The Worst (And Least Awful) Female Superhero Movies

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  • Legendary Emerald  - This should be a short list.
    I didn't even know any not-awful female super hero movies existed. At least, not ones where a female superhero was the lead.
  • MadOvid
    I think those five are pretty much all the female super hero movies.
  • Furrama
    Doesn't Ultraviolet count?

    Man... that movie. I went to see it with someone thinking it looked cool from the commercials but then... we just kept laughing.

    " What's going on?!?"

    " I DON'T KNOW!"


    EDIT: I feel silly. Just looked it up. Nope, the covers in the opening were fake. Tha heck?
  • Sharkerbob
    Yeah, if Barb Wire and Tank Girl make the list, UltraViolet should be on there, as that started as a comic. Probably Aeon Flux and Lara Croft, too, though they were TV and game heroines, respectively. At least Lara had a pretty decent run in the Top Cow Universe comics. Ah, well.
  • Jendrexyl
    Lara is purely for the lads.Electra is better than Tank Girl.Selene in underworld?Black Widow?Hitgirl has my vote.
    The transition to film for TG was gonna be difficult anyway.The problem is its trying to be zany and overtly sexual for the sake of it which completely contradicts the 'female empowerment' aspect.Its played like a girl going through a rebellious phase and insincere.
    The 'I don't need a man' attitude shouldn't even come into it.
    Batman,Spiderman and Superman always have a love interest..but shes usually there to be rescued.
  • Ohsha
    Her head's getting rounder. It' slike an egg now.

    Twillight. Girls love it and the chick's like a superhero.

    Super. Bolty was a great character.

    I could see an adaptation of something like Ultra, with a heavy emphasis on romance, playing well with female audiences. Men would hate it but have to buy the tickets to get laid.

    As much as Lindsay complains about these movies attempts at feminism/female empowerment, she doesn't offer an alternative. As was pointed out here
    http:// ozconservative.blogspot.c om/2011/11/theres- another-snow-white.html

    it's standard in Hollywood (and among feminists) that a woman being equal to a man means mimicing men. There's no such thing as "equal but different" in their conception (how could we trade then?). A real revolutionary movie, in our current context, would have a chick who isn't some butch violent tomboy wishing she was born with a penis but a feminine, gentle, dress-wearing, dainty woman.

    What's wrong with the woman looking sexy? What alternative would you prefer, she's fat, old, and ugly?

    Johnny the homicidal maniac would be turned into gore-porn like Hostel.

    The best parts of Tank Girl were the animated sequences. I stopped watching when the ghetto Kangers appeared.


    Casablanca's overrated. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Sweeney Todd are better romances.


    Cat Woman's white, not Halle Berry.

    Counter-intuitively, a cgi cat's probably cheaper than a real one. Bryan Cryanston talked about getting a dog for Breaking Bad costing upwards of $20, 000 b/c it comes with a whole crew, they need a trailer, special food, etc. They dumped Jesse in a porta potty instead.

    I hate how often in movies corporations are stupid evil. They're evil for the sake of evil. All those side effects he lists are things which would damage that product-line's sales and the brand of the entire company. They do give a shit about not alienating their customers by giving them headaches. Also, makeup is not toxic like this movie's pretending.
  • Dwane
    I have a few counterpoints.

    Bella is not in any way an empowering character. She falls for men who are dangerous and attracts trouble. She's clumsy, she's not very smart, and she puts her infatuation ahead of reason.

    There are alternatives to the poorly done, sexy "strong independent woman" and the man with boobs archetypes. Ellen Ripley and Katniss Everdeen are both strong female leads who don't have to be butch and man-like. They're smart, they're resourceful, and they're brave when they need to be but don't run headfirst into battle. They're characters first and women second.

    The alternative to a "sexy" female superhero would be one who wears practical clothing, even practical sexy clothing, like Catherine Zeta Jones' character in Entrapment. No thinking person would fight in high heels and a bra, and any woman who's ever interacted with men would know that dressing like a whore attracts a certain kind of attention and a certain kind of men.

