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  • Shadow125
    Absolutely amazing. Please tell me there will be a commentary. First I have to say Mara's, very nice, rack was the least shocking thing for me, hearing her drop the f-bomb however blew my mind. Though the moment that had me in stitches has to be Nella at the very end, I wont spoil it, but yeah it is great. Here is to many more Mara Wilson cameos in the future.
  • LikaLaruku
    Anyone else look at the title card & think "Elmira Duff?"
  • Aural Aurum
    Not until you mentioned it, but I like where your head's at.
  • Moreno X  - to LikaLaruku
    If you ask me, the title card looks like Susie Carmichael and Angelica Pickles in rage-forms and are NChick's and Mara Wilson's child forms.
  • Ohsha  - Indigo Children
    Best titlecard I've seen on here in memory. But is the artist's name as cool a reference to X-com as Cyberdisk?

    Lindsay's trolling playing devil's advocate for truncheon.

    "especially boys" sexist.

    Roald Dahl's great. Lindsay's the first person I've heard say she doesn't like Roald Dahl. Mustn't've read him as a kid. The BFG is better than Charlie and the Chocalate Factory.

    "you have boobs now" Lindsay's saying what we're all thinking. I'm surprised Matilda-woman's cool with how critical and flippant Lindsay's about Matilda.

    Matilda-woman's a good reviewer. Atleast for a movie she was in.

    One reason folks love works like Matilda is b/c they portray the children as better than the adults. As a kid it makes you feel empowered and you're easily manipulated by the "Kidz Rule!" ad campaigns for whatever and as an adult people still like to believe they were gifted children beyond their peers and even adults. For these same reasons, when the Ender's Game movie comes out, if Hollywood mitigates how much they butcher the adaptation, it'll be popular. Every kid wants to think he's a genius and every adult wants to think he was a smart kid.

    I did not see a lesbian pedo joke coming. Gross but you got me to laugh. Realistically, Honey who's hot is a poor candidate for kiddie-lover b/c her sexuality's satisfied by men. Truncheon, who's butch as hell and without male suitors is a strong candidate for Faculty Member Most Likely to Molest a Child of the Same Gender.
  • TragicGuineaPig
    I totally said that!

  • TheGreatEscapist
    I think subconsciously I did, but for some reason the name "Darla Dimple" came up instead.
  • Mattteus
    I was thinking that too
  • otakuchick45
    in the first few minutes i was like, oh... yeah.. NChick reviewing Matilda.. blahblah... HOLY SHIT MARAAAA! that's so cool!!!!! i nearly fainted....
  • Tadaaa
    - And I really didn't recognize her, although I was waiting for a cameo of her the whole time...

    ...Can't someone get her her own show on ? Please??
  • Shadow125
    Sadly I didnt get the twist. Doug posted the video link to the blip main site, long before it was on TGWTG, with the tagline on facebook saying " SHHHHEEEES BAAAAAAACK!!!!!"
  • Ultrasuperman
    so now that mara has been in your video i guess now she has to be in the 5th year anniversary movie along side james lol
  • Shadow125
    Sadly there won't be a big 5th anniversary video. Doug has already said it may be a few years before we get anything substantial again. Expect something perhaps on the level of the brawl.
  • DylanS
    I wouldn't mind another brawl. I'd like to see Oancitizen, ERod and Todd throw down.
  • Wario_man
    Todd would probably do well, he's got anger and the bulk to use it.
  • ladydiskette
    LMAO! Oh my god, seeing Oancitizen fight is going to be the high-light of that brawl. XD
  • dragonfly_dust
    Shame. I'm sure Doug can still use Chester for something. Like maybe a holiday special about Chester A. Bum using the holiday spirit to sponge off multiple TGWTG staff members??
  • Noek
    but there will ba a UK video like it, and anouther vid called the Avengers witch gets diffrent reviewers from diffrent sites togeter
  • mrrubino
    It is official. She now has more crossovers than any other drop-in from another site. Or maybe she doesn't.
    Either way, your Mara-joining-the-site idea is a sound one. Have the proposal on my desk by Monday.
  • otakuchick45
    i was totally expecting her to join the NCHick team... interesting new member, you know.
  • KFCuser  - Agreed
    That would be the pinnacle of awesomeness, genius idea! She was great as a child actor and now she's even greater as a grown up woman. James is simply the funniest game reviewer I've ever seen and his fake feud with Doug was just as cool. It's a lot to hope for, but if it ever happens, many minds will be blown.
  • trlkly
    Well, since you brought it up, I'll say this really quick: She's a lot prettier when she's not using the horrible lighting of her web cam. I actually didn't recognize her at first, and it was her prettiness that clued me in that she must be something other than a neighbor. One person can't have all pretty friends.

