The Chipmunk Adventure

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  • Evil_Pun
    Dougs singing voice at the end is hilarious especially knowing that he can actually sing.
  • theshak  - green screen fail!

    green screen fail at 18:48!
  • PlayMp1
    I think Critic was going for a kind of James Hetfield (Metallica singer) pseudo-bark. I definitely got shades of the machismo that James Hetfield tries so hard to exude :P
  • Haon
    Anyone else find the Chipmunks having irises and not just giant pupils a bit creepy?
  • KingGramJohnson  - VIP!
    This is awesome! It needs to be put on the Premium Site! Pleeeese!
  • HypnoticGenes
    I have to admit, this movie was a guilty pleasure for me when I was a kid. Heck I dont think I would change the channel if I happened to run across it while flipping channels.
  • TheAngryAnimeAddict
    Chick, Critic, Chipmunks? I shall enjoy myself these past 20 minutes... and just when I was running out of things to do on the internets.

    BWAH! It is pronounced: "BAG-DEE-SARE-EE-UN"

    I loved the Chipmunks as a Kid, ironically, their first movie was the one I hated the most. I prefer to watch their Halloween special movies any time of the year.
  • FullofQuestions  - They finally succumbed to the popular demand.
    I loved watching this even though Chipmunks are way before my time.I missed these two reviewing together. It's been way too long since Ferngully.

    Great musical number; I was laughing out loud!
  • Vismutti
    My thoughts exactly, these two need to crossover more! Moulin Rouge doesn't count, it was more about Brentalfloss.

    Btw, I love the fourth wall jokes in this. xD Especially the "it's as if I wrote this" bit acknowledging the obviously different writing styles that you can almost always see clashing in crossovers.
  • Linklex7
    Ferngully wasn't the last movie they reviewed together. They did Moulin Rouge this past December.
  • Ukyo Convoy  - Did you forget?
    It looks like both of you forgot there was a chipmunk show in the 60's.

    It was called "The Alvin Show". It wasn't as good as the one from the 80's but it was OK for the time.
  • TragicGuineaPig
    I was thinking the exact same thing. I remember watching an Alvin and the Chipmunks show in the 70s, long before the 80s show came out.
  • QuestionTheMajority
    Ah, good. I was wondering if I was going to be the only Douchey McNitpick going "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! There was a Chipmunks cartoon BEFORE the 1980's, you ASSHOLES!!!"

    If you ask me, though, the 60's one was funnier. The 80's one always felt like it was trying too hard to be cool in my opinion.
  • Ronka87
    I barely remember this movie, but I will never forget the Berlin Wall song. "Let the wall come down, crumble to the ground, and love will live in peace all around."

    In hindsight it's got the cheesy, Captain Planet "If It's Doomsday It Must Be Belfast"-esque naive simplification of a complex idea, but at the same time as a kid I admired that it was talking about something relevant to the real world. Still cheesier than a ripe brie, though.
  • ladydiskette
    LOL, face it Critic, you knew it was only a matter of time until the pressure broke you. Almost everyone (including me) have been asking you to review this movie and you didn't disappoint. :)

    I have to admit, watching this again, its alot more better and well-written compared to the live action movie and sequel despite its outdated eighties schtik. I would definitely show this to any little kids I know before I would let them watch the recent live-action movie version.
  • Ohsha  - Lackadaisy Humans

    Wow the end song was bad.

    Lindsay = Eleanor
    Doug = Simon

    You guys are missing an Alvin.

    Klaus is a German name and German's are supposed to be acceptable targets b/c of the holocaust.

    Notice too the apple they're fighting over is bigger than the rest.

    You guys fuss alot about savages not steryotypical enough to be identified with any particular culture but don't mind Germans being mocked.
  • TheLaughingFish
    I'd argue that the French and the Germans aren't acceptable targets either. Nazi Germany was a FAR different place from what Modern Germany is, so the "They had the Holocaust so they're acceptable targets" is utter BS. Also, yeah we know France surrendered a lot. That was also a while ago. I don't get why they're acceptable targets now because of that.

