Wild Wild West

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  • Major Carrales  - I was a bigger fan of the 1960s show.
    Sorry, but I have a huge problem with the the sorry remakes that make these days. It is as if they are trying to capitalize on pop culture classics and crapping in them in the process.

    From War of the Worlds to Wild Wild West...at first I was really excited about these remakes, but after seeing them done so poorly and for cheap laughs and to try to be "hip" I am grossly saddened!
  • krak
    i agree with you an dont forget the three stooges flim dude i'm really really really full of sorrow with that one . but to each there own .
  • Major Carrales
    I weep for POP Culture. The Three Stooges work very well in the 1930s environment they lived in. It has trouble translating to today. However, one enjoys the Stooges for what they are...classic of physical and witty comedy.

    Maybe Wild, Wild West is sort of the same. Maybe it works in its 1960s form and trying to have remade it created a shallow and pales film that disrespects in origins to cheaply get laughs.
  • krak
    i so agree with you there very well put .
  • knightsintodreams  - pre-internet crushes,
    "breasts feel like.... a bag of sand." ok, show of hands, how many others groped themselves?

    is that notebook full of will smith real? because life must have been so embarrassing in those pre-interent-saturated days. my norman reedus obsession is safely squirreled away in folders, pinterist and tumblr.
  • Vismutti
    *raises hand* Still didn't feel like a bag of sand.
  • TheWrittenDemon  - RE: pre-internet crushes
    Wow I didn't know what you were talking until I saw the end of this retrospective... Yeah, I'mma go ahead and assume that the notebook was real, because I don't see how something like that can be faked.
  • uneek
    You say that as if no one would agree with you.
  • Dust
    "Ideas are hard.. let's just grab the name of an existing property, and slap it on whatever crappy spec script we've got lying around."
  • mr_rubino
    And how fitting a review of Dark Shadows was posted the same day that this post would be right at home on. =P
  • tomatomac
    I used to love this movie as a kid
  • krak  - wild wild west
    i have to say this flim is a guilty pleasure.
  • Tal
    Oh Ebonia, why did you star in this movie?
  • Dags
    The thing I remember most about this movie was the tie-in burger at Burger King...

    ...At least it was tasty?...
    I remember those horrible little glasses no one in thier right mind would (or could, they hurt) wear. Why were small useless lenses so popular anyway?
  • littlelili
    Because it was the Nineties and we loved stupid swag vaguely tied into movies that we could get at fastfood chains. Remember the Mickey Mouse cups at McDonald's?
  • ladydiskette
    Selma Hayek in a birdcage?

    Okay who has been snooping into the director's fetish diary again?

    Mmmmmm......I wish we had a TGIF where I live :( That food looks so good.
    Where do you live that you don't have a TGIF?
  • ladydiskette
    *sigh* ........Iowa :(

    In the city where I live we don't have one, but we do have a Jimmy Johns now.

    So that is sort of better.

    I guess.....
  • Rusted Ramblings
    It WAS tasty! But still not as good as the Superhero burger McDonald's tied in for the release of Batman Forever. Man, why was fast food so much better in the 90s? Oh yeah, because I was a kid.
  • tecpaocelotl
    And speaking of white people in historical movies, I can't wait for a time when some studio will have balls to make a movie about the Mexica (Aztec) who overthrow the Tepaneca and become the "super power" of the time.
  • Sparkinglot
    I never saw this movie as a kid, but I specifically remember the Burger King toys they made as a tie-in. Ew, childhood memories about marketing...
  • Evershear
    Thanks for another fun review
    Yes, if they were trying to Blazing saddles, they failed miserably. Blazing saddles is a funny move, Wild Wild West is not.
    I do agree with you about having period movies frustrate when they have characters acting in ways or have attitudes or views that would be dramatically different to actual people in that time period. The most recent one that I saw that annoyed me was Flyboys where they had basically people who were modern in attitudes in a movie about WWI. I was so disappointed.
  • Javo
    Lindsay you aren't going to point out that the entire "red neck" thing from will smith's character is out of place because that term doesn't happen till much later in time
  • littlelili
    The Capitol Building's Dome not yet being completed is far more distracting.
  • buckybone
    The 1920s, if I remember the Billy Ray Cyrus History Channel special right.
  • Jellygear
    I shamelessly still love this movie, and while I can see why you dont like it, I feel it has hella charm
    whatever will be as they say
  • yoshmaster5
    I love how a good portion of the sales for this movie at theaters came from people paying for a WWW ticket and then going to see the South Park movie. If I could have gone to the movies by myself at the time, that is exactly what I would have done.

