The Adventures of Milo and Otis

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  • Gigakoops
    Damn this review breaks my heart. I've never seen this film, and to think that animals died for stupid stunts, I am now afraid to see this film. Feels like an animal snuff film.
  • ConspiracyTheory101
    How did the pitch for this "movie" go?

    "It's like Cannibal Holocaust... but ya know, for kids! A fuzzy-wuzzy Faces of Death!"


    Thank you Lindsay for sheding the light on this abysmal atrocity. Animal snuff film disguised as a kid friendly entertainment. I think i'm gonna go vomit now.
  • Nico from Germany
    You got to be fucking kidding me.
    Cannibal Holocaust has ONE scene where they kill a turtle that is eaten later on. It's debatable if someone should show that in a movie, but THIS is something completely different. The adventures of Milo and Otis is harming/killing animals for no other purpose than entertain MEN.

    Cannibal Holocaust had a message and a lot of things to offer (if you have a strong stomach) besides that scene where they kill the turtle.
    And let's not forget about the beautiful score.
  • ender1200
    they killed several animal in canibal holocaust, but they were all eaten by the locals, actually it's one of the main reasons the animals were killed.
  • Axel Osbourne
    Ah no, the one and only reason they were killed was shock vaule, period: letting the locals eat them was just an excuse. And any message it had was crap, because it was just them exploiting crulty, and then wagging their finger at you for watching a movie that exploites crulty.
  • mrrubino
    If we can put our explosions of nebulous outrage 25 years after the fact on the back burner for a sec, I'd like to ask how it feels for everyone here to have been taken in by an animal liberation kook and her legion of possibly-imaginary "concerned mothers" who basically said "I watched the movie and you could tell it was abuse by looking at the pixels"?

    Because that's what you're all flipping out about.
    I like when N-Chick brings the learnings, because it beats getting shrieked at incoherently for 10 minutes, but some of you are off-your-meds coo-coo for no clear reason. At least with Heaven's Gate, we know for a fact (we think) various animals were exploded instead just getting fifth-hand accounts nobody can put a number on.
  • Gigakoops
    I love how you call people off-med kooks when they're just showing their concern over something they just found out about. Whether it's about this film or the cannibal film The Cinema Snob reviewed, I can see why people are voicing their concern about the possibility of animals being killed for our entertainment. If you don't mind animals being killed in front of you, good for you, but that doesn't mean that others should show no emotion towards animal cruelty.

    Though they could have done without going way off subject with Cannibal Holocaust.
  • Axel Osbourne
    "Though they could have done without going way off subject with Cannibal Holocaust."

    Off Topic? How is comparing one movie that abuses animals to another movie that abuses animals of topic?
  • The Chaos Heart
    "The adventures of Milo and Otis is harming/killing animals for no other purpose than entertain MEN."

    Are you implying that women do not enjoy this movie, or that men are somehow some evil force trying to harm animals for their own amusement? Because, of course, women would NEVER do such a thing.

    As for the review itself, this is the first time I've actually watched something by the Nostalgia Chick. I must say, I enjoyed it quite a bit. I don't know if most of your videos are of a more serious nature like this one (using that term loosely), but I highly enjoyed the eye-opening aspects of this review. I will certainly be watching more of you.
  • Grimm
    -sigh- i miss the days back when she use to be funny
  • Furrama
    I thumbs down the above passive aggressive comment. With my mind.

    Also, people, stop leeching on the top comment. You aren't replying, you are making regular posts but leeching so that others are more likely to see. Get in line, unless you actually have something to say to the top commenters.
  • Vismutti
    This. Just... this.
  • The Theory

    -The Theory
  • Yeahwhatever
    -sigh- I miss the days when user comments used to have actual valid criticism instead of pointless whining about nothing.
  • QuestionTheMajority
    I agree. Her, as the Nostalgia Critic put it, "activist for anything" cause got annoying from day one. However, while most of the time I feel like she's whining over nothing, I have to agree with her here. A lot of the film does seem unnecessarily dangerous to the animals. Kind of uncomfortable to watch.
  • SuperCowGirl1984
    I watched this movie when I was a kid and liked it. It wasn't until I grew up and realized what they did to those poor animals in production that made me hate the film.
  • kitsune_baka  - Anybody remember THIS movie???
    It's called "The Bear," I watched it when I was about 7 years old. My loving and thoughtful mother got it for me at the local Library. watch? v=pOYqqRaGxpU&feature=rel ated
  • ladydiskette
    I do!

