Top Ten "Hottest" Animated Guys

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Bumper art by Andrew Dickman; Lindsay had nothing to do with its creation.

Bumper art by Andrew Dickman

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  • WarxePB
    It's interesting to see an almost even split of lantern-jawed manly men and pretty-boy bishonens, when I kind of expected to see more of the former considering how many of them there are in western animation.

    I also find it interesting that a lot of the traits in these characters (tortured, brooding, adventurous, generally having a "dark side") can also seen as attractive traits by guys in animated women. In both sexes, being tortured and brooding also gives them a vulnerable side, which makes them more relatable and "cool".

    And yeah, the male gaze is prevalent for a reason, but there is a significant subset of straight men/gay women that like female characters for how they act and not how they're drawn, just like the look of male characters can make them more attractive to straight women/gay men. I won't claim it's a 50/50 split, but it's more prevalent than you give credit to, especially among the nerd communities.
  • Mattteus  - mei shou ren
    isn't 'pretty boy bishonen' redundant?

    bi=beautiful/pretty, shou=small, nen=man
  • Vismutti
    Actually the "shou" is more like "few" and the "nen" stands for "year". x) It's like "shounen" = "few years" = "youngster" = "boy". Sorry, but if you're gonna nitpick then I'm not gonna hold back either.
  • CartoonFireworks
    Thank you! Finally, we are acknowledged. I will admit to liking some animated guys/girls for hotness alone, but for the most part I like 'em for personality. Even so, I prefer nice guys as opposed to DarkPast Von Woobie-Fanservice.

    For example: I've never found Belle or Ariel to be hot. Sure, they're pretty, but I despise both of their personalities so much that I'm not attracted to them in the slightest. Plus one's sixteen, so...ew.

    And, dear Chick, I have brought up Jessica Rabbit's personality in conversation before. I really liked her as a character in Who Framed Roger Rabbit -- she has quite an interesting personality, in addition to having huge...tracks of land.

    Also, given the whole "dark, mysterious, tortured past" thing, and considering the amount of fangirls the character has, I was surprised Prince Zuko from A:TLA wasn't on here.
  • rifletwirler72
    As much as I love Zuko, he didn't fit the time period requirements (remember she said she chose people from 1985-2002, whereas Avatar didn't come out until 2005)
  • RavenclawGirl29
    I have no doubt that if this was from 1985-2005 Zuko would be very high on the list, and if it was to the present, Mako would probably make it on too
  • tigrisBabylon
    NO ONE likes manly men anymore... it's made me literally cut shavings off my bones.
  • HanSK

    I mean, I'm male, yet several characters I think are hot are nearly stick-figures (not as in "anorexic" but as in "drawn in a very simplistic style")

    Always thought it was the writing and voice-acting that made a character attractive watch?v=IZHnWvMaoKM
  • Captainashlet
    This is my favorite review thus far, I had many laughs.
  • bijoukaiba
    Yeah, I have to admit I'm a sucker for the bad-boy/sad back story guys that are also pretty good-looking. *points at username* Seto Kaiba? A nice mix of both with the deep-down-good-guy element thrown in in the form of his little brother, a good amount of money, nice voice, oh, and tight leather clothing. Mmm-hmm.

    So happy Shang and Aladdin made the list, but I did a WTF at Frollo.
  • knightsintodreams
    FUCK YEAH SETO KAIBA!! he was the reason i started watching in the first place~ Virtual Realm Arc ftw!
    Also i want to nominate Duo Maxwell from Gundam Wing gunfamfanon/images/9/9d/ Duo_Maxwell.jpg

    and Jim Hawkins from Treasure Planet, voiced by Joseph Gorden-Levett
    http:// tumblr_lkph6nVhll1qhz6ljo 1_500.jpg

    (how did xmen:e's Nightcrawler not place higher? i call shenanigans )

    So apparently i can't internet, if anyone could help me with the links i'd appreciate it >.>
  • Semudara
    That always happens on this site; people who want to visit those links just have to delete the spaces before hitting enter.
  • ladydiskette
    #10 ....Okay I have been putting this off for hours since I have watched this video and I have to speak up and say it.

    Really!?!? REALLY GIRLS!!??! Really!?!?!

    I get it, the voice is drop dead sexy like...Alan Rickman sexy but really? All deep tortured soul/evil is sexy trope aside, don't you think the whole overzealous Catholic sexual repression might be a tad turn offish to some young girls?

    I mean, this guy could be my grandfather...NO! That would make it worse because my grandfather was Catholic! Just, no, no, no, no NO NO NO NO!

    Seriously, what does Claude Frollo have that Phoebus didn't have, I ask you?