    That said... I am glad I never saw this film. This makes me very sad. And throwing in a giant mechanical spider/creature is never a good idea unless you want to destroy all your credibility. "So here's this giant enemy crab..."
  • lilbird
    I've never heard of this movie before, and I guess I wish I hadn't...? Looks like a So Bad, It's Good movie, though.

    But the rap from the movie sounds really familiar.

    Wait, a lot of Will Smith raps at the time sounded alike.

    Oh yeah, the banner for this week is really awesome. Another job well done, Mr. Dickman.
  • dougbutcher
    Maverick was an above average movie. That could have made WWW actually good.
  • CPC24  - What a piece of crap!
    Thanks, Lindsay. You really know how to boil movies down. I had no idea this movie was so bad. I knew it looked like crap from the trailer, but, wow, did it stink!

    Racism, "reverse racism", sexism, faulty history, bad accents, and worst of all, NO PLOT! No wonder it was a huge bomb.

    Elisa really took a risk not wearing makeup, but she looks great!

    Seriously, you can see Will's junk? Ewww...
  • keniakittykat
    What is up with this video's color? Am I the only one who sees this giant green border at the top, and the rest of the color hangs a centimeter lower than where it's supposed to be?
  • Salu
    It happens sometimes ... just take the video back to an earlier point ... should fix it. It always works with me, anyway.
  • qazox
    Guilty pleasure movie here for me as well.

    I just barely remember the TV show (saw reruns on TNT I think); but it's a decent movie that was over-hyped and I think the hyping lead to most of the backlash about this movie.

    And the steampunk wasn't too bad either (and I'm not that into steampunk).
  • GomJabber11
    This is a horrible movie. I thought it was bad even when I was a kid. And yet, some of my friends still to this day believe it's awesome. (I love MIB 2, so I guess I can't talk)

    Anyway, great review. I'm looking forward to the rest of Will Smith Month.

    Oh, and THANK GOD that "Superman Lives" film never happen. I heard they had cast Nicolas Cage as the Man of Steel. . .
  • Zydrate
    I remember liking this movie when I was very young, and I really can't say why. Maybe it had something to do with the tie in toys Burger King was selling.
  • SpeedyEric
    Same here. It was that and the fact that it's a Will Smith movie.
  • bigandrewm
    This was a horrible, horrible movie and isn't even funny to watch for it's awfulness. It's so bad that if I were to play the drinking game "take a sip every time you see something stupid" this would be a depressing, drunken pukefest where perhaps the only redeeming possible activity would be to see whose stomach acid most corrodes the DVD plastic.
  • SpeedyEric
    I have a love/hate thing with the Wild Wild West movie, meaning I don't extremely hate it. I always thing of this movie as Men in Black if it were a western (not the Cowboys & Aliens kind; that movie is cool).

    I actually love listening the Wild Wild West song.

    My Dad is a big fan of the original TV show. He even has the entire series on DVD.

    They probably didn't make Loveless in the movie a little person in movie because we already had Mimi-Me in that summer movie season.

    I still need to see Blazzing Saddles from start to finish.
  • BooRat  - SE
    Actually that was my outlook on it when I went to see it in theaters as a kid! and I still like looking at it that way myself but I like the film still!

    It's alright!

    I've only seen a few episodes myself I'd like to see more! I've actually like the movie they made of it back then with Loveless's son and his PLAN TO REPLACE ALL THE WORLD LEADERS WITH ROBOTS!!! and people think the giant spider was stupid!

    That could explain it or the fact cyborgs are cewl!

    It's a great comedy! I don't get any deep meaning in it like we're lead to believe here it was just another Mel Brooks parody comedy! back when parody was actually funny and big names would still do them!
  • agrippa911
    What? You haven't seen Blazing Saddles fully? Get thee to the televideo contraption post haste.
  • Baeraad
    Okay, you know what? I give up! This is the third review I've seen napalm-bombing this movie, and maybe third time's the charm or something, because: I now actually feel *guilty* about having it as a guilty pleasure! Yes, it's stupid, it's offensive, it makes no sense, it's one big crapfest, but, but, but - giant steampunk spiders! I am too weak to resist the cheesy awesomeness of it! Ohhhhhh, I am a poor, weak, no-taste-what-so-ever man...