    They played it at my preschool when I was little, and even though it didn't make me cry, it kinda 'disturbed' me a little. I don't know what it was but after seeing that movie I never could forget it ever since.

    I really need to track that movie down again and watch it for old times sake.
  • EonTheBlackGuy
    I love that movie! I have it on DVD, right next to my copy of....Milo and Otis. Aw fuck.

    I have to admit, I liked the whole premise of a cat and dog being friends in the wilderness, but seeing all the shit that the animals went through made me lose a lot of love for that film. It's entertaining, but damn, if they killed 30 cats to make this movie, that's fucked up.
  • TheTannedOtaku
    Cats are awesome! I wept for them while watching this

    Holy sh*t Japan?! I thought you loved cats?!
    What did Orange Tabbies (and Pugs for that matter) do to the Japanese to deserve this?!

    Why do female characters get tacked-on to cock-block bromances, I will never know...
  • Sewblon  - Why female characters cock-block bromances.
    It could be closeted homosexual writers taking out their frustrations on women. Or it could be hack writers generating cheap tension.
  • Flaregun
    Or it could just be that among the miles & miles of footage they shot for this thing they happened to catch some shots of male & female cats & dogs doing stuff together (I mean scampering around & shit), and thought "Eh, that's cute, stick it in & make it part of the story somehow."
  • Yeahwhatever
    "It could be closeted homosexual writers taking out their frustrations on women"

    That is an extremely distasteful and incredibly ignorant comment. Most gay men are perfectly fine with women, and in fact have many good female friends. Grow up.
  • alsciaukat  - Reading comprehension.
    I always got a feeling of dread while watching this film as a child. Probably has more to do with my fear of being away from loved ones than anything else though.

    Ah, who am I kidding. I'm still a child. Ahem. Most gay men are closet homosexuals. And closet homosexuals are detestable human beings. You can get any statistics when you pose personal experience as a popular trend. The best part is if anyone defends against your statement, you already have a tiny, single example to beat over their heads. Who needs logic when you are grown up?

    I think I have a point in there somewhere. I wouldn't look for it if I were you though. Might go over your head. Almost did mine.
  • Fantastic Chick  - Reading Comprehension?
    There is a difference between "closeted homosexuals" and "out gay men"

    Closeted homosexuals make up the bulk of the Westboro Baptist Church. Out gay men make up the bulk of people who aren't complete assholes.
  • QuestionTheMajority

    Hee hee... I love doing this.
  • hirakata_jen
    A lot of pet owners seem rather nonchalant about their pets, especially when it comes to spaying and neutering. I've had people who have said they've lost pets, but not even bothered to look for them or put up missing posters. The person just shrugged, said that the pet ran away, and then got another dog. This isn't the case with all pets, but you'd be surprised what some people won't care about.

    That being said, my neighbor did have her chihuahua spayed, and that dog barely goes outside.
  • CrosshatchMcgee
    The reason pet owners have their pets fixed if they aren't going to mate is because (at least for cats) if they remain "in tact" they are more likely to get cancer of the sexual organs. Fixing them prevents that.
  • hirakata_jen
    Forgot to mention I'm talking about Japan. I don't know how I missed actually stating that. Whoops.

    There also aren't that many animal shelters in Japan. If you ask around about adopting, people give you this really confused look. My friend was ecstatic when he recently found one in our prefecture.

    I ended up driving three hours to another prefecture to a vets office where she was keeping some sick stray kittens out of the kindness of her heart in order to pick up my two cats. One of those kittens was found with his brother and sister, newborn, in a garbage can. Their eyes weren't even open yet.
  • penpaninu
    not to mention preventing them from spraying the house or getting pissed off in mating cycles.
  • keniakittykat
    No kidding, last summer there was this big, fat cute dog sleeping in front of my door... And I don't have a dog! So I did what I could, improvise a leach from a pair of belts and took it to the shelter. And that would be fine if it didn't happen two times!
    That's two cute, big, fat abandoned dogs that end up at my house in one month during barley harvest! the poor things could have been run over with a wheat mower.
    What is WRONG with these people?!
  • TragicGuineaPig
    A flock of seagulls?


    "Turtles are more laid back than that."