    If this is what they find atttractive in men of God I hate to think how some women see The Pope.
  • Dwane
    Agreed. There's nothing attractive about Frollo. He's not physically attractive, and he's worse than an asshole. He's a murderer/torturer/racist/ wannabe rapist. The only way he could possibly be attractive is through the tendency of some people's minds to eroticise things they find frightening and/or repulsive in real life. In my mind, that doesn't really make him sexy.

    I suppose that's why so many people picked the Beast in beast form. He's really a dick for half of the movie.
  • Jabberwocky
    I definitely got some laughs out of this. Of course it's only now that I start to remember the animated characters I was really interested in. Your mention of anime reminded me at one point I was totally obsessed with Ken from Digimon S2. Who is Ken you ask? Well... he's the bishounen rich kid with no social life who goes into the digital world and forces the adorable monster to be his slaves and then the heroes show him ~~the error of his ways~~ and he joins them to fight real evil! yeah, all the hallmarks of this list. ;)

    Also, Nightcrawler, who I'm still SHOCKED was beat out by Frollo. WTF! o_o
  • Redsparkletea
    You forgot about the Whip, all the belts, and the sadistic streak. that was 10-year-old-me's discovery of kink. *daydreams*
  • luvira  - Still want to hear NChick's list
    I am too. Lindsey's Twitter followers are weird.

    I knew about the Frollo fetish, but it's a relatively small niche last time I checked. Nightcrawler from what I've seen has a much bigger fanbase.

    I don't think the data pool that she got the votes from was wide enough and the range of characters considered feels really narrow, Prince Eric out of all the other possible options made it on, that just baffles me. I'd get it if he looked sexy, but his character design is so bland. I call a fluke, this is really the first I've heard of his popularity. The Frollo one I at least understand, as stupid as I think it is. I'm sure there are quite a few girls that like Eric since the movie has such a wide reach, but I doubt he's that popular as to tie with Goliath.

    As anyone can see, I didn't relate to this list so well, though I'm fairly happy with the top ones. Still got lots of laughs and good commentary. Lindsey, please do a show on your list! Or a combined one of the whole Team NChick. Even if I don't agree with that one more it would still be interesting. Batty, huh?

    Also, since we're on the subject: http:// m/gallery/89102
  • TheTannedOtaku  - Legit
    You're definitely right how us women tend to lean toward men with personality (even a not-very-good one) to flip a switch.

    I too think that Jessica Rabbit is an awesome character. I love how she genuinely cares for her husband and is more than her "talent"

    #10 reeeeally threw there some type of fetish for tortured geriatrics I don't know about?

    As an "o-tuh-koo", Tuxedo Mask was the training wheel bishonen for the training wheel "o-tuh-koo"s paving the way for Tamaki and Karima...hmm...
    Bummer to know we won't see a Sailor Moon review, it would've been interesting...

    And Eric? Really? I think Gaston would be a better candidate...just sayin'

    And as for Aladdin, I think he also deserves praise for having the least gay male singing voice (until Naveen)
  • Vismutti
    I'm pretty sure That Chick With The Goggles did a review of Sailor Moon for her entry on the Nostalgia Chick contest. In which she dresses up as a sailor scout. :DD
  • kurokotetsu  - "Women are less shallow than men"
    Okay, I have a problem with the review and the phrase "You're definitely right how us women tend to lean toward men with personality (even a not-very-good one) to flip a switch." (with a certain conotation of the word tend, that implies that women care far more for psicology and character and physical apperances in general). Except for Follo (an interesting anomaly in the poll) most men here fall into what is normally conisdered attractive for males.

    FIrst, in various degrees, most of the men here fall in the "reverse triangle" body type, which is analogous for the "hourglass body" for female. This is when the shoulders of a man are wider then his hips. How much is that difrence vaires, form very little like Aladdin and Trent to far much marked with Batman and Goliath ot the extem with the Beast. Staying in body type, it is also interesting to note how all of them go from tonned to muscular types, avoiding extremes as being totally unfit (too skinny or fat) to excessively musuclar (like Mr. Universe winners). Even the Beast avoids it, as even the unnatural proportions doesn't show a bulk of muscle.

    Next to face types, which are clearly divided by two the square jawed "maly man" to the effeminate pretty boy. In the latter we have Aladdin and Tuxedo Mask in the former we have Goliath and Li. Even the Beast with it's excess of hair falls into this, as the extreme hari growth is related to large amoutns of testosterone in humans (and underlined by being the "manliest" shape whith the wider shoulders and tallest frame). (In an interesting note, which kind of face seems more attractive to women may vary depending on the menstrual cycle). These two kind of faces are prevalent in the list, and are also in other mediums, such as movie stars (most of the "hot" stars can be field on either of these tow cathegories).

