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  • Blizzard185  - Awesome!
    Your impressions were good, but Oh god, I almost LOST it on your Angry Joe impression! :-) I'm surprised you didn't do a Lee is Still Gaming impersonation!

    This was really ballsy of you, BBB, for mocking/poking fun at your fellow TGWTG colleagues after being on the site for only, what? 3 weeks?

    All those recognizable voices, and no mention of Jim Varney playing the old guy? "I'm upset. This is me upset." Knowwhatimean?

    Keep it up, dude, your hard work is really paying off!
  • August M.
    It's was a throwback to his Eragon review from a year ago(Look it up on youtube) where as a response for being denied to be in the site he made fun of the Critic, Spoony, Linkara, Nostalgia Chick, Nerd, etc.

    Erod, I hope you do this as a regular skit when you review future knock-offs, they're very funny.
  • Hapsetshut
    Anothe long term fan ^0^
  • Coffee:Black
    This makes me mildly annoyed! Everybody see my special effects?
  • ladydiskette
    lol that was awesome!

    I am actually looking forward to renting the movie myself. Also contragulatons ERod you just passed your third video trial!

    Best of luck to you, espically being picked up now after your one-man impressions of the main CA reviewers on this site.

    And yeah, you hit a nail on the head, that "Of Course" gag was getting WAY too overused.
  • The Other Guy  - From CA: For the record...
    To our fans,

    To those that think Eric did this out of spite, or that no TGWTG Producer would really give him a cameo -- it was all a joke.

    The concept was proposed to me from the beginning and I cleared it. I managed to get to mostly everyone in time and secure their permission -- only to find out that Eric had asked some of them already. You can blame me.

    Even after the video was completed, anyone who would have been offended was offered a chance by either Web Admin Holly or myself to have the impression removed. We would have done so in a heartbeat if given the order.

    Those who don't find it funny are more than welcome to their opinion. But it was not done out of spite or disrespect, and it had the clearance from us at CA.


    Robert Walker, CCO Channel Awesome
  • IntFam
    avatar depresses me that people are so lost on the concept of satire that you needed to post this.

    Also, as to the video...I'm actually kind of alarmed that there was no mention at all of Nadia: Secret of Blue Water, which is the more common and, dare I say, identical piece of work that Atlantis is usually associated with.
  • racam
    Wow, I can't belive hoe many people are ranting because they didn't get the joke about the cameos.
    And by the way, this site has been built on the concept of making fun of other, wether it's about movies, actors, comics, etc. It woul be a bit hypocritical if the reviewer couldn't take a bit of harmless parodqy about some of their quirks.But as Rob said, he did ask their permission to do it.

    Oh, and good job on your review Erod, although I did prefer Atlantis to Stargate.
  • Thiedeapolis  - Nice impressions.
    Don't let it get ya down...
    But I like the video overall! I just with you explained the plot more, because I noticed alot of people watch critics for movie reccomendations. I would definately hope people would see this movie through once, even if it has a few plot holes,too many stargate comparisons, and pulls a "disney" at the end.
  • StratRat  - Awesome
    Your ADD style is awesome. The impersonations were great too! Looking forward to the next edition!
  • happysister  - hahahaha
    your impressions made me lol. nicely done, BBB, nicely done. XD
  • Supermutant2099
    I actually liked this movie. I have heard some thing it is a bit of a rip off Nadia Secret Of Blue Water but I can see where this could be said to be a Stargate rip off. Lion King is a more of a rip off of Kimba The White Lion then this is a rip of Nadia.
  • August M.  - Rip-off
    Lion King is not a rip-off of Kimba. It's asume because of the english name Kimba(His real name is Leo in Japan) rhymes with Simba. Apart from both characters being lions destined to be kings, the similarities stop there.
  • Dwane
    Plus we all know The Lion King is a rip-off of Hamlet.
  • August M.
    That's what I forgot to mention, thanks.
  • jz1337
    you forgot to mention the wise baboon, animal graveyard, dead lions talking from the heavens, and pretty sure kimba had a character just like yea totally no similarities :P
  • Rockabore
    Nope, sorry. There are too many similarities in Kimba and TLK to write it off as coincidental. And not just the Kimba/Simba names, similar characters in similar roles and similar plot points. Disney would have looked classier by say it was inspired in part by Kimba. Same goes for this and Nadia.
  • callmematt  - The Lion King is influenced by Macbeth
    The Lion King was a retelling of thw play Macbeth by Shakespeare. Set in a African landscape with animals. Read the play and you can easily find the similarities in the 2 works.
  • Jagger23  - Nice review
    Great review and awesome impressions. Keep up the good work :)
  • CellSeam
    Atlantis the Lost Empire: 2001
    Stargate Atlantis: 2004

    Is that not right?