    That aside: am I the only person who thinks she doesn't look anything like Matilda anymore? I find it funny that people stop her on the street about it. There is absolutely no way I would recognize her if she hadn't appeared in the Nostalgia Critic's video.

    Also, NC's not dead, remember. You established that he was a puppet, remember?
  • nathanisbored
    Agreed, although I did know it was her before watching the video because I read the video description, but otherwise I probably would have been in the same boat.
  • Semudara
    She said he's TECHNICALLY dead... kinda sorta. With onions.
    That's why she said he kind of dead. There is a difference between kind of dead and all dead.
  • Loremich12
    Mara Wilson, the only person that can shock me twice in the same channel. This was another great review and thanks to her NC appearance I started reading her blog. She's a really good writer. Again, awesome review. I'd love to see more of this.
  • TheTannedOtaku  - She's baaaack
    Mara Wilson! What a twist!
    Matilda/Ms. Honey slash...wut.
    The added music made it so wrong yet so funny

    I still enjoy this movie, but I won't cut anyone who don't
  • DarkBee  - Mathilda/Ms. Honey slash
    Yeah, let's not get into that...

    Mara/Nella slash on the other hand (The battle of the racks?)...
  • EmperorSam
    This is so fucking awesome! I looooove Mara and I am on the Matilda-likers team. This is the best tgwtg review I've seen this week.
  • ladydiskette
    I loved Matilda, I read the book and I could so relate to her engrossing of reading and how she felt like she was never understood at home.

    For the record my family were not total assholes as Matilda's were, but there were times where we just didn't see eye-to-eye on things. But it was a great book and after finally watching the movie, I have to say its a pretty good adaptation if I ever saw one.

    Also I love the powerplay between Chick and Mara Wilson. Just awesome.
  • SKRen
    HaHA. I saw that Blue Moon bottle. I love that Beer.
  • ColeYote
    Wait, we got actual Mara Wilson *again*?

    Man,she must really not have much to do these days.
  • dennett316
    Well aren't you Mr or Mrs Glass Half Empty!
    Check out the lady's website, she's been doing her own shit for years...stop being an asshole and appreciate the appearance.
  • ColeYote
    It was a JOKE.
  • CPFace
    Your show just keeps getting better and better. The analysis is great, the timing and editing is great, the story bit is fun and flows naturally with the review without drowning it out... Yeah, I love it.

    The thing I remember most about Matilda was this feeling of conspicuous absence. I'm so used to movies where we find out some detail about the villain's past that makes sense of their motivation that I found myself waiting for the big reveal that would make the principal make sense. But nope! Like you said, that's kind of a Dahl thing.

    I don't feel too strongly one way or the other about the movie, but I do kind of admire it for being so balls-out nasty. I think kids like that every now and then.
  • Cinnamon Scudworth
    Daaaaark Maraaaaaaa! Daaaaaark Maraaaaaa!

    What a treat of a treat; I thought she was way better in her one scene with the NC than in any of her films, and figured we'd never see her acting in grownup form again. She has aged well, like a fine wine, and should really consider getting back into the business. Really.
  • BizarroGeek
    That's the first time I've seen "aged well, like a fine wine" used in such a classy way. I am truly impressed.
  • SpeedyEric  - "Holy $h!t, Matilda. You got a great rack!"
    I grew up with Matilda, and like many other people who click on this site, I loved watching this film while growing.

    7:17- Tell me about it.

    Mara is Jean Grey? I just hope she doesn't become the Phoenix. ...Oh wait, she already has.

    9:40- Damn, Mara is smart.