    In similar fasion, how pronounced the hourglass figure should be depends form man to men (to petite to huge breasts) as how much must the reverse triangle must be present in females. The type of face may be more universally accept as feminine to be accepted as beatiful, but there are itneresting esceptions which could shed more light into this, such as Angelina Jolie and her not very feminine jaw (for a woman it is pretty square and sharp). And as women have either the "redeemable bad boy" and "prince in white armor" psicological archetipes (at least form what I gahter form lvoe sotires, fanficiotns, and tat kind of female oriented media, and not only the ones written by men), most men seem to like the extremes of what in certainn deranged people is called "virgin-whore comples" found in a series of fantasies (pornographical and non-pornographical, as evidenced by the numebr of media were the female romatic interest is either the ultimetly shy girl or the strong, self-confident woman) (Continued in the reply, the post cuts)
  • kurokotetsu
    An avarage "personality" female will be considered not so desirable even with a similar body type.

    In the end, both genders are animals and as such, the "shallow" physical attraction is present and strong to both of us. Yes, maybe men are more notorious of this animal side, after all our primitive brains are larger while the females have larger "upper" brains which are more related to high tasks such as language, so they may find personality more attractive than men do. But it may also be (for the same reasons) that women may jsutify their selections better than men that simply can express "she is hot" (or similar). Both psicological and phisical triats are extremely important for both genders for choosing a partenr (or saying which partner may eb desirable), and saying that one focuses more in one or the other seems naïve and narrow.

    And, although I may sound like a sad and insecure man by explaining this (not entirely untrue, as I'm pretty insecure about a lot things), why I wrote this rant. The statemnt above feels to me (and this is probably jsut my perception and my problem for getting it that way) as a little too "rad fem". It seems to say "men are beasts that only care about looks while women aren't so shallow, they are more inteligent and care more about personality", which I find a terribel stamente as it would imply a relation of better and worse. i simply don't like it.

    P.S. Probably this rants are the reason I can't get a girlfriend. *Sigh* I just can't help myself

    P.S. 2 I hate that I had to rewrite this because the site logged me off.

    P.S 3 Yes, I do know that review said that there were generalizations done. That is not what I'm rantin about. I think that the generalizations done were incorrect.
  • Contrarian  - There's more to it than that.
    Try reading The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins.

    Women are looking for strong DNA that will be passed to their offspring, same as men. However, proof of good DNA can be social and financial success. Being older proves you can survive. Being rich proves that you have the skill set to become rich. In terms of personality, women also look for a guy who will stick around and help raise the child. The physical charactistics also count, same as men. But since women can bear fewer children than men can father in one lifetime, their strategy is different. A guy can bed and impregnate multiple women and then leave her to raise the child (in the book The Hunchback of Notre Dame that's the personality of Pheobus). This requirs little investment on his part. Even if the child is sickly, well, no big deal. A women, being more reproductively limited, has to choose carefully.
  • kurokotetsu
    I do know that the physical characteristics that I listed. The argument was that these points do matter to women and that the affrimation (and consequent generalization) was false. Physical type in this list is very important, as much as men, so I focused my argument to that.

    Money, fame, several demosntration of power (being the "leader of the pack" and an "alpha male") relate closely to the "success" of a man in fornt of women, as all are different indicators of desirable DNA in different levels. And several of these caracteristics are found in the list (the number of leading characters, riches, etc) but they weren't the point.

    The promiscuity, in other hand, has several faces, which I do not believe is the space to discuss.

    (I have read Dakwins' book, and quite like it)
  • Dwane
    Women have another reason to be picky about mates. They have a much greater physical investment in their offspring. Having babies is downright dangerous, the mortality rate prior to modern sanitation and medicine being around 1 death per 100 live births. Given most women had multiple children back then (and still do in some cultures) the number of women who would have died from childbirth is just staggering. When your life is on the line it pays to be picky.

    A very pregnant female is also physically impaired, making a tastier target for predators. In most animals, female pickiness is why the males compete for females and not the other way around. For some reason it seems to be reversed in most human cultures. I have heard this is because early humans lived in groups with an alpha male who got to father most of the children in a tribe. Bearing the alpha male's offspring increases the likelihood of producing an alpha male child who in turn will have lots of offspring. Probably why some women are attracted to jerks.

    What I don't understand is the attraction to damaged men. Anyone got any ideas?
  • HanSK
    You show em!

