Violent Shit

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  • abortschtastic1  - fudge dumplings
    Based on the title I would have assumed this movie was about a guy who eats whole a bag of flamin' hot cheetos then takes a porcelain splintering thunder dump, but I got problems that go way back.
  • ladydiskette

    For fun fanservice pause at number 7:59 ;)
  • Dead Planet  - euh...
    Butcher Shitter?
  • Deimos1984rd
    [color=green]What the fuck was that movie?? and why did the actors sound like robots?? why the movie period?? and is it me or did the murderer have a baby through his head...I.I don't know It might of been my optical illusions playing tricks on me.[/color]
  • Chris P Bacon
    I have a VHS camcorder, since that puts whatever random scenes I record until the tape runs out at the same budget and screenwriting effort as this film, how to I get mine published on DVD with subtitles?

    First it needs a title... "Thesp-filled Togarama". That'll make sure it's too difficult for reviewers to get in one take.
  • frozencookie
    Watching this, at one point I think the guy tries to be artistic and showing the killers mind with those weird sequences, but it just looks ridiculous and not fitting at all.
    I bet those guys were sitting in a beergarden and suddenly had the brilliant idea of making a movie.
    And I don't know why, but I think those guys are from Sachsen =D
    Great review Brad!
  • Ikezu Sennin
    They can't be from Saxony. By the time this movie was made, Germany was still divided, and the cars are made from metal and not from papermaché (Trabant), so I think it's safe to say this is a West-German movie.

    Furthermore Saxonians have a quite distinctive/godawful accent, and I could not hear that.
  • TrangleC
    [quote=Ikezu Sennin]They can't be from Saxony. By the time this movie was made, Germany was still divided, and the cars are made from metal and not from papermaché (Trabant), so I think it's safe to say this is a West-German movie.

    Furthermore Saxonians have a quite distinctive/godawful accent, and I could not hear that.[/quote]
    Who said it is from Saxony?
  • Ikezu Sennin
    frozencookie did. (Sachsen = Saxony)
  • TrangleC  - re:
    [quote=Ikezu Sennin]frozencookie did. (Sachsen = Saxony)[/quote]
    Ah, i didn't see that, sorry.

    Yeah, that movie looks like it was made in the early 80s.
  • Elihn
    [quote]Furthermore Saxonians have a quite distinctive/godawful accent, and I could not hear that.[/quote]

    Haha, so true. So true. ;D

    That one 'funny' dialogue between the weirdos almost killed me. I rarely tend to sigh out loud because of bad movie dialogues but this one was so utterly horrible, I just had to. Whargh!

    What an awful movie. I am stunned. Also by the number of sequels. :eyebrow:
  • Katiilein
    Awesome review again... xD... Butcher Shitter... that is silly xD... now I understand the title card..... haha....

    oooh they are speaking german... I did not notice that until some minutes into the review o.o
  • jaltesorensen  - edited on an amiga-computer
    Though i have no data on this then i think that this amateour movie was edited on an AMIGA-computer. It seems that way to me, thinking of the effects in the start of the movie, the bubble-thingees and so on. The Amiga was quite popular in Germany at that time and it was the cheapest way to make effects and put it onto a VHS. Or that is my theory.
  • Germanfan
    great revie but are you sure that movie was not from uwe boll? because i would say that it was his masterpiece
  • Ko-tan
    Was not expecting the Death Note reference from you, but I loved it none the less! XB Oh man Cinema Snob, thanks, I haven't laughed this hard at 5 in the morning in a while. Great review! XD
  • JesuOtaku

    I...I suddenly have this weird feeling like Snob's Fetish Fuel page on TVtropes is expanding at an alarming rate. :eyebrow: I wonder why...

    Great review. XD

    EDIT: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, Sage was late to the party. //wa wa wa~
  • nirobu  - gaaaah! 7:58
    o_O =( T_T my eyes! why did i have to pause it at that specific moment
  • Mad Movie Murderur  - wtf
    holy sh*t my eyes!!! you were in the nude for a second :uhh:
  • Uberpig
    Funny story. The very split second I paused the video to go brush my teeth was the very split second that... you know.
  • Fluffyman
    The subliminal naked Snob caught me by surprise... and made me laugh.

    As for this movie, what gives the compulsion of some filmmakers to make a movie just about killing and little else?
  • Iancettuaun
    oh god the voices are so bad! I mean I'm german and even I was only able to understand some of it if turned the volume so high that any other sound raped my ears!
  • Shinigami
    If cover had that mask then why didn't Karl have that mask?
  • whatever42
    They probably thought the mask made it look more intimidating and would catch people's interest. They would be wrong of course, but that's my theory.

    Seriously though Brad, this movie is one of the worst I've seen you review. Most of the movies you review at least try to have a plot, no matter how badly they fail. This one is even less than those other movies. Is there a word for less than nothing? :sigh:

    Still, nice job on the review. Loved the Death Note reference and Bennett's last-second cameo. Keep up the good work. =)
  • Argent Larkin
    Well good to know what the next "Brad Tries" is going to be.