    12:44- I like to thank this movie for having me spell "difficulty."

    OMG, what a great review. One of best NChick's in a while.
  • junebug_nery
    OMG you're right -- Mara = Jean Grey/Phoenix! Random observation pleases me :)
  • EpicFish
    That was so awesome! I really hope we get bloopers and/or commentary!
  • thorondragon
    it is kinda cool, but i have to say, it is slightly sad she actually come along to an internet reviewing site.

    still, mara power is nothing compared to my own!

    shoots a storm of lightning from body!!!!
  • badgersprite
    Jesus Christ that was funny. I may have to resort to using a chalkboard to communicate, because I'm still laughing.

    Great video, and I think it summed up a lot of why Matilda was so influential and important to a lot of us who watched it as kids, and hence why it's still very dear to a lot of us as adults.
  • ReckoningReviewer
    Oh my god this was so great. I loved Doug's cameo, and seeing Mara Wilson here. This was such a great review, and hopefully we will see her more some time. ;)
  • Nuthouse
    I have always loved Matilda. The idea of the chokey scared the crap out of me.
  • qazox
    Make Mara Wilson a permanent part of TGWTG!!!
  • Kumi
    "Those pancakes are fluffy as fuck."

    Downright hysterical, because just about every time I have ever made pancakes, I lament that my pancakes have never looked as good as the pancakes in this goddamn movie.

    Also, honorable LOL mention for "You're a jesus, Harry."

    The part about Matilda being one of those rare films where the gender of character is simply incidental and has little to do with who they are or their motivation is true, although I'd never noticed it before.
  • Louiscipher  - Color temperature doesn't match from shot to shot
    Giving you a 4 for that. Sorry. Great review, Mara is funny and it was nice to see you two together (cough).

    But Lindsay, seriously. The color temperatures have to match from shot to shot, every time it cuts it's horribly off. Don't know if this was an oversight or just ignored to get content out but it's there. I'm guessing you started shooting around early morning and it segued to the afternoon guessing by the color temperature in a few shots. One shoot in particular does not flatter Mara.

    Use Magic Bullet. It does wonders for Color Correction.

    Signed, unsolicited criticism.
  • cannedfury
    This was great. But whenever Mara went sinister, it would have been even better with a Dutch angle. That and the color correction thing the guy above said, yeah.
  • TheBechtloff
    Is Marla working for this site now or something? They should give her a show.
  • dennett316
    Who the hell is Marla?
  • Waffle
    This is actually the first NChick show I've watched. MUST WATCH MORE!

    Great to see Mara Wilson again. She's so pwetty *_*

    I'll never understand what the big deal is with Matilda and Matilda fans not wanting anyone to say anything negative about the film. I enjoyed the movie. I'm a fan of it. It was part if my childhood. Someone doing a review where they say they don't like the movie isn't going to make me think any less of them or myself.
  • Floweramon
    Going back to what was said in the review about it being an empowering movie for children and that it basically told kids that it's okay to be who you are, I imagine the mindset of these rabid fans is that if anyone finds true, multiple faults with the movie, then it's says to them subconsciously, "You were stupid to find anything good/relatable/empowering in this film and you should be ashamed for enjoying it or for finding it good at all." I'm more in your mindset, but that's how I imagine they might be.

    Personally, I love this movie, but growing up I do see more of its flaws. One that I'm surprised wasn't brought up was the unnecessary narrator (she brought him up, but to bring up another flaw). There are so many points were the narrator says something that we can see for ourselves, or the biggest thing for me was Ms. Honey's introduction where he outright states that she has a dark secret. Really? Don't want to just imply and build up to the reveal, just outright say she's hiding something?