    It's about times someone stood-up against this
  • Lim
    First of all @ luvira - Yeah, very narrow data pool.

    @TheTannedOtaku - My first was Cowboy Bebop, so I was shocked to see that Spike and Jet didn't make the cut. I mean, they've got it all!

    Tortured past? Check.
    Bad boy? Check.
    Capable of good? Check.
    Capable of kicking serious ass? Check.
    Looks? Check (Like pretty boys - you've got Spike. Like beefcakes - you've got Jet.)
    Hell, they even have a dog after the second episode!

    Re: #10 - Jack Skellington would have been a better choice. He checks out on all of the above and sings! Not exactly "hot", but neither is Frollo.
  • ursa_major13
    Loved the list but I feel that Tuxedo Mask's points were slightly missed. As a child, his parents died in a car crash, in which he lost his memory and has been trying to figure out his place in the world ever since. Serena/Usagi (AKA Sailor Moon) gave him something to connect to, a person that made him feel whole. He has that bratty attitude towards her at first but slowly learns to care about her, growing and learning. Also, he is a fine dresser.

    Seriously though, Frollo? I can understand the beast, but really?
  • Redsparkletea
    THIS. I hate it when things I love(the sailor moon anime, though I kinda like the Live action version more) are not given a fair shake due to lack of research. It's especially bad that it was one of the anime reviewers that did it too >_
  • Unclejulio
    I think my first animated crush was actually Callie Briggs from Swat Kats, and mostly because of her personality. She was this strong, independent, snarky woman who knew how to take care of herself and could even help out both Razor and T-Bone when the situation needed. She wasn't one for kidnapping as much as someone like April O'Neil and still had a sexy, but dignified look to her. In the end, despite all that, she was still as normal as any other woman and proved when she could be nice and affectionate, she could be. So yea, I could say it proudly that she was my first crush, even withstanding seeing Jessica Rabbit beforehand and well... she being a an anthropomorphic cat person and all (or "furry" for those lazy enough to use that umbrella term).

    That being said, I was also surprised nobody liked Nightcrawler, I actually got the appeal with him in Evolution, he was tortured, but was given a second chance and while he still had troubles, he tried pushing past that him with his happy, jokey personality and I must say, considering how most other American animated guys are drawn, he was really attractive in an effeminate/boyishly cute sort of way, despite his true self having an odd amount of fingers and toes and the blue fur. I'd totally go for that personality and looks if I was female.
  • moonbunnychan  - Sailor Moooooon
    I dearly love Sailor Moon but always thought Tuxedo Mask was way lame.
    Although I THINK the reason he appeals to so many is the back story that they are fated to be together, no matter what, and it's a love that crosses time and space. The two of them are reincarnations of two people who were in a Romeo and Juliet type situation and died pretty tragically together.

    I was really glad though when I was skimming through the initial facebook post about this and saw I wasn't the only one who found Frollo oddly attractive.
  • MPSai
    Yeah, he didn't really save the day so much as give the girls confidence to save the day. I always laughed in that one movie where he finally does try to fight and gets his ass kicked immediately.

    I get the appeal of the whole destined lovers thing, but as a little girl I was more interested in the asskicking girls in short skirts :p
  • adamlambertsgirl
    Agreed. I am a Sailor Moon fan but a better choice would be Rubius (from Sailor Moon R) and Tiger's Eyes (Sailor Moon Super S)
  • BlackLaceLamb
    First off, I LOVE this line up. A great balance of guys and I was stoked to see some of my biggest crushes up there (namely Beast, Goliath and.... um... Frollo)
    I know a lot of people are wondering why Frollo is up there, even if he is the bottom of the list and there's one thing that I think might have been important to consider when looking at what makes this guy appealing. It's Tony Jay, the voice actor (RIP).
    I was honestly surprised that neither Bob, Matrix or Megabyte from ReBoot were on the list (maybe because the show has been kind of glanced over by many in recent years, didn't get as many votes or whatever) but the big hook for me, personally is Tony Jay's voice. He also did the voice of Megabyte in ReBoot, whom I find more attractive than Frollo but his voice... oh God...
    If you listened to 'Hellfire', without visuals and had no idea what the character looked like (I think the whole 70+ geriatric visuals throw people off) I can almost guarantee that you can't find a girl who won't squee or at least feel her heart flutter.
    But hey, just my two cents. Feel free to agree or disagree :)
  • Kaldary
    Tuxedo Mask? I honestly found him boring. He shows up, throws a rose, recites a cheesy poem and then Sailor Moon vaporizes the enemy. TBH most of the male villians were more intersting and better looking.

