Top 10 Cartoons that Should be Movies

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  • Dakota The Mad
    I find it weird that Samurai Jack didn't make the top 10. But at least it got a mention.
  • Furrama
    I think Samurai Jack works best as lots of little vignettes.
  • LadyEpic
    The reason it probably didn't make Top 10 is because they are PLANNING on making a movie of Samurai Jack :D

    At some's been in Developmental Hell for a while, but they plan on making a movie of it!
  • sneeson
    Gonna miss ya til March, Erod. Lovin your TGWTG vids and hope I see you on the Anniversary this year.
    P.S. Episode one??? Oh boy...
  • Eunacis
    6:42 Curtousy of Wikipedia.
    #4 YEEEEEEEEEEESSSS!!!!!!!!! !
    I agree, Nickelodeon aired the show, and it's owned by Viacom, do you know what else Viacom owns?
    Danny Phantom from the studio that brought you Continuit-y (Marvel/DC reference)
    Think about it:
    David Henrie as Danny
    Sarah Ramos as Sam
    William Shatner as Jack Fenton
    Robert Englund As Vlad

  • Torchic91
    Shatner as Jack Fenton? That would be full of WIN
  • Karvolf
    DRAGONS HUNTERS! I loved that show as a kid, it's so awesome to finally see someone else who've heard of it!

    I saw the CGI movie when it came out; It was pretty fun and I absolutely loved the visuals, but yeah, it wasn't as good as the show. And the fact that they changed the voice actors in the French dub drove me crazy.

    Aaaand now I totally want to watch the show again. Hopefully I can find the episodes in French somewhere...
  • Crunchy_Frog
    Karvolf wrote: "DRAGONS HUNTERS! I loved that show as a kid, it's so awesome to finally see someone else who've heard of it!"

    As a... kid? The TV show came out in 2004, the CGI movie in 2008. I'm not going to tell what age I was in 2004, but the first numeral was a "3". Damn, now I feel OLD.

    Karvolf wrote: "I saw the CGI movie when it came out; It was pretty fun and I absolutely loved the visuals, but yeah, it wasn't as good as the show. And the fact that they changed the voice actors in the French dub drove me crazy."

    I'm not sure I would call the original French voice-acting version a "dub".

    I hope everyone is aware that the TV cartoon series "Chasseurs de dragons" (Dragon Hunters) is a French/Chinese cooperation, produced by the French company Futurikon, with French as the original language, yes?

    The CGI movie that came out in 2008 was a crazy French/German/British/ Spanish/Italian/Belgian/ Luxembourgian/ Argentinian/US-American/ Australien co-production, filmed in both French and English.

    But yes, they changed some of the German voice-actors, too, when they made the German dub of the movie. Took me some time to get used to it. Wish I knew why the hell they did that, because the German voice-actors used for the TV cartoon were AWESOME [*].

    For some reason, doesn't list all 52 episodes and two seasons of Dragon Hunters on their page, only the 1st season. German television seemed to recycle episodes from the 1st season over and over, at one point even recutting old scenes from several episodes into a new episode (WTF?), so I'm not sure if all 52 episodes were ever shown in German. But I managed to buy both season as DVD boxed sets, which do have German dubbing for all episodes. Unfortunately, according to Wikipedia, only the first 17 episodes of season 1 have been released on DVD in the USA and Canada.

    Footnote: [*] I usually try to watch movies or read books in the original version (provided I know the language, thank God movies come with subtitles), to get a feel for it. But I think Dragon Hunters is one of those examples where the German choice of voice-actors actually *improved* upon the original! Another example is "Avatar: The Legend of Aang" (European title) a.k.a. "Avatar: The Last Airbender" (US title); I'm sorry, I just cannot friggin stand the original American voices, because a) the American accents are not neutral enough but scream "American teenagers", and b) the false American pronunciation of the characters' names drives me nuts.

    (A counter-example where I prefer the original Japanese version over any English or German dub, even if I have to watch it with subtitles, is "Ghost in the Shell: SAC". The German voice-actors are okay, they at least fi the characters but sound a bit rehearsed, whereas the English dub is horrible.)
  • racker32
    And all these years i thought no one remembered KND,Xialon Showdown,and Dragon Hunters.
  • dissy  - 100% agree on #1
    I can't agree more with your #1 pick.
    I LOVED that show as a kid (Still do for that matter)

    I actually have VHS tapes in my closet from when I recorded it in the 90s.
    I wasn't even aware there was a DVD box set (My copies are getting a bit bad, VHS and all...)

