Shorts! Der Fuhrer's Face

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  • Thrillho  - HEIL!
    Now, I haven't seen the new Transformers films because... so many reasons, but what exactly does the clip at the end possibly have to do with intergalactic war between two groups of robots?
  • keniakittykat
    It's a clip from the second movie. By then the autobots and the military has formed a united front which implies that the army help out during their missions and do research and stuff.

    That clip was from near the end of the movie where the military has dropped off Optimus Prime's body because the matrix to revive him was located in some temple in Egypt. But dead autobot leaders attract enemies, I guess, so they get ambushed which causes a desert-scape warzone.
  • Flaregun  - Reply to Thrillho
    Well to be fair, that question could be legitimately asked of at least 70% of the contents of any Transformers movie.
  • Ohsha
    Disney was the only major white studio. The rest were and are jewish. Disney's HQ, and only Disney's HQ, was used as a base of operations by the American Army, preventing them from completing previous contracts and forcing Disney to accept the Army's contracts, to produce propaganda, if he wanted to keep the studio open.

    DDT's all it takes to defeat Malaria. Bullshit as found in books like Silent Spring about birds eggshelsl being thinned by DDT to the point birds would go extinct. Silent Spring was written in 1962; it's still wrong 50 years later but that doesn't stop environmentalists from faithfully believing DDT's evil).
  • Chikyu  - Compost your Bull!
    Silent Spring is not bullshit. It is well documented that birds and fish were dyeing, at times in large numbers, from the uncontrolled used of pesticides like DDT. It was Bald Eagles and Brown Pelicans that were laying eggs that were too thin from the accumulation of DDT in their systems from their diet of pesticide laden fish. Both were highly endangered species at the time, and in very real danger of going extinct from the population crash from having no new chicks.

    The book dose not call for a ban on all pesticides, but for better control of them and other poisons, and to be wary of ones that do accumulate in higher and higher numbers in the food chain; and yes, DDT is one such pesticide, and it was banned in the U.S.A. because of it.

    Malaria dose remains a problem in many areas of the world, which is why DDT and other chemicals are still used outside the U.S. in mosquito control, but any cease in use is not due to this book, but to the failing effectiveness of the chemicals against growing resistant insects, as the book warned.

    (Oh, and BTW, the book was only published in 1962- after decades of collecting research; data that even the Investigation ordered after its publication by the President couldn’t find faulty. So before you swing bullshit around, do some real research, or the bull you swing may not be other’s.)
  • Ohsha
    I'll address the lie my original post didn't.

    Nations other than the US do not use DDT to treat malaria. UN aid to African nations is in part predicated by their agreement to not use DDT. Despite DDT eliminating malaria as a threat when it was in use Africans now must rely on mosquito nets and die from Malaria in silly yearly numbers.
  • Nirual  - Cheap padding material
    Because the last thing people want to see in a TRANSFORMERS movie is giant robots being the focus.
  • SuperAshBro
    'Coz the American Army kicks ass, that's why!

    In all seriousness, if Michael Bay wants to glorify the US military, why didn't he just make a film about the US military instead of have them take up more screen time than the transforming robots in a film called TRANSFORMERS? They'll probably have more screen time in the Alien Ninja Turtles movie than the Alien Ninja Turtles.

    With a few extreme exceptions, I've got nothing against any soldiers willing to risk their lives fighting for freedom and democracy. It's one of the reasons I love the Captain America film (y'know, the GOOD one with Chris Evans). It's just the self-serving political leaders who send them into battle that I've got beef with.
  • Jeff Jacobson
    ...or why didn't he do the G.I. Joe movie instead of Transformers?
  • Vismutti
    That is a very good question...
  • AlKusanagi
    Bay is buddy buddy with the military and has some deal with them where they let him use actual military vehicles, equipment and personnel in his movies as long as they are "featured in a heroic light."
  • Psycho-Nutty
    Mostly cannon fodder and providing Michael Bay's daily dosage of explosions.
  • mumbls  - I think I FIRST...
    ...heard about this one from MarzGurl, but only as a reference. Growing up in the 80s, the Superman Cartoons of the time were just as bad. I never considered the actual racism of the forties usually because of the over-hype of the Civil Rights movement of the 60s.

    I like your thoughts on this particular subject. Thanks.
  • CourtneyKilledKurt  - Generic Comment
    Love your videos. Keep making them and I'll keep watching.
  • Raptor Rex
    I knew it, the chick is a nazi.
  • mlsterben
    The best part about Donald is you never know if he said "Heil Hitler" or "whale hit her."
  • Guild Navigator
    There is another Bugs Bunny WWII cartoon where he's handing over dynamite-laced ice cream to the Japanese soldiers and he says "There you go,monkey face!". But the crowned jewel of Disney WWII propaganda is probably a poster campaign with Donald Duck reminding our soldiers not to forget their condoms. I'm dead fucking serious: item.asp?Auction=191& ItemNo=54954

    And,yeah,I'm surprised the Army didn't have enlistment booths in the theaters during the Bayformers flicks...
  • EpicFish
    @Guild Navigator - Yeah, I've seen that cartoon you're talking about. It's the same one that Lindsay uses a clip from in this video. It's called, "Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips".