    I'm surprised no DBZ or Ronin Warrior guys made the list. No Vegeta or Trunks?
  • Reliena
    I actually totally get the Tuxedo Mask pick. It's a style over substance kind of thing (the ideal prince kind of deal that always saves the day). Growing up, I watched a crap ton of anime, and all the guys that were animated and I thought were hot were in those shows. *cough* Vash the Stampede *COUGH!* There is just something about the way the characters were drawn that made them so damn sexy... Especially since the Japanese are just good at writing dark, mysterious, and brooding badasses that all the girls want to fix but wouldn't be conceivably happy with in any real relationship. In the same way, they really know how to animate women that are aimed at the male demographic in a sexy and attractive way... like Faye Valentine for example!

    I agree its BS with the whole no Trunks thing though...
  • Parasite
    I don't get why anyone would care for banal Prince Charming characters like Tuxedo Mask or Eric...

    Now Vegeta and/or Trunks on the other hand? Hellz yea! I had a crush on both these guys...
  • Parasite
    I'd take Zarbon over Eric anytime. Heck, I'd even take final form Freeza over Eric anytime.
  • ladydiskette
    10:15 - OKAY! I ADMIT IT! I think some athletic guys are sexy okay! I hate sports, I am not into football! Gym was my least favorite subject in class! I was a drama/art geek but oh god did I oggle the football players in gym when they played basketball with thier shirts off! NELLA I CONFESS MY SINS! I HAVE BROKEN THE 4TH COMMANDMENT OF THE FEMALE GEEK!I ASK FOR FORGIVENESS!!! *breaks down in tears*


    But all in all good list Chick, I have been waiting for this for a while since Critic made his, and the wait was definitely worth it. Though, for the "Tuxedo Mask" part something tells me you made the right choice getting some help from your otaku friend, JO.

    My animated guy crush I had as a kid was from Aladdin, but not Aladdin himself, it was Mozenrath from the animted cartoon series. He was that "Evil is sexy" kinda of guy I first had the hots for before I ever developed a crush on any real life boys.

    As for heroic "good guy" crushes mine would have to have been Duke from G.I Joe. There is always something about a man in uniform.
  • Underdog10
    Was missing Goku from DBZ. GOD he's hot...he was my first toon crush. Much hotter than...Darian. Though I can understand why Darian was chosen, given Sailor Moon's place as a "girl" cartoon.

    Though I must say I agree with #1. Aladdin! OH YEAH!
  • 3DMaster
    Funny, I was missing Trunks, well, Future Trunks from DBZ. Talk about a button pusher:

    First, just look at the guy: dragonball/images/5/5f/ TrunksFutureFriezaDebut.p ng

    http:// photos/24600000/Future- Trunks-trunks-24615117- 416-408.png images/Trunks-poster.jpg 1161/ trunksonkamitower_2.jpg

    Then there's his back story; he crossed time and space in the hope of finding a way to defeat two super androids that laid waste to the earth and reduced it to a post-apocalyptic waste land. Once in the past/present he met his father who he never met in the future since the andoirds killed him when he was still a baby. Said father is also Vegeta, a self-absorbed, evil asshole, who considers Trunks an annoyance at best, and Vegeta's lack of care could be considered emotionally and mentally abusive at worst, but a total source of angst at minimum.

    Oh, yeah, then there's this: watch?v=QO8P1Hvx_8E

    He's got enough power in his pinky to obliterate the planet ten times over without breaking a sweat, pit him against the fully combined military might of present day Earth, nukes included, and they wouldn't put a scratch on him. Making him the perfect protector; and oh, yeah, he's also the heir to Capsule Corp, making him a multi-billionaire.

    Apart from bad-boy personality-wise; he looks like one though, I think he pushes every single last button you can push on a woman. I can only imagine that not enough girls watched DBZ, because how else is he not number 1, let alone not even in the top 10.
  • AliaOfTheKnife  - This is a surprising list.
    You're damn right Tuxedo Mask.

    Honestly, I don't really remember being into animated guys. I did have a weird crush on Gregory for the South Park movie, does that count?

    OMG NChick stop waving your arms around! Seriously, it's a little distracting.
  • Tom Smith
    The prince from The Little Mermaid had a name? I didn't really know that.

    I remember watching Who Framed Roger Rabbit as a really little kid and I thought it was cool how Jessica was willing to play both sides, could trick anyone and threaten people to accomplish her goals.

    Looking back I never noticed that poor Aladdin wore less clothing than Jasmine most of the time.
  • Comidia Del Arte
    Haha, wow, some of these I really don't understand..... Frollo, I almost puked.... What about Clopin...Huh? I mean, he wears a mask, likes kids, amazing singing voice, a good sense of humor, a very twisted dark side which involves a noose pun....What about him?