    I would pay money, nay kill, if they would finish that series with some of the original people behind it.
    I could even live with a movie version, but what I wouldn't give for the ending of the series.

    From what I've dug up, there was only even one script written that wasn't made, and a rough draft of the next. None of the final eps were even written and (excepting in the mind of the story creator, who didn't say) so basically there is no ending.

    I would fear what today's hollywood would do to the show if it was remade/rebooted however :(
  • VotZ  - So right!
    Samurai Jack should have been ended properly, it is a crime that they canceled it :(
    KND, fuck yeah! Every kids playtime made into a spy movie!
    Megas is a MUST WATCH and should also be a movie, no doubt.
    I have to disagree on pirates of black water, it was good, I remember it, but I don't know if filmworthy
    Danny Phantom was awesome, as well as showlin showdown, but for the latter, more than a movie, I want a fifth season! Or a descent video game :(
  • Furrama
    In a way it did end... there was the episode showing that he would be really old before he was allowed to go back and fix things, but that he would fix them.
  • Karutomaru
    Yeah. I have to agree with a lot of this. Also, remember, Codename Kids Next Door had a couple made for TV movies, and I think they were well done enough. I wouldn't say they need a movie on the big screen. And I LOVE that you mentioned Xiaolin Showdown. It was a great show, and I don't hear enough about it these days. Megas XLR, however, is really loved, but I watched a few episodes, and I thought it was sub-par.

    Going back to Xiaolin Showdown, I don't think it would work as well as a movie. Like many good series, the show has a LOT of plot, and that's part of its charm. A TV series allows for longer and greater storytelling than movies, and just condensing that to a mere 2 hours wouldn't have the same effect as episode upon episode of character development, plot twists, and new ideas. A movie might work for a lot of the shows on the list, but not that one.
  • villamor2000  - dude really
    i love love love samurai jack.....why just a metion common.
    oh well nice top 10.
    keep it up a rod.
  • Interestingusername
    For me, Invader Zim was a show that made me go "This was made for me", and I would certainly love to see it made into a movie. It would probably have to be animated, though, because I can't really see the show translating well to live-action film.
  • Semudara
    It would DEFINITELY have to be animated, but it could be great. The series is cinematic and full of well-done CG as it is, and so would adapt very well to a feature film. As long as they could get all the VIPs back together to do it (like Jhonen Vasquez himself, and of course the voices of Zim, Gir, Dib, Gaz, and Professor Membrane), I would love to see it happen.
  • saxonjf  - Never hoid uvem
    Whoa, merely being 31 makes me way to old for this stuff. I've never even heard of any of them except for the Game Master (Howard Phillips notwithstanding).

    As for cartoons I'd like to see made into movies, I'd like to see Spielberg go with the Go-Bots and show Michael Bay what a transforming robot movie should really be like. Voltron would make a Kick-awesome movie. And since I'm a major King of the Hill fan, I'd love to see that made into a live action movie.
  • BigZachJ  - wow
    No they would likely use Bay to make GO-BOTS Voltron im 50/50 on as for King of the Hill.... I like. Now for the reasons for it not to be made live action I need a letter
  • LifeShouldBeAMusical  - Get Ed
    There's one you missed: "Get Ed." It was a fantastic show; it was entirely CGI, had excellent voice acting, good characters, and a great story arc. Admittedly, it tended towards the silly, but the show kicked ass. I highly recommend giving it a watch.

    ...also, it's "Numbah," not "Number."
  • ElderGodBrandon
    samurai jack is being made into a live actin movie from what i read
  • NetMonster watch?v=0R72Q8-THjg
  • Alindoa  - Back then
    If you would have ask me this a few years ago i would be all for it. but noaw days as I;ve seen how has Basically killed most of my childhood hero's with horrrible actors, completely ruining the characters personality and bein all around terrible. i would be very very skeptical when it come's to a live action movies.
  • Psycho-Nutty
    Okay, Comments:
    Honorable Mention: Samurai, samurai, WHY?!?! Why were you canned?! T.T
    10: It didn't just get canned, it was canned during the BIGGEST cliffhanger I've ever seen! Double-jip!
    9: Why wasn't my childhood like that?
    8: I should've appreciated it more...
    6: Wait...THERE'S A SECOND D&D MOVIE?!?! *loads shotgun*
    5: Cruddy show. Great concept.
    4: I should check it out, sounds awesome!
    3: Why was this never advertised?!
    2: Too short a series.
    1: ...I can't believe forgot this show...I feel like a piece of my soul was missing...