    Your impressions were very good, hopefully they're ok with it. I was just thinking he references LOTR a lot...
  • dennett316
    No it's not as when he says "Stargate rip off" he means the original movie from 1994....he even shows a clip of it right after calling Atlantis a Stargate rip off. The Stargate Atlantis bit at the end was just a gag based on the line before the image.
  • Hinatachan360  - OMFG BLARG!
    Your Angry Joe's mean mugging, Phaelous' wide eyed expression, and Linkara's lisp were so on point I had to pause the video until I could stop laughing! Pure awesome sauce!
  • Razorgeist
    Well sir you just got yourself a follower. I enjoyed your style plus the fact that you took the piss out of your fellow reviewers. I like this movie myself...but I do agree that it is a bit derivative but for me its okay as its derivative of a movie I enjoy. Keep up the good work.

    Oh I get the joke but Stargate Atlantis was really its own animal not really taking anything from Atlantis.
  • TheAngryAnimeAddict

    This is my first video I've ever seen of your stuff and you got some great talent here on the site!

    I got the joke of ripping off other artist in a fake cameo, for the sake of proving your point that Atlantis is a rip-off.

    I actually liked Atlantis for what it was and as I kid I had a crush on Milo, but then again, I always had big crushes on any hot animated disney character. (even the furry ones. :p )
  • Moon Spirit
    A little bit nervous over the fact that your mocked your fellow contributors, but it's actually not bad. But don't worry about the fact that they won't do any cameos, just give it time. You're still fairly new so you'll get them after a month or so.

    But other than that, I loved this movie, and I never watched Stargate at all. So to see this actually ripping off the TV series, it was kind of interesting.
  • hollychristine
    Not getting cameos from the other producers on site was actually a joke, not fact. It was a part of Blockbuster Buster's script idea when he pitched it to Rob.
  • cannedfury
    Nice, I was wondering when somebody'd make a thorough comparison between this and Stargate. Most of the premise (steampunk setting, submarine search for Atlantis, ancient blue mcguffins gems like one worn as a necklace by the tribal-themed heroine, lots of the other cast members) are from Nadia but the script is a play by play of Stargate. To the point that I'm pretty sure it created a plothole when it strayed. Sure, the army guy is the invading villain in Atlantis instead of an alien, and the movie goes on to show the side characters instead of ending with them going home. But now they're hanging out and chummy with the dude who hired the army guy to go genocidal and nobody's got qualms.

    I do wish the movie got more Mignola. The old guy and the statues were the only parts where his artstyle showed and the rest was turned into rather generic Disney stock. The machines were cool, though.
  • Mucca
    It's an impersonation sandwich.
    (Did you not hit Phelous mode, or did I just miss that? Also surprised that you didn't touch on the fact that Angry Joe always says "ekspecially")
  • JoeCat
    10:23 = Phelous impersonation.
  • NCfanboy1  - 3:20 F***-Up!
    That's not his Uncle, that's his grandfather, I watched this movie enough times to know that!
  • Mr.Anderssson
    All those mentions of obscure actors but no mention of Milo = Marty McFly? Because that's what I was hearing the whole time I watched it. And not just Micheal J Fox, I really do mean Marty McFly.

    Also while the impersonations were a bit amusing, I also felt like some of them kind of missed the mark a bit. Since when does Todd act Goth? Emo maybe, but not often.
  • FieldMarshalPatton^3
    once again Erod you do not disappoint as i, oh its tadicuslegion from Youtube, must hold my sides at this. be interesting how the others react to this oO
  • J0hnny0hm  - You're new to me...
    ...and you're not bad so far!

    I'll look at another video to see more of your own style, but I thought your satires of other reviewers were pretty funny. Your best were Nostalgia Critic, Cinema Snob, and Film Brain, in my eyes.
  • LikaLaruku
    Lol, your Spoony impression sounds like Bhargav & your Insano laugh was like a kookaburra call. XD

    Jungle Book Porn. XD XD XD
  • slashmaster28
    Wow, I have to give you major props for making fun of everyone so accurately! Most of these impersonations weren't even that different from most hate speeches you see of these guys. If I didn't know any better, I'd say this was a personal attack against the others, and it was hilarious. Can't say much about the review because you barely say anything about the movie, and it seems weird you hit it with your hammer even after calling it descent, but this was very amusing.
  • LSDenema  - ATTENTION
    ATTENTION: Do not read this comment!
  • thenikkumanchan
    What is up with men breaking things? Seriously, you could have sold that movie online and gotten one, maybe two whole dollars! And we still whine about the economy.