    Gambit... oh Christ, who am I kidding? He's still sexy, even in the more resent animations.

    Aladdin....As a kid I really didn't find him that enjoyable....I actually liked Mozenrath more than him, the conceited ruler of the Black Sands who constantly insults Jasmine and pisses her off. I mean damn, he's fun!

    Goliath... yeah that voice steals hearts. I can't believe he tied with Eric, I mean really, Eric had little to no personality... With Goliath, you've a leader with a twisted past.... I'm actually surprised Xanatos or Owen didn't make it on there.
  • Dwane
    Yeah, Mozenrath was hotter than Aladdin. He had sexier hair and a darker complexion, and I likes 'em tall, dark, and hot.

    Now that you mention it, Xanatos should have been on the list somewhere. He fits the profile of most of the other guys on the list except for his ego.
  • Crossover Princess
    As a Sailor Moon fan, I have to say this. Your lack of knowledge greatly amused me. But I'm not surprised that you're not a fan and won't do a review, in fact it would have shocked me to the core if you were.

    But to be honest, I never had a thing for Tuxedo Mask, sure he was cute, but he wasn't my thing. Then again my fav bishie is Xellos from Slayers, so I'm pretty weird when it comes to these things.
  • ladydiskette
    Alucard and The Captain from the Hellsing OVA does it for me when we talk about hot anime guys. Mmmmph! ^^
  • YourInnerDemons
    What's not to love about Alucard? Evil, demented, tortured, war mongering, maniacal, blood thirsty, insane centuries old Dracula. If the other guys are "projects", Alucard is a freakin' lifetime enterprise.

    *sigh* My favourite animated guy of all time.
  • TheAngryAnimeAddict
    Hotest animated guys... I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks Frollo is hot. And they all called me crazy.

    But my personal hottest is my one true animated love, Hidan from Naruto Shippuuden.

    (if you can't tell by my name, If I were to make a list It would probably be all anime guys.)


    And Tuxedo Mask is the shitz-nets. Don't ask me to tell you about him, because frankly, I think my infantile brain repressed most of what happened in Sailor Moon. I remember nothing about it.

    Aladdin? really? I never liked him. Even as a little whelk.
  • LessAshamed
    And people don't understand why I watch Internet videos over regular tv.

    This is exhibit A. Very entertaining vid which could only exist with a web backing. Great job ladies... and Nella, my god, that freakout...
  • cosmosblue772
    I think another reason why Dimitri is attractive is that he was played by John Cusack, who is pretty easy on the eyes in real life.

    Really in general I wished that Batman was waaaaaaay higher, he'd actually be my number one.

    As for Frollo...No...Just nooooo...Seriously ew.

    No matter what you say Chick I will always love Anastasia, and not just because of nostalgia, its because of....because...hmmm...ok ay I guess it is just nostalgia...
  • EvilMoose
    Yes, NChick! Finally! The secret of what women want!!! I can't wait to watch the video!

    (Watches video) "Angst angst personality angst personality angst angst angst..."

    Yes! Now I understand! But dammit, I don't have any mentally scarring experiences or serious problems, lack of social life aside...

    The simple solution, then! Go harass an old lady and cross your fingers that she'll turn you into a hideous immortal beast that can only break the curse by finding love and learning how to be a true man! It's perfect!
  • RestlessVagabond
    Alternatively you could become a priest who enjoys burning gypsies at the stake. No evil curse necessary.
  • FFKonoko  - However
    It does help if you have a voice like Tony Jay did.

    Seriously, I think that voice may have been a biiiig part of why Frollo is on the list. Its just a blessing that the Elder God didn't make it to the list thanks to those deep rumbling tones that shiver up and down the spine and settle low on the o...wait, what was I talking about?
  • Dwane
    The Elder God is probably on someone's list of the 10 sexiest tentacle monsters.
  • twilightwolfchick
    This is my reaction for each pick
    10. No...just no. I truly worry about my fellow women...
    9. Ugh prince eric....i totally agree with Elisa's reaction. Yay Goliaith
    8. Never saw the show or is it shows? Either way never had a thing for comic superheroes
    7. Considering the fact that this show probably ended around the time i was born so yeah dont really have an opinion of him
    6. Yes someone i actually agree with!!!(well considering i voted for him on the poll of course i agree) And that montage song *swoons*
    5. Tuxedo Mask!!! I was like four when i saw this anime so....yeah...(i voted for him as well...)
    4.I love Beauty and the Beast...but i dont like "projects"
    3. Ummm...never saw the show(s?) So i dont really know the appeal, except for his accent
    2 Another one of my picks. Love him. So much. And the movie. So much. DONT JUDGE ME!!!!!!
    1. Why am i not suprised. The reason why i dont like him is because EVERYONE i knew who watched this movie LOVED Aladdin. Especially because my sisters loved him. And then theres the fact that i hate happy go lucky personallities.
    All in all a great review
  • Vismutti
    Oh, oh, oh! Someone else who didn't like Aladdin! ;;__;; I'm not alone!!
  • keniakittykat  - bad boys
    What the crap is wrong with you people?! I still don't get the whole 'dangerous bad boy' fantasy.
    Maybe it's because I myself have been with a hot but abusive Portuguese taikwando fighter who's dad died when he was 6, so I know it's not all as cracked up to be..(NOT making things up here!)

    But I got my revenge on the day I kicked him to the curb: on the day of your one year anniversary, over the phone, while he was at home with a broken thighbone, while his friend/my new boyfriend was standing right next to me. We've been together for 5 years now.

    Still! This was an interesting list, and shows just how messed up we really are xD
  • Leon Real
    A sexier voice than Goliath's? I can only think of Barry White.

    And you forgot to mention how Batty can also fly. So hey, he's got everything.
  • ArtticWitchica
    I don't know about other women but Timothy Dalton's voice melts my insides. I don't know what it is... >> I just hear it and I'm like butter.
  • rodentgoddess
    Great review although people's choices did scare me a little, however since I had a crush growing up on Puck/Owen from Gargoyles, Wolverine from Xmen (though Gabit was a close second), Darkwing duck and god help me Raphael from ninja turtles I really don't have any right to judge. Also, and yes this is sad considering I'm a grown woman, I think Charles from Metalocalypse is sexy.

    Why are unhappy with the Anastasia review? I thought it was great, Rasputin and Lennon calling you on the phone complaining about the movies historical errors was a awesome I laughed like crazy.
  • Gamegirl22
    Oh god, did the ending make me laugh! I really enjoyed this list.

    Yeah... I also have bit of a crush on an animated man. In fact it's from the hunchback movie. No, it's not Frollo nor is it Pheobus. It's actually the jester that goes by the name of Clopin that I have the hots for.


    Maybe it's the project thing. He's got a magnificent singing voice and he sings three different songs in different tones. He's a colorful character that is energetic and loves to have fun but apparently is a bit more complex appearance wise when you see him in a different light during the hanging scene. He's a secondary character but he could be a character with a story of his own. And unlike Frollo, he'd be fun to hang around with... if he doesn't catch you wandering in the Court of Miracles.

    I don't know... we all seem to have weird tastes when it comes to animated guys.
  • TiniNormi
    >"but when I took a poll on Twitter..."
    >took a poll
    >took a pole
  • Kitnighty  - About this whole "bad boy" confusion
    First, I think I only have something specific to say for one character.
    #11- My initial reaction can be summed up as, "Oh WHAT Chick, what is so creepy to you in all the different things people can be attracted to that you feel the need to-"
    *shows Frollo*
    "...Oh. I can see how that's odd."
    Heh. It's weird, I'm the sort of person who has always been able to understand peoples turn-ons from a certain point of view, but then it's like "An OLD GUY?! What's the matter with you!!"

    And now to my other thoughts.
    For one, I really, truly do not get this theory of bad boys being attractive because they're a "project". As in, this idea that girls (just generally speaking of course) like an oppertunity to "change" or "fix" a person. Nor is it that women want to be abused. (Though I HIGHLY doubt you were implying that for anything more than a laugh, because, one, that's just stupid, two, I have more faith in you than that, and three, with such a heavily extablished feminist persona that'd be a belief pretty out of left field.) It could be just my opinion, but that's not what's appealing.

    I think it's that idea of someone who's dark and tormented, who has a bit of an asshole streak, that barley makes connections to people- but you're the exception. In spite of all that, you are the thing that he treats presciously, or changes for, that breaks his shell.
    And honestly; it doesn't bug me. I don't really find it shallow or confusing. The appeal in the idea is clear; simple as that. :)

    I also narrow the attraction down to the same reasons people sometimes find villan characters more entertaining. A dark backstory/personality is just interesting. And intersting backstory/personality makes for an appealing character. And appealing character plus the right, "appeal traits" we'll say, equals attraction. Dark equals mysterious, charming, intelligent, entertaining, and again, interesting.
    Heck, I think Frollo and Goliath being on there proves sometimes it barley matters what they look like, just personality and style have appeal.

    *shrug* Maybe I'm missing someting in that not finding it all that weird.

    Unless there are women who later in life actually go looking for a detached-destructive- scheming-dark-bastard- type and hope he has a heart of gold.
    In which yeah, I can see the concern. XD
  • luvira
    I find it's younger, less mature, and frankly dumb girls that go for the detached-destructive- scheming-dark-bastard- type and hope he has a heart of gold. They can because they're naive. As they grow up and learn to see guys like that for what they are the hormones settle down, the sexy badboy mystique dissipates and you're left with a petty asshole.

    Never got the "project" appeal either, or maybe I do but don't realize it. Naturally NChick was just poking fun at how silly romanticizing stuff like that is vs seeing it for what it is.

    You're so right in that girls don't literally want to be abused. They want the exclusiveness of his affection that his hostility to other people implies. They want to be special to someone, preferably a tall, dark prettyboy.

    I do think that's potentially harmful. The tweens and teens that are the most easily swept up into this stuff are not the most self-aware bunch. It's really easy to confuse mean and selfish with romantic. They can't pick out or differentiate intelligence and depth with antisocial and abusive, which is what they're most likely to encounter. They just see the romanticized image of the badboy and find it hot. And there's plenty of media targeted at them that encourages this. The Twilight phenomenon is a well-known example of how these desires can be twisted and mislead.
  • fatalrob0t
    If I had known about this list I could probably give out several names, though in no particular order.

    Mamoru Chiba/Tuxedo Mask, Batman, Superman, Eric, Phoebus, Dmitri, Aladdin, Beast, Tarzan, Li Shang, Gambit... God yes Gambit....there's gonna be a lot of Disney heroes I can see....

    Okay, Beast is not exactly Abusive and this isn't speaking to the "I can fix him" group unless it really does and I'm just not in it. Beast had to learn to love something other than himself and to lose the anger problem before Belle could actually begin to acknowledge him as a possibility. That is what I like about the Beast. And believe it or not the human version of the Beast kind of creeped me out with his face. Don't know why. Now I look at him and he just looks really Frenchy and rather pretty.

    as for Frollo... WHY? WHY WHY WHY WHY?? HE'S FERAKIN' PSYCHO! But I suppose it takes all kinds. -.o

    Mamoru/Tuxedo Mask was the hot number for me back in the day. He was snarky as Mamoru, he was brave and swooped in to save the day when he was Tuxedo Mask, though really Sailor Moon did most of the work with her senshi. He has no memory of his life, he has to piece it together by finding the Imperial Silver Crystal, or at least he thinks that's what he has to do. And then he eventually remembers to be turned evil. And then he starts over again to be sort of a damsel in distress about half the time and the other half of the time he is a brave fighter.

    Now, if this weren't Nostalgic.... there are several new male characters that I would pick and most of it would be the cast of Hetalia. Good Lord... Hetalia. Or, if you want games... Ezio Audtitore. Oh God, that man.
  • Hinatachan360
    I wish I had known about this poll. I would have thrown in a vote for Hatake Kakashi from Naruto. Talk about dark and mysterious with a tortured past. On top of that I have a thing for pervs. He walks around reading erotica in public, for goodness sake!
  • TheBlackMage
    I personally can't fucking stand Jessica Rabbit. She is WAY too artificial and shallow for my tastes. Maybe it's also due to the fact that I'm not into cartoon women like... at all. Yes I know, I'm WEIRD that way.

    Heh, after seeing this list maybe I should try growing a personality sometime if I want to ever hook up with a woman.
  • 3DMaster
    I am into all hot women, animated or not, but yeah, Jessica Rabbit does nothing to me, either.
  • onetwistedfrootloop
    hahaha oh man you do not know how hard #10 threw me off hahahhahaha!!!

    Ok, ok, ummmm yeah I definately see how the list contained both the boyish, nice guys and the dark brooding males. Girls can be very diverse in perfered personality types.I did at one point fall in love with Aladdin who I think was a good middle man in the extremely polar spectrum, and it didn't hurt that he was very very good looking ;) And Shang is also one of my crushes because he is just awesome!!! Very manly, has flaws, confident, but still a little uncertain, and goes against the set traditional views like Mulan. Whats not to love?! Being of the female persuasion,I preferred the witty, confident, snarky type (brooding past optional as long as it didn't get melo dramatic) so I fell in love with Dodger from Oliver and Company as a kid(yes I fell in love with a dog -_-)
    And yes Nostalgia Chick Dean from Iron Giant should have been on the list...and Hades.....Tarzan's awesome too...
    Anyway awesome list Chick! I just love how us females are so diverse and somewhat weird in our tastes XD
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