    Keep up the great work TripleB!
  • SnorlaxShamen
    Hellz yeah I love Xaolin Showdown it was by far the best written kids show I watched as a kid. Not to mention it had the best cliffhangers ever. Then KND was another show I loved every full 2 part episode felt like a movie and the ending to the series was open ended enough that they could really do whatever the hell they want. Now I have only seen a few episodes of Samurai Jack and will probably get into it now that I have netflix eventually. And yeah there's a movie in production with J. J. Abrams attached as a producer. It looks promising. Great countdown and can't wait for more standerd review content this March.
  • Canidaemon  - What about the defenders of the night?
    Reboot, a better D&D movie and Pirates of Dark Water were great choices. But what about the most kickass Disney cartoon series ever? Yeah, I'm talking about Gargoyles.

    You could literally take the first story arc and basically turn it into a Guillermo del Toro-esque live-action movie.

    Happy Holidays!
  • wizardbaker  - We're dealing with a badass over here
    I'm telling you, this video was not what I expected.

    I mean it may have just been because I didn't fully watch some of your choices or what not, but the majority of your choices took me off guard.

    It was like, BAM this should be a movie

    I would be confused

    The video explains

    I understand.

    Then suddenly, BAM! Show coming out of nowhere.

    But yeah, good video. Great to see you developing on the website (and develop quick, cause you need some actual people to show up in your videos, not just you and some pictures, lol jk)
  • Shelter121
    two words teen titans
  • BigZachJ  - Teen Titans
    ......... Yea heck no. While I thought about it being made it would be far easier to mess up than to get right and well... with how DC has been very hit and miss with characters going live action... This case being true for the Green Lantern. While it was a good try but my cousins 5 year old little boy thought it was boring and found HUGE flaws in the story as well as the special effects,even going as far to refer to the green energy prison as a Jello prison. He was bored with it only part he liked was a guy getting punched through a truck
  • Penguin4  - Teen Titans
    They're bringing that show back as little shorts or something, and that's probably better than a movie
  • Pluribus  - About number ten....
    Apparently Reboot is getting a movie. If Wikipedia is to be believed.

    Frankly I don't think it deserves it. I do not think they handled season four well. They got brought back years after being canned just to end it on bigger cliffhanger.
  • ManWithGoodTaste
    >cartoons should be live action movies
  • Semudara
    It rarely works, but that doesn't mean it can't. Still, I agree that an animated movie is usually the best way to go.
  • GLKnight
    C.O.P.S.: "It's Crime Fighting Time!"

    Centurions: "Power Extreme! Man and Machine!"

    Mummies Alive!: "With the Strength of Ra!"

    Mutant League: "Now THAT'S what I call 'Half Time'!"

    Cadillacs and Dinosaurs


    Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors: A film WAS written for the ending by J. Michael Straczynski, but it was shelved early on.

    Double Dragon: Yes, it got it's own cartoon. Like Street Fighter mixed with GI Joe, if you can believe it. Really good premise, but pulled off spectacularly horribly.

    Bionic Six


    Exosquad: If that didn't make you squeal, turn in your Geek Card, on the right of the exit.

    That's all that needs to be said for an incredibly short list. Don't know these series? Look them up.
  • BooRat
    Yeh, I forgot about those on my list Mummies Alive was the bomb!
  • BigZachJ  - nice list
    Wow a few retro ones in there. Gargoyles wont happen being its a Disney show already it would be fun heck Jonathan Franks could still play the same part as for the rest..

    There was A DD movie Yes I would have liked to seen one closer to that show.. however that show had issues as well. AVATAR killed EXOsquad being made a movie.

    Centurions: "Power Extreme! Man and Machine good show

    Mummies Alive was hit and miss but good. Someone threatened to make a Voltron movie I hope not

    COPS would be awesome.

    In case of all of them keep bay away
  • Wolfgar
    Personally I hate to see cartoons made into live action movies. Fans seem to act like it's some kind of upgrade to a better medium or some such bullshit, but really it's a lot more like a song cover. It's like saying "Hey, I love this rock song, but wouldn't it be great if it was remixed into a hip-hop ballad?" . I've yet to really think of any live action movies that were a significant improvement over the cartoon above and beyond just not sucking, which seems hard enough.
  • Drifter82  - OK list
    Your List is ok and I have often thought of cartoons from my childhood being made into modern movies. Unfortunately, having been born in the early 80's, my list would consist of 80's-early 90's cartoons. Before listing my opinions on your list, I remember there were talks of Samurai Jack being made into a live action but that was in the early 2000's so not sure what happened there.