    Are you happy now? :P

    More seriously, yes, Harriet Tubman movie! That'd be the most awesome thing ever. :D
    I would never feel "guilty" for liking a movie that no one else likes. The Warriors, Pulp Fiction, Green Lantern. I like them all.
  • SpeedyEric
    I also like the Green Lantern movie. Sure it's not as awesome as either The Dark Knight Trilogy or the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it has a nice story inspired by the comics, and I really hope that sequel gets made.
  • BooRat  - THOOM
    I'm glad some one else likes Green Lantern too!
  • JethroQ
    The Warriors, a cult classic, and Pulp Ficton, on of the most popular movies of the whol 90's?

    I'll give you Green Lantern, that one bommbed. but those two aren't unpopular by any stretch.
    True, JethroQ, but there are a ton of people who think that Warriors is corny campy and dated. And a lot of people say that Tarantino is an untalented hack. Meanwhile, he may be my favorite director, next to Kubrick and Altman.
  • FishEyenoMiko
    "Star in a landmark science fiction film [...] that wold change the landscape of cinema aesthetic,"

    Yes, we know that now, but did anyone know that was going to happen before filming had even started? It just seems a little unfair to rag on Smith for something he had no way of predicting.
  • BooRat  - FishEyenoMiko
    Also, it might've really sucked if he was Neo in the Matrix! Common admit it would it be as cewl of a movie if after Neo finally dodges bullets he sits back up and said something stupid! Granted "woah" isn't Shakespeare!
  • LikaLaruku
    I was either pretty young or stupid when this came out, because I was somehow convinced that this movie was part of the Men in Black universe.

    Selma's character was almost as useless as Claira from Back to the Future 3.
  • Rexaura888
    What we have here is an opportunity to compare two reviewers' takes on the same movie: ThatSciFi Guy and Nostalgia Chick, the former posting his review two months earlier. However, I feel as though Leo hit a few points that Lindsay didn't about Will, which is weird considering that her review was a focused analysis whereas Leo's was more linear and broader.

    In terms of attachments, I can understand why he didn't have any with women: Jim West, in the TV series, was a lady's man (not so much in this movie, but they tried, what with all the sexual innuendos). He wasn't attached to any one woman, or if he was, it wasn't for long, but the fact that he didn't seem to develop any kind of bond with Artemis is still a bit confusing after all they've been through(I'm assuming it's because of difference in race, given the time period and all the racism jokes, but that might not be the case).

    Also, something Leo pointed out that Lindsay missed is that this has a lot of elements of a Blacksploitation film. From the music in the title sequence to the fact that most of the white men in this movie are racists (though that's apparently justified by most of said men being confederates), and that Jim West is pretty much the central character (and seeing as how he's the central African American character of a supposed Blacksploitation film, that's why he's so dang good at what he does and is nigh invincible. Terrible reason, but what can ya do?) of this movie when in the show it was about both Jim and Artemis (almost) equally.

    However, there were some things Lindsay mentioned in this that Leo didn't such as Jim's desire for revenge and the fact that it's similar to Blazing Saddles to name a couple.

    On a side note, funny how you mention Buggs Bunny at the Ebonia scene, because Leo actually used a clip of Buggs in drag during the same scene.

    All in all, I like both reviews for what they are, Lindsay's for character analysis, and Leo's for the scientific side of the movie as well as general plot problems. Though they have different reviewing styles, it's interesting to see how they come to similar conclusions about the movie and Will Smith: Will Smith isn't that likeable in this film, and the film sucks.
  • Major Carrales
    Several things, the original Jim West was sort of like "Captain Kirk" from Star Trek, a campy paragon of what 60s audiences saw as a hero (complete with womanizing and the like). Will Smith, as talented as he is, was not able to catch that and played "Will Smith" instead of "James West."

    The "elephant in the room" however, is the race issue. Bigotry in the late-19th Century would have precluded the continued existence of a "person of color" behaving that brash. Jim Crow laws, the Ku Klux Klan and the general feeling of racist attitudes would have never tolerated such behavior (even in the 1950s and 60s) I hate to say this, but the late-1800s were a very racist time.

    I do agree with Lindsay, a more productive look at those race issues might have made the film more meaningful.

    Blazing Saddles took racism on head on and "pulled no punches." In fact, I question whether it could be made today page by page in our hyper sensitive politically correct society.