    I hate to be a Douchey McNitpick here, but the apple's only larger because 1) it's in front of the cart with all the other apples; the apples could actually *all* be that size and we just don't see it due to persepctive, and 2) Chipmunks aren't big animals to begin with even in the cartoon; that apple is about half the size of Alvin's head there so it probably IS a big apple to the chipmunks/chipettes.

    I don't think it's the fact that pseudo-"savages" are being mocked in general, but the fact that the show is regarding tribal cultures as "savages" to begin with. It's the ethnocentric view that any person of tribal or native origin is a "savage" that is worrisome, not the fact that any one particular culture is being mocked.
  • 9ansean
    Ronka87 are you sure that song was from this movie? I saw The Chipmuck Adventure quite a few times as kid (just because it happend to one of the few things my parents had taped off the Disney channel) and don't remember it having about the Berlin Wall. Plus the Wikipedia page has no song like that listed on the soundtrack though they did mention the whole Milibu Bikini Shop conection. I found that a little hard to believe initially and I've found some wiiiiiiiiiiiiiild conections to many a family movie that were not all that family friendly. I just never heard this one before and Lindsey gotten facts wrong sadly quite often (sorry to break it to ya). Though here's a little inconcissant. First we here the 1983 tv series was the first non-record production with the Chipmuncks, than ten minutes in were told they had "mostly" appeared in music only before the Chipettes.
    Well anyway, the Malibu thing was right, but....I think you may have heard the song you remember from something else. BTW I tried googling the lyrics you posted, but didn't find anything.
  • 9ansean
    It was from a episode of the Chipmuncks tv series in the 7th season (OMG it really lasted THAT long!) from December of 1988. It was about Alvin trying to unite a girl with her brother who was living on the otherside of the wall and how he mobilizes a lot of other Berliners to tear it down. Ironicly this was less than a year before the wall really did come down. And here I though all the inspiration came from the Hoff!
  • musiclover9293
    I've actually wanted you to do this movie for a while. Thank you SO much!
  • Hinatachan360  - The Title Card...Squee!
    That title card is soooooo adorable! The Chick and Critic look so cute as Chipmunks. As for the movie...after my brothers and I saw it we would dance around the house singing "The Girls of Rock and Roll." Ahh, good times, good times indeed.
  • kschenke
    Oh man, I watched this movie like crazy as a kid. It's weird to look back now and realize that this is a kid's movie about money laundering.
  • 9ansean
    It's also weird to remember this was made back in the days were it was not uncommon to see adults smoking near kid in a resturant! One wonders if that would confuse today's kids, even if the only ones smoking are bad guys!
  • twistedpuppet
    Review was awesome, but I'm afraid the biggest thing I will take away from this is that Doug has a penis. :P
  • Lupucillo
    Love this film, and it was one of my first encounters with gratuitious panty-shots.

    Fan service, anyone? XD
  • englanddg  - Am I a bad parent?
    I shared this movie with my kid annually. We sing the songs together.

    I loved it as a kid. Sure, it's not the best movie, but that's part of it's charm. Even as 10 year old I knew it was sloppy scripting and stereotypes...but it's still fun.
  • Kumi
    I was lucky I wasn't eating or drinking when I got to Doug's "WELL I GOT A PENIS." line. I would've choked.
  • FieldMarshalPatton^3
    I'm with Doug,the chipettes didn't win because they had to got the boys so that means it was a tie, so both won
  • Bloodrealm
    It's true. The girls COULD HAVE won, but chose not to. Therefore, due to plot convenience, it is a tie.
  • Malchik
    LOL Germans, the French, and rich Italian Americans are fair game.
  • Dacilriel
    I have been coming to watch videos on TGWTG for ages, but I have never registered until now. I just had to comment on this review.