    And that was a terrible movie, The Uwe Boll comment was right on the money.
  • Podoman
    Wow, this episode had both a naked Cinema Snob and a naked Bennett the Sage. Who will be naked next?
  • frozencookie  - re:
    [quote=Ikezu Sennin]They can't be from Saxony. By the time this movie was made, Germany was still divided, and the cars are made from metal and not from papermaché (Trabant), so I think it's safe to say this is a West-German movie.

    Furthermore Saxonians have a quite distinctive/godawful accent, and I could not hear that.[/quote]

    Well, I know that Saxonians have a godawful accent, I live in Switzerland and heard that more than enough times =)
    I doubt that Trabants were made of papermaché.

    Anyways, I didn't say they were Saxonians(ok, I wrote "I think they are", but with the hightlight of "think"), but I just thought of them watching the review. Not that I could pinpoint from where they are, because honestly, it was nearly impossible to hear them talk, at least for me.
  • matt0044  - Hey, Brad
    Loved the Death Note reference. Who would have thought you would like an Anime? Do you like any others?
  • LordOrin
    Oh god, that's horrible, who could have imagined that Sage's favorite operating system would be Windows Vista :onoes:

    ...sorry, "Fista."
  • CharlyDunst
    O... M... G... I saw some bad movies here in Germany, but THIS!?

    ... I'm speechless... honestly!
  • HarryCane
    XD Death Note reference made my day

    I luv German stuff. Films, Music etc. But that looks so horrid.
    Its just a stream of a man with a blunt (plastic looking) butcher knife killing random people in a town... No a forrest - whatwut? And the blood looks like emutional paint being forced through tubes.
    Wow, talk about sh!t. And why was she lissening to Red Red Wine? Its germany - I dont want to be sterotypical but should there be some Metal?

    W T F*ck? He just pulled a baby outa his stomach. Thats just f*cked up.
    And four sequel's. With the main character being in 6 movies?

  • audibleunderwear
    'I'm the SKULL BABY! And I'm coming....FOR YOU!'

    Can't believe you keep finding things worse than Devil Doll and Fat Ethyl.
  • SpeedyEric
    I haven't heard of "Taintlight," but I can deffinately tell that it's a parody of "Twilight."

    Nice job on "Violent Sh!t" in 5 Seconds. :cool:

    The editing and directing of this film looks like it was done by a college student who has the lowest grade in his class.

    7:57- o_O :sick: ...Well, at least you wern't dancing out on the front porch again.

    13:01- That shot looks like it belongs on a very bad driving video game.

    This film, to me is not just the most confusing, but also the worst shot-on-sh!teo film I have ever seen. Even worse than "Las Legas Bloodbath" and "Ax' Em" combined.

    Poor Bennett.
  • August M.
    =_= What a terrible movie.
  • Flaregun  - An electric hedge trimmer? Really?
    So, Karl the "Butcher Shitter" at one point cuts a guy in half at the beltline with... an electric hedge trimmer? Uh, that won't work.

    (For anyone who might not be familiar with the tool, my father happens to still own that exact same model hedge trimmer used in the film, and the way it works is: there's a large stationary sawtooth blade, and a somewhat smaller sawtooth blade that rapidly moves back & forth, and any small branches that can get down between the teeth of the large blade are cut by the teeth of the moving smaller blade. But the teeth of the moving blade don't even come up to the height of the teeth of the stationary blade, and the stationary blade isn't even sharpened at the edge, only in the "valleys" between the teeth. So if you whacked a guy in the side with that thing or even tried to "saw" it back & forth against his stomach, there's no way you could possibly do more than maybe slightly bruise him. In fact, unless you stick a finger (or other similarly-sized appendage) down in between the teeth of the larger blade, it is *literally* impossible to even draw blood with that thing. Hell, you can barely even cut a fucking hedge with it.)

    But why the hate for "Red Red Wine"? There's nothing particularly wrong with that song.
  • dennisrossonero  - great review as always!!!
    and one more thing.SAGE IS SICK!!!!
  • pap64
    The Death Note joke killed me (haha! See what I did there? XD ), simply because it was unexpected. I was expecting JesuOtaku to make that sort of joke.

    But what throws me off about the movie is the voices. I know it's shot on shiteo, but why do they have to sound so robotic?
  • Doresh
    You found that bit of radio horror annyoing? HAH! German made-for-TV movies are filled to the brim with annoying radio tunse you NEVER wanted to hear again - an usually so damn loud that YOU CAN'T UNDERSTAND WHAT THE ACTORS ARE SAYING!
    So it's not too different from Violent Shit's audio quality...
  • ElHive
    Clearly the term "Made in Germany" didn't get it's commendation because of German movie makers.
  • la Lumière
    Yeah! Wenders, Fassbinder, Herzog and basically everybody worth mentioning from the 1920s. They all suck, don't they?

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