    I also remember the Merrie Melodies cartoon Herr Meets Hare, where Bugs ends up in Germany after realizing he "should've taken that left 'toin at Albukoykee" (little known fact, Herr Meets Hare is the cartoon in which he first uttered that line) and runs into "Fatso" Göring (supposed to be a parody of the real Herrman Göring) who becomes the target of Bugs' crazy antics along with Hitler who they meet up with later. At the end of the cartoon, in order to escape them, Bugs disguises himself as Joseph Stalin causing Göring and Hitler to feel from him in terror.

    I still don't understand though why people use this cartoon, or the clip of Donald saying "Heil Hitler" out of context as proof that Disney hated the Jews and claim he's racially insensitive but don't use old Warner Bros cartoons as proof of their racially insensitivity from a bygone time against them. I suppose though it's because Warner Bros cartoons focused on their patriotism and Disney didn't.

    Anyway, good video Lindsay.
  • Give1Take2
    I remember watching several of these shorts in high school when we were learning about WWII. Closest to learning about the concentration camps that we ever touched on either. >>
  • TheLaughingFish
    Seriously? That's... odd. When I was in High School I was in a play about the Holocaust where I played a little Jewish girl who dies. Yes, I am dead serious. The play is called "I Never Saw Another Butterfly".
  • PlayMp1
    Give1Take2 might be German, in which case it may be (I'm completely speculating/bullshitting here, clarification and correction is wanted) that they don't want to necessarily teach that sort of stuff in their classes. We never went over Japanese internment camps when I was in high school history - hell, we didn't even cover it in my college US history class.
  • RokuroCarisu  - Some inside info from Germany
    Well, I am German and I can tell you that we take this topic very serious, in school and anywhere else. Almost a little too serious, sometimes. I recall when we supposedly learned about the Sinti and Roma in highschool, all we were tought was how horrible the Nazis treated them - while personally, I would rather have learned at least a little about their culture and history.
    We try very hard to leave no chance that history could repeat itself. We fight all that is left of Nazism, so it may never prosper again. But we DON'T try to deny or even whitewash our history. Our history is what explains the reasons why we hate and fight Nazism. We don't want this evil to be forgotten, because that would only cause us to let our guard against it down.
    Germany doesn't ban so many Nazi-realated things out of shame, but to prevent Nazism being portrayed as harmless or even glorified. We don't want to give it a stage. But when it comes to showing how bad the Nazis were (and still are), we don't hold back.

    That's modern day Germany for you.
  • Fizzatzhaderach
    I find that bizarre. In school, from as early as 4th grade I got the Holocaust beat into my skull. My 7th English teacher treated book having to do with the Holocaust as some kind of sub-genre and I was required to read at least one per marking period. We discussed it in some facet almost every year in History and/or English, including having to read the God awful "Summer of my German Soldier". There's something Lindsey can review when she loses power next.
  • Tenacious Don
    Nicht nur great, sondern das beste! :)
    (Das Video und das Bier)
  • Mizu Takishima
    Ah I watched a chunk of these on youtube a while back! I actually discovered them through something fandom related and I got curious.

    I agree, the Donald one is actually pretty entertaining!
  • TamLin
    The Chick is right, once you get past your initial discomfort, "Der Fuehrer's Face" is one of the funniest Donald Duck cartoons ever produced. Leads to awkward moments if you catch yourself singing the incredibly catchy Spike Jones song under your breath in public though. Cuz, ya know, difficult to explain the satirical context to the guy sitting next to you on the bus...
  • fourleafclover
    Another great review Nostalgia Chick! But I don't really get why there was a clip from Transformers at the end...
  • Jeff Jacobson
    "But I don't really get why there was a clip from Transformers at the end..."

    She was showing that the U.S. Military does, in fact, still make propaganda with Hollywood producers.
  • Mad-Eye Louie  - Der Fuerher's Face
    That song was stuck in my head for a week after I watched it. And yes, it's hard to explain to your mother why you're humming a song about hitler on the way to work.
  • Zachary Amaranth
    You think that's bad, try explaining to your neighbours why you randomly burst out into "Springtime for Hitler" at the top of your lungs.
  • Mingo
    Great Video!