    Catwoman has been portrayed by a black actress before: Eartha Kitt in the old, campy Batman TV series. She's also been portrayed by actresses with different hair colors.

    I agree on the evil for the sake of evil nonsense. Corporations sometimes do horrible things (sweatshops, pollution, etc.), but it's not because they want to cause harm; it's because sometimes harm is caused by cost cutting measures (which is why we have laws regulating them). I don't think they're implying all makeup is toxic (some was, like the original Tin Man actor's makeup), just the stuff made by that company. Realistically, though, no company would want to sell such a thing because even if the government allowed it the resulting class action lawsuits would ruin them. Whoever wrote Catwoman had no idea how corporations work... or how much of anything works.
  • Ohsha
    I had to lookup Katniss Everdeen. Never got interested in the American remake of Battle Royale.
    Both Katniss Everdeen and Ripley (who I like) are comfortable with killing which's butch. Our software corresponds to our hardware or put another way form begets psychological function so men enjoy and are satisfied by violence in a way alien to women. A female character who callously kills folks is behaving in a masculine manner. The fact male authors conceive of a woman killing others as how she's empowered is demonstrative of this difference in nature between the sexes. Just like men in romance novels having alot of feelings they need to share.

    As for a dress's practicality, I still take this as a moot point b/c the initial premise this woman's an effective fighter breaks from reality. Also consider that the clothing of men in fiction is sometimes poorly suited to combat (spikey pauldrons, capes, horned helmets, long hair, cloaks, etc.). Look at UFC fighters and soldiers and you see nothing but short haircuts and spartan design.
  • mally
    please stop trying to talk about vague biology that you obviously know nothing about.

    also, the entire point of the Hunger Games is that Katniss is NOT comfortable with killing, but must do it anyway in order to stay alive herself. there's nothing too feminine about her, but in the end, there's nothing that masculine about her, either. boiling everything down to "if she kills, she's MASCULINE" is missing the point completely.

    also, when it comes to the costumes thing: false equivalence.
  • Laxpolilla
    You're incredibly sexist, you know that.

    1. No, killing does not make a woman butch. Your entire biological standpoint is wrong. This is the whole point of feminism. These kinds of stereotypes have persisted in our society for ages on nothing more than a man's word. Yes, men are, for the most part, stronger than woman and yes, that is nature's design. However, it is not and never has been biologically sound that female of the species are incapable of fighting or don't possess means to protect themselves.
    2. Yes, women CAN fight. That's just rediculous to say they can't because they are women. Anyone who trains their body and mind and learns to fight can fight. Deligence makes a good fighter, NOT sex.
  • yumekichigai
    Since when has murder been defined as a masculine trait? Granted the statistics do lead towards men more, but there are women who have murdered or who have been directly responsible for many murders.
    How about a woman that would gladly kill another if it meant the safety for herself/ her loved ones?

    It also seems that you are implying that men do not have feelings. Nooo... that would be too feminine for them to not actually care about others.

    Just another example on how the stereotypes in are society are completely messed up. Why women are seen as strange for being strong and men are "gay" or wrong some how if they have any kind of serious emotions showing.

    And... umm.. did you really just imply that women being decent fighters is outside of the realm of reality?? What is wrong with you?
  • Jendrexyl  - ohsha
    I am a woman,a modern woman who has no interest in getting a penis and being butch to be strong thank you.Remember a lot of these female characters are written BY men.That's why its perceived that way.
  • Jendrexyl  - dwane
    couldn't agree more.Bella is a terrible role model.she's totally dependant,without a mind or personality of her own,selfish and constantly relying on men to mould,change or worship her.she is pathetic.
    Black Widow in the Avengers?even Hitgirl in Kickass
  • Screaming_Phoenix
    i know but couldn't breaking bad do what wilfred did at least?
  • _JM
    What about Aeon Flux? My guess is NChick forgot about it, since I can't imagine it not making the list. Or maybe she hasn't seen it.
  • Dust
    I think Aeon's only power was Negative Continuity, since she died in every short.