    Except for Raphael. He was kind of a jerk.
  • FishEyenoMiko
    No, Raphael was cool, but rude!
  • zepolmas
    Raphael was CRUDE!
    DAMMIT! >:[
  • Semudara
    What difference does it really make?
  • Furrama
    Milo and Otis.

    I loved this movie as a kid. Now my 2 year old loves it too. Yay bargain bin memories!

    Though now that I'm older I realize, "THEY THREW THAT FREAKING CAT INTO THE WATER. AND AT A BEAR."

    Ohsie welsie. Gonna take a walk outside todaaaay....
  • Lord Xero Rare
    My god how could anyone have gone through with helping in this movie? I would've been so afraid of harming animals in any way.
  • Ruin
    I can't believe I actually remember watching this movie. Man, this is DARK.
  • tcn11  - i never looked at it like that..
    that was an excellent review as always.
    Its a good thing blip is more laid back. Youtube would have probably given you a lot of trouble for the clips you showed.
    I was not expecting to see a pug and a cat giving birth in a nostalgia chick video.
  • TheCafeDisco  - !!!
    I loved this movie as a child. I don't care what anyone says. The movie always reminded me of my best friend and I. It's sweet. A sweet story, sweet characters, and a sweet ending.

    Plus the voice used in this movie I love!

    About the animal abuse, I am not so sure. The "cat" being thrown off the cliff doesn't even look like a cat. It looks awkward, maybe not even real.
    And I am sure that bear was trained. I dunno. just a thought. Good review though. I was excited to see it!
  • ThePauper
    have you ever seen a cat fall from around 9 feet or higher? it doesn't look real. also, trained animals have been known to kill their trainers, for just being there...and that pug was going after it...however, i do know that there is still a possibility(no matter how slim) than none of them were hurt during it.
    But what about the footage of the cat trying to climb up the cliff from the water? That was real.

    And the cat being dropped off the cliff looked very real to me.
  • ConspiracyTheory101
    Pull your head out of the sand girl... Helplesss animals were needlessly slaughtered for your amusement. Did you see the cat trying to scale the cliff after being tossed in the water? Do you seriously believe that wasn't a real cat too? Japanese are great with robotics but nowhere near THAT good. And CGI didn't exist when this was made either. Face it. Your "sweet story" is a snuff film.
    Enjoy your popcorn.
  • dennett316
    That's how cats can survive high falls, they spread as wide as they can to try to cushion their descent. Notice that the legs straighten again for the impact before hitting the water...a dummy wouldn't/couldn't do that.
    Also, trained animals are still dangerous...never seen the footage of the trained bear suddenly attacking the news anchor? Take your blinkers off, there's some messed up footage from that movie.
  • Lightice
    It's a cat. That's how cats break their fall, basically forming a rudimentary parachute of their limbs. It slows the fall enough that it's rarely lethal, unless there's say, jagged rocks underneath, though a broken jaw is a common side-effect even of the most "safe" falls.
  • luvira
    Were you paying attention during the video at all? Your comment makes it sound like you weren't.

    That's undeniably real live animals put in dangerous situations. How can you have watched those clips and still brush it off like that?

    That cat looked very real, what you call looking awkward is the cat tensing up in terror as it braces itself for the fall. And what about it desperately trying to climb up the cliff or the pug being mauled by the bear?

    And no, there's no way you can be "sure" that bear was trained, even if it was it was still brutally attacking the dog and cat.

    If knowing and understanding all this you still like the movie for what it is, fine, but don't bat all this horrible stuff aside and deny it because and feel you have to defend this movie.
  • ecyor0
    Have you considered why people are feeling the need to defend the movie and almost go into denial? It's because they watched it as kids and loved the story it told.

    Putting aside the issue of how it was filmed, the actual movie itself is a good children's film - a couple of animal friends go on an adventure, get seperated, are finally reunited after a long hard journey, and go home. That's the sort of story a little kid can really get emotionally attached to. Myself for instance, I loved this film, it was one of my favourite movies, and I watched it lots of times.

    Now fast forward a little to when one is old enough to look at the movie and realise that there's no way it could have been filmed without hurting or killing a few of the animals. Or coming across a review which basically says "this is an animal snuff film" (I'm assuming that's what the review says - only read the comments, don't have the stomach to watch it myself). Suddenly remembering this movie fondly - indeed having any positive memories of it at all - makes you a despicable human being. As the people in the comments are making quite clear.