    But, What did you try to say with
    "Ist we ist der Supermen? Ja we ist der Supermen!" ?

    i am german and I can't understand a thing xD
    Is it a quote, or is did you use googletranslate?

    By the way, we don't ever put "Das Ende" at die End of movies, but just "Ende"

    thanks for your attention,
    annoying german out!
  • Flaregun  - reply to Mingo
    "But, What did you try to say with
    "Ist we ist der Supermen? Ja we ist der Supermen!" ?"

    It's a quote from the song in the cartoon, which is sung in a kind of mocking pseudo-German, that line "translates" as "Is we is the Supermen? Yes we is the Supermen!", which is a reference to a popular Louis Jordon song of the era called "Is you is or is you ain't my baby?", which in turn is a kind of parody of Black dialect. (Jordon was himself black, but Wikipedia tells me the phrase "Is you is or is you ain't" was first used in the 20's by a white Jewish writer named Octavus Roy Cohen who wrote "humorous black dialect fiction".)

    ...Yeah, go back more than a couple of decades in American Pop culture and start scratching the surface, and things get uncomfortable pretty damm quickly.
  • AmyOfDarkness
    Actually, the song being parodied is "Schnitzelbank", which was also used in the Animaniacs as the "International Friendship Song". It's a German children's song. :)
  • Unclejulio
    Awkward and uncomfortable?

    Not for me it isn't, I love watching all these old banned racist cartoons, they are so funny to me.

    Not to say I am racist myself, but I just really like that sort of lowbrow humor ala carlin or louis ck, even if its horribly racist, which never got to me cause I never try and look at it from a racist point of view, I just find it funny cause it looks and sounds funny.

    And yes, I find blackface funny.
  • PlayMp1
    Actually, Carlin and Louis CK aren't lowbrow at all - lowbrow is stuff like Larry the Cable Guy. Carlin, in particular, is an erudite son of a bitch, he just likes to swear and mock people.

    Really, in the grand scheme of standup comedy, the most highbrow, intellectual stuff that's ever been made is Carlin. The dude challenges your perceptions and makes you think.
  • Shinigami
    Well US military's involvemt in movies had to start some were. Its just that military freak directors like Bay just take it to whole new level in they movies. Funny how people making these propaganda cartoons were not even trying to hide how racist they were.
  • PlayMp1
    Racism was acceptable, even normal then. It's no excuse for the content of the cartoons, but it is a reason (not sure if the difference is clear).

    The military's involvement in action movies comes from the need for BIGGER, BETTER, BADDER EXPLOSIONS 'N' SHIT in every movie. Took down a helicopter with a car in Die Hard, huh? Alright, well, Michael Bay is going to have a fucking FLEET of tanks roll up to Megatron. To get those tanks, though, he has to talk to the military. Notice how they're not CGI.
  • guenbre  - Interessant
    Propaganda kann auch unterhaltsam sein.

    But for me, this is definately weird. Sure, not as problematic as Nazi propaganda, but still awkward. But since we all know that Walt Disney was not a racist, this is all good clean fun...
    Nice jab at American military promotional films like transformers.

    Gutes Video NChick.
    Aber Sketch-Videos mit Nella sind mir trotzdem lieber. ;-)
  • Dark Paladin
    When the part where Donald is Heil-ing all three leaders of the Axis, I thought I heard him say, "Heil Yellow Hitler." I had to back it up to see that he actually said, "Heil Hirohito."
    I think my mind was just already there since it came right after the discussion on the racism in those old cartoons.

    Also, I never really got how people see Michael Bay films as being military propaganda, just because they often feature the military (the movies they're in tend to be on the scope where scenes of the military would be appropriate). I find the military to be portrayed extremely negatively in his movies.
    Though, it is entirely possible that Bay is trying to be pro-military, but is such a hack that he accidentally makes it negative.
  • Mammam
    Thumbs Up from Germany ;-)
  • Reviewerteen*
    Ah yes the most contoversial thing disney has done...after song of the south,the crows in dumbo and the indians in peter pan.
    Well done Lindasy, a fair review pointing out the awkward scenes and the scenes that are truthful
  • Skemono
    Don't forget Sunflower the centaur from Fantasia!
  • Draco Dracul
    I'm surprised you didn't bring up the very, very racist anti-Japanese propaganda that Dr. Suess drew. I think that is far more surreal and disturbing than something he wrote as those picture are very clearly in his style.

    I also know that he came to regret drawing those and in fact wrote Horton Hears a Who in response to the plight of the Japanese in the aftermath of WWII. The villains of the book are actually represent Australia, The UK, and Russia all of whom want to punish Japan.
  • CartoonFireworks
    Ja! Some of Suess' propaganda work was quite shocking. And Horton Hears a Who *is* about the Japanese (and not about abortion, as some strange, strange people with stranger ideas have come to believe). Leute haben solche lacherlichen Ideen, nein? (Just to let you know, my German is pretty terrible :P.)