    That or the list is just comic adaptions.
  • mrrubino
    By definition, that'd probably make her the worst female superhero. But the worst female superhero MOVIE?
    Well... on its own merits, maybe.
  • MissJibril  - actually
    Aeon flux and ultra violet came after her cut off date I'm pretty sure, those are mid 2000's aren't they I know their still fairly recent. I think that's why there not one the list
  • ThatDudeInTheUshanka
    If you count animation then the 2009 Wonder Woman movie was probably one of the only good ones.
  • DudeMan  - Title Card
    I like how NChick's Title card counterpart is way sexier than she is.

    This website is doing a major service to feminism by recruiting ugly women to express their viewpoint... That way men have more of a chance at actually listening to the babble. Too bad it's not worth listening to.
  • Vent
    Jesus f'in christ, congratulations, you just won the award for Dumbest Misogynistic Comment Ever.
  • Enyaw
    Yeah, "not worth listening" is a truth that has NOTHING to do with her gender.
  • Zoidzilla
    It's just a neckbeard, my friend. It will bray loudly and spurt musk on the nearest upright surface and then shuffle harmlessly on its way. Pay it no heed.
  • EarthboundXE
    Hope you feel better DudeMan, don't worry, life will get better.
  • KhaosKyuubi  - Coincidence
    I LITERALLY just got done watching you and Linkara review Supergirl when this was posted.

  • CrashBandicootFan
    Yeah the decent female supehero movies are non existant.
  • MasterofHorses93
    Wow. if TANK GIRL is the least bad, then that's a bad sign. :/
  • LunaBuna
    Yeah, the day they stop being "female superhero movies" and become "superhero movies" with an actual decent female protagonist will be a happy day for me.

    Is cleavage really a requirement for a good female superhero? Is it, film and comic book industries? :(

    Thanks, Lindsay. Your videos are so cathartic, and you word it all in ways that make sense to people.
  • MadOvid
    Catwoman. The one and only movie I ever walked out of. And I sat through The Last Airbender.
  • ladydiskette
    Catwoman: "Strong Independent Woman!" -who is apparently into S&M. XD
  • Evershear
    Great video. I will say one of the things that holds back the Wonder Woman movie is the high bar set by Linda Carter form the TV series. In my mind and a lot of fans she Is Wonder Woman. The recent NBC pilot sucked really bad. I think a good Wonder woman Movie is possible, but they need both the right actress and more importantly the right script. I hope it will one day come to pass, and it will be good. I also long for a Justice League movie, but I am not holding my breath.
  • 9ansean
    As I tryed to explain in my comment to the Supergirl movie review (and as Tv Tropes had already pointed out in the article on The Smurfette Principle), the commercial failure of all of the about movies has probably made the studios less then thrilled to get behind a Wonder Women feature.
    Which of course is just other kind of double standard. Whenever a character or story element is considered novel, they won't just recognize a project that bombed on it's own terms. So long as studio heads fear that too few men will go to see a movie with a female superhero or anti-hero in the lead, than'll be hesitant. Than each time someone takes a chance and movie bombs they can just say "see I told you it's never work." Yet when you consider how few times the major studios have even tryed giving female superheros a chance, it's kind of a self-fullfilling prophasy.
  • AlucardsQuest
    Avengers director Joss Wedon was a strong contender for directing the first WW movie, and things were going well until visions clashed and Joss left the project. DC is probably kicking themselves now after The Avengers becoming one of the most highest grossing movies of all time. However DC is trying, and after the failure of Green Lantern, they are pushing Man of Steel, a Justice league movie, and JL tie in films for Batman (rebooted again), the Flash and Wonder Woman.