    Emotional attachment is an extremely powerful thing. If you present someone with a piece of evidence that tears the heart out of a precious childhood memory, you'd better expect them to resist and go into denial. Myself, I can seperate the two, (even if I can't be comfortable watching the movie again), but not everyone can seperate the emotions.
  • GrlGmr
    Watch the cat as it falls. Through most of the fall, the cat's legs are spread out to slow its decent. Right before it hits the water, it brings its legs down underneath it and stretches them out to brace for the impact.

    CGI and radio controlled models were not advanced enough at the time for these types of effects. With the film's low budget, the filmmakers probably wouldn't have used them even if they were.

    In short, if that's not a live kitten going 30+ feet into the drink, I'll eat my hat.
  • Dwane
    It's obviously a real cat falling. I suppose it's possible that the cat lived. Cats have a lower terminal velocity than humans do, and it did land in water... over sharp rocks. I can't imagine it wasn't injured, though, and I hate to think how many cats they went through before they got the shot they wanted. *chills*

    That said, I remember liking this movie as a kid and being quite surprised at the graphic birthing footage (eew). My kid mind didn't think about how the movie was made or what happened to the animal actors, only the "story," what little there is of it. Seeing footage from it again, I would not recommend this movie for children. We don't really need kids thinking that animals can go through that without harm. Kids are bad enough with animals as it is.
  • Dust
    I finally watched this again last year, having not seen it since the cinema release when I was 7. Which taught me two things.

    It's not the carefree watch I remembered, and I squirmed quite a bit.
    That end title song has a vice-grip on my brain once I hear it.
  • Rita Reader
    "Do you wanna see the footage cut out of the American release?"

    I actually screamed out, "NO!"

    I'm gonna go give my cat a hug now.
  • JackitK
    And I nod my head vigorously back and forward no when she asked that.
  • Unclejulio
    Pugs are kind of miserable creatures, but in a sense, I guess that's what makes them an attractive pet, they are so vulnerable and just dumbed down to the point of not caring, being kind of stupid or lacking of what makes other canines, canines, that they look more like living toys. I can see why people like Pugs, and why they are consistently a popular pet... I just them hilarious.

    This why I have a labrador, now that's a man's dog.
  • Lim  - Labs FTW!
    I can't even see them as hilarious, they're so ugly. They're rodents with smooshed in faces. Finding them attractive companions because they have been dumbed down is like finding those jack-wipes on reality TV attractive.

    Unrelated but I don't feel like making a new comment:
    I come here for the funny. Lindsay, you get one more chance to be funny. Otherwise I'll throw you off a cliff. Or just stop watching. Whatever is easier.
  • ladydiskette
    Despite that has been said and done about "Milo and Otis" I still love this film because they use of making animals interact and talk is more realistic and enjoyable than today's movie CGI-ing animals's mouths to move over actors voices. And is a good example of how to do live-action animal movies very well.
  • MoonSagi
    I LOVED this as a kid. I even bought the American cut for my fiancee as a birthday gift. I dont think I could handle watching it ever again, now that I've seen the Japanese footage.

    Also, I posite "Babe" as an alternative. If you want to throw a cat off a cliff in your movie, fine. But use a puppet instead of a living animal, please.
  • hirakata_jen
    That's why I still love Homeward Bound. At least in that movie they didn't actually throw Sassy over the waterfall. Though I still wonder what they did to the poor thing to get the shots of her in the water.
  • singitjohnny
    All they had to do to get the shots of the cat freaking out in the water is put her in the water. No other prodding/scaring/ influence required.

    You get a cat near water, 90% of the time they're going to act like you're trying to murder it, whether the water is harmless or not.
  • Yeahwhatever
    Yeah, I mean it's not like the REAL animals were treated cruelly to get your fake talking animal drama.

    Priorities. Learn them.
  • Ahiru
    Some of these scenes made me cry... hard.
    And it is certainly NO GOOD EXAMPLE of how to do live-action animal movies very well.
    It's awful.
    Yes, some of the scenes are cute and nice and everything.
    And then there's destroying animals psychologically and physically.
    You think it would be a good movie if the actors really fought bears or jumped off cliffs? Well, there's a reason actors don't really do that...
    Snuff is just the right word for a lot of the scenes in this movie.
    I bet if you were a good and imaginative filmaker you could have told the same story without harming animals.
  • Kirinet
    I have never seen this movie in my life and I'm sure glad I didn't!
    The abuse scenes are just terrible. If you want a movie about cute animals doing cute things then don't throw a cat off a cliff and make a pug fight a bear!!