    I have been waiting to see a review of this movie, but I couldn't decide whether I wanted the Critic or the Chick to do it. To have it be a crossover is perfect. I loved the sing-off.

    This was one of my favorite movies as a kid, and I could sing along with all the songs. Now that I'm older I can appreciate how simultaneously wonderful and offensive it is in all its squeaky glory.

    I'm a bit surprised the Chick didn't make a big deal about the fact that when the girls got captured they rescued themselves, and when the boys got captured they needed the girls to rescue them.

    Oh, Critic, I love the NC shirt.
  • Hakajin
    I loved the Chipmunks when I was a kid. Heard a lot of popular songs for the first time on that show. And I definitely remember this movie.

    Great review. Especially loved it when Doug was practically reading off what Lindsay wrote. And the song was awesome, of course, that made me lol. Always love it when you guys collaborate!
  • MovieNerd17
    Hey what about the Chipmunks Meet Frankenstein and The Wolfman............ okay they were stupid but they were still fun, just like this movie. I grew up with this and thought it was awesome. Great review guy and gal.
  • Blackwolf0925
    I gotta say this is one of my guilty pleasures, I always love the chipmunks as a kid and still do to this day, but that my love only stems up to the 80's version of it.

    Funny fact, I enjoyed this movie so much I actually recently acquired the soundtrack to it. Anyways I loved the review guys this was one I was looking forward to for a long time. Thanks
  • Clinton
    Yeah, the really weird animation style of the villains creeped me out as a kid as well.

    Am I the only one who immediately thought of Riff Raff from Rocky Horror when Doug started singing?
  • jtspgs  - giggle
    this made me giggle
  • TimTE01  - My Thoughts
    Review begins...

    'Have I seen this movie?

    1 minute later...

    'I think I've seen this movie.'

    30 seconds later...

    'Damn it- I've seen this movie!'

    This movie was good for its time, provided that you didn't analyze it, think about what was happening and/or possess ears.

    Seriously, Alvin lost that race. Deal with it, World!
  • jellydonut
    I freaked out when I saw you guys reviewed this, it was one of the videos I would rent again and again as a kid. This movie and Alvin and the Chipmunks meet Frankenstein: terrible in hindsight, but nostalgia-loved forever.

    Favorite line of this review:"...and then, you went rogue!"
  • HondaCello  - o-o
    i actually enjoyed this movie as a kid and now o-o
    nostalgia goggles on a bit too tight.
  • world_dancer
    I loved this movie as a kid. It was the music, really.

    And even if they were distaff counterparts, at least the Chippettes were a full complement of girls, rather than just a token girl. I took what equality I could get as a kid.
  • Underdog10
    Wow...that song you guys did was...horrible.
  • Semudara
    Yeah, it really was. I guess it was supposed to be awful, but... they can do so much better than that.
    Comedically and otherwise.

    Well, at least you can tell they had fun with it. That's the most important thing, really.
  • Gundam4ever
    Didn't think a Chipmunk cartoon was going to pull my lolicon perv switch but it did.
  • Valis77
    Im already there buddy *faps* to elenmors ass* Yeah i want there.
  • Oreo1223
    First of all... ABOUT FREAKIN' TIME. This review has been long awaited, maybe just by me, but... still. LONG. AWAITED.

    Uhmmm... Overall... kinda dry, but then again... so was the movie. Loved the brother and sister, though, they're always a BLASTY-BLAST! I bet somewhere out there are some twisted fanfics with the two of them... *sighs*

    So... yeah! Good job, I... think...
  • Tactlesscat
    Yeah same this review was sort of very obviously not written to play off both of them well.
  • Leon Real
    lmao Okay, add this one to my list of guilty pleasures.
    So how come there wasnt any comment over Brittany's flippant morality? In the scene where the Chipettes are being made up for the sultan she goes, "I don't care how powerful he is! How rich he is... By the way, how rich is he?"
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