    What one ends up with, however, is this sort of lukewarm attempt at a remake.
  • teddifunken
    I hate to be that guy, I really do. But Loveless wasn't a paraplegic. Your legs can't be paralyzed if you don't have legs. It's not a big deal at the end of the day, but it did pop at me while I was watching the video.

    Good video, though.
  • ManWithGoodTaste
    My reaction to this episode:

  • BreakAtmo
    Hilarious review. Just one thing... PLEASE don't tell me I'm the only one who looks at Loveless and sees the ancestor of Seneca Crane. I mean, it's not quite as ostentatious, but holy crap.
    Wow, you are so right Lindsay. Where do they get off unrealistically portraying a suave smooth, brave debonaire black character post Civil War (Reconstruction) in this movie with giant spiders, bugs bunny antics and humanoid robots in 1870? The nerve of them! I can't believe the same industry that give us Batman, Star Wars and the Matrix made an unrealistic movie. Not that it is that big of a stretch. There were black cowboys who allied themselves with Native Americans back then.

    "Where did he learn to act like that?"

    You mean, bold and self assured? Believe it or not, not all black people in late 19th century America behaved like the Hattie McDaniel or Butterfly McQueen characters from Gone With the Wind. There were black senators and inventors back then! If there were no black folks with bravado, we wouldn't have had Harriet Tubman.

    I'm still pissed at that comment by the incompetent fanatasy fueled filmmakers "Learn to play by the rules" regrading Smith's race, i.e. "keep the negroes in their places at the appropriate time periods." Yet you complain that there wasn't a more self assured independent female character in the movie.
  • BooRat  - THOOM
    Wow somebody else actually knows about black cowboys that worked with Indians!? And is great at sarcasm as well!? XD
  • LunarPhoenix13  - THOOM
    Sorry, I have to put my two cense in here. I agree that there were some former slaves who acted this way, but it was a pretty small minority. Many, especially as they moved further away from the more tolerant North, were not so cocky for lack of a better word. Especially not when talking directly to the white folks. They grew up being told to keep a low profile (using a modern turn of phrase) to survive. The scene where the "red necks" tried to hang West was probably the closest thing to accurate in the whole movie. I think Lindsey just phrased that comment wrong. It was more "where did the white folk learn to accept this" than where West learned this way of acting.

    I'm not trying to be a troll, but I have one more little comment to tweak in your original post. Women could and did get away with a lot more "self assured independent" attitudes throughout history than any other "lesser being" in the eyes of white men. They were considered whores, but they usually didn't pay any mind.

    I'm sorry if this sounds like I'm picking a fight or trying to be mean because that is not my intention. I actually agree with most of what you said. This whole movie would be better if they didn't "try" to make it a historical setting in our universe in the first place.
  • THOOM  - LunarPhoenix
    I am not offended by your post in anyway. I asked myself the same question about a black man doing all of these things back then when the movie came out. But in a movie that is so ridiculous in every other aspect, I don't see why Lindsay belabored this inconsistency in the movie so much, instead of dismissing it as a mainstream Hollywood movie glossing over the less savory parts of history so Will Smith can do his thing in a big blockbuster.
  • DrIvoRobotnik
    I have to say, I pretty much agree with THOOM's statements here. Nothing to add, just... full agreement. If you're complaining about a black character in a post-civil war movie being "portrayed inaccurately" (and all the unfortunate implications that go along with that), then you should have the same complaints about the female character as well, yet your critique of her was that she was useless and played off as eye-candy. Why isn't she being criticized for, you know, JUST doing things?

    You can be as anti-racist and progressive as you want to, and still have to examine some lingering prejudices, Lindsey.
  • Deadly Sinner
    If you would have actually listened to the review before berating Lindsay, you would notice that she only brought this up because the movie made racism a thing in its story.
    How does that negate anything I said? My point is, that the movie has a right to make up it's own rules about race in this world where Wil Smith is Jim West. It's a stupid movie, so it made up stupid rules, so again, how could she not be dismissive of it?
  • mechmoon
    I kinda like the bigass spider...
    Nothing else, like, but I'm totally having a giant tarantula when I take over the world.
  • SilentChelsea
    I don't care how bad the movie is supposed to be, it is a guilty pleasure of mine. I know almost every word, I've seen the damn thing over 100 times and I just love it. I am sorry, but I love it.
  • BooRat  - SC
    Me too! XD
  • dennett316
    100 times, really? Are there no new movies you could be watching? And I say that as someone who finds this flick goofily entertaining.
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