fucking awesome" stuff to the intro catchphrase, which at this point you're probably stuck with.
  • Curiosity Inc
    It's a good list, but shame on you for neglecting to include Peter Cullen. nm0191520/
  • lamecasuelas
    please!! make part 2!! Top 10 Dubbing actors!
  • saxonjf  - Needs Dead Voice-over list
    Lots of fun to watch. Is there a reason Casey Kasem was left off? Is it that he did no voice-over movie work?

    I really want to see a list of the greatest dead voice-over guys. Don Messick, Mel Blanc, Phil Harris, Paul Winchell, and Frank Nelson.
  • ilikethequiet
    Fantastic list ERod! All my favourites were on there :D
  • Major Carrales  - FRANK WELKER is an excellent CHOICE
    Check him out in the DEAN MARTIN'S CELEBRITY ROAST of GEORGE BURNS where he is spot on with celebrity impressions of the day...

    WALTER KRONKITE (Iconic Journalist)

    President JIMMY CARTER (later he did BILL CLINTON in the Animainiacs)

    Statesman Henry Kissinger

    Boxer Mohammad Ali

    DAVID FROST (who Interviewed President Nixon)

    And EVEN GEORGE BURNS himself....

    Play the video and then walk from across the room and you would swear the real celebrities were there....

    WELKER IS THE MAN... watch?v=qKJt2Sv1-ts

    He does come out in an ELVIS MOVIE... watch?v=byQNCPothQE
  • Dust
    Hell, all you really need to know about Frank Welker is that he can voice a flock of geese... all at the same time.
  • ReiMeioh
    AND a dog and cat fighting all at once.

    I'm still not sure why June Foray wasn't given a mention. She was one of the first VO actresses in the early days, she's still working (even won her first Emmy recently) and for movies, she voiced in Mulan and, going all the way back, Cinderella as Lucifer the cat. She definitely has some versatility for witch voices, young children and gruff female voices, but maybe it wasn't exactly varied for this list.
  • symk  - totally agree!
    June Foray is one of the few old school voice actor/ess who are still alive. Her voice work dates back to '43. Versitility? Look no further than Rocket J. Squirrel and Natasha Fatale.
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