    Holy shit! I had to look away from the screen each time you showed the cat off the clip part.
    God damn you, Japan.
  • Yeahwhatever
    Seriously, I've really had it with people constantly shaking their fist at the air and yelling "DAMN YOU JAPAN!!!" for every little thing that goes on.

    It wasn't "Japan" that abused the animals, it was these particular filmmakers. Or did you not see the part where the Japanese animals rights people were upset about the film?

    To hold an entire country responsible for what some awful filmmakers did, is ignorant, racist generalizing.
  • QuestionTheMajority
    But it's just so much fun to yell at Japan. Also...


    Meh. Don't care to do that bit now. Maybe later.
  • atheora
    This was one of my favorite films when I was a kid, and I never had any idea about any of this until right now...l;adhfl;dashflsd *hugs her cat*
  • VillainousBlogger
    How could they do this to those poor animals? It's scary! And any director who would willingly break a kitty's paw for realistic limping is SICK!
  • Trencher
    Great review, the makers of this movie should be beaten with sticks.
  • Yeahwhatever
    I disagree.

    The makers of this movie should have been thrown off a cliff onto jagged rocks, and gotten mauled by bears.

    Poetic justice.
  • ThePauper
    cats are better than dogs!!!

    anyway, this was the first movie i ever owned, when i was like...8 or so i got it as a gift from a family friend. surprisingly, i love this movie lol.

    looking was kinda fucked lol

    also, i think someone needs to take your dog from you lol.
  • fatalrob0t
    yeah, yeah. The behind the scenes are horrible, but you know what? This movie is still one of my favorites. I love Milo and Otis and forever will.
    I will not fault you for loving the movie forever. But condensing the killing of several cats and breaking a cat's foot to make it limp for a movie down to: "yeah yeah" is a bit callous. At least you could have left the yeah yeah out.
  • Yeahwhatever
    Good to know that the murder of helpless animals means nothing to you as long as you get some entertainment about it.

    You need psychological help. Or at least you need to learn basic empathy.
  • FullofQuestions
    I saw this movie on TV a while back,and I too stopped liking it after I found out about the allegations of animal cruelty.

    Khali is adorable and you better watch out or I might take her from you! D'awww.
  • Not Shelley Duvall
    MOTHER OF ZOD. I haven't said "WHAT THE HELL...NO SERIOUSLY, WHAT THE HELL?" to something since I watched the ending of Berserk.

    Those poor animals...I...I need to cuddle with something right now.
  • JaniceGhostHunter
    The ending to Berserk pulled the carpet out from under your feet too, eh? They seriously need to do a part two to that damn series (or I have'nt seen anything along those lines in an anime plus I'm too lazy to read a manga).
  • The_Octopus
    Pugs aren't cute to me... like, at all. They are butt-ugly. And I will just straight out say it - I personally think your dog is the ugliest thing I have ever seen. I'm sorry - I am not really trying to offend, but... when you constantly try to show it like "Aaaw, my dog is so cute", and I just go like "Eeew, what the hell is that thing?!"... I have to say something.
    Don't bash me for it - just that the dog to me looks.... gross.
  • Ironman44
    I remember this movie as a kid and I don't remember if I liked it but now as an adult I absolutely hate this movie. I can not believe someone would throw a defenseless little cat off a cliff and more then likely multiple for a fucking movie. Oh and possibly break a cats paw just to make it look injured that pisses me off. All those poor defenseless cats and dogs all used for entertainment.
  • MasterOfBerries
    1. Her dog isn't a pug. She even says it in the video. It's a Boston Terrier.

    2. I love how you say you're not being offensive when you lambast the breed as a whole and call Mignon "that thing." Contradictory much? Just saying.
  • cannedfury
    Ew, EWWWWW! That's such a fugly icon. I'm not trying to be offensive to you or other unshapely people with creepy rapist stares, but your face is disgusting. As soon as I caught a glimpse in the comments section, I cringed thinking, "What poor underage victim is that hairy, repulsive tumor stalking?" Don't hate me for pointing it out, I have to say something on behalf of everybody who tasted vomit at the sight of you. Personally I don't even know why you photographed a growth on your head to plaster in public...that's just sick and wrong.
  • dennett316
    ZING! Good job, the guy is a mook.
  • Mizi
    Oh noooo, I loved this movie as a kid.. I never thought that kitten massacring was involved in the production... That's just god awful.