    Considering how badass Wonder Woman was in her most recent animated incarnations... there is no reason why with a little ingenuity (perhaps combining Thor's flagrant but believable multiple world theory with Captain America's respectful period visualization) ...that Wonder Woman couldn't work as a feature film. Get some talented writers involved, a good adaption to screenplay, a storytelling director with vision, and a reasonable timetable to make everything happen and it could work.
  • HanSK
    Read a few bits of Joss Wedon's script that leaked on-line several months ago, and it was HORRENDOUS!
    His vision of Wonder Woman as an arrogant bitch who needs a man to teach her a lesson was a slap in the face to everything WW might ever stood for.
    Oh, and her made Artemis the main villain.
    Artemis was an anti-hero, NOT a villain! In fact, she was one of WW's closest allies for some time.

    DC made the right choice to give Wedon the boot.
    People may bitch about the changes that Azzarello made to her origin, but throughout the entirety of his run, he always treated her character with respect.
    Wedon didn't even bother with that
  • Fancyarcher
    DC isn't kicking themselves. DC isn't even making the Justice League, that's WB's doing (as is every other film).
  • thorondragon it strange to say that the costume oyu have on the art there is ten times more modes than eighty percent of girls.
  • Leonca
    I’ve always been curious about that Catwoman movie, though apparently not being curious enough to see it was good luck. Why exactly did they feel the need to give Catwoman supernatural powers?
    Also, I cracked up laughing when the guy snapped his own neck with his neck. Just… what?!
  • FishEyenoMiko
    "Why exactly did they feel the need to give Catwoman supernatural powers?"

    ERod (the Blockbuster Buster) actually rants about that in his review of the film.
  • Mattteus
    Is that 'strong independent woman' sound clip from something?
  • Nostalgiaoholic87652
    Strong Independent Woman!

    Okay that needs to be on a t-shirt!

    Great video NChick.
    It probably is already.
  • RAF
    Electra and Tank Girl were both decent IMHO. I can see why you put them on your list
  • pkingdom
    "vagina haver" is one of the funniest, most awkward things I have heard in a while.

    And if "strong independent woman" is not a meme already, it will be soon.
  • TempestSatori  - Empowerment
    I think it's funny that ground level original feminists thought of their use of sexuality as one of the strongest forms of empowerment, though I know that the women in those movies who dressed sexy didn't do it to use sexuality as a weapon they did it because of studio mandate to try to attract more young men to the movie.

    Also once people start writing females like they do men, as a character first with gender being a quality they have not the only one that defines them, then I think we'll finally see some interesting female lead characters in movies that aren't brainless.
  • plaidman
    What did we learn from this list...? Don't watch Catwoman.
  • SuperSaiyaMan12
    Well Black Widow seemed to break the mold on about 'bad female superheroes'. Though she should have really gotten a movie before the Avengers came up.
  • TheTannedOtaku
    Yeah, no news about a Black Widow movie, but Ant-Man is getting one *eyeroll*
  • singitjohnny
    Ant-Man was scheduled long before the Avengers came out and I believe it was in pre-production before that, too. You can't really expect them to scrap a film that's already begun just because there's a sudden clamor for Black Widow, but I'm sure that the Black Widow movie will come along eventually. They gave us a lot of backstory in the Avengers movie, so there's obviously some potential there.

    I don't particularly agree that Black Widow should've come before Avengers. I know I wasn't really interested in her during Iron Man 2, but Avengers won me over.
  • Hapsetshut
    WOOO! That means we're getten Wasp!
  • 9ansean
    True, though the same probably could have been said for Hawkeye which is probably why they had to situate them toegether so much. Unfourtontly, niether Black Widow or Hawkeye where very well known characters apart from there roles on a team or two. I'm not even sure if either character ever had a successfull series in there own right. If they did, chance few people even in comic book circle would be familiar with them.
  • Katerine459
    Yeah, Black Widow's intro consisted of a lot of screen time in Iron Man 2... which I watched with my parents. And when Avengers came out, I still had to remind them of who she was (after re-watching Iron Man 2 myself, since I'd SOMEHOW completely forgotten that she was even in that movie).

    Odd that for somebody who got so much screen time in that movie, her character still wasn't developed and, quite literally, was completely forgettable.

