Top Five LEAST Awful Disney Sequels

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  • Darkcloud1111
    I didnt mind the Lilo & Stitch sequels, even if all they did was lead to an average TV show.

    Oh, and first or whatever
  • Quantum Wolf
    "Average" is probably the best way I'd put the TV show. I hardly remember most of the episodes, but if there's one thing I really like about the show, it led to crossovers with The Proud Family, Kim Possible, American Dragon: Jake Long, and Recess.
  • HanSK
    And still they never used the opportunity of having these shows in the same universe to make a Kim Possible / American Dragon crossover

    What a waste
  • SRanger1071
    That was something that really bugged me about the Lilo and Stitch show; the shameless crossovers. Seriously; the only thing the shows had in common was the parent company who produced them! That's like saying a housecat can breed with an African lion because they're both members of the same order (or maybe genus? I fell asleep in Bio once too often) in the animal kingdom. And LILO is always the one who saves the day! A 5-year-old girl in a red dress is more credible to save an alien and 2 teenagers from an evil scientist with various death rays in an underwater fortress than 2 teenagers with diving equipment and experience fighting said evil scientist are credible to save the alien from the evil scientist. I'll admit I watched the show almost religiously in middle school (the theme song was addictive as chocolate), but even then I knew the stories were complete bullcrap!
  • KouTheMad
    you forgot the The crossover of Lil and Stitch and the Proud family........and American Dragon.

    3 sodding crossover on a single show.
  • EpicFish
    I found the Lilo and Stitch tv show boring as hell. If not for the Recess crossover, I wouldn't have bothered with it. The one tv show based off of a popular Disney movie that I thought was really bad was The Emperor's New School. Seriously, it retcons the ending of the movie by having Kuzco go back to being selfish, and just about every episode was him turning into some kind of animal as their way of harkening back to the movie. It's just sad.

    What surprises me is the Kronk's New Groove was on neither of the lists. I have yet to see it but maybe it was good enough not to be mentioned.
  • luvira
    I'll second that. I hated The Emperor's New School sooooo much. I couldn't even stand to watch it because it was so grating. It was made by fanboys of the original with no originality who thought painfully recycling the jokes from the movie to death would automatically make it good. All while totally disregarding Kuzco's character arc, which was what the whole movie was about. It annoyed me even back then when kid's shows would never just let things progress and explored those possibilities. I imagine cartoon worlds like those as a sort of purgatory hell where you go around in circles with the same annoying characters and nothing changes. Ever.

    To make it worse, they even showed short behind the scenes clips between shows where the people who made it would talk, and they seemed genuinely proud of their work. Just blissfully unaware of the crappiness of what they produced. It would be adorable if it wasn't so depressing.

    Even if it didn't take a piss on the original story and characters, it was boring and just annoying to watch. So many bad decisions condensed into one show.
  • SRanger1071
    The Emperor's New School was insulting, plain and simple. It was insulting to kids, insulting to adults, insulting to everyone who worked on the original movie, insulting to Eartha Kitt (not really inspiring material for her eulogy), insulting to the Incan people and their Peruvian descendants, and insulting to anyone who ever put pencil to paper!
  • ladydiskette
    LMAO @ that whole Disney version of Anne Frank. Like a skit SNL or even better MadTV would have pulled.

    I have to admit out of morbid couriousity, I would love to see how they dry fuck history with that movie idea. Every other movie has made nazis the villians why not Disney? XD

    I remember first seeing Cinderella 3, but yeah that opening with her sweet and syrupy tour through her photo gallery really made me change the channel, but I think if I fast-forward through it and give the movie a second chance maybe it won't be so bad after all. They at least did what they didn't in the first and second movie and that was give Prince Charming a more three-dimentional character development and personality. And I can respect that.

    If they had aired Aladdin: The Animated Series a bit after the third movie I think some of the adventures Aladdin's father and Iago would have gone on would make for some pretty good filler episodes.
  • apology89
    I think the Lilo and Stitch sequels sort of fall similar to Aladin; some of the episodes were pretty good though, and because of the DEMANDS of some fans the creators not only had Stitch rescue Angel, but even gave her her own stuffed toy.
    I'm actually really glad the Lilo and Stitch series even got a proper ending and almost made it look like a bittersweet ending.
  • Quantum Wolf
    Well, there's that Stitch anime series, but that's a whole other can of worms.
  • Quantum Wolf
    Glad to see that she followed up on her previous vid, though I would've liked for a 10, but whatever. Maybe she's saving the other 5 for another video. Also, good research on her part regarding Lasster's takeover and what was happening before that. It was indeed a dark, DARK, time.

    An Anne Frank Disney movie...honestly, I can actually see that working in the far future if Disney does manage to continue till then.

    5. I dunno. I genuinely like that one, but to be fair, what it was a follow up to was a total mountain of a movie, so yes, it of course isn't as good as the first, but it was alright.

    4. Ah yes, this one. As a kid I liked it a lot, apart from its original movie being my favorite Disney movie at the time, it brought back the villain and finally gave him a true death. Looking back and watching it again, eh, yeah it does look crappy, but I wouldn't call it god awful. Just, OK.

    3. Hmm, I never saw this one. Then again, the original movie never interested me in the first place. What I find pretty funny is that the voice of the love interest would eventually come back as a Disney Princess in the future.

    2. If I had to compare this one and number 4, I'd like this one better. I never really thought back then that this was to be the whole finale to the entire franchise, but it really does show. Would've been great if they did the original angle but what they did was good too. I actually really liked those references to other Disney movies, probably because at the time I was watching this for the first time, I got them better than the original movie's references. If I had to rank all the sequels I watched, this one would probably be in my top 5.

    The honorable mentions:
    A. Why bring that one up? That one IS part of the canon! It doesn't count! And it's not the ONLY sequel in the canon! Fantasia 2000? Winnie the Pooh 2011? Hello?
    B. Yeah, I don't really like this one either.
    C. Oh come now to be fair, it's meant to be a humorous take on the first movie. Much like that one play that tells the story of two extras that were present in Hamlet. Yeah it's stupid, but at times its funny.
    D. Yeah it does follow history better. Especially when you watch the ending of the movie and you are aware of what's meant to happen after that it does suddenly make things seem a tad...bittersweet.

    1. When I watched this one for the first time as well, I was genuinely surprised. It actually was good. It takes an "at times boring premise", turn it on its head to become a story plot with characters that wouldn't look out of place in other Disney movies. Arguably, it's even my favorite Disney non-canon sequel. Surprising since the original isn't exactly among my Top 10 Disney movies.
  • trlkly
    Why bring the Rescuers Down Under up? Because it's a Disney sequel, and if she didn't mention it, she would, in effect, be saying it was worse than all six of these.

    I'm pretty sure she is saying that Fantasia 2000 and Winnie the Pooh (2011) aren't as good as these, BTW. I haven't seen the latter, but the former is pretty bad.
  • Quantum Wolf
    Throughout these two videos, I've been under the impression that Lindsey at least knew about the Disney Animated Canon (IIRC, she did mention it in her first vid). Rescuers Down Under, Fantasia 2000 and Pooh 2011 are part of that, and, going by what she said in the first vid, totally immune to these lists.

    She even went out of the way to mention that all of these sequels were made by DisneyToon Studios, who's entries are not part of the canon. Rescuers Down Under, Fantasia 2000 and Pooh 2011 are made by Walt Disney Animation Studios, and therefore are part of the canon.

    The Canon is the very reason why Doug never mentioned these Disney sequels (Along with other Disney related movies) in Disneycember either.
  • HanSK
    hey, no hating on Fantasia 2000!

    don't make my dig-up the saw!
  • Lossthief
    Or, Fantasia 2000 and Winnie The Pooh fall under the same thing as Rescuers Down Under. They are both in canon, and both had theatrical releases, thus they weren't straight to DVD/video.
  • doommagic
    Going to have to side with trlkly to an extent here for Rescuers Down Under. And like Lindsey said herself (much to my respect), the movie technically doesn't even belong here at all. It was a sequel, yes, but it was the first of it's kind and years before the trend of Disney sequels. So in a way and for a lot of us fans, it worked better that the first Rescuers movie. I know I definitely like it better than the original and I'm not ashamed of that. Because it *was* a better movie in general. Is it perfect? No. But in my mind, it did a better job at telling its story than the first movie. And that's what stood out for some of us. Did I find myself caring for the original characters for the most part? No. Did I care for the characters in the sequel? You bet your ass I did. In fact, I found Bernard and Bianca boring in the first movie. They were interesting in the sequel, though. So I will defend Rescuers Down Under to my last breath.
  • HanSK
    An Anne Frank Disney movie was what I dreaded happening throughout the 90s and early 00s
    Definitely wouldn't have put it past them (especially after Hunchback and Poccahontas)

    Luckily, the evil empire fell before it could happen
  • Mattteus
    I'm just glad you went the 'classy' route with the pop culture references at the end and there weren't any Skyrim or MLP:FIM references.
  • welovemario
    I used to be a commenter like you, then I took 20% more references in the comments.
  • Haon
    I used to write comments about getting an arrow shot through my knee, but then someone shot an arrow though my knee because I annoying the fuck out them by doing it.
    I am now riding like a whore on the front comments section :3

    But seriously, if there are sequels on the 5 list I would agree with, it would have to be Aladdin King of Thieves. That movie was pretty alright; luckily I was 7 to have those pop culture references fly over my head.

    I'm curious too, does Kingdom Hearts II count as a meh Disney Sequel, despite the slash crossovers?

    As a fan of the first game, I would have to say so, with some bits here and there pretty pleasant, with some.... ugh, just the fact they put in Lion King 1 and 3/4ths as a world makes me go "How? And Why?"

    And may this happen in a good way or never in this live, I hope for a Samurai Legend Musashi animated movie by Disney. I don't know why, but it just rings movie release. Sorry folks.
  • Uberman5000
    Good reference jokes are a bit like eating stale bread, instead of stupid reference jokes where you're eating mouldy bread because it has "more flavour".
  • mrrubino
    I was Llamer like you, but then I took a Poe to the knee.
    *Includes visual reference*
  • senefen
    May I now humbly request a Rescuers Down Under review? I still remember watching that as a kid, and being Australian it was nice to see anything set there (I'll forget Fern Gully exists if you will).
  • JoeMerl
    I am---horrified by that Anne Frank movie idea. And it made me laugh. I am horrified that it made me laugh. And that, with movies like "Anastasia" and (most insanely) "The Legend of the Titanic," I can totally see them making it one day.

    Thank you for putting "Return of Jafar" on the good list; if I went back and watched it again I'm sure it wouldn't be that great, but that was like my favorite movie growing up and I laughed at your analysis. Screw you, though, the songs are good. (Jeez, no wonder you're dating Todd, if you both are so intent on having STANDARDS for your music...)
  • Give1Take2
    Very interesting list Nostalgia Chick! :D

    I know this is all opinion-based, you definitely articulate your reasons very well and I wouldn't have you change anything for anything, I just feel a little compelled to defend Cinderella the tiniest bit.

    You say the Cinderella III sequel is very self-aware, but I think the first movie was too. It's like Old Walt knew the idea of a girl getting magically gussied up, going to a ball, falling in love-at-first-sight with a Prince and getting to marry him only because she happened to fit a shoe were all ridiculous and unrealistic ideas, so they are all addressed and/or explained in some way.

    The idea of the Cinderella and the Prince falling in love-at-first-sight is addressed by the cynical Grand Duke at the ball, and while the improbable romance does play out anyway, it's like the writers are saying, "Yes, we know it's unrealistic, but we're going with it anyway." Not too different from Cinderella's line in the third movie, "A perfectly perfect life... all because I fit a shoe!"

    Speaking of which, the idea that only one girl can fit a shoe is also addressed by the Grand Duke in the first movie, "But Sire! This shoe could fit any number of girls!"

    Also, the idea of a European Monarch allowing a prince to marry a commoner is somewhat explained by the King being very... eccentric and eager for his son to marry regardless of the girl's station. The King didn't care who his son married, so he made a royal decree that any (read: the first) girl to fit the slipper would be the Prince's bride, regardless of the Prince's say about it.

    (I'm willing to bet money the king also somehow kept the Prince from going with the Grand Duke to find the owner of the shoe because he didn't WANT to find the owner--he just wanted to find a fit ASAP so he could use his son's words to force him to marry ASAP and not delay things by actually trying to identify the correct girl, who could take ages to find.)

    Which brings me to my last point: it's not JUST because Cinderella fit the shoe that she could marry the Prince. She also had the missing pair to the lost slipper. Again, it’s like Disney knew the idea of just fitting a shoe was rather… unsatisfying, so having her present its match before trying it on would be far more conclusive.

    I guess I typed way more than I intended. It's just that, while the first Cinderella did have plenty of problems, I don't think it's QUITE as genre-blind and people like to slam it for. It does at least partially acknowledge and try to explain some of the unrealistic elements of the movie, before falling back on the whole "it's magic" explanation of most of Walt's movies.
  • trlkly
    I actually used to think the matching shoe was less conclusive, since they never got to compare it to the original, and of course Cinderella's own shoe is going to fit her. But then there's the fact that a peasant would be very unlikely to afford even a second hand glass slipper, but one specifically fitted to her feet exactly? That works.

    BTW, the fact that the slippers would fit exactly is why I don't have a problem with the original. I'm sure there was no settling for an "off the rack" fit. Sure, exact size is not quite as limited as fingerprints, but it's pretty good for identifying one person out of a few thousand or less.
  • penpaninu
    You're right, the Duke did say in response to "any number of girls will fit the shoe " with my favorite Disney line EVER.... "That's his problem!" Meaning they knew what they were doing was impractical, yet they do it anyway :P
  • Wookiee
    Wait. Never mind. Right hand.
  • Cinnamon Scudworth
    Wait, was the whole Mozenrath in Aladdin 3 thing ever confirmed at all? I've always treated it as a false rumor created by people who wish it was true.

    What was your source, Lindsay?
  • SayaCeline
    I actually liked Cinderella 3 more than I thought I would. It was actually a bit dark for a sequel (I mean she was going to kill Cinderella! The hell woman!) and I loved that it was at least self aware. Cinderella is one of my favorite classic disney movies and has been since I was four, so it was nice to see a sequel that held up.
  • Akai
    Just the plot of Cinderella III alone is enough to push my Beserk Button despite it being praised.
  • BooRat
    Well i agree for the most part with this list!
    5.) I saw both Lion King 2 and Pocahontas 2 because of school and didn't care for either of them! I hate the romeo and Juliet stories!
    4.) Aladdin 2 I've seen a few times as a kid and I liked it and the animated series! I enjoyed the Homer Simpson Genie!
    3.) Never saw it or the original and still don't care too!
    2.) This one I think i saw on Disney channel once when it 1st came out and I can't remember crap outside the ending with Yago the patriot riding off with Aladdin's dad. And I agree that'd I'd preferred to see their adventures!
    1.) I recall the commercials on TV for this and all I could think was... I've never heard of Cinderella 2! Also, I probably wouldn't like it as I hate movie sequels that are basically time travel paradoxes! Shrek 4, Santa Clause 3, This, ect! Just get annoyed with the concept!

    I do agree the best Disney sequel is The Rescuers Down Under I like it a million times more than the 1st movie! I actually as a kid never knew that it was a sequel to anything I thought it was the 1st movie!
  • The Central Scrutinizer
    ah good, its not only me having this issue. hopefully just a minor technical issue.

    anyways, i'm hoping the two aladin sequels make it on to the list, i really loved those movies. lion king 2 also wasn't too bad
  • BooRat
    It finally fixed it self and yes both are!
  • alsciaukat  - Great list
    It made sense to me.
  • TheBrigeedaRocks
    Man...I'm actually going to have to watch the Cinderella sequels now, aren't I?

    To be fair though, I actually like Bambi 2. Ok, MOST of Bambi 2. The plot at least makes some sense insofar that it's a part of the original movie we never got much insight to, that we see just how Bambi and his Dad get along since they're basically complete strangers before that point. Being voiced by Patrick Stewart didn't hurt either, a-hur-hur-hur.

    I do hate the forced appearance of Rocko (that jerk deer that tries to fight Bambi for Faline) and seeing Man, albeit below his neck, because that kinda killed it for me. It could have been a decent sequel if it weren't for those aspects. I'm sure there are more but I haven't watched it in a long time.
  • jenlouise
    I'm so glad you went with Cinderella III - it's a guilty pleasure, haha! I think I enjoy the whole fan-fictiony plot more that I should.
  • The_Awesometeer
    you look tired, must have watched to many disney sequels
  • Gothka13
    I KNEW IT! I just knew it! I propbably was already biased anyway since I am a HUGE fan of Cinderella (I watched many times on the VHS, I ended destroying the tape). So when the third movie came out, I watched it while I was baby sitting, pretending I didn't care, but I did.

    I love the self-awareness it had, because even I was poking fun at the original and I love it so much. I think Disney hated the fact that the word 'Cinderella' sometimes had a negative cognitation with it, because it meant a girl doing nothing and getting everything, so they tried to fight back about that ideal.

    Mulan II is actually one of my favorite sequels, because it gives more time for the the love story to develope. Mulan and Shang are engaged, but they quickly find out that just being love may not be enough to survive. And I know it isn't historically accurate, but what Disney movie is? I loved the girl power pride it had. I believed this was meant to be targetted to young girls, and having a Disney princess teach girls about how much men and women have different places in certain societies and how sometimes it is important to work together with the other gender instead of against them, is really rather remarkable. And it just shows how much Disney has come a long way from the European fairy tales.
  • LolaRuns
    I have a positive memory of the Lion King sequel because I remember really, really, really loving that gloriously over the top "Deception, Disgrace" song One Of Us. Ok, it probably is like the musical version of an emo song, but I still love it.
  • BooRat
    Ok, is that Anne Frank movie poster a joke thing you had made or is there really an animated Anne Frank movie out there!? The only reason I gotta ask are those 2 Titanic cartoons Doug had to review! Just because those 2 do exist I can't tell if that was a joke or there really is a movie liek that out there and was probably made in a country only a few miles way from where it actually happened!
  • Steve the Pocket
    It's a mock poster. I could tell from the style that it was drawn by Andrew Dickman, just like the title card. It's on his deviantART if you want to see it in full size.
  • BooRat
    Thank you! :D I'm a watcher now!
  • Rockworm
    I have fond memories of the Aladdin sequels I even watched the show back in the day. Don't feel like defending them just glad their on your least horrible list lol.
    Also couldn't help but notice the ring. It looks like a Claddagh ring but can't be 100% sure if it is *thumbs up*
  • onetwistedfrootloop
    Interesting list. I do despise a lot of Disney sequels, but I love Aladdin and the King of Thieves. I really like the songs and the art work is beyond better than the 2nd movie. I actually kind of enjoyed Cinderella 3 too (well it held my attention if that counts)and I admit I love Lion King 1/2. Just a comedy movie, not taking itself seriously and letting Timon and Pumba do there thing (kind of like the TV show they had a while back :/)

    Oh yeah watched the hell out of The Rescuer's Down Under while growing up and I'm glad that there's a growing awareness of this underrated gem. And now that Lasseter is in charge, I hope that any planned future Disney sequels will be held up to those standards. Awesome work Lindsey.
  • redhairsword
    I actually watched The Rescuers Down Under so often as a kid that I thought it WAS it's own movie. I had never seen the first movie, and it wasn't called The Rescuers 2 or anything, and it was GOOD. It was just a really good movie.
    I think it must have been my little sister's favorite or something.
  • Mizu Takishima
    Y'mean Bambi 2 couldn't make it onto the list? Not even an honorable mention? D:

    That's harsh...

    Incidentally it was originally planned to have a theatrical release, which explains why it probably has the best animation out of all the Disney Sequels, but I guess they thought it was a pointless midquel and decided against it u_u totally is a pointless midquel but I thought it was cool ; o ;

    EDIT: I totally agree with your list otherwise though! Especially with Cinderella 3!
  • Katharina
    It did have a theatrical release here, in Portugal at least.
  • YouAskedForIt
    5 *'s cause you know how to treat a video.
  • Treefinger
    I LOVED Aladdin and the Prince of Thieves as a kid. I also loved A Troll in Central Park and Thumbelina (including the terrible 'Marry the Mole' song, which was my favourite), so I had crappy taste, but it's still nice to see it rated as relatively un-sucky.
  • Guild Navigator
    Sad thing is,you KNOW somebody is going to make that Anastasia version of the Anne Frank Story. Bad taste knows no bound when mixed with greed.

    LK2 is the only one I've seen out of all these. LOL,I also laughed at the poor turnout for Simba's cub.
  • redhairsword
    Is Don Bluth still making animated movies? Because if so, we'd only need to pitch this to him.
  • penpaninu
    2:11 PPPFFFFTTt (laughing hysterically) Don't make ideas for Anne Franke the animated feature! Someone will make it! O_O :P And I like how you got the nazi chick to look like the blond from Atlantis.

    4:00 "is it because he's gay or sterile...or gay? Or maybe he's gay...." lol

    7:19 Actually, aside from the "original" songs of Return of Jafar, the music was all recycled from the Aladdin movie, chick. Take a listen.

    9:12 "WHAT?? UHM... okay!"

    11:43 "No one would haaaave to kknnooooowww"...agreed. Drop him! :P

    18:00 Hey I'd watch THAT after that godawful openinng song :P That's a sweet premise to a disney sequel! Sounds like a great what-if scenerio :P And it looks like it works.

    Now I want to see Anne Frank the animated feature! Somebody make a ten minute version of that :P
  • nowhere
    Watching this makes me realize how much difference being about a decade older than the reviewers can make to one's childhood "Disney experience". For example, "The Black Hole" was one of the Disney movies I saw as a kid. Watching Maximillian Schell using a robot with spinning blade hands to try and eviscerate Anthony Perkins. Then at the end they go into the black hole to find Hell...

    As for the final pop culture references at the end of the review not making sense, what am I going to do about it? I'm gonna go watch "Taxi Driver"!
  • pharmmajor
    To be honest, I actually liked Dan Castellanetta as the Genie.
  • Swanpride
    I really don't like the Xenification they did to Cinderella in Cinderella III - I also think that the plot is horrible convulted and uncreative.

    I also don't think that there is some sort of self-awareness needed, because the original movie already was very self-aware. First when the fairy-godmother turns up and basically says: Yeah, I'm your fairy godmother, who else?, then when the grand duke more or less narrates everything which happens while the prince meets Cinderella for the first time, saying that stuff like this normally only happens in fairy tale and the Grand Duke again when he points out to the king that the slipper might fit more than one girl.

    The so called "self-awareness" in the third movie is not settled enough for my taste, plus, sometimes it's not even true. The King searches Cinderella based on the slipper, not the prince. The prince wants Cinderella because she most likely was the only girl on the ball who wasn't interested in getting married to the prince (she doesn't even know who he is during the dance), it's her character he likes, not her shoe size.

    I also don't think that there is anything wrong with Cinderella's original character. It's not true that she does nothing, she just doesn't have many options from the very beginning. That is explained when she talks to Bruno - the choice it between living with the situation or living on the streets. But she does point out to her step-mother that she has to got to the ball on the kings order, since she is still technically a nobel and not just a kitchen maid, never mind how her stepmother treats her, she does go to the ball against the wishes of her stepmother, and she is the one who has the idea to fetch Bruno.
    You know, a female character doesn't have to wield a sword or anything like that to be a strong character, and Cinderella is strong, because she managed to beware her positive outlook on live through everything.
  • bethhigdon
    Yes! Yes! Yes! A Thousand times Yes!
    This right here.

    Just because you have a heroine wielding a weapon and yelling at everybody that doesn't make them a good, strong, female character.

    Cinderella is admirable and strong because she takes the crap that's thrown at her with her head held high. She stays positive and kind even when surrounded by people who aren't very nice.
    Being stuck with people you don't like and learning to deal with them without being mean and nasty is very much what happens in real life. Cinderella is someone to look up to because of that.
    And she doesn't get everything she wants because she does nothing. She tries everything in her power to go to the ball herself, but when she can't do it on her own it's her friends, the people she's been so kind to, that help her.
  • NelaN
    I especially agree with No. 1.
    I had to watch trough that movie while Babysitting my little cousin and was really surprised, because it was one of the few "Babysitting-movies" which didn't make me want to bang my hand against the wall. Since I was bored to shit by Cinderella the week before it really was a big improvment. The story was still... Kinda fanfic-y, but somewhat compelling. And I especially liked that the prince got finally some character.

    From the... Well... Normal Disney movies I still have to say that I kinda like Brother Bear. Mostly because it is simply harmless. This might origin also from the fact, that there is no women in the original movie to be sexist about, but hell... It is harmless and it has a moral I can agree with.
  • Swanpride
    Oh, and btw, technicall there are four official Disney sequels made by the Animation Studios: Aside from the Rescuers down under there is also Winnie the Pooh (to "The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh"), Fantasia 2000 (to Fantasia) and The three Caballeros (to Saludos Amigos).
  • Ericho  - I know
    I was thinking she would have those because she did count the theatrically released "Return To Neverland", but then again, that isn't part of the Disney canon.
    5 - How ironic, that was your first review!
    4 - Probably only good because it was a forerunner for the TV show.
    3 - That's an ugly chin.
    2 - I found the other one to be better.
    1 - The Lion King 1 1/2 is still considered the best, I'm surprised it wasn't here.
  • yumekichigai
    She repeatedly mentioned the horror that was Lion King 1.5. I just remember watching the commercials for that and going wtf? What's wrong with you Disney!
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Animerica: Death Frenzy

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Linkara: TTfAW: Quest Research

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Freeman's Mind: Episode 61

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Rerez: Super Mario Bros Movie

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TNchick: Pumpktoberfest 5

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LAG: YKW - Mummy on the

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Word Funk: Kiss From a Rose

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Vangelus: Riobot Detonator Orgun

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Lucky 6: Nerdy Girl News

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BB: Vampire Academy

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Oancitizen: Blue

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MikeJ: Bacon Bowl Revisited

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FB: Imitation Game / 71

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