    Nooooo! You crushed my dreams Nostalgia chick.
  • FishEyenoMiko
    God, some of these scenes are hard to watch... The bear vs. pug thing... OMG, wtf, people?!
  • PvtHike  - Damn...
    I remember having a hard time watching animal movies (K-9, Turner & Hooch, Where the Red Fern Grows (not to mention the book), Old Yeller) growing up knowing they didn't actually hurt the animals. I think I'm glad I've never seen this now.
  • elf_1half
    I loved this movie as a kid, it had never occurred to me then that the animals could have been hurt since, you know, no one *really* gets hurt in the movies. Watching it now it just plain upsetting.

    At the very best the animals were put in distressing, dangerous situations and injured, and at the worst killed. Though there's no evidence of any animals dying, sadly I don't doubt the possibility.
  • Kumi
    Oh, poor Milo and Otis. Delightful as a child, induces cringes as an adult.

    Did you guys know one of Disney's Air Bud sequels, Snow Buddies, resulted in the death of five puppies?
    Disney acquired dozens of underage pups from what I can only assume was a backyard breeder or miller, and reportedly a number of the pups arrived from the 12+ hour trip from the US into Canada not only underage at six weeks, but also infected with the deadly parvovirus.

    The incident convinced American Humane to change the guideline of a minimum pup age of eight weeks to sixteen weeks.

    For the record, I've spent a lot of time in the "No Animals Were Harmed" archive to see the ratings (there's a list somewhere of films that received an "Unacceptable" rating, but they keep uphauling the layout of the site, so it can be difficult to find now).
  • junebug_nery
    Ugh, I want to scream every time I see a commercial for another "Buddies" movie. It's seriously becoming like the "Land Before Time" sequels. Only even more annoying. :-P
  • Javis88h
    This is the most frightening episode so fare
  • FieldMarshalPatton^3
    wow...I knew Hollywood back in the day had animal problems like trip wires and killing lots of horses...but Jeesh, I i i i, Well never watching this movie ever. And I think Japan needs to apologize to all animal lovers around the world. YOU ARE MESSED UP JAPAN REALLY REALLY REALLY MESSED UP.
    Why did two people on this say Japan is screwed up for this and Japan needs to apologize? Only a few fucked up people from Japan made this movie. You can't blame the whole country for Milo & Otis.
  • The_Awesometeer
    I blame Japan. Everyone there. Especially Pickachu. That bastard!
  • cannedfury
    Well, when other people blame all of America for something and express anger, it's ignorant and unreasonable. But when we do it to others, it's justified because they're ignorant and unreasonable. It's not like Japan even has any animal rights activists who disagreed or tried to crack down, mentioned right in the review.

    The point is, we are always enlightened and justified, like when we call vegetarians pussies and pretentious douchebags for caring about animals or something. When in fact vegetarians need to apologize to us for all the horrible things Green Peace did to poor animals.
  • Biohazard_Cerberus
    Because blaming an entire nation of people because of the acts of a handful of individuals is ok. Fuck, I hate living in post 9/11 America...

    Would an apology really make you feel any better? Would it make any of the animals in the movie back? Probably not.
  • Goblin Scribe  - How Could This Happen To Me? I've Made My Mistakes
    I just want to say that this movie basically WAS my childhood and I now feel physically sick. I came to this review because I expected a silly, critical review of a corny, cutesy movie I loved might cheer me up. Instead, I got this.

    Well played, Nostalgia Chick. Well played. I'm going to go cry now.
  • SnorlaxShamen
    That Pug V Bear footage made me so disgusted that I had to turn away. Why do people do this?
  • FishEyenoMiko
    Yeah, I kept covering the screen during that bit. Jesus fuck...
  • Chris
    Same here.

    I seriously don't understand how people can watch something like this let alone stand by and film it without intervening. I don't even want to get started on throwing real cats from cliffs or breaking a cat's paw. Just sick.

    Besides, how can Lindsay not like cats? I always thought she had no flaws at all.
    Seriously, her dog is barely a bobble head cat. Still really cute though.
  • MoonSagi
    Dude, what did it for me was not pug vs. bear but cat vs. seagulls. At least the pug could run away--that cat had no such option...
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