    Also, I remember when I came across Matilda/Ms. Honey fanfics and I was like, "Ew, really?!" Then I went back and watched the film and right at that scene she showed I was like, "... Okay, I see where they get that idea."
  • Tina_Branford
    A while back I stoped liking Linsday's videos. Now I like them again. Why? I have no idea c:
  • ErynCerise
    I had that same experience, and I'm pretty sure it's just because she was still finding her groove a while back. That's when stuff like Dark Nella or some of her more unfocused/forced video pieces were happening. Once she found the balance of intellectual analysis and humorous commentary that was just right for her, she started to hone it into awesomeness, and that is what we have today.
  • Mothmouth
    Good thing Lindsay didn't post that she was gonna review this movie before releasing the review, unlike Doug's case.
  • Dromedary Meat Cactus  - "IMDB's the worst."
    Very minor nitpick, but as a film and TV watcher, IMDB has seriously changed my life for the better, leading to countless discoveries of shows and movies I never would have heard of. IMDB is one of the few websites I would really miss if I lost access to the web. I guess this must be a difference in perception between film fans and people in the entertainment business whose information is sometimes input incorrectly on the site.
  • Thatfatguyinalittlecoat  - I think....
    Part of the reason WHY people love this movie so much is it's sort of simple. I mean who hasn't had someone in Authority do something they disagree with? Sure the principal chick was a played up example, but such a thing happens all the time in RL, who hasn't ever wanted to throw a water balloon or two at an arrogant superior?

    I also think he parents weren't really "Evil". I think it was sort of believed, and implied they were "Just stupid", her parents loved her. sure they were hard on her and sometimes did things she didn't like, but I never felt they were going to hurt her or something. I always got the vibe they were just misguided and didn't quite understand their daughter. IN the end they gave up Matilda to a happier home where she was loved and could grow into a better person.

    I also always got a sort of "Standing up for yourself is hard but worth it" vibe. Matilda could "Give up" she could become like her brother and family. She doesn't' want to she likes to read.

    An old friend of mine once said she felt Matilda had a strong "Coming out" theme to it. I think that was unintentional but I can sort of see it after she pointed it out to me. A girl granted a special power that she shares with a teacher rather than her parents who wouldn't understand, parents who want their daughter to do things a certain way that just feels weird and uncomfortable to her. I honestly don't think it was intentional but it does sort of fit. Especially if you sort of twist the principal character into society. Someone dead set against what she is.

    Anyway that's just my thought and opinions. I enjoyed the review Mara Wilson is attractive I had a small crush on Matilda when the movie first came out ((I was in second grade at the oldest I think first.)) it would be interesting if she produced her own show, however I don't think it would really happen. I do hope she makes a few more cameos eventually however.

    Anyway, great review. Now I need to go see if their are any Mara Wilson/Nostalgia Chick slash fics..... lol
  • ohe
    Society is "dead set against"... what, homosexuality? Dead set? Society is?

    How overtly defensive and self-conscious. A bit of a persecution complex, that one.
  • Lieju
    "An old friend of mine once said she felt Matilda had a strong "Coming out" theme to it. I think that was unintentional but I can sort of see it after she pointed it out to me. A girl granted a special power that she shares with a teacher rather than her parents who wouldn't understand, parents who want their daughter to do things a certain way that just feels weird and uncomfortable to her. I honestly don't think it was intentional but it does sort of fit."

    I can see that.
    Not because I think it was specifically the intent, but because that's just one of the ways a child can turn out in a way the parents or the society don't approve of.
  • Vismutti
    "Now I need to go see if their are any Mara Wilson/Nostalgia Chick slash fics..... lol"

    Heh. My mind went to the exact same direction...
  • Romanticide
    Matilda's father sold faulty cars intentionally, but yeah as far as parental evil goes is quite low. They are mostly shitty parents who don't understand her, but they weren't going to leave her behind the moment they flee the cops, which is more that can be said of some other parents.
  • TragicGuineaPig
    The BFG? 9000? Great for taking out zombies and demons.
  • ohe
    Read now the classic story of an adorable little girl who learns how to stand up and fight propaganda with a big fucking gun. Nine thousand.
  • Tetsu Deinonychus
    So, is Mara Wilson going to show up every time someone on this site reviews one of her old movies? I hope so, because she's freaking hilarious!

    In fact, this episode in general is one of the funniest Nostalgia Chick episodes I've seen (especially Nella's speech at the end). Well done, ladies!
  • Shanetefilmmaker
    If that's the case she woulda shown up during the christmas top 12 and Thomas. Though that is justified since at the time she genuinely thought the critic hated her.
  • unc
    That was unexpected(unless you see the title card), and very fun.
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