    Reboot-Didn't get into until the whole future Enzo storyline started.

    KND- a lil' after my time.

    Xiaolin Showdown- a lil' after my time but still watched. If the director got a good action director, it could work.

    Mighty Max- Next!!

    D&D- you definitely was reading my mind for this one.

    Captain N- Another you were reading my mind in the idea of making it a movie.

    Danny Phantom- I thought they made this a movie.

    Dragon Hunter- Yeah, never heard of it.

    Megas XLR- I'm probably the only person on the planet that HATES this show. Don't ask why, I just do.

    Dark Water- Another case of there were plans to make this into a movie but I guess they nixed it.
  • KenxKao
    You might be thinking of the Ben 10 movie instead. I don't think it's been made into a movie yet.
  • BigZachJ  - Ben 10
    there have been live action movies made of Ben Ten and were ok at best the second one was better done because it had better acting and actors in it which is obvious but the story was bigger, and added more definition to the characters that should have been expanded into the cartoon.
  • Lady-Moth
    Danny Phantom had a few made-for-tv "movies" (really just hour-long episodes, though). I think there was a RUMOR that there would be a theatrical film, but it never happened.
  • BigZachJ
    yea Megas XLR would be cool gotta have Bruce Campbell in it

    No leave Dragon Hunters alone Danny Phantom had a few 60, 90, and 120 min long episodes broken up once in a while

    Dark Water was but got canned due to the normal reason they get canned

    Mighty Max would be done and ruined to just sell back stock of toys. I did like that one but not enough to see live action
  • KenxKao  - DARK WATER!!!!!
    Holy shit, it has been sooooooooo long since I've seen Pirates of Dark Water. I would be over the moon to see a movie trilogy made of this (properly that is and not the crap treatment our nostalgic faves have been getting recently). It would also be awesome to see a movie for Reboot too.

    LOVE this top ten, and I'll have to admit that I was surprised you didn't put Samurai Jack in there as well, but at least you gave it a mention.

    Have a Happy Holidays Man.
  • wackywhitney
    Why are ya'll hatin' on him for having Samurai Jack as a mention? What he says is true.
    That was is already awesome and, with the exception of no actual ending, it's already done its best. I would have a very hard time picturing a big screen Samurai Jack that could do just as well as the show.
    It's like watch many short movies, and I'm fine with that. The show does deserve to be ended properly, though, and I hate that it didn't.
  • BigZachJ
    A live action Movie of Samurai Jack would likely not be taken seriously... and yes it is BS the show was never shown in full and aired CN has issues with that. Take PPG it had a full length feature film that was ok mainly because it was animated even though the animation style didnt mesh to well.
  • AndThatsWhyMommyCriesAtNight  - Captain N
    Yes....this should be a movie. As you said the concept is actually pretty neat having a gamer interact with all his favorite videogame icons.

    Videogames were still seen as "kids and nerds only" during Captain N's original run, but things have changed. Games have become accepted by adults and children alike.

    Imagine a movie along the lines of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, but with videogame characters instead of cartoons.
  • ultramanmattia
    I wonder if Captain N meets Kratos,or Snake,or the Team Fortress guys.XD
  • BigZachJ  - yea......
    No. not along who framed then it would be treated as a update of both combined. and with no offence meant if you did so through a made up set of games then you would have a much harder road to travel. There was however a show just like that on but flipped again Nintendo games including Bigfoot, NARC, and a few others i cant remember. It was part of Nintendo Power show or something like that ... anyhow i loved the shows on the lists but I would hate to seem them ruined by BIG screen updates
  • locuas
    i would love to see a Kim possible movie...but they would probably transform Kim into a Faux Action girl or something like that...
  • mumbls
    only if Christy Carlson Romano is still Kim Possible and Will Friedle is Ron Stoppable. no CGI Rufus, however.
  • Lady-Moth
    Aw, man, Danny Phantom NEEDS to have a theatrical film--I'd be happy with either live-action OR animated,a s long as it happens.
  • mariomarc
    hey, i like uncle and jane from Jackie Chan
  • InfamousLP
    Yeah, i liked them too. Uncle could wore out his catchphases sometimes, but 'sides that jade and Uncle were good supporting characters =P. But hey, to each there own Erod. But i personally loved JCA and i watched it alongside Xiaolin Showdown back when Kids WB (and WB channel for that matter) were still around on saturdays and weekdays.
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