    By the by, nice Phineas and Ferb plug at the end. I love that song!
  • Kukulkan
  • rockybalboa211

    This review needed more Lupa impersonation though, and you did a really great Film Brain impersonation!

    Poor Linkara though.. his minnesotan accent always haunts him!

    I hear Marty McFly in Milo's voice as well lol!

    Phineas and Ferb Win! :D

    Todd's porn name is probably "Rod in The Shadows" :D

    I know this is your second TGWTG review, but one point of criticism would be to talk more about the movie, and have less gags. Maybe make it informative, oh and wear a head band or something so you can have some sort of hook, and have a good hammer/bad hammer (Hit good films with the good hammer)! Atlantis 2 better be hit with the BAD HAMMER!
  • Aural Aurum
    I've never understood that about Linkara. I'm from Minnesota, too, and I have NEVER heard anyone else pronounce "room" like that. And it's not like we live in different parts of the state. He's from north of the Twin Cities, and I'm from south of them, but all told that's maybe a 30-mile difference; I'm pretty sure I would have heard that pronunciation by now if it was at all normal.
  • AlucardsQuest
    Yeah, way too many Lord of the Rings references... especially since that movie series is really mediocre.

    Anyway, I'd rather watch Atlantis than Stargate... wait why would anybody defend Stargate?!
  • Munnin_Huggin
    .......Entertainment!!!!! !!.......

    also Ha heh heheh hahhahaahahahahahahahahah ahaha!
  • Excalibur
    Your impressions were good, but your intro felt a bit forced. You've got a lot of potential, but the pacing is a bit off. You were going a bit too fast.
  • Furious George
    The truly disturbing thing about all this is BBB's going to read these comments and think that his impressions were actually good. Trust me though, they weren't.

    Okay, Angry Joe was sort of funny but the rest were really stale and the jokes were unoriginal. I honestly have no idea what the other people commenting see in this.

    I also don't know if he had permission to make fun of them or not and I know most people on the site will be cool with it regardless, but I thought the whole impersonation thing was very disrespectful. You really have to be at a certain level before you start roasting the TGWTG producers. What possessed him to think he could mock his betters like that I'll never know.

    Also, the review itself wasn't very good. I didn't get anything at all from the analysis of Atlantis because far too much time and focus went into unfunny impersonations.

    It seems the standard for reviewers on this site is lowering...
  • Kukulkan
    .....are you for reals with this? You SERIOUSLY think, this is such a big deal?
  • Furious George
    Yeah, I SERIOUSLY think this was unfunny and disrespectful.

    I don't suspect it will be a big deal to the TGWTG producers but that's only because they are cool people. There is something to be said for humility though and this guy don't got it.

    But I'm clearly in the minority here so don't let what I say be the piss in your coffee. ^^
  • Martin254  - reply to Furious George.
    I agree, there was less review and more white hot anger at the other reviewers for "looking down on him" and "not getting a 10 second cameo".

    I see the good reason in the other reviews choice.
  • DarkBee
    Read Rob's comment above, everybody he parodied was ok with it, otherwise their parodies would've been taken out.
    Way to miss the point George and Martin, I couldn't stop laughing at this when I saw it on Blip.
  • DoggyHateFire  - Not disrespectful, but
    it was horribly boring and unfunny.
  • Matthew G
    "I also don't know if he had permission to make fun of them or not and I know most people on the site will be cool with it regardless, but I thought the whole impersonation thing was very disrespectful. You really have to be at a certain level before you start roasting the TGWTG producers."

    If this were done disrespectful, the video wouldn't be allowed on this site. And I don't think that the people who were mentioned here are offended by someone who impersonates them. I mean, Spoony once uploaded a video by the Necro Critic called "Top 10 Worst Spoony Jokes" (and just like here, many people completely missed the point of that video).
  • jz1337
    I agree on some aspects. Too much time was spent on the impersonations rather than the movie, and if you weren't entertained by the impersonations, they seem to take up half the review. It's more amusing how many people likely thought he was seriously angry. Oh and too many creepy closeup shots
  • Whaleman517
    Loved the impersonations especially the Lupa ones which had me busting out laughing every time. Well done sir and keepem coming.
  • klucky25  - Man I love this movie
    And I totally dug your review. I think I'll be following your work because silly impressions + LOTR references + blockbusters = amusement.

    (I wish Atlantis had spent more time lost in the cave battling monsters because that was my favorite part by far.)
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