    I still think the Warner Bros.' stuff is the worst, however. The censored eleven were censored for a good reason. They make you feel extremely uncomfortable. And unclean. So, so unclean.
  • Neko Koneko
    I only had to see this thing several times to notice Donald's house actually looks like Hitler's face. The window being the mustache and the roof's shadow being the hair. That's just really clever I think.

    You mention that this cartoon doesn't really show any of the really horrible things Hitler did. Wasn't it only after the war had ended and the camps were found that the true horrors of Hitler's regime became clear?

    Nonetheless, I like your review. This is by far my favourite Disney propaganda short. Maybe you should do a special on WW2 propaganda shorts one day where you discuss more of these movies. I found a Superman one recently (and apparently there are a bunch) and of course, like you said, Disney and WB made their fair share as well.

    Btw, my friend actually has the tune to "In the Fuehrer's face"(I don't get that spelling of Führer btw) as his ringtone :P
  • MacrossSD  - RE: The Camps
    IIRC, that's exactly it. To most people during WW2, the word "Concentration Camp" conjured up images of the Boer War and other conflicts where the camps were temporary and unpleasant, but not intentionally murderous, establishments meant to hold seditious or possibly disloyal people in a time of war.

    The thing about the Holocaust was that people WERE trying to sound the alarm once the Final Solution was under way, but most people in the Allied countries were disinclined to believe it. The reason was that those who had lived through World War One (then still only 30 years previous) remembered the false propaganda that had been put out about Germany to stir up war fever against the Kaiser (things like babies on the ends of bayonets, assaulted nuns and the like), and assumed that the same thing was going on. That's why it hit like a ton of bricks once Belsen, Dachau, Auschwitz and the other camps were liberated.
  • franzfan66  - ju forgot
    great vid. I remember watching that short and the grim nazi propaganda film about a kid living in germany from disney in college thanks to youtube. You forgot to mention the most awesome anti-nazi film that was made when hitler was alive and was basically an insult to his face: The Great Dictator by the great charlie chaplin. :)
  • Gadzinisko
    From what I remember reading about somewhere (and I don't live in US, so it doesn't actually concern me) US military provides help and a lot of supernumeraries (meaning soldiers) to directors that would show them in movie in white light.

    Hence, why the clip from "Transformers" was there. I didn't watch the movie, but I seem to remember that this was written in the article about it. That's why I think Chick included that clip.

    And about short itself - it's hard not to laugh, but my country was under Nazi ocupation during WW2. And this short may show a little how people would live under Nazi ocupation. It shows it in the grotesque way, but I still feel a little bad about laughing.
  • Wookiee
    I first heard that song on my dad's tape (actual magnetic tape cassette) of Spike Jone's Greatest Hits.

    Also, Michael Bay... blech. If you want to see how Transformers SHOULD have been rebooted, look up Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt Episode 7
  • LikaLaruku
    Gotta "love" how the cannon stereotype for all asians was based on a white man in horrible makeup.

    It was Mao Ze-Dong who made farmers work in factories.....& totally fucked his country over by trying to eliminate a species of bird that kept the locust population at bay, starving, overworking & torturing MILLIONS of his OWN people to death. Yup, the Great Leap Forward is right up there with the Jewish Genocide.
  • Filby
    The thing with Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot, etc., though, is they killed their own people, and we're sort of fine with that. "Oh, help yourself, we've been trying to kill you for ages!"

    Hitler killed people next door. Oh... stupid man. After a few years we won't stand for that.

    (Apologies to Eddie Izzard.)
  • Drakonis
    Great Video, fun and informative.
    I thought the Nazi Donald cartoon was very funny when I first saw it and it still is. Also, it's Nazi Donald. That image alone is gold.

    And yes. We do make great, nay, I dare say the best beer in the world.
  • Madhog thy Master  - Ah good times..
    Nazi Donald was so hilarious... almost as funny as American soldier Donald.
  • FunkyM
    Propaganda! What can you say?
  • penpaninu
    still a short I've been meaning to see and I've seen alot of the WW2 Donald shorts :P Well the non-prograganda ones, just the pro-army ones on the 80's. Those were the days :P Just finding out this existed as a teenager blew my mind and I've been meaning to find it ever since. Thanks for letting me know Disney actually plunked the progragandas out on dvd! No Song of the South still? found a bootleg version at a con once :P
  • TheLaughingFish
    You could also try some public domain sites for these shorts, or Youtube...

    And yes, still no damned Song of the South. If you ask me, Donald in Nutziland was a lot more cringe-inducing, if only because genocide and imprisonment with torture involved >>> slavery and being sold against your will on the scale of atrocities.
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