    Why? And that goes for her and Hawkeye. If she deserved her own Marvel movie, then so do Coulson and Maria Hill.
  • Noek
    Well i think they wanted to do the Avenger movie to see how to make hers.
  • itstheblueguy
    Well, as in Watchmen's case, it seems women can make decent superhero protagonists as long as they're outnumbered by the male ones... really Hollywood, how do you keep screwing this up?

    I actually kind of want to see the girl version of The Expendables they're considering. They wouldn't count as superheros, but it couldn't be anymore of a step backwards than the above five movies. Heck, Yu Nan was already a better action hero in Expendables 2. (Though whoever's in charge needs to realize that they forgot to put Cynthia Rothrock on this list; http:// 2012/08/20/female-action- heroes-the-expendables- cast_n_1812064.html? ir=Women.)

    At least it's not as bad as when horror movies try to convey female empowerment, where we usually get the message that it's literally empowering to murder people you're mad at.

    BTW, I wish we'd had Nostalgia Chick laying into the stripping = empowerment BS before "My Humps" became a hit.
  • AliasJohnny  - Makeup Company = Clayface
    The "Evil Makeup" was originally in Batman: The Animated Series. Roland Daggett, the CEO of a pharmaceutical/cosmetics company helps a scarred actor named Matt Hagen (voiced by Ron Perlman) by creating a substance called Renu-U.

    The chemicals in the makeup altered his genes into Clayface.

    The Catwoman movie just half-assed it.
  • 9ansean
    Yeah I remember that one really well.

    BTW as soon as we get to part about the female villianious with power from chemicals always wanted to either stay young or control men I immediatly thought of Snow White and the Huntsman. That 'BAM' there she is LOL. Though in fairness, as you could tell from that scene she wasn't some sort of man-hating radical feminist as some have suggested. She just wanted to control EVERYONE!
  • 1kissbee
    I hear Black Widow may have a movie. Marvel has had good movies in the last couple years. Save for the ones Sony puts out (looking at you Spidey 3)
  • tecpaocelotl
    That main picture is wrong. If you're doing female superhero movies, you need to show bust and behind. LOL.
  • jjramsey
    She at least has the infamous "boob window," though.
  • thorondragon
    catwoman was worse than supergirl? oh christ crackers.

    catwoman is not exactly a character you just hand her own movie. she is better revealed in one movie then given her own.

    however, you are very wrong dear lady. they did make a pretty damn good superheroine movie. it is dc animated movie series's wonder woman. basically retells, to a point, her origin story.

    hell a lot of the animated dc movies are better than most superhero movies in live action. some of them are just fucking Brilliant. the red hood batman movie was gorgeous in its plot and execution and animation. some of them even improve upon the material they come from.
  • 9ansean
    She said at the intro this video was only going to be about major studio releases and I think the cover for that movie may have flashed by as she said "...not talking about independent or animated movies."
    I did hear the DC animated Wonder Woman was pretty good and have been meaning to check it out myself. Unfourtonty, direct to video sales tend not to encourage change from major studios since there profit returns are tiny by comparision
  • HeartBurnKid
    They could have at least tried to make a decent Catwoman movie. They could have started by actually using Catwoman, instead of just swiping the name and making up a ridiculous thing with magic cat powers. That shit worked for Burton because Burton is good at making freaky things like that work.
  • ECKohns
    Honestly I didn't mind the Halle Berry Catwoman movie. Im not saying its good but i do find it better than Supergirl and Batman & Robin
  • MavenCree
    I consider Ripley a Superhero - and the only good female one at that. Oh, and Xena and Gabrielle (post Amazon) but that's tv.
  • kshade
    Some people will tell you that she's just a dude with tits or something, and therefore not a positive female character.
  • alexanderthegreat
    Some people would be wrong, since the phrase "dude with tits" implies that some personality traits are gender-restricted (i.e. men are cold, logical, and aggressive, women are warm, emotional, and friendly), which is patently absurd.
  • TheMr.Fritz
    I think "vagina-haver" is my new favorite [word] for the week.
  • Romanticide
    I do not see one coming from Warner anytime soon, this is the company that considered the animation of Wonder Woman a failure and came to the conclusion that it failed because it was a about a girl protagonist.
    From Marvel neither, just look how black widow has been downplayed in the publicity and merchadise, I really like her a lot in the movie, but if you only go by the publicity you would think there were only dudes there.
  • the gangsta of love
    I completely lost it when you started singing the meow mix jingle. LOL!
  • TWtch Grimm
    I have to disagree with Tank Girl because she wasn't a super hero, she was an anti-hero smart ass that only cared about one thing, the little girl. I looked at her in this movie as someone that used other people to get what she wanted. She just broke the law tried not to get caught and didn't care about taking down the "bad guys" to do good, she killed to save herself only. Yes she was the "protagonist" in the movie and no it wasn't the greatest movie, but I don't think it fits as a female superhero genre.
  • 9ansean
    Hard to say. It was based on a comic and there've certainly been a number of guys staring in comics who fit the definition of anti-hero without superhuman abilities. It was certainly marketed in a comic book style, but yeah I could see why the superhero characterization is a bit wobbly.
  • itbegins2005
    It's a shame they didn't just turn the Wonder Woman animated movie from 2009 into a live-action film-- it was a phenomenal representation of Wonder Woman's character, history, and M.O. In fact, I never really liked the character at all until I saw that movie. I was a fan of every other major superhero out there, but Wonder Woman was mystifying to me; after seeing the animated movie, though, I started picking up some of the books by Gail Simone (one of the screenwriters for the movie), and now I'm actually a big fan.

    But what can I say? Warner Bros. is just really keen on stalling or derailing all their superhero franchises that don't feature Batman. Why else would they have turned down Joss Whedon's take on Wonder Woman? I bet they're kicking themselves for that one right about now...
  • ThatDudeInTheUshanka
    Honestly i'm glad they didnt, in a lot of ways a live action film would have probably been a lot worse, the acting talent you can get for a low budget direct to dvd animated movie is way better than what you could get on a similarly budgeted straight to dvd movie, animation is always going to look better on a straight to dvd release than live action movies on the same budget. Honestly the fact it was animated kind of allowed it to be the labor of love it turned out to be.
  • AngelFeathers  - Wonderwoman
    I think if Joss Whedon were to direct a Wonderwoman movie it would turn out great. I mean look how awesome Black Widow was in the Avengers. He's amazing at writing strong female characters and the woman from "Haywire" Gina Carano would be perfect for the lead. Look up pictures of her, check out Filmbrain's review and watch the movie. Seriously she's got the perfect build for it and you believe she can kick ass.

    I would love to see a Raven movie, an Emma Frost movie and a Mystique movie but that probably won't happen.
  • thorondragon
    you can't have raven without people to bounce off of, so more like a teen titans movie with an emphasis on raven.
  • Cinnamon Scudworth
    Whedon wrote a script for a Wonder Woman movie, but it was rejected for some reason. There's a real answer to your question, but it is in a drawer somewhere.
  • HanSK
    It was rejected because it was awful
  • ECKohns
    Don't know what the script was but I refuse to belive that its awful. While making a movie were the protagonist is a strong female is, I wouldn't say hard but i think is hard to find people who can make it good (if those people couldn't make movie like Supergirl to be good, is there any chance they can make a good movie at all? I mean, really?). Joss Whedon is not one of those people. This is the guy who created Buffy the Vampire Slayer. While the movie is't good, thats because its not the movie he wanted to make and strongly regrets it. Not only is he good at making good movies (The Avengers, several others) He can make a good characters. If they made a Black Widow movie, I'd go see it. And if it was directed by Joss Whedon, it would just as good as the otther Marvel movies.
  • HanSK
    The guy had absolutely no respect for the character what so ever
    (he even said on several occasional that he does not like DC characters)
  • Maverick Zero  - Animated Wonder Woman Movie
    Though it's not live action, have you seen the animated Wonder Woman movie that came out back in 2009? It's pretty good. It'd be interesting to hear your thoughts on this one.
  • Cinnamon Scudworth
    Seconded on that